Tuesday, August 31, 2004

That one from Iceland looked like it had potential, though

I've spent the past ten minutes clicking through the "next blog" feature on Blogger, and y'all should thank me for putting out some quality-ish stuff because, well, just click the button yourself. Jeepers. I'm sure it would've been great if I had interest in Spanish poetry (that, from the words I know, wasn't even great), anti-government arguements, basic family "here's what's up" stuff, and--best of all--psychic vampires. Unfortunately for all the listed (and more), I don't and will instead "bless" all y'all out there with my own ramblings.

I should stop now. That psychic vampire probably knows I'm talking about him.

Monday, August 30, 2004

Random Universe Coincidences

Not only was I just randomly serenaded a bit of Martina McBride ("This One's for the Girls," as performed by my across the hall neighbor, David), but it was the same song spewing out from an open doorway ten seconds later when I dropped some mail in the hall dropbox.
Bless You!

My sink just sneezed at me...twice.
That old college fav!

The Weekend(-ish) in Bullets:

* So few people, such a fast download speed (and so, so much new music to sort)

* How sad is it that the palm tree apparently *was* a bad idea, as there is no where to put it as of yet?

* I have a roommie again, and across the hall neighbors, and suitemates, and down the hall neighbors, and basically more places to go than The Apartment.

* The plus side of spending the first half of the football game under the stadium taking cover from the rain: not actually having to watch the game. And free megaphones!

* Finding the money I hid from myself for emergencies approximately three hours after I ran out of cash. I knew my timing was good, but not that good.

* The brand new duck game on HomestarRunner rocks my flip-flops off.

* I haven't killed either plant yet!

* The "Family Guy" quoting, the point giving, and the general happiness of 340.

* Making friends with most of third floor by providing the bacon smell during suppertime last night, plus eating the bacon (and pancakes) while taking in my second viewing of "Clue" in one week.

* Favorite new band quote: the marching guy quoting "Every Breath You Take" by telling us that "every move you make, every step you take, we'll be watching you" regarding our marching style (followed by the ex-drum major/new grad assistant paraphrasing to "every form you break, every song you fake...")

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Silly Upperclassman Hannah

I just made the foolish decision to brave the dining hall for the first time all week (I've been eating with Megan and chomping pop tarts in the room), which included the equally foolhardy idea that I would find a spot to sit at 12:30 in the Ryle cafeteria.

Screw that for tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Sign of the Times

I honest-to-Fred saw two (not just the elusive one, but TWO) parking spots in Dobson's lot today, which is obviously a sign of the dawning apocolypse.

All that crazy lightning doesn't help, either.
Just in time for Christmas!

News Flash: Gilmore Girls season two DVD out December 7th!
Something tells me it's not just a drill

...and that would be all the siren-baring vehicles that pulled up behind my dorm building and (double call!) the firefighters actually strapping on gear to go investigating. That's right, I'm currently in the Dobson--my wonderful neighbor, and first dorm love--computer lab as I wait out what I thought was a drill, than decided was a prank (that was with the first police car), and quickly decided would be a reason to check out the campus newspaper next week. I'm just happy that I finished my movie ("School of Rock" with Jack Black and a whole slew of kids) right before the obnoxious alarm sounded all through Ryle and freshmen started poking their heads out of their doors, trying to figure out if they had to leave or not. Trust me, kids, you have to leave. You think I'd be here if we didn't?

Of course, because I left I'm currently in air conditioning, but that's neither here nor there.
If it's raining, I don't have to blow-dry my hair.

So, um, hi, everyone. It's been quite a bit of time...not that I was really noticing (hence, no posting about not posting, though that's kinda what I'm doing currently). Those final weeks just zipped by since I was busy ending jobs, packing, unpacking, packing on a more massive scale, riding rollercoasters, shopping vaguely, scrapbooking sorta, abusing my discount card, final checking bug boxes, paperwork paperwork paperwork, taking passport action, last-minute emailing, watching Olympics, and basically droughting myself from the internet possibly in an effort to prepare for the school year when I have my zippity-fast connection.


I moved back into lovely 315 again yesterday afternoon-ish (after finally seeing my brother again since the start of summer and reclaiming my Gilmore Girls DVD set; in that order). The biggest shock was probably the utter lack of suitemates [I assumed we'd have freshmen], though I'm enjoying having the bathroom all to myself for four days. Most of my stuff is still in massive piles around the room, though I got my books on the shelf and some things into the closet. I could've done more yesterday, but I instead called up Megan (who'd been going stir crazy in her apartment since Saturday) and hung out with her until I had to find things [my flute, possibly shoes] for band practice at 8:30.

The other big shock was the phone call from Michael at aproximately 8:14 (what timing, huh?) because he "knew you'd be there, Hannah" and ended quickly...only to resume after practice and continue until early hours today. I didn't expect it at all, but I felt even more like I was back at college afterward.

Other stuff: I don't know what's up with my phone, but it won't let me check messages and that's just not cool. I know I set up voicemail (I did that at Megan's place while there was someone who understands technology around), but you'd never know it from my phone.

Waking up in the middle of the night to realize rain is pouring in through the windows: good.
Waking up in the middle of the night because the metal fan just fell two feet and crashed into a pile of office supplies: bad for me...worse for second floor. Sorry, Melissa, but they probably already hate us.

The Strong Bad "Lil' Bruther" cartoon is absolutely hysterical. Plus, "Strong Bad Sings!" CD is currently on sale.

Featuring the overture from the original show, the "Phantom of the Opera" movie trailer is slowly becoming my new obsession and I hate Apple's trailer site for not letting me download it and watch it whenever.

I cried last night when I had to make my own bed because my mom wasn't there to make it for me before she left like she insists on doing at the start of the school year.

Monday, August 16, 2004

The door opens again!!!

I'm sure most of y'all would rather hear about my vacation, etc, but for the three of you who care desperately about Harry Potter: J.K. just released a [tiny, eensy] excerpt from HBP behind all sorts of stuff in the ? room.

Go to the room, and click on the now-"Do Not Disturb"-less door handle. Find and turn on the light switch; it's approximately 1/3 of the way in from the left and directly across from the bottom of the window frame. When the light clicks on, you'll see a dart board. Stick darts into the 7, 1, and 3 (for Harry's Gringott's vault, #713). The code for the now appearing security safe is 302723.

Doesn't she realize giving something as short and mysterious as the finally appearing scrap of paper would make me want the book more than ever?

Saturday, August 07, 2004

So much to do at home...it *must* be time to leave for vacation!

Good news for the faithful few: I finally heard from the marching band this week, so I'll be back at Truman on Tuesday, Aug. 24th (beating the rest of you upperclassmen and therefore moving furniture myself--good thing I have those visible arm muscles) and abusing my much-missed network connection with [much more] frequent updates. Plus, Kirksville. (Sure, it doesn't sound like much when I put it like that, but y'all know what I mean.)

Good news for me: I have an excuse for not posting all of this week. Sometime today (it depends on when my dad shows up all exhausted on the doorstep) we leave for the Branson area (Forsyth, for those of you in the know) to hang, shop, and generally entertain each other for most of a week.

Of course I haven't packed yet. It's only Saturday.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

See y'all at Christmas

Firstly, you are so not allowed to whistle at me in Wal-Mart. Beyond that, I had things nearly fall on my head, I myself nearly fell on my head from being held upside down over a concrete floor, and the paint fumes and construction-blocked areas alone were enough to keep me entertained for most of the night. Thanks for an interesting last day of the summer job, Wal-Mart, and--more importantly--for not confiscating the discount card quite yet.