Friday, October 31, 2003

Thanks for the inspiration, Andy Lloyd W.!

I've gone from having no Halloween costume (the duct tape dresses fell through) to just wearing the sequined cat ears to the cat ears with the feather boa to my current outfit, which I call "Grisella the Glamour Cat in her glory days."

Yes, the go-go boots are involved. I don't think I do anything without them today. I should go invest in a second pair while they're still around at Wal-Mart. We'll see how much I like them after walking to and from Barnett (poor June the bike is still stuck taken partially apart for props for the lab show).
Dora was a fluke....Tess, well, Tess is Tess, but...

Hannah, the Literary Feminist, strikes again!!!
I blame John completely

It just became official that my Lit professor will hate my paper on Ibsen's "Ghosts" as I just wrote the following sentence:

"She’s trapped in the Victorian version of a Tammy Wynette song; she has to stand by her man, no matter what."

On the other hand, I suddenly love my paper even more than ever.
(Yes, I'm on break. Isn't this better than Addiction Solitaire?)

Am I crazy to want to tackle this and, thus, write 50,000+ related--but not academically--words in a month when I have a zillion other papers due?

Or is that what I already do with Blogger...?
What kind of Halloween trick is this?

The *sun* isn't even up yet, so why am I?

Confounded Lit paper.

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Not that this means I'll stop studying, like, *ever*

There's few things in life more satisfying than discovering whatever b.s. you made up on a test was actually the right answer.

No, this wasn't the zombies. Desafortunadamente.

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Besides not flipping out and causing a mass murder of everyone I know, of course

Greatest accomplishment of the day yesterday? The story I made up on the cultural section of my Spanish test when I couldn't remember the real "amazing story of William Walker" and made up my own adventure featuring zombies (oh, the zombies), gold-foil covered chocolate, and ten llamas. Here's hoping for extra credit.
("Devoted!" That's what I was looking for!)

When I reach this time of night, I really should give up on finding the perfect word to use for, well, *anything.* Especially things that are due the next day that you would've had done earlier if you hadn't volunteered for the lab show. Or gone home. Or been really lazy. Either way, I shouldn't expect so much at 2:30 in the a.m.

Monday, October 27, 2003

Really, I love you. Just go away.

Proving once more that I can go from one extreme to another in just a few short days, I am currently going through "homework heck" as some teacher once called it. Or maybe that was me or a friend who I don't talk to anymore, which would be about all my friends as I don't have time today or tomorrow to be social.

So, why do I keep finding all these people in my room?

Anyway, I'd love to tell y'all about my first weekend home for this school year (yes, I know I didn't tell anyone....I seriously sat on the couch and read Ibsen for most of the time), but I'm too busy recovering from the lack of research from this weekend. And the lab show. And my first one-act read through tonight, which hasn't actually done anything to me yet, except that I know now (because I went ahead and didn't skip lit class like I probably should've) I need about half my lines memorized by Sunday. Joy.

So, just to recap. I don't hate anyone right now, I just can't stand to be around you and your no-homework ness. I'm happy for you that you're already working on next month or whatever. Now, go away and let me work on tomorrow. I'll be myself again by Thursday or I'll give you a nickle each.

Thursday, October 23, 2003

It is a fabulous day!!

I know, we go through this every single time I get cast in something, but isn't that reason enough to make my day great? Especially when it's the same day that I pass my stats test, have really great bacon on my BLT, don't have to go to the high school because they have some weird schedule going on, end up way ahead for my theatre class, sleep in for a couple hours, finally see the "Random Student of the Week" (or whatever) article on me in the Index [yes, there can be copies for everyone]...and all it's talk of mob connections (fun in itself!), and get cast in the exact part that I wanted.

If that's not a fabulous day, I don't know what is.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

It's either now or Thanksgiving

The more I realize I have to do this weekend in order to not feel completely swamped next week, the more I think I should skip out on going home and just stay here and work in my quiet room.

But I'm still going. I mean, a girl's got to do laundry *sometime.*

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

All we needed were some power tools.

Dudes, I'm covered in paint, earlier my hands looked mummified from making paper-mache green beans and mashed potatoes (oh, yes) in the second floor OP bathroom, part of my painting included being upside down to perfectly reach the bottoms of the rocking horse blades, broke out into Strong Bad's techno song multiple times, rode on the giant padded elevator too many times to count, and spent three hours not doing homework while feeling more productive than I had all day.

