Tuesday, May 21, 2013

"Come and meet the girl who can"
Oh, Houston-area comic cons! Why are you all happening at times when I cannot attend you? I'm even [unintentionally] one step closer to a Souffle Girl outfit:

Step one - vaguelly looking like her (thanks, shortness and brunette hair)
Step two - learn a British dialect as part of high school theater
Step three - red tennis shoes!

(This conversation just made very little sense to a lot of people I know read this. Sorry.)

I looked around yesterday and realized a large portion of the photos I have out are the same pictures that moved to Texas with me. They're still great pictures, but I'm switching some out to reflect more of my life from the past--sweet heavens--seven years. (Don't worry, "swankin ladies" isn't going anywhere.)

Sunday, May 19, 2013

(I don't know where all these earrings came from, nor why they live in my apartment.

Productive things from today:
* cleaned the bathroom
* sorted out my linen closet
* so much sweeping

Less productive things:
* finally watched that Netflix
* matched the (approximately) ten million earrings mixed up in a tray together
* used a coupon to buy a frivolous thing I wanted to buy anyway

Completely unproductive:
* watched the same five minutes of Doctor Who multiple times to see if I would cry each time (the answer is yes)
* saw Jurassic Park at the HMNS with my company intern gal
* only slightly superglued my fingers together

Friday, May 10, 2013

let's watch the flowers grow
So ... hey there, twenty-nine. Pleased to meet you, whatnot.

It was a good birthday, with lots of people offering nice words and nice food. It was also one of the few birthdays where I didn't have specific theater-related duties (rehearsal, performance, or otherwise) for the day, which freed me up for the people and food. You guys are all awesome.

[Seeing as the power just flashed off and back on, I'll cut myself short. Please remind me about how I wanted to talk about all the random things I've found while cleaning out my closet boxes. Hello, college notebooks and picnic baskets.]