Sunday, November 28, 2010

this is so not me getting ready for the day

Sometimes I wish we had real internet at home (rather than sketchy unsecured wireless picked up from around the complex) so I could take care of things like plane tickets and Christmas shopping without needing to take a bus in to work.

I pick my brother's Christmas presents based on what books on his list sound interesting, then try to read them before I hit the north.

I bought a Lego set for my cousin (he's eight; he won't read about it here), and I look forward to helping assemble it at Christmas, just like all the previous years of his older brother receiving Lego and K'Nex sets.

While Black Friday did take care of many presents on my list (side thanks to K1 down time for providing me brainstorming time), there's still quite a bit to go. Please excuse me while I email my mother for advice.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


I'm thankful for family up north, friends in the south, a job that never turns boring, DVDs on sale for $2, and the knowledge that I'll eventually go to sleep again. First though, third helping of stuffing.
I know we'll be fine, but...

It's less than helpful that everyone who hears you're cooking your first turkey (friends, family, the person behind you in the Walgreens checkout) makes the same "tsk, ohhhh" sound before telling you you'll be fine.

Also, I refuse to feel like less of an adult because I don't own a turkey baster.
I collected these in my head throughout the day.

Another sign I'm not mature enough to get married yet: I kinda want to walk down the aisle to a slowed-down, strings version of The B-52's "Rock Lobster."

Thanks, Butterball website, for informing me today that I should've started defrosting my bird last Friday. I DID NOT HAVE A TURKEY THEN, HOW COULD I DEFROST IT? (Guess who's getting up at 6:00 to fill her sink with cold water and a 13 lb. turkey?)

I was concerned for my pan of brownies, until I realized the strange smell coming from our oven each time I opened the door was the scent of clean.

We cleared the recycling into my room to make insta-extra space for everyone coming to Thanksgiving, so it looks like a bag woman lives next to my bookshelf. Note to self: take out the recycling while you have a company van borrowed.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

new-y new-new

(because we all know I prefer to do posts this way, anyway)

* I cleaned our stove last night in anticipation of cooking a giant turkey in it in two days. Also, because we'd never cleaned it since moving in, and perhaps that's why it burns things so often. My cold was much closer to gone before subjecting it to heavy duty aeresol cleaners.

* If I had realized it wasn't going to completely restore to factory settings, I would not have bothered trying to back-up all my files before getting my keyboard back into working shape. Plus side - I now have everything backed-up, AND it all needs to be reorganized, what with how I threw on everything regardless of whether it was already on the portable HD or not.

* Even if the leftover opening cheese and fruit had been okay before, it certainly isn't now that it's been out and unfridgerated since 9 a.m.

* How have I not finished a black Friday shopping list by now?

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Monday, November 15, 2010

run, walk, hop, or fly

My computer background is currently Hermione in a PR still for HP7, not because Hermione is awesome (though she is), but because it was the one with the most recognizable London landmarks in the background. Greetings, Tower Bridge and City Hall!

I almost called Tower Bridge "London Bridge" instead. Clearly I've been away for too long. TOO LONG.

I got approved for my two big vacations of the season today, but this somehow led to me stage managing more mainstage shows. We can probably all guess how I feel about that. In the same meeting I also somehow ended up defending the children's theater programing to the artistic director. So that was a nice afternoon.

Why is no one offering HP6 as a Black Friday deal? I was sure this would happen! As it stands, the only thing I'm interested in is S1 Community for $12 (because that's worth the Modern Warfare episode alone). What am I supposed to do with myself if not stand in line at 3 a.m. with a stomach full of turkey?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I NEED TO... (a fun game for all to play)

* fold laundry
* eat lunch
* water indoor plants
* read far enough in HP7 so that Ron is back and everyone cheers up again
* patch jeans
* finish Netflix so they can finally go back
* actually get out of bed

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

stand down

I wanted to put something ahead of Monday's fairly alarmist post, but then the internet ate it. Ask first next time, internet.

B and I both bought about $80 worth of movie tickets today, which is awesome in and of itself. Actually having a ticket stub (and not just an email printout) for HP7 will be even better.

If anyone has a VHS copy of TRON they'd like to loan me before the sequel comes out in December, that'd be great. I have a sneaking suspicion it might be the next film on the RJ/Brenda/Hannah movie outing list.

Shoot. I still haven't written down dress numbers from the first time I tried to post this...and reminded my brain that I needed to write down dress numbers for tomorrow. (Long-distance bridesmaid dress shopping, ahoy!)

Um.....go team? GO TEAM! (Yes, I ate ice cream for dinner. It had strawberries in it.)

Monday, November 08, 2010

St. Louis Area Coordinator

I shouldn't look at job listings out of spite, because that's totally when you find something you want to do (and are not currently able to pursue, what with the current Doing of Things and all).

Sunday, November 07, 2010

cat piano

I'm terribly glad the giant scratches on my arm from last Monday's strike are finally fading because it's always awkward to look like you're a cutter when you ride public transportation. (Thank you also, jacket weather.)

I want to crank out a repeat reading of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows before the Part 1 midnight showing next week, but I probably have too many more important things to do. (More important to do: sleep, eat, bake brownies, stage managery crap)

Excuse me, I have to fall asleep now.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

wildly different things I left off my Christmas list: a subscription to Real Simple and a Leatherman multi-tool

It's been one of those up and down weeks (front half down, very end half moving back up), and I made like a thirteen year old girl and journaled out some angst...but I don't feel inclined to share any of that. (No, *you're* welcome.)

Instead, we'll play "bits of things saved in Hannah's draft folder." Please enjoy the random (some with dates, some not).

* A man in full Scotish regalia playing the bagpipes just passed me going up the street. It's Saturday morning, and I have a show or else I'd investigate.

* I have a sudden craving for those middle school logic problems. Lucy likes purple. Timmy likes the color Mikey doesn't like.

* If it's going to be 70 degrees in Texas three days before Christmas (and a day before I head to blizzard coungry), by golly I'm going to wear a skirt.

* One bus driver to another: She wants to go to town./Well, take her. You have your own big ol' bus. 12.23.09

* 5.21.10 - Note to brain: not every weird happenstance is a metaphor for you life, so stop thinking about "the bell wouldn't work for you, huh?"

* Checking the weather at this point in the year is a more a formality. The only thing that might change is if there's rain to cut back on the beastly humidity. 5.26

* 6.1 I forgot that standing at the bus stop in a dress invoked the rule of auto honk: "I couldn't help it, the horn beeped on its own."

* If someone wanted to show up on my doorstep tonight with a plate of fried chicken, the words "undying" and "loyalty" might be bandied about. [Note to all: this holds true basically at all times.]