Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I have a bunch of little blog-lettes written, but I'm still in the theater lobby (and not near my book)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I am probably going to celebrate by doing laundry at eight in the morning (when my lovely biological clock wakes me up again, like usual). Someone in Kansas City, please eat some celery sticks with cream cheese for me.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

(changed my mind, different post enclosed)

Today's tech/dress went very well, though I hadn't expected the cue to cue (or Q2Q, as the cool kids abbreviate it) to last quite as long as it did. (I'm not sure why; typically [for the Rotunda, at least] you should expect about time and a half of the show length to work through Q2Q, and that's about what we did. /end weird punctuation) I'm somewhat at the point where I don't know how "good" the show is. I can tell whether the actors are having an on day, if the audience is with us, and whether I've hit all my cues properly. But this point forward, I can't read the overall quality level of the show. We had great reaction from the designers, though, so I'll assume things are going as well as know these people (actors/playwright/director/designers) can pull together.

Unrelated (per usual): some places have already started listing their Black Friday deals, and that's most of why I'm posting this three hours after I left my rehearsal.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I know it's tech week and all...

...but if I'm not actually stressed (because, in the scheme of things, I'm not), then why is the knot on my back slowly growing into an enormous monster? Back off, Leroy!

Monday, November 09, 2009

per tradition, I need to change my facebook to tech week hair

I keep working on the London thing, but I should probably bow to the inevitable and write it out of order, since I really want to write about the trips themselves and not (as I'm trying to force myself to do) figuring out how I became so obsessive about the city in the first place.

I somehow stopped chewing my nails during last tech week, but I don't see that happening again this show. Also, I have an entire page of lines I haven't even looked at since the first read-through.

Apologies to the Righteous Brothers, but I like "Unchained Melody" better as a piano instrumental than as an R&B classic. (And yes, my ipod has found it's way to the Lorie Line CD I was given ages ago.)

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

My phone plays the Other-Father Coraline song whenever a text comes in, which--in my job--makes for a dance party every five minutes.

Also, if anyone wants a paper Coraline or circus mouse, I apparently have such skills in my arsenal now.

In "who knew it would ever happen?" news, I've actually stumbled upon an old, annoying-to-work-with item the theater's technical director *will* let me set on fire. (He always says no to the set pieces, but old speakers are apparently okay.) Of course, since it was always part of the bit that he never said yes, I've never considered where I'd set fire to a piece of theater equipment that had finally ended its time with us.

I don't know what someone who whistles/honks/shouts out something while driving past me at the bus stop expects me to do. Is it just menfolk reasserting themselves as menfolk, or did Jerry Seinfeld have it right and I'm supposed to chase after them?

I've been workshopping (mostly in my brain) a post thing about my love of London (somewhat inspired by Will's multi-post series about his life in theater). The problem with such things, however, is the extended time thinking about London isn't good for my general health as it leads down the rabbit hole of wanting to move there/can't move-still working here/maybe I don't want to stay then/blah blah blah that isn't helpful when you're recovering from a mild illness. (I'm better, btw, though annoyed that I couldn't at least get sick on a day when I could stay home.)

Have I mentioned to anyone that the managing director is trying to convince me that I want to stage manage the New Year's Eve show? Because that was my favorite part of stuck-at-work-sick Monday. (Incidentally, the answer to that was "no, seriously no, please go away before I sneeze on you no.")