Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Who knew?

I know I use that for a title surprisingly often [no, I don't feel like linking them], but I'm really surprised how many of my New Year's Confessions turned up again in my year.

- “Wannabe,” that Spice Girls classic, didn’t really show up in my life this year, but the fact that I knew the words to most of the late ‘80s/early ‘90s Disney animated library, “Goodnight My Angel,” and “Can’t Take My Eyes off of You” provided some memorable sing-a-long moments.

- Following the second one, I’ve met my future husband three or four times over this past year. I think I’m just going to guess that I’ve gotten wittier, not that I should change my belief structure or anything.

- Forget my husband having one, if I haven’t had an Australian (or British, they’re almost the same) accent for some stretch of time before I die, I’ll feel upset.

- I think I completely regressed into a seven year old over the past year, albeit one with a fab vocabulary, so that’s happened oodles of times.

- And I definitely killed off that last one, as acting class had me macking on all sorts of people (and that other thing in the park). I never realized how much kissing I could accomplish in one semester without finding a boyfriend.

So, with all that in mind, my list of Confessions for this year:

* I've never seen any theatre in any other state besides Missouri.

* I can only swing dance if the fake, show choir-esque style counts. Otherwise, no.

* The whole Lady Macbeth thing still ticks me off, if I'm in the proper mood.

* Supposedly my death glares are hideously scary; though Megan is the only person who's ever seen them (I don't know what that says about Megan). I can't control when they come out, or perhaps I wouldn't just play nine year olds.

* Every long break from school when I bring Merv home (Christmas, summer), I reorganize my music files fanatically. I don’t know if I should blame it on my librarian blood or just call myself OCD.

Monday, December 29, 2003

Trying to plan for future posts is harder than it looks. And you can’t even see it happen.

Heigh-ho, everyone! Past Hannah speaking. So, I know somewhere in here I end up in a car for thirteen hours on my way to Louisiana and a lovely football game (stadium nachos stadium nachos stadium nachos!), but I really don’t know where and I’d feel cheesy doing a “well, I guess we’re out of the car by this blah blah blah” sort of thing, so just imagine it’s going on and lingering there in the air and stuff.

If you’re watching the Independence Bowl (whatever Bat time, whatever Bat station) and see someone chomping on nachos with extra cheese, her other hand holding onto a book at cheering erupts around her, wave hello to Football Hannah. And think of me during that long trip, ‘kay? Extra batteries will be my friends.

Sunday, December 28, 2003

Best of the Options

I’m not putting in the applicable links at the moment (if any), but just take this list for the piece of confounded nonsense it is. Thanks.

* BEST ADDICTING GAME: Addiction Solitaire; I owe many late nights to this stupid card game

* BEST ROOMATE: Melissa, of course (Debbie can stay in BNB with the sorority girls, that’s fine with me)

* BEST MOVIE (in theatres): Pirates of the Caribbean

* BEST MOVIE (on video): Run Lola Run

* BEST CONCERT: Ben Folds, with Matt Wertz opening

* BEST COMPLIMENT: “Mmm…you smell like chocolate.”

* BEST AUDITION: general auditions for fall one-acts when I fell walking up the stairs to the stage, manage a great comeback to all the “are you okay?”s and then snagged four call backs with my Clueless monologue

* BEST BURNED CD: Iowa road trip mix

* BEST CD I FORGOT I OWNED: Sheryl Crow, “The Globe Sessions”

* BEST INSIDE JOKE: Meredith and my “Just Keep Swimming” song and hand motions, stolen from Dory in “Finding Nemo”

* BEST CRAZY DORM MOMENT: the look on Melissa’s face when she realized one of all of her shoes were hanging from Michael and John’s light….so priceless, I can’t even describe it

* BEST PIECE OF MAIL: anything from Archie McPhee, especially the package I wasn’t there to pick up (though Melissa wrangled it out of the hall desk for me, despite the fact that she wasn’t me or “Tallulah Jefferson,” the addressee)

* BEST PLAY: tie between Ibsen’s Ghosts and Miller’s All My Sons

* BEST STRONGBAD: Children’s Book, though the news report is pretty friggin’ hilarious

Saturday, December 27, 2003

My beautiful powers of persuasion

I think my mom's coming along on the New York trip idea. She doesn't laugh it off anymore. And there's now a list of attractions/shows/places to see. And I just bought a guidebook for walking tours of the city.

