Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I am thankful for TAA parents who buy too much food for showcase day, orchestra covers of pop songs, and the giant bag of carrots leftover from last night's Bunnicula preview event (and it's good friend, Bowl of Ranch Dressing).

Monday, October 22, 2012

this is not the return post I was planning
The past week I've been scrounging together all the scraps of paper of started posts, messages saved in text drafts, and other bits of non-posts posts from the past two months of nothing.

This is not that.

Instead, this is me celebrating upping my text messages, as it's ridiculous to me that I ever lasted on 250 per month for as long as I did. Ah, five year ago Hannah, who couldn't believe she'd ever use so many! (This is clearly before I was stage managing many shows. I can't possibly SM without texting anymore, as that's my best way to track down late actors AND share snark with the ASM.) But three months in a row of overage charges (and many a month before of being mad at people - don't they know I'm almost at my limit?!) means this is probably the best investment to make. Also, think of all the pictures I'll post on Twitter now that I don't have to choose between that and sending my designers information from rehearsal!

Fun fact: this *still* does not make it okay to text me just "K" in response to information.