Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Just sent a thing. Hope it goes over as intended.
Oh, "Pacific Rim," your ridiculous film, you. Four out of four snakes on a plane - plus another half for what my brain wants to call 'love theme for a giant monster' playing over the end credits. Gosh, I wish I'd been at a midnight showing rather than in the house of six people I sat in today.

Please go with it if I start using "canceling the apocalypse" in regular conversation for a few days. [Besides, if any position in theater has such a slogan, you know it would belong to the stage manager.]

Okay, yes, I'm going to bed now.

Monday, July 22, 2013

My body may have tried to kill* me, but I'm not actually dead yet

*Don't worry, family members: I'm mostly exaggerating. (Except that I really truly felt like death ... yet still made it to every single day of work this past week. I might have other problems.)

- The show is open, and that's good, even if it hasn't started that "show running itself" thing that shows usually do by this point. None of the kids seem to be actively trying to destroy any of the other kids (except for some of the siblings - nothing I can do there), so I'm grateful for that. I have a rolling door frame that I think is working toward sentience as it's started actively refusing to move properly onstage, but there's little I can do there, too. [Maybe it'll grow smart enough that it'll start resetting props for me.]

- A fair portion of my day off today went into final construction of the Brother's birthday gift (he's already okay with it being late). I'd post pictures, because I'm really proud of how it turned out, but that would sort of defeat the surprise. (Ask me in a month, you know, when I remember I have a blog again.) I love when I get to be geeky and crafty at the same time. Also, cardboard still sucks to paint (just TAKE the COLOR!) and I always always forget this.

- I'm fairly certain the heatwave is gonna kill half my plants before my mom shows up next week. Sorry, mom. Sorry, begonias.