I'd still rather go to London, though.

Friday, December 26, 2003

(No, the cover won't feature Cinderella forever)

Scrapbook progress, though amazing the first few days of break, has pretty much halted since I've reached the pile of photos that I never had time to scan into Merv before I left school. I have a pile of pics that I want to use in the book, yet I also need to post them on the photo webpage (remember that?). I'd just save doubles, but Melissa went through them before break for her scrapbook. Despite this minor set back (I'll probably just paste them in and make sure there's nothing on the edge so I can pull them back out), the book's actually looking quite good, as it's gone from 3 1/2 pages to about 22 (though some of those are just outlines at the moment). I’m even taking the time to plan ahead for the photos currently being developed and those hanging out on cameras, waiting to be filled. Nothing like free time to make you plan out the frivolous things.

Thursday, December 25, 2003

Today’s Location: Iowa (why, yes, there IS a cornfield in the backyard!)

Sure, I know it’s fab to receive gifts (both from the list and the pink bunny suit type) and your annual toothbrush from Santa, along with all the chocolates, cookies, party mixes you can snarf down, and everything else about Christmas that people love. Just don’t forget the true meaning of the season, y’all (by way of Charlie Brown, if that helps):

“Now there were in the same country shepherds living out in the fields, keeping watch over their flock by night. And behold, an angel of the Lord stood before them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were greatly afraid. Then the angel said to them, ‘Do not be afraid, for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy which will be to all people. For there is born to you this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord. And this will be the sign to you: You will find a Babe wrapped in swaddling cloths, lying in a manger.’

And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God and saying:

‘Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill toward men!’”

- Linus, Quoting Luke 2:8-14, in A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

I can’t move my arms!!

I’m not actually counting, but I’m sure the number of times I’ve watched even just five minute snatches of “A Christmas Story” by this point are too numerous to count.

Ah, sweet dysfunctional holiday traditions. (Hey, it’s better than giving all your relatives infectious diseases, right Caleb?)

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

An Ethics question for Y'all

So, if they were sending grades out by mail like last year, I wouldn't know how I did until after we returned from gallivanting around wherever. Does that mean I don't have to check my email until after we return home, or at least not tell my parents how I did until they would have learned this time last year?

Or, how about pretending I took fewer hours and just leaving out the other grades? I’m not expecting Cs or anything, but you never know how stats may find a way to screw me over in the end. It certainly tried hard enough during November.

Monday, December 22, 2003


I know posting over the week of Christmas (AKA - what state are we in TODAY?) will be sketchy, so I'm trying out the future post option. So, if I suddenly have a bunch of posts for two days in the future, I'm sorry. I'm hoping they'll show up on their given day and not prior. If it doesn't work out that way, you can just choose to read them in order. Maybe you have stronger willpower than I do.

Sunday, December 21, 2003

Oh, BTW:

Dear Teenagers sitting around us last night,

Shut up when you're watching a movie in public! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! If you're home by yourselves, fine, mock it or whatever. But, in public just #%@)(*% shut up so I don't feel guilty about not jamming my large bucket of popcorn on your head!

Much Love,

msn name - hannah is the lord of the rings

So, now that I've seen it twice, including once last night so Caleb could finally partake of it's glory, I can finally speak of my fabulous Lord of the Rings adventure.

Around the time people got back to Truman, we started planning a group viewing of Lord of the Rings in December (further proof that planning months ahead works with me). Details for it all weren't settled until after Thanksgiving break, when the rest of us signed up on a line party set up at a "local" (for some people) St. Louis theatre. By joining the line party that meant that someone else was in charge of getting our tickets, and we had a guaranteed spot at the front of the line for our 8:30 showing. A bunch of us planned to meet at someone's house near the theatre, get dressed and apply fake ears, and meet the rest of the group.