Sometimes, it becomes strikingly obvious why I am a theatre major.
I *always* do this!!!

I didn't mean for it to happen. Based on the first two callbacks, I didn't think it would happen this year. I know it's the big thing I should never, ever, ever do and why I have a hang-up with Lady Macbeth.

I got attached to a part.

In my defense, it's probably the one out of the four that I have the biggest chance of getting. It's from a play about a businessman father who's coming to pick up his 9-year old daughter and hour and a half late after her dance recital (he missed it because "something came up" at work). Now, we all know that I'm essentially a 7-year-old, so this wasn't much of a stretch to do. And there were a whole lot fewer girls than guys called back for this. I just don't know how that will work in my favor.

Why do I always get attached to thing? I know that if I get something--but it's not that--I'll feel disappointed with myself just because it's not the one I absolutely want. Can we all, like, plead with Crystal to give me this one? Or maybe we should ask me to stop obsessing, go brush my teeth, and jet off to the high school for mentoring/scholarhip hours stuff? Let's go with b, shall we?

Monday, October 20, 2003

Don't let me jinx myself because I so could still screw this up

All the lists are up (far as I know, at least) and my darling beautiful wonderful name is on four of them, including the one Megan is stage managing at I think half that Ben is on also (who's on like seven out of the eleven...I mean, *dude*)

And life is still great and fabulous except it's hot in my room because it's like 80-something degrees and I'm going to open a window now.

There were only three lists up when I checked (out of eleven total), but MY NAME WAS ON TWO OF THEM! And Megan's been named stage manager to one of the shows already and Ben is on all three and there's still eight more lists to go up and I'm feeling fantabulous today.

(it doesn't take much, does it?)
Someone needs to check the callback list. Hannah needs to check the callback list.

I hate nauseus nervous energy all stuck in my stomach so that it becomes so flippy-floppy I can't think about anything else....and don't even talk to me about lunch. That's not happening if I don't see the list beforehand.'s off to OP I go. I hope it's up.

Sunday, October 19, 2003

I look at my list of things to do and think many people to email and so much Addiction Solitaire to be played

(why am I publishing this? Because it's been a long weekend and I've stopped caring.)
Question to which there is no discernable answer

Why must it be me, the perpetually (and happy about it) single girl who keeps getting stuck in the middle of relationship flame wars?
Just because my name means grace....

Doesn't mean the rest of me gives a hoot about general walking ability.

One-Act auditions were today and, since I had other things to do, I tried to get there as early as possible. This meant my name was a bit higher up on the list so I found myself being called to "on deck" (meaning "you're next after the person currently walking toward the stage") right away. I was mentally going over my monologue one last time, when I got the strange thought that it would be really embarrassing if I tripped going up the stairs to the stage. No reason why, and I quickly dismissed it.

Perhaps I should've paid more attention to it.

I was just about onstage when I slipped, conked my knee on part of the stair/part of the stage (it's not like I was paying attention to know exactly what), and suddenly had everyone's attention. I think I did score points by, when all the directors on the front row were trying to figure out if I was okay, the first thing I said was "Does this mean I automatically get a part?"

Good news was I wasn't worried about my monologue anymore so much as thinking "ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow." Plus, even though I forgot the gum, things worked out to the best as I got to end with, "May I please remind you that it does not say R.S.V.P. on the Statue of Liberty!" and everyone applauded like they do in the movie, so life was great.

Of course, then I later stumbled back to my room and had ice cubes on my knee (which is already bruising; I must've hit various levels of the stairs/stage, because the bruise came out in layers) for the rest of the afternoon until they melted all over my leg (dang cheap bags).

Yet, I'm okay. Stairs aren't very fun at the moment, but at least none of the directors can forget who I am.
This is exactly how I feel Right. Now.

Dang nerves.

Saturday, October 18, 2003

Like, Yeah.

So, okay, like right now I should totally be working on my Lit Theory paper for Monday, but instead I'm, like working on perfecting my "Clueless" voice for One-Act auditions tomorrow. My suitemates probably, like completely despise me by now because, like not only have I watched the same scene like ten gazillion times now, but I also keep repeating the same lines back with Alicia Silverstone. And in conclusion, may I please remind you that I so love this monologue? Thank you. (Smacks gum.)

