Tuesday, February 28, 2006

library, elevator, tired

It was totally a line, and he was only average looking, but it still helped the evening.

I feel like something's about to go down somewhere with someone I know, but I don't know what, which makes the whole waiting for it part mostly awful.
Flip Flop and Fly

It's hard to swing dance and pluck at the same time.

This "catching up on sleep" thing? Such a good idea, wish I'd had it earlier.

All rooms are books for London/Dublin, plus we just uncovered the RSC's plans to produce all of Shakespeare's works during a year-long celebration, including "Antony and Cleopatra" starting *Patrick Stewart* while we're there. So that takes care of one evening out.

After all the scrapbooking to put together a director-cast gift, I more than ever need to reorganize my sticker collection. How sad that such will not occur tonight when I'm bouncing from meeting to meeting, hoping that several specific things get taped (Gilmore Girls, High School Musical, something else I suddenly can't think of).

Saturday, February 25, 2006

how my brain works

It's just as well that I'll probably never be famous. Without "The Muppet Show" as a possible option, what's the point?

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

bed around 1:30 - alarm around 7:00...

It's only love of this play, and the people within it, that will drive me out of bed at an awful hour just so I can pop some prints at Wal-Mart.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

"Why, do you?"

Out of context: not much of anything

In context: the greatest comeback I could've had ever, about six years too late

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I make magic happen.

Ways in Which Tuesday Rocked off Monday:

* anytime I start with only four hours of sleep will naturally lead to more amusement for the day's proceedings

* likewise, falling asleep reading a favorite book only leads to solid sleep

* talking the finance test grade up from a high C to a mid-ish B based on the "quality" of certain test answers (thanks for vagueness!)

* job interview call from Worlds of Fun, looking to stick me either in a legit tech position or as a costumed character in Camp Snoopy

* all the free sugar

* being the most talkative person in senior sem class, which is always good for some brownie points (also, the brownies in senior sem class, which were just good)

* hitting the tail end of a Screw Valentine's Day party, mid-way through "Hook"

* finding airfare tickets for nearly $100 less than previously budgeted and jumping on them like a trampoline ... meaning we're actually going we'll be in London and Dublin in just a few months I'm going and no one can stop us (please ignore the hubris in that statement)

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

torn out of what little context surrounded

Maybe it's just the only four hours of sleep I'm going on at the moment, but the sentence (written by a published author in a new scientific study) "Successful things tend to be more successful" still has to be worse than anything I wrote at five a.m. last night.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Platter of ranting with a side of sunshine

I'm already not a fan of Mondays, but I *really* get ticked when they go all out, springing crap on top of idiocy throughout the day and sprinkling the entire pile with sour grapes. I may actually punch someone in the face by the end of the day (for real) and it's only through grace that the miscreant boys aren't at rehearsal tonight, under my charge, as I would probably kill one as an example to the others (and I already know which one I to pick).

On the other hand, I've gotten some pink foam action for the day and, as a direct result, now fully grasp the awesome of duct tape band-aids.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

iron stomach

After the essentially five whole pickles consumed earlier this week, and last night's conquering of Country Kitchen's six layer Chocolate Mountain Cake (including approximately eight layers of chocolate icing), I think I should never be allowed to choose my food again.

Friday, February 10, 2006

mood ring reading, at the elevator

J: What does this color mean?
C: You're thirsty.
J: [PAUSE] I *am* thirsty...
standard trade-off

It pains me to a degree that I *still* haven't made it to my Oscar noms issue after most of a week, especially when I might've had time tonight if I'd headed home straight after rehearsal instead of hanging at the couches.

It entertains me to no specific degree the situations I can run into in the OP Lobby, probably my favorite place on campus, especially after tonight's impromptu conversation about who in the department may actually be a robot ("Who is this Ben Tylka anyway? Have we ever seen him eat?"), insight into which newspaper puzzles may be actually worth doing, and culminated with the girliest game of MASH known to man. Apparently Jared Latore's going to end up a front desk worker, but he'll enjoy his black wedding dress, glass slippers, and trout cake (so much so that one of his seven children will actually be named "Trout Cake").

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Yo quiero...

* some food, preferably not the bottom of the bag of chips that've been living in my closet for a week

* a time machine so I actually have time to finish for tomorrow all that needs finished for tomorrow

* an actual "yea" or "nay" from the parents about this whole "out of the country for May!" thing (even as much as I say I plan on going no matter what - baby's gotta come home sometime)

* a cure for my constant headache (see basically all above)
blurry white

If there's anything that can pop me out of bed, suddenly fully awake, it's catching a glimpse out the window of the still falling, snow covered world.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

As of 2-7-06, 1:57 a.m.

* I figured, after all the pickles (meaning all the pickles), it might be prudent to use the extra strong, mint-tinged toothpaste rather than my now standard no-extra-flavoring flavor. Instead, my tounge tastes like I ate way too many pickles and followed them up with a couple Thin Mints filled with Colgate. Yum.
Ambassader Perks Strike Again!

I know who the spring comedian is, and would possibly attend (on reputation alone), if he wasn't appearing the *same confounded weekend as my play.*

Still....I know before you know.....

Monday, February 06, 2006

As of 2-6-06

Some Thoughts:

* There's a point in every movie when you just have to stop whatever "productive" type project is currently occuring and watch until the end. For me, this happens when we hit the Door Storage section of "Monsters, Inc.," especially once Boo's attacking Randall.