(Of course, I'm going to leave out of this my fun adventure when I realized I hadn't involved either of my parents in the final planning process and had to change quite a few plans around. This is also how I ended up at Krista's house from Wednesday morning until Thursday afternoon-ish. Anyway.)

Early Wednesday morning, I showed up at Krista's house. She was putting the finishing touches on her tiara/circlet/hair thingy, so I hung out, played with shiny things, and laughed at her super gluing her fingers together. Her dog--Caesar, who's approximately Hannah sized--kept coming over, leaving, coming over, leaving, etc. We watched an insipid fashion special on E! both enjoying and mocking the commentary by the crazy designer dude.

We kept jumping at the phone, hoping it would be Megan and Ben, calling to say they were coming over. Finally, they called, and Krista and I decided to plop on costumes during the half hour it would take for the two of them to arrive. Krista was working on her hair when Megan and Ben arrived, so they quickly put on their own costumes and got to work on their respective elf ears.

We left the house about 3:30-ish to grab food (oh, such good food) and made a quick stop at Walgreens so Megan could buy a disposable camera. After walking back from practices in my tutu, I'm kinda used to people giving me weird looks, so I enjoyed the good people of St. Louis thinking I'd lost my mind.

The line party was meeting at the theatre at 5:30, but we arrived around 4:15. The four of us finally met up with Annie and a few other people I personally didn't know (but did know Krista and Annie), and compared costumes while waiting to be let inside. Once the fine folks of AMC cleared out an inside line queue, everyone moved to the much warmer inside. Goodie bags were handed out--yay, bookmarks! tattoos! glowy light-up rings!!--and Uno cards were pulled out for the long wait.

After the most hideously long game of Uno ever (it didn't help that nobody could remember which direction we were playing half the time and the person I didn't know playing said "oh? my turn?" more times during the one game than I have during my entire life), and a brief costume contest where Annie essentially won twice (she made both her and the third place winner's costumes), time was getting closer. Unfortunately, this is also when some AMC worker apparently decided it wasn't warm enough in the theatre because the temp suddenly increased by a zillion degrees. During this was the trivia contest (good lord, of course I didn't get on a team for this) and finally the door prizes. Every number *around* mine was called, but not mine personally.

Now that basically everyone not associated with the line party but still standing behind us in line hated us (we did try to bribe them with bookmarks, but it didn't really help), we finally got to go into the theatre. Sullivan theatre, why couldn't you be like this one? Not only was it stadium seating, but the seats looked like they belonged in an airplane. Sure I'm short, but they were too tall for every tall person in our group.

The film was fabulous. I don't even need to tell you that anymore; everyone else in the universe has done it for me. My only comment? If they don't even nominate Sean Astin for an Oscar, there are crimes against humanity going on.

The movie got out sometime after one, so we regrouped in the lobby, divided up cars, and headed to Steak 'n Shake to hang out. [Before we left, I ran into the guy who helped with my freshman week class (who I then had an LSP class with) who had graduated last year and got to chat with him for a bit.] We were basically the only people in the restaurant, which was good because we were fairly obnoxious the entire time. Trust me, the waitress (Sherry!) got a great tip for putting up with us.

It was about three a.m. by the time we got back to Krista's house after bidding farewell and happy holidays to Megan and Ben in the Shake parking lot. We were mostly awake and definitely full of eeee!!!! energy, so one of Krista's friends came over and we popped in "Lilo and Stitch." Only about a third of the way in, we decided we shouldn't try to finish it that night since we all crashed around the same time. Bedtime? 4:15 a.m.

The next morning flew by, mostly because it was barely left whenever we got up. After finishing Lilo, Krista's dad cooked us a fabulous breakfast (bacon!) and Annie came over to drive Krista and me back to Sullivan. Did I crash on the couch after getting home? Of course. Did I have the greatest time ever hanging out with TSU folk? You bet.

Saturday, December 20, 2003

Confounded Syndication

Naturally, the first Classmates I've seen since sometimes during August was a repeat...and not a very good repeat, either. On the plus side, the Ambush Makeover rerun on Monday should be the one with the Asian version of me and the adorably cute hair--just in time for my haircut!