Thursday, October 16, 2003

Further proof Hannah is worthy of the "Harvard of the Midwest"

My pants have holes in the bottom at the hem, right? Yeah, today I totally tied my right shoe to my jeans.
Or, at least play something decent

Dear Darling People Down the Hall,

I understand you feel the need to play your guitar, etc at a rather obnoxious volume (AKA where it's louder than the Steve Burns blasting out my speaker one foot from me). In the future, however, hopefully you'll wait until, not 4:40 in the afternoon, but late at night (after quiet hours, even) when I'm studying hard for a test the next day for you to flaunt your guitar non-skills at loud decibles. [Moving your hands repeatedly up and down the strings does not make music, y'all.] That way, I can be good and ticked with complete reason whenever I feel like screaming at you down the hall.

See you at the house meeting,
I'm feeling the Chi (whatever that means)

While I was ready to do...I don't know what, but something drastic concerning college, windows, and throwing things out of them this morning, I'm ten gazillion times better now that I did most most excellent (I think) on my Hist and Lit test. Doing good on major stuff helps a whole lot, especially after sucky (read: cried for five minutes after) non-major tests (read: stats).

Now, I'm going to eat some chocolate cake from my suitemates, consider diving into the post-test ice cream in the freezer, and wear the tiara some more. Life is good again.
My room smells like cheese.

I must be officially flipping out now. Tra.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

[crawls out from behind a stack of papers on Ibsen, Chekov, Strindberg, and other happy topics]

Can it be Friday yet? Or December?
[stops mid-breath] "Yo." (or something that makes sense)

I need this pre-class hour to desperately study for my sorta-midterm in Theatre tomorrow, but I feel the need to share some of the great quotes from yesterday evening (mini pointless band trip to Hannibal) and early early morning when I got back (and there were so many people in the room).

"If you watch this movie only once, you'll forget half of it through repression."

"Just one big cresendo of awkwardness....the Bolero of awkwardness!"

"In Louisian Spanglish, your name means "My cousin's dead!"

"Have fun watching her wage war on a corporate enterprise!"

"This movie was shot in someone's bathtub."

"I'm just gonna move the pants off the floor now."

"It's just that time of night when everyone can bond over leg-shaving."

"Wow, Peeps work fast on you."

Monday, October 13, 2003

The lemon, BTW

When you have a favorite flavor of cough drop, (not just the favorite brand of Vitamin C-enriched Halls) you know your health is up to no good.
Weekend Highlights: The Cool Way to Blog

In no particular order because I'm still a little loopy...

* Melissa's sister came to visit, which means there was double the Hutsel energy in the room, lots of card playing, and more inside sibling jokes than I can count.

* Yet more Lord of the Rings Risk, though this time it ended around one because everyone joined in a gigantic alliance and called that "close enough."

* Quality time with the library scanner only to discover things that save on the Y drive in the library mysteriously disappear upon returning to Ryle!

* Stats in bed first thing Saturday morning. Literarly.

* Upside down is the best way to read theatre history.

* Having Sunday morning all connect in one big mess: comparing dorm "home" to home "home," then sermon on Earth isn't our home, to second sermon on transientness of life, and finally theatre project discussing idea of fleeting nature of life. Crazy.

* So many flashcards. So, so many flashcards.

* First time playing Sorry! and Rummikub ever, plus first time playing Twister in about eight gazillion years.

* Massive group copying of each other's CD collections.

* Discovering Twister is a bit crazier when you're not six years old and that Ben cheats through the entire game. Dang long arms.

* Waking up sore and covered with bruises from Twister.

* Watching "Pulp Fiction" and "A Knight's Tale" in the same evening. They really don't go together.

* The amazing Hot Pocket catch from the top of the bed!

* Feeling and acting majorly loopy including while at the theatre group meeting (only explaination for "Dead Techies" award idea for presentation tomorrow.)

Sunday, October 12, 2003

You're still not right, Mom!

After holding the most adorable conversation ever about Hot Wheels trucks with the tiny little person in the pew in front of me this morning, I'm about [this] much closer to wanting children of my own someday. But, there's still lots of room to go.

