Saturday, January 30, 2010

and then I really need to go to bed before I fall over

(I typed this up last night and then apparently fell asleep before I managed to press the "publish post" button. Oh well.)

Because I've learned the best way to remember what you wrote on your hand is to write it down somewhere else (preferably more permanent) as soon as possible, I give you select quotes from this evening, with absolutely no explanation:

I don't want to lose even one of these cheeks. -Deb

You know there's no iced tea in that...? -Mandy

You need to put up your flickr pictures as you do them because sitting in my house and it's all I live for. -Christy

Now you look like a hieroglyphic. -Kat
Don't I live in Texas to avoid weather like this?

I like the rain, but not when it's mid-thirties outsides. I think that calls for a shower after rehearsal so I don't freeze waiting for a Saturday morning bus.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

well, that's disheartening

After reading Merefin's joyful "could possibly be moving to London" post, I once more felt inspired to look up information for myself about hopping ponds. (Side note: it doesn't take something that blatant to get me to search for London moving information).

My new biggest problem with all the economy crap is not the dollar/pound ratio that ate my savings this summer, but the fact that it would be nearly impossible for me to get a job right now as I have no prior international experience and stage managers aren't quite up the list with doctors as a "must have" vocation.

So....all you people I know who have accomplished this already: how do I go about becoming a stage manager for a cruise line show?

(This post sponsered by some two year old She&Him concert that I'm streaming, which--as happy bouncy as it is--actually makes this not a big deal.)
not really a newsflash, but it makes me smile

I still receive emails from "Plow&Hearth" catalog from sophomore year when Melissa and I signed-up all our dorm friends to receive random catalogs from strange vendors.
and a partridge in a pear tree

(for once, even *I* don't understand the randomness of the subject title, but that's what I felt like putting)

I ended rehearsal last night feeling mildly dizzy, and now I just feel like my stomach has sunk out of my body, so I'm apparently continuing my record this season of only being sick when I can't stop to do anything about it.

Also, I'll probably not help myself by eating the package of goodies from my Mamita that arrived at the theater while I was at the Rotunda yesterday afternoon.

Someday, my Pushing Daisies DVD set, I'll actually get around to watching you all again like I tell myself every evening.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

coupons ready to go and everything

*Of course* I am the person who gets her credit card locked while trying to activate the new, freshly-extended-expiration card because she suddenly can't remember her PIN.

*Of course* the charming, small-town feel bank is not open on the weekend by the time I call on Saturday afternoon to make it unlocked.

*Of course* I will now be eating ramen for the rest of the weekend...ooh, and a magically discovered can of ravioli.

(Edited to add: I take back the part about the ravioli being magic, and would like to go back to somewhat-ill-feeling sleep now.)

Friday, January 22, 2010

thank you, Better Homes and Gardens cookbook, for finally showing me the error of my ways

The *squee* sound half of Houston just heard was me finally, finally starting out trying to make a fried egg and successfully ending with a fried egg.

There was jumping involved, as is only right.

(Incidentally, the *buh!* sound made a few minutes later would be when 1/3 of the pepper graced the top of my egg all in the same one inch area. It's okay, it spreads.)
my current mood board says I'm "distracted," but that's only because people will talk to me more if I change it to "grouchy"

I keep redrafting an email because, even if the receipient wouldn't pick up on it, I know that's currently filled with sarcastic bitterness, and I'd feel bad later if I sent it as-is.

I think I'm supposed to stop wearing headbands because they keep giving me headaches along with the usual pulled back hair.

I'm not sure why, but I like the German version of "Monsoon" better than the English translation. Only Keely will know what I'm talking about, and she'll likely agree.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hey! I used to have a gypsy moth trap just south of that bridge!

In a strange crash of my two worlds, BBC World News America is currently broadcasting a story set in Franklin County, specifically Washington, MO.

As a side note, I appreciate that they're not portraying any of these people as rural hicks (though they did have an interview with a Jedidiah).

Monday, January 18, 2010

killing time, watching mashups

My no-longer-wishing-to-stay-open eyes are trying to tell me to go to sleep, but I'm twenty-seven minutes from my current file transfer being complete and--seeing as Merv will no longer allow me to copy more than one file folder at once--I could then start the next before conking out completely.

I've only known it for about two hours, but I'm already mildly obsessed with DJ Earworm's U2/Mariah Carey/Beatles/Supremes "Together As One" mash-aup. Also, I'd fall asleep to "L'eau de Rose" every night if I didn't think it would give me weirder dreams than I already have.

I seem to be dreaming about the same name a bunch lately (not any person I've known, just the name itself). I'm trying not to take it as any sign, but shooting extra prayers their (all of the S.s!) way, just in case. More details later if it turns into something other than weirding myself out, especially when I should be asleep anyway.