Friday, December 19, 2003

Ooh, this makes two posts for the price of one

Because I care for my darling brother (and I can't find where I stashed his Christmas present), I'll refrain from posting about my Lord of the Rings adventures (which turned into two days of St. Louis, costuming, shiny things, fabulous bread, lots of time to kill, free things, a never-ending Uno game, too much laughter, shiny free things, popcorn, airline style seats, etc etc etc), but I'll be "kind" to Caleb and stuff it for awhile.

Am I going to go and draft a post right now? Well, no. But sometime this afternoon, yes.
Merv, we're not in Kirksville anymore

So, I just woke up to a zillion flashy msn boxes as I apparently left the internet on since around six yesterday evening. If you tried to call the house, I'm really sorry. If you msn-ed me and I didn't respond, I'm sorry. Don't count on it to happen again, however, as I sense there'll be a big post-it note sitting on Merv the rest of the break reminding me that I'm not just sitting on permament internet like in my dorm room.

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

I've got a golden ticket!

I'm officially going to see Lord of the Rings tomorrow night (in costume, God help me) with my fellow TSU-ians. Which is good, because I dreamed that not only did I have a ticket, but *three* people were thrusting them upon me. When I woke up, I did so thinking "yay! ticket!" and it was a full five minutes before I figured out I was just dreaming and went back to sleep.

Now I'm half-seriously considering running to Wal-Mart to buy a disposable camera (I didn't bring my half-used one from school, just my camera camera that [apparently] has only two pics remaining), but I don't think that would go over too well and I'd have to put on shoes and stuff anyway. Maybe there's another disposable lying around (or film...I'd take film) I can borrow (in the sense of taking, but being really polite about it). Either way, I'm supposed to show up on Krista's doorstep around nine-ish, so that'll require some early rising. Since I'll most likely stay up much too late for my own good, I should cut out all distracting side trips.
Cue Alanis Morissette Song Reference!

Among all the stacks of scrapbook paper I've bought with my sophomore year book in mind (about $40 worth, by now), I need to buy paper for seven different sets of pictures.
(There's a lesson here somewhere, I can smell it!)

I always find it odd that I update like a helion (aka - often, I don't actually know what a "helion" is, except perhaps helium's third cousin) while at school when I should be battling the world of papers, icky required classes, and memorizing lines for whatever show I'm gotten involved in....yet my posting goes all to rot once I go home and spend all my time watching movies and re-re-organizing my music files.

Anyway, I am back home in Sullivan, as of Sunday evening. I was supposed to come home Saturday evening/night-ish, but a little bitty snowstorm stranded myself and Dad up in the Ville (though at different locations) until the following afternoon. This meant more hunting time for Dad and more movie-watching/playing in the snow/falling asleep at weird times college fun for me.

Um.....additional news (the news you can lose!): plans to see "Return of the King" with St. Louis TSU buddies may fall through as I apparently don't have a ticket (or, at least, no one can confirm that I do). Not only does it mean no dress up fun (I'm going with some truly fanatic people), but it also means no crazy slumber party-ness at Krista's house prior and post-movie viewing. It also means I've already called Kirksville twice in the aproximately one day I've been home; probably a new record for those of you playing at home.

Additional additional news: I now need white go-go boots. Sure, the black seemed like enough, but now, I need other options. While on the trip home (busy taking our time to reach the final destination), Dad and I stopped at a Goodwill store, so I now have two new dresses ($6 each!). One's all nice and serious looking, but the other.... Well, it's short and completely covered in teal-green sequiens. (Are you sensing the need for the white boots now?) I've already gotten plenty of fun out of it, as it's funny to wear for even just five minutes, laugh hysterically, and take it off again.

Additional (x3) news: I'm shopping around for opinions on a new hairstyle. I'm getting it chopped off in January, and taking enough off to donate it (which I probably could've done a zillion times by now), so it'll already be around shoulder-length without any effort). Thoughts beyond that? I've had basically the same style since I was born, so I'm ready for a new thing.

Saturday, December 13, 2003

Take it off the List!