Don't start celebrating yet, Mother.
Allow me to apologize in advance.

This is about to be one of my busiest weeks yet this semester. I have presentations and papers and the cumulation of three tests on one day on it's Homecoming, so I have extra band crap AND a mini trip to Hannibal for a festival on Tuesday.

If I eat half my normal amount of meals this week (and while sitting down, and not jogging across campus), it'll be a miracle of God.

Plus, to really make my mother worry, I've already developed this odd nervous tick-wink thing with my right eye that pops up every few minutes. At least I've already apologized in advance for my actions caused by stress at the end of the week. It's obviously bad enough already.
You *bet* I'm celebrating with ice cream!



It's actually fairly amazing to me that I've stuck with it this long, since I usually obsess over things and drop then them like frisbees. (Really hot frisbees.) I originally started this just to keep people back home informed of my goings and comings and doings and other -ings, but now I find that it's more a place for my random (oh, the random) thoughts that have no where else to go but right into cyberspace. I don't have a counter, but I know I must be getting new people all the time because I'm always talking about my blog to those around me. And, if nothing else, where else will a Google search for philosopy mixed with breakfast foods send you?

Now, I know I can't send you virtual ice cream or anything (or can I?), but here's the next best thing: [click me]. Here you will find all the lovely pictures I've scanned during the course of this weekend that have prevented me from real productivity for hours at a time. I'd like to keep it going for as much space as Angelfire will give me, so be prepared to see Hannah's Sophomore Year in Pictures or the like. Feel free to save them, send them to friends, or Photoshop so it looks like we're under attack by radioactive sharks. Let me know if something doesn't work. (And let me know how that ice cream is, 'kay?)
But you're still not right, Mother!

After the adorable conversation about Hot Wheels cars with the tiny little person in the pew ahead of me this morning, I'm about [this] much closer to wanting kids of my own someday.

But, trust me, there's still oodles of room to go. Don't celebrate yet.
I'm just saying.

Once you've used a mouse with the rolly-button, you can never go back again.

Saturday, October 11, 2003

A good day for the environment, a sad day for Hannah

I swear, two minutes ago I had to actually stop myself from reaching in the giant garbage can for the third floor and pulling out the recyclables mixed in with someone else's garbage.
It sorta pertains, it cracked me up, and besides, it's my blog, not yours

Toaster collectors unite!

(Yes, I totally stole this off of Dave Barry's Blog. Yes, I'm doing lots of linking so far today.)

Friday, October 10, 2003

Ghost Dorm

It's eerily quiet in 3 North right now.

I guess that's what happens when you're surrounded by freshmen. The first chance to go home they're going to take and leave you far, far behind. I just hadn't realized how truly dead the hall was until I opened my door and could hear.....absolutely nothing. My music is on about a three right now because it doesn't have to compete with any rap, bad punk, Dean Martin, crazy Japanese music, country rodeo swirling in around me. I kinda wonder if it's just myself and our group (and the SA?) here right now. And that's still only four people if the SA is actually here.

I don't have suitemates right now, which is odd enough on its own. I'd accidentally left the bathroom locked all night and no one was upset this morning. When the alarm rang off and on for half an hour, no one cared. I keep running in to use the sink in the bathroom (Ryle's dining hall is closed and I'm not motivated to walk across campus for a sandwich) without knocking and I know I won't have to wait for someone to unlock my door.

The point? I don't know. But there's lots of silence for me to figure it out.
Yeah, just a tad obnoxious.

I love how I never go back and doublecheck my sources. I just now realized it's Sullivan homecoming this weekend (as in today and tomorrow) instead of next week when I have homecoming up here. I don't know who told me it was the other way around (or if it just got all mixed up in my head because they were different times last year), but I'm a little disappointed that I didn't pop down to see the band or anything. (BTW Caleb, the band will be at MU at the end of the month for the parade again.) I'd just assumed that I couldn't and might as well stay at Truman, but now I wish I'd braved the empty house and gone to the game. Sorry, seniors. Try for basketball in the spring?
Let's build some anticipation, shall we?