Twenty-one minutes left. Blackjack!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

plus one giant manatee

I'm not sure what I'm dreamed about last night, but I woke up in a fort of the pillows on my bed, and that's certainly not how I fell asleep.

I love many things about my job, but today I cannot express how happy I am that I'm still in my pajamas (and under my blankets even) at twenty 'til noon.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

clearly, show research is holding my attention

I've had a mash-up of Switchfoot's "Needle and Haystack Life" and "Hello Hurricane" playing off and on in my head for the past several days, and it's so good I wish I could download it somewhere.
"Let's file that under 'things not to do.'"

The nice thing about this noodle bowl is that it's so very, very hot I have to eat it slowly.

I've been listening to the Hero Squad soundtrack, which makes for some unexpected thinking about how much I've changed in one year thoughts. I don't feel inclined to go into such for the interneticus world, but 2009 was an up and down year for me.

Somewhat related to that: how dare the Henson Company never have any openings whenever I think to check?

Every once in awhile, I remember that I have a full weekend off again (in just two! days!)...and then I recall the conversation another company member had with her (non-company member) husband about how excited she was to have a full weekend off.
PTB: I get two days off this weekend!
KB: You mean like normal people?

Since my typewriter is still here on my work desk (waiting to start its life as a theater star/prop), it feels more than ever like I'm at my college desk, procrastinating on papers.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I should name this heating pad because we've been spending lots of quality time together lately.

I was going to clean up my room this evening (seeing as it's still in the shambles of packing to leave/unpacking once back from Christmas), but instead I spent the past hour and a half face first into my bed, heating pad balanced in the sweet spot of shoulder/arm/back and listening to NPR podcasts. I'm not sure that my 2010 is getting off to an exciting start, but it's certainly been an informed year thus far.

Thanks, "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me..." for helping me enjoy the news.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

getting lots of mileage out of the flipped ponytails

Perhaps I didn't clean out my cup sufficiently to remove all the orange juice from this morning, but this Diet Coke (the only knob currently installed on the Grace soda machine) tastes an awful lot like cough syrup. In a way, that's one way to fool my brain into thinking it's getting *medicine. However, it's also a crummy way to eat your alfredo noodles.

*Note for Mother (because she'll be concerned): I don't have a cough, but do have lots of stuff stuck in my throat. Meds help, and make me funny and loopy!

Monday, January 11, 2010

inexplicably, my knee is now throbbing

I'd like to think that someday I would feel like a normal, healthy human being again, but I probably won't accomplish that while I work in theater.

Other (slightly more positive) things I would miss out on if I were not in theater:
* spending the work day holding up walls while other people unscrew them, then getting to eat free pizza

* helping people in and out of mascot costumes

* being in a mascot costume

* supporting the post-it industry

* taking multi-hour meetings about the placement of light and sound cues in a forty minute long children's show

* explaining to small children how the "brick" walkway turns into a garden (and isn't really brick to begin with)

Friday, January 08, 2010

twice in one day!

A few things that have amused me this afternoon:

* email from the Houston Museum of Fine Arts: "The Moon Closes This Sunday!"

* person who wasn't familiar with Bohemian Rhapsody, but knew the words to Copacabana

* finding a page of quotes from a photo call senior year at Truman inexplicably left at the back of my scheduling desk (also, still funny to me four years later: "Hannah? I just like saying your name. Say my name, say my name! Ha! Two barrels straight through!" Ten shiny points to anyone else who gets the last part.)
I'm not actually sure that there's anybody else in the building (besides Sissy, because Sissy is always here), but I'm certainly not going to check while I wait for programs to load.

You don't hear this often in Texas, but I need to move somewhere warmer. I'm tired of my nose either being a fountain or a clogged drain. I like it better with nothing in it but air.

My ipod is playing Come Rain or Come Shine, which helps. Thanks for caring, Peaseblossom.

I still haven't named my laptop. Huh. (Of course, I only took the plastic sheet off the cover yesterday, so I'm gradually getting into the ownership of it, I guess.)

Per usual, I've put off grocery shopping again, and will thusly eat pop tarts for lunch today.

There was no hot water in my apartment this morning, which I assume is a byproduct of the winter freeze that hit overnight. If we were going to freeze over, couldn't we at least had the decency to freeze enough that I didn't have to come in with dirty hair?

Monday, January 04, 2010

I pulled up a window, and then forgot about it.

Thank you, lovely local wi-fi spot that's just strong enough to also hit my apartment (but only the far side of the couch).

Things I want to do this week:
clean the stove
reorganize the DVDs
sweep the kitchen
clear out the closet
finish reading the backed up newspapers from December

Things I'll likely accomplish:
watch the Doctor Who finale
reorganize the DVDs
hang new things up in the closet

Close enough, I guess.