As a personal treat (and because I'd just sold back two yucky textbooks and gotten way more than I expected; like, more than I've gotten for *all* my textbooks before), I bought myself this shirt (the yellow one; sorry, couldn't find a better picture). It has guaranteed Christmas delievery--which doesn't mean much when you factor in a trip to Iowa--but I have a better chance of receiving that at home sometime over break than someone's Christmas present today. I thought I'd timed it perfectly to receive it before leaving AND get a happy package slip in my mailbox, but I'm not holding out much hope.
Three^ Things I Need After Movie Night

* the soundtrack to the movie "Holes," but only if it has certain songs on it

* the soundtrack to the movie "The Royal Tenenbaums," no matter what

* a decent copy of "Empire Records" that is *not* the "fan remix" with all the yucky additional scenes that break the flow

(^note: Two of those I needed before tonight (guess), but it's even stronger than ever)

Friday, December 12, 2003

Sample MSN Names Describing Hannah's Finals

* hannah's stat test wasn't evil - left over from Thursday

* hannah hates her eng major for making her take stupid classes - from the height of my "dumbest paper ever"-ness, circa page three (of ten)

* hannah just realized her 1:30 final is actually at 11:30 - but it was okay, because not only did a couple other people in the class not realize this either (on Tuesday she told us the wrong time), but the professor didn't realize it until someone called her around 11:50

* hannah has less than five hours to learn the spanish language - between stats taking up all my time until thursday morning, trying to come up with ideas for/typing my 10+ page paper, and the half hour [tops] I spent on speech, I didn't begin studying for Spanish until about 1:03 p.m. The test was at 6:30 the same day. I actually feel pretty good about it.

* hannah [newly unstressed] doesn't want to come home yet - now that I'm back to my regular self, and no longer unpleasant to be around, I want to hang out until they kick us out

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Live Long and Part Hair

Reason #4893 Why I Should Clean My Desk Drawers:

My hair pick now looks like it's giving everyone the "live long and prosper" hand thing. Seriously.
Considering it's Finals Week, I'm updating quite frequently

After much frantic "I have to know that, TOO?!" studying last night (and a break for donuts, fast-acting frosting, and too much serenading featuring the "10 Things I Hate About You" soundtrack in the dining hall), my statistics final actually wasn't too bad. There were entire pages of things I knew and could figure out without too much effort (though there was also that page where I knew basically nothing, except my name and "discrete").

Also, halfway through the page of doom I figured up how low I could go on the test and still scratch out a B in the class: I could go as far as a 68%. Considering the lowest I've earned on a test so far was a 77% (and I was hideously confused the entire test/section/whatever), I think I'll be fine.

Now I just have to finish my paper (I'm almost 1/3 done!), study about half an hour [tops] for speech, and devote far too much time to the Spanish language before 6:30 p.m. Friday. Piece of cake. (Or donut with frosting.)

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

The Glitter Belt Pro-Con List

* New accessory to add to the collection!

* Glitter is always better than plain

* Glitter gets everywhere, which is kinda fun

* Pants slightly too big no longer a problem

* One more thing to mess with when you really have to go to the bathroom

* Glitter not suitable for all social situations

* At least, it's fun to get glitter everywhere until you're eating, mess with the belt for some reason, and go back to eating. Yuck.
Foreshadowing problems

So far working on my ten page final paper for lit class, I've said everything I care to say and I'm only on the second page. Of course, by "everything I care to say" just means I'm lazy and don't care enough at the moment to write about the other two points I have....or even finish my first.

My real finals haven't started yet and I'm already a horrible splosh of mush. Speaking of real finals, I should study for those sometime. Or watch a movie.

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Yet more adventures in avoiding papers

The IMDB strikes again! I knew when I watched "Kindergarten Cop" for the first time a few weeks ago, the little red head looked a lot like Brad from "Gilmore Girls" (one of my favs on the show, in fact), but I couldn't find his name off the "Gilmore Girls" credits. Well, look no further, as I just discovered that Adam Wylie officially was in that Ah-nold classic. Yay! Way to procrastinate productively, no?

Monday, December 08, 2003

Again Again

Well, I don't have to pick a topic for my ten page final paper for lit class, as my professor just emailed my about my last paper and referenced another story like the one I wrote about and asked my thoughts. Pointed? A little. Am I okay with that? Dude, yeah.