Sunday's the big one year anniversary (which still amazes me, as Megan could tell you, since I spent a good long time spouting to her about it between classes the other day), and I have a fun [please let them all find it fun, too, please] surprise that has been a couple weeks in the making....mostly because I get bored and have to do something else, like homework or Addiction Solitaire. If I sacrifice my stats homework, I should just barely pull it all together for a grand unveiling later this weekend. (That's a joke, Mom. I'd sacrifice stats for nothing.)

Thursday, October 09, 2003

Well, finally.

It's midterm break and my last class got out early because the teacher just couldn't hold our attention anymore and she wanted to leave, anyway, and I didn't kill anyone in my speech class even though someone talked for THIRTEEN AND A HALF MINUTES for an 8-10 minute speech and I was loopy all through the high school class and I'm still apparently loopy because I haven't used a period since the bold title thing and I just tried to spell title with a "y" twice.

If this is any indication, I'm not going to get any homework done this weekend.

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

The honeymoon's over, bike!

See Hannah ride her bike to class.

See a random student walk on the sidewalk.

See Hannah ride around the random student off the sidewalk.

See Hannah try to move back on the sidewalk.

See the bike miss the sidewalk and swerve dangerously.

See Hannah's ankle go boom on the bike chain.

See Hannah make snarky comment about her balance.

See random student feel chagrined that he caused Hannah pain.

See Hannah put ice pack on throbbing ankle later.

Throb, ankle, throb.
(AKA - Please send Hannah money now)

It's hard to focus on Spanish and the midterm that will pop up in about two hours when all you want to do is HOP ON A PLANE AND FLY TO LONDON. RIGHT. NOW.

I'm going to be unbearable by February if I actually get to do this, aren't I?

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

The one who started it all...


(Now give me some cake.)
(although now it's slowly being replaced by "Hundred Acre Woods")

Someone save me from myself: I've had "Jenny from the Block" stuck in my head for the past two days. This is not healthy. This is not good. This is not helping me write my speech.

Monday, October 06, 2003

*And* it ate a sock! One of my giraffe socks!

I was really motivated to do laundry this morning (mostly by the lack of clothing), but I should apparently be more awake when this happens so as to not be screwed by the machines. I'm currently surrounded by nearly all my shirts, jeans, towels, etc from this morning's loads because the dryer--no matter how many quarters I shoved into it--didn't completely finish de-wetting everything. It probably didn't help that my washing machines apparently leaked (I know my basket, which sat next to them, was soaking on the bottom). And, then nothing was completely wet, but yet not wet enough to do another load, so they're drapped over chairs, ladders, bed rails, hampers, and anywhere else available. *And* I'm out a sock, which wouldn't be so bad if it hadn't been my adorable giraffe sock that went AWOL. I should've had Mom do laundry at the hotel for free.
So *that's* what calendars are for...dates and stuff...

Did anyone else realize I was less than a week away from celebrating the one year anniversary of The Toast?
"You're Keanu Reeves - 'Whoa.' "

I'm hideously tired (and I'm not using that in my normal sense--"horribly great," "hideously awesome," etc).

I'm waiting for my suitemate to get out of the bathroom so I can take my shower and turn in for the night. I only completed two things on my hideously long To-Do List this weekend, but that means that I hung out and watched too many movies instead. My CD player still doesn't work. I only today discovered the "hidden" booklet that came with my Steve Burns's CD. It was worth the wait. The language lab kicked me out with ten minutes left on my session. The time passes in there a whole lot faster when you just mute the entire thing and ignore the workbook. I'm covered in bug bites from the football game on Saturday. We lost, but only by about thirty points (yay, improvement!) My "Lady of the Lake" stint actually involved getting in the lake (and I still have mud between my toes....but I'm okay with that.) I now own the new Lemony Snicket. I'll have to soon own "Chocolat," "Oklahoma!," and "Save the Last Dance," oddly all because of this weekend. From Caleb's quizzes I've learned I'm 6 years old (big surprise), Janis Joplin (I only really like one of her songs), semi-lucky (thanks to the five-leaf clover, I'm sure), "100% Brit" (am I ready for London or what?), apparently ready to bust into "When Doves Cry" (so not my fav Prince song), Neo (which was so not the reference in the title; that was from filming), Very Random (well, *duh*), and going to go to jail for stalking (which is really ironic if you know anything about my senior year...).

I'm going to go get rid of that mud now. Good morning.