* The best play rehearsals involve moments of deep off-topic-ness, such as tonight's diverging into Homestar Runner (specifically Lil' Bruther and the Teen Girl Squad).

* Related: did anyone else realize you can get [select] Strong Bad e-mails for your video iPod...basically meaning anyone with iTunes can now experience the glory of Children's Book, Lil' Brother, and Techno at any moment of the day? Because...dang.

* A normal human being would cry/vomit after consuming the number of pickle spears currently sloshing in my stomach. My reaction? Yum-yummy, with just a slight touch of "anything else to eat?"

* Related: This Melissa-Aaron thing is a good thing.

I'm wishing a little, even now, that I'd auditioned for "Violet" this afternoon. I finally snatch the time to read the script around Wednesday and that had basically settled matters for me--there's some questionable bits that I wouldn't feel comfortable acting in the part I really liked/was best for--though I still waivered as time approached. I think I've just wanted to be in (as in "onstage" not "backstage") a stage musical for so long that I'm almost willing to forgive things that would drop it flat in a standard play. Plus, I love the country twang and we all know this. Maybe I'll audition for the lab show (which I haven't finished reading) and temporarily itch the acting bug that pops up after awhile all the time.

Other news: my Worlds of Fun Peanuts character/stage technician application is finished and ready to hit the mailbox. Also, I recently discovered Starlight Theatre, where I'd basically vowed never to work again to not deal with the crazy, has implimented an Education intern position to work with the Education Director (who I loved last summer) on various children-related projects. I'm just a little nervous about summer start times, seeing as I now plan on being out of the country most of May. What's that? You haven't heard about the two week London-Dublin excursion now possibly taking up to five people? That would be because the paperwork-type parts only formed on Saturday night and I had rehearsal instead of calling-home-time Sunday afternoon. Mom, Dad--I'll send you an email about details, but let's be realistic. I'm pretty much getting my passport stamped this summer whatever your reaction is...and I'll send you some postcards from the lovely hostels.

Sunday, February 05, 2006


I'd like to mark this milestone, as it's the first time I've fallen over backwards in my desk chair since moving into Ryle. Despite not having a "cushion" of plastic Rubbermaid containers behind me, and falling at such an angle that my right big toe ended up under the chair (with everything else on top), I'm fine. And hoping for an awesome bruise.

When there's no one else around, Meredith and I WILL end up watching the Food Network at 1 a.m., and we WILL mock the bridezillas and their fairy tale, $70,000 Disney weddings.

Saturday, February 04, 2006


I must always from now on trust my brother completely when it comes to never-seen-before movie purchases, as "Rock'n'Roll High School" might be the most inspired piece of music-movie lunacy I've ever seen ... and that was before the giant mouse showed up.

Other things accomplished for the earlier list: iTunes stuff, reading "Merchant of Venice," preliminary London/Dublin planning (Vikings!), eating
this from the girl who was seven yesterday, cowboy boots and all

Forget previous weekend plans, I suddenly have a deep urge to do something that supports sparkily earrings and popcorn. Suggestions? Maybe it's the easiest way to get out of the room without having any true place to go.
the cold hard truth

Things I Should Do This Weekend (in hopes that I'll see this every single time I go to YahooGames and reevaulate):

* read Merchant of Venice
* sketch some preliminary puppet ideas
* work on props movement list for mainstage
* rewrite/decipher finance notes
* summer searches - internships, jobs, etc
* work on senior sem project, now that it seems to be narrowed some
* memorize lines for Shakespeare

Things I'll End Up Doing Instead (because it *is* the weekend, I don't have a roommate, and finance is boring):

* continue the music obsessive organizing thanks to the beauty of iTunes
* scrapbook, maybe
* watch "Rock 'n Roll High School" since I don't think Melissa cares about the Ramones
* summer searches - London/Dublin trip deals
* convince myself to audition for "Violet" again, then re-unconvince self
* eat

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

11:59 p.m.

This was--in my mind, plotting it out--supposed to be a following of my schedule on this, the first day of February. Life turns out random enough, hilarious enough, sugar-filled enough already but really jets up the equation on only three hours of sleep. Of course, that three hours part is starting to catch up now that I've been [mostly] sitting still for long enough to calm down. Instead, I offer a paragraph of no particular order and greatly lacking proper punctuation. Huzzah!

* techno remixes of old Southern songs * St. Badger (a hold-over from Monday) * Squid Squad! Squid Squad! * pizza box autographs * finally reading the Violet script; finally deciding not to audition * staking out the classroom for the blessed Minute Maid * the venemous platypus and the inflaitable scarecrow * Viva La Resistance! (more later) * tag-team arm wrestling * mental list of most quotable people * tight pants * Disney's "High School Musical" * the world's tiniest crackers * 3:30 a.m. Billy Joel sing-along once Melissa fell asleep * did I mention the three hours of sleep? *
truth no. 2

1. I have an irrational fear of zombies popping out of my dorm room shower if and only I walk into the bathroom and the shower curtain is mostly closed where I can't see the other side. Apparently that creates the perfect place for lil' zombies to hide....and apparently "Shaun of the Dead" sticks with me, since that's probably where I first got the idea.

2. This automatically reminds me of my irrational love of "Toxic" by Britney Spears. The "irrational" title doesn't completely fit, since I remember first liking it at my sophomore year theatre banquet for reasons I don't need to share. The love must come from more than a single memory, however, because that's certainly not enough for the hooks to dig in such deep claws.