Now I just have to write it. And read both stories (again). And still finish my theatre paper.
That won't be in my theatre manifesto

Theatre means...collecting memorabilia from past shows! Through the recent acquisition of my tutu from my one act (sample conversation -- CRYSTAL: I wish I didn't have to drag all this home. ME: I'll take the tutu! CRYSTAL: You want to keep the tutu? ME: Can I?), I feel the need to list my past possessions gained from theatre experiences.

* "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" - giant NERDS box (so covered in glitter, it's all over my closet now) and the Bean Room sign (cocoa beans, jelly beans, has beans, etc)

* random scarf from cleaning out the prop closet

* Madrigals - the butterfly costume from the year Justin Falloon jumped into the cauldron and fell off the stage (my fault), the ice cream cone shaped earrings that I forgot to turn in and then never remembered [this will be a common theme], plus all my goblets

* "Macbeth: A Kid's Cautionary Tale..." - my sequined-covered overalls from my costume, one of the audience response signs

* "12 Angry Jurors" - the hideously tacky gold watch that didn't even work half the time, another thing I forgot to turn back in at the end of the run; plus, all those yellow slips with the truly classic "verdicts" (cheese, ninja love, etc)

* "Women and Wallace" - that awful pair of overalls that served as a costume, the box from the jujufruits

* "Beautiful Bodies" - part of the wrapping paper from the baby shower gifts, possibly a paper-mache green bean somewhere

* "Tender Offer" - THE TUTU, the gloves (and I'm so leaving them on the string forever), hair ribbon from the pigtails, five different versions of "Caroline in the Morning" logging space on Merv

Where would I be without theatre when it came to halloween costumes? Can you imagine what I could piece together just out of that list? (Too bad it's December...)
It's just a different "How may I help you?"

So, while I tolerably stand my job at Wal-Mart in a "well, I guess this money will help me never have to work here again" way, I'd rather do something relating to my majors. Either of them, really. Do y'all think I could help out with summer school at one of the many area schools? Surely I could work just in the mornings at one of them (leaving my afternoons free for Homelines, Pet Supplies, and Annoying Customers), and, I'd imagine, they could use all the help they could get. I don't know if I care about being paid for this...I just want to do something for experience besides help people find the proper toaster.

Thoughts? [Ahem, that's your cue, Mom, to use the comment box...]

Sunday, December 07, 2003

On the cover of the Rolling Stone

Someday, when I'm a fabulously and flahoolickly famous author, when I have a profile done on my by some also fabulous and flahoolick famous magazine, I bet they'll make a big deal out of the fact that I write better when I'm wearing the tiara or boa or any other eclectic accessory.
As long as I have my stadium nachos

Apparently my brother is going to the Independence Bowl in Louisiana. I'd really hoped it be somewhere more interesting (sorry, bro), but I still won't pass up another chance to read in a weird location.


I'm supposed to actually watch the game?

And CARE?!?

Dude, what planet are you from?

[Maybe if Grandma took me to the Outback Bowl in Tampa, FL, I'd care....]

Saturday, December 06, 2003

So much joy and sadness at once

My one-act was FABULOUS. I never did flip out, I only forgot how to dance once during the choreography, I knew nearly everyone in the front row and it amazingly didn't distract me, I'm fairly certain I didn't drop character when people laughed, my crew people loved their trophies (someday, young'uns, Auntie Hannah will tell you the massive epic of the trophy fiasco), I didn't have to mess with eye liner, my show actually made people *cry,* one of my friends didn't even realize it was me onstage, there was a massive group hug after the show in the wings, I was seriously adorable in my costume (in a nine year old way), all the line flubs were covered to a frightening degree, and there were chair races in the make-up room afterward.

I'm [obviously] thrilled with how it went, but I'm sure it'll hit me soon that it's over and I don't have the show and practices and all of it to look forward to anymore. I sense sometime tonight I'll cry about it (I generally do eventually), but I'm on such a sugar and "oh, that was GOOD" high at the moment for it to hit.