Friday, October 03, 2003

Why Why Why?

Why do I always turn off my alarm in the morning even though I tell myself "five more minutes"....which then become an hour because I fall back asleep and nothing wakes me up again because I turned the alarm off. I always do this and I *know* I do, but I still do it every other morning (I'd do it on Tuesday and Thursday, too, but then I'd never make it to the high school).

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

The Non-Adventures of a Box Office Worker

Out of the unselfish depths of my heart (well, that and because I'll do just about anything for theatre anymore), I volunteered to work the theatre box office this semester. Since I *was* just doing it for no real reason, I only ended up with shift (as opposed to the people doing this for scholarship hours or a class).

First thing Monday morning is a very boring time to sit in the theatre box office.

I arrived early for my shift, which was good because the person who was supposed to unlock the office didn't show up on time. Of course, no one showed up wanting to buy tickets, either, so it wasn't a big deal. She let us both in and I set up in my post in front of the window surrounded by the phone, the record book, and my pile of notebooks/pens/Chekov plays I'd brought along to pass the time. The other person pulled out tickets for the reserves made over the weekend, then left me to run things.

I read an entire Chekov play during my time there.

Admittidly, things picked up during my last half hour when people were trying to leave and/or go to class around lunch time. Still, I never had so long a line I couldn't wait for people to pick out exactly where the wanted to sit (including debating with those sitting with them; I sat through lots of "but, I'm short he's short you're too tall" etc). My replacement showed up and I left.

I'm still impressed that I managed to do something in my life that was so incredibly ordinary. There's hope for me yet!
(I should just make this a regular feature.)

The Weekend in Bullets

* No band = more sleep

* Crazy friends + John Cusack = way less sleep

* I glimsed my future this weekend: the most popular story of the weekend was My Mother vs. the Tornado (key line: "The weather guy says, 'Take cover now!' so she stopped and changed out of her pajamas because she didn't want to look all grimy if the house blew away.")

* Melissa should make chicken noodle soup again, because, if nothing else, I got a good laugh all week long seeing the whole chicken in with all the popsicles.

* I finished, not one, but two rolls of film this weekend, so hopefully I can figure out the school scanners over midterm break and show off...well, who knows what.

* Cheap Halloween costume pieces provide hours of quality entertainment: Creepy black gloves that look like something Tim Burton would use (they have foam in the finger tips to make them extra long) are great for poking friends; sequined and purple camo (!) cat ears - "Because I'm special, that's why."

* Could the guy on "While You Were Out" have been any more idiotic? Sources say no.

* Thanks to both John Cusack and Lisa Kudrow, I discovered we already have very strong opinions about our high school reunions....and that most of them involve revenge in various forms on those who were wretched to us during high school. The American dream lives on.

* And, there was that little thing about duct tape....
Rain Check!

The next posts (or the last couple, depending on if you actually go through and read things in order or just scroll down completely) are the ones that were supposed to pop up Monday back before life got in the way. Here y'all go.

It's been an interesting two days.

Melissa's not here right now, so that hopefully means she's sitting in her doctor's office and getting whatever she needed (she thinks it was new iron pills that were making her sick). Megan seems to be dealing better--I saw her five minutes ago and she was busy working on her schedule for next semester (the course list came out today)--so that's a giant relief to, well, probably everyone.

I've officially made plans to *not* come home over midterm...which means I've also officially made plans for my parents to bring all sorts of things with them this weekend.

Last night, I watched "Gilmore Girls" and cried a little at the end when Rory was all caught up in her new college life, and then Lorelei walked into the empty house at home at a complete loss of what to do next. [That'd be why I didn't call you right at eight like I'd been planning, Mom. I needed a moment to not go all splah on you when you answered.]

The network miraculously began working again last night, so I have *so* many new files to go through in my endless search for every song I've ever loved and adored. This also meant I listed to some stuff I hadn't heard for awhile (aka the Moulin Rouge soundtrack) and directly lead to me using my comforter as a bed on the floor and falling asleep somewhere around the first third of the movie at 3 a.m.

Oh, the things you do when your roommate isn't around.

I plan to have the "canceled" posts up sometime-ish soon. I'd do them now, but I actually know what I want to talk about for my Lit Theory paper, and I don't want to waste that kind of motivation.