Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Please download and install the required software before accessing the network.

So that whole "updating the blog" thing has hit a minor roadblock with the fact that the network only lets me on for half an hour at a time due to an apparent Windows update I'm missing (though I've downloaded *everything* off the website that it tells me I need and I still can't work it). Supposedly I'd use that time to fix the issue but instead I check my email and get back off to work on homework (yes, really) or play games.

Or, of course, be sociable. "All work...blah blah blah."

However, the Good, the Bad, and the Other:

* GOOD: I've almost completely unpacked, I have a leadership project lined up for senior year with the Student Ambassadors advisor (possibly putting together the new update newsletter), and I'm not the only one freaked about directing class.

* BAD: Unpacked doesn't equal organized nor does it mean I've found everything (popular new saying - "I think it's in a box...in storage...somewhere."), I still haven't finished my leadership project from last year and I don't know if I ever will anymore, and why on earth should I have so much homework the first two days of class?

* OTHER: I know what band is coming this fall through SAB and I'm completely excited already...especially since it hasn't been announced through Truman anywhere yet.

Friday, August 26, 2005

New Posts Coming Soon!

How do I know? I'll be back at college and, no matter how interesting classes become, I always need distraction of some form. Go, procrastination, go!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Because this is all I seem to post anymore

The wardrobe ladies for "Hello, Dolly!" are amazing and possibly feed me too many jelly beans.