I'm not freaking out about my one-act tonight. Yet. I haven't felt nauseus yet and I certainly haven't thrown up, with is probably +25 over last year. I don't have a last minute practice this evening, but I do have to pick up gifts for the crew and buy some cards for everyone. It's kinda weird being in charge of that stuff. Maybe that's why I'm doing okay so far--I have to hold it together because there's only one other person in my group and he's not going to think about these things. Of course, it's kinda weird that I'm not flipping yet, either, so I'm very open to surprises.

Perhaps it's because I've already done all my flipping out for this scene when I was nervous about the choreography. Dudes, I *sucked* at the dancing parts when I first learned them. Sure, it was okay if I wasn't very good, but I had to at least look like I knew what I was doing, and I didn't even get that far. I was dreading trying to pull that off each night at practice. Yet, the dance became better each and every practice until it became one of my fav parts of the show (especially at the end--I can't explain it effectively).

Maybe I got all my nervous energy out early and I'll just coast through the entire afternoon. Or maybe, at 1:37 p.m., I'll suddenly fall to the floor convulsing and sprain my ankle so someone else'll have to do my part. I don't really know....yet.

Friday, December 05, 2003

AHH!!! No wonder I love Mark! (No, not Meredith's...)

A simple random IMDB search and I'm flipping out. I always wondered why the guy who played Mark in "Empire Records" looked familiar, but never checked. Not only was he "Bobby Ray" (for y'all who like "Sweet Home Alabama"), but he was also the Bass Player in another of my fav music movies of all time: "That Thing You Do!" Ah! It's probably sad how excited I feel over this, but I don't care. Happy dance!
I have to work on my theatre paper now...

Which Annoying B-list Celebrity Are You? least I saved ABC. I don't see any other B-list celebs doing that.

Which Survivor of the Impending Nuclear Apocalypse Are You?
A Rum and Monkey joint.

The first time I took this last week, I was *totally* Tom Jones! I don't know what happened.

Take the Affliction Test Today!

This is probably a giant insult, but I'm sure I could be much, much worse. Besides, I get a "grrrrrr!"

Which Evil Criminal are You?

Dang right shoes rule.

Which Colossal Death Robot Are You?

I have no idea what this actually is, except for me, apparently. Well, then.

Which Historical Lunatic Are You?

Sclooop is a funny word.
(Plus my annoying adoration of alliteration)

Whoever I marry will grow to either love or despise my sudden switches from obsessive organization to chaotic clutter that randomly reoccur any time I become sorrowfully stressed, which is (obviously) often.

[Is it sad how much joy I derive from my thesaurus?]
And there is snow on the ground

I'm perfectly awake on a Friday morning, I woke up with my one act end song in my head and already did my dance routine once, there are Christmas lights on my ceiling, I'm going to put snowmen around my door, I don't have to take my theatre final, and there is snow on the ground.

Life is suddenly beautifully good.

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Random Compliment of the Day

This was just too hilarious to me: according to half my one-act cast, I have a really great back in my nine year old dancer costume. Even better, apparently this costume makes my shoulder blades "gorgeous." (Yes, really; I laughed for three minutes straight.)

I guess it's leotards and white tights and tutus for now on. Who am I to waste my shoulder blades' potential?

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

My accidents generally work out better than anything I do intentionally, anyway

While installing the new guestbook this afternoon, I apparently left out a < /center > code somewhere on my template, throwing nearly all my links into a centered line-up.

But I love it, so it's staying forever. Sometimes technology just knows what's best.
(someone's having post-registration issues)

Dear Banner Web,

I hate you. I hate you. I hate you.

Technology Hates Me, Pt. 54 Zillion

I just noticed the questbook has died on me or gone on vacation or something, so I'm looking into a new one. If any of y'all have suggestions, I'm open. (If any of y'all have cash or a time machine, I'm open to that, too.)

Monday, December 01, 2003

My MSN name says it all: "hannah looks fab in tulle...lots of it"

After trying on several different selections, I have my final costume(s) (I switch a couple minutes in), and...well. I'll have to get some pictures sometime because they're really too, um, * * for words. I don't even know what to stick between the asterisks. But, I'm happy, and I wore one all the way back from OP to show it off, and therefore am basically too seven year old-ish to measure.