Thursday, January 31, 2013

$5000 ham napkin
Things that shouldn't matter, but do: if I have to turn in this DVR, that means the end of 2011 Game 6 goes with it. (Also, who knew I still had all 4+ hours of game five against the Nationals still saved? Certainly not me! Who is surprised that I sat and watched the last fifteen minutes when we came from behind to win the whole thing - also not me....)

There is so much afoot right now, and I just can't even. Apartment hunting, Stupid Adulthood Decisions, and the end of 30 Rock: my goodness. I'm gonna eat my feelings in the form of a large pizza.

[Side note: I am pretty good right now, for the record. I just hate dealing with decisions that have no clear-cut solutions. My brain refuses to see it as "then anything could work fine!" and flips into overdrive trying to find the item with the most flaws.]

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

...and then I realized it was quarter-'til-eleven and I hadn't eaten dinner yet

Don't worry, Mom. I ate a lot of Goldfish crackers today. BUNCHES. Anyway, on to the usual bullet list, eh?

* Note to self: redo fingernail polish before Saturday, as a small sign to the stage mothers of the world that I can keep myself together [and disguise the fact that I will spend all summer chomping my nails off from stress].

* Taking a day off in the middle of the work week is fantastic. (Even if I was still dipping into emails, just in case.)

* Lunch dates are even more fantastic, especially when they involve four extra people you didn't expect to see, and a baby. Babies are great. [Technical side note: let me qualify "babies are great" with the proviso of " long as they don't have to stick with me full time." Sorry, um, all my friends with kids. Your kids are great, know.]

* Oh, show. I think I only watch you because I can predict the plot points before they happen, and then I feel good about myself.

* Excuse me while I go eat, well, anything with higher nutritional value.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"I would never ask you for four"
[This post is going to get a little stream-of-conscious. Go with it.]

My plan was going to be to type up the Anne/Gilbert sides for Saturday, but instead I've been doing other highly important things, like reading blog posts from two years ago and finding amusing .gifs from the Golden Globes. I know people will say I should focus on not doing work while I'm not at work, but my work hours keep getting eaten by other things. And I *so* don't want to end up spending my Saturday morning typing scenes.

I think every single person in my office spent time considering other jobs today. It was that sort of day. Nothing else needs to be said.

I need to cut my hair because it's at that state where I can't do anything with it except put it in a ponytail so it can get out of my way, or I can keep growing it for the sole purpose of being Clara for next Halloween. As always, what good is working for a place with a costume shop if you don't borrow a Victorian outfit now and again. Also, if DW is going to gift me with a short brunette character, I'm all for it.

TJ Manatee, you're a fantastic roommate, but you should wash the dishes now and again. The sink isn't going to clear itself.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

I love how pleased Mr. Vandemaar looks when he's stuck the knife in his hand.

Sorry, that's a Nevewhere reference. Happy birthday, London Underground.

[Someday I think I'd like to go as Door for Halloween, but people have enough trouble figuring out who I am from my weird costumes.]

I've managed to bring my new email count down from twenty-one to seven [with many more than just the 21 hitting during the day], so I count that as a win.

The Houston Symphony was one of those emails, and they're apparently playing Dvorak's New World Symphony this weekend. Sometimes it's nice to not be at rehearsal.

Saturday, January 05, 2013

This is apparently post #2102. I always miss the milestones.

I should add a subtitle to this blog about how it's [nearly] always lists and be done with it.

* What really pushed me over the edge to returning that dress I bought on impulse right before Christmas? That'd be setting up an appointment for a technician to come out and realign my satellite dish after the wind tried to destroy it earlier this week ... and the cost being almost exactly what the dress cost. Between that and my shoulders looking weird, I'm now ahead $1.59.

* I'm now glad I have internet, as I'll be slowly streaming the new episode of Downton Abbey off the PBS website instead of watching it on the DVR tomorrow.

* Also, this is now me working from home Tuesday afternoon so I can be around during the four hours that someone *might* show up. Also-also, this is me not buying season six of Doctor Who this month. (Oh well. Most of it is on my DVR anyway.)

* Unrelated (as we always reach on these type posts): it's January, meaning it's my pre-Oscar movie bonanza season! Hurrah for not working a show slot right now, huh? (Though I promise that wasn't my thinking at the time. When we set the schedule, all I saw was the first chance to *not* do a show, even if that was after [... um ... nevermind, too depressing] shows in a row. Excuse me while I try to track down rumored short features and reupdate my Netflix queue. It's not like I have TV to watch anyway.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

life and things
* I don't know how many times I've seen the "Breaking the Magician's Code" specials, but I cannot NOT watch them whenever they're on. (Thanks, holiday marathons.) I think it's the snarky commentary - I *know* how we cut a gal in thirds, but I hadn't remembered the quips.

* Related fun fact: one of the specials covers the trick that broke my pinky toe a few summers ago.

* Seeing as it's now 3 p.m., I should try to be an adult and do real life things, such as finish unpacking from last week's trip, unload the dishwasher, and (only in my apartment) remove the heels from the bathtub after washing off mud. Instead I'm going down a rabbit hole of full broadway shows on youtube [yes, while watching the masked magician over-guesture] and steampunk crafts on blogs.

* I should maybe eat a full, real meal rather than the ridiculous amount of snacking I've been doing so far today. Bah, adulthood.

* Now all I really want to do is watch "The Prestige." Mmm, Hugh Jackman. (And Tesla. Don't forget Tesla.)

* The show is closed, there's a few weeks until auditions for the summer show, and I have chicken wings in the fridge. I think life it pretty grand.