Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Is it alright?

Without going into the whys and whats for those not familiar with the show, but--were I still in school and needing a paper about a broadway musical--I'd totally write about the song "Cue Music" from "Passing Strange" and what it says about the playwright/lyricist/inspiration of the show, Stew.

Also, I might write about how a guy gets the nickname Stew.

I'm torn between completely chucking the old stage manager handbook (Updated August 4, 1999!) and continuing this process of section by section editing. The problem with it is that it's set up to be both a general "so you want to be a stage manager?" handbook AND a more detailed how-to on our specific venues, often at the same time. I'm trying to seperate both out to their own sections (and then subcategorized between Grace and Rotunda), so I'm constantly moving back and forth between sections. Also, a bigger problem is that I'm tired (what up, three a.m. bedtime! how's it hanging, 6:30 stomach clock?) and only care so much at the moment.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Yeah, I totally bit off all my fingernails this morning.

Someone's been sending my parents baby coupons and samples in the mail in my name, so if whoever's trying to imply to my mother that I'm pregnant could lay off the false hints, that'd be great. Also, send her some free chocolate, because she doesn't need baby formula.

I went floating down the Guadalupe River this past weekend [life checkmark!] with a church group, so my back currently features an interesting red design of cross-crossed marks. It took a long time to drive up there....and to stand around for a bus to get to the river....and to be organized enough to leave and drive back (Fun fact: some of the people we knew were told to get on a differet, less-full-to-capacity bus and were then not seen again for about four hours, as they were taken to a different drop point. Whoops.), but it was lovely to float down the river. At one point, a person's radio started playing "Sweet Child o' Mine" as a breeze rustled the cypress branches blocking the full sun and if that isn't summer's version of heaven, I don't know what could be better.

Phew. For a moment, I was stuck with a preposition at the end of that sentence, and that's not going to fly.

Probably bad (but amusing) idea: saving my Walmart trip for tomorrow evening/Wednesday morning, as I'll be at the AMC all evening for the Twilight bonanza with Deb. Crazy Dunvale Walmart at 3 a.m.? Oh dear. (Of course, the same "oh dear" could be used to describe spending one's evening at the Twilight bonanza, but let's not judge things here.)

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Apparently all it takes to make me happy is a letter from a far away...and the enclosed stickers only sweeten it. Thanks, Sad Monkey.

Friday, June 18, 2010

I've discovered the black hole of no internet...

...and it is called my office, since the internet works (wired or plugged) in every other room of the building. I'm currently in the chapel/library/greenroom, where at least I get the benefit of a comfotable couch.

Things to do this weekend:
* pick up where I left off in the cleaning out the closet project, as the room currently looks like I'm about to move out of the dorms (lots of piles, lots of Rubbermaid containers, lots and lots of shoes)

* support Pixar and go to the movies?

* pull out the various craft projects that I've wanted to finish, all the more so from finding the odds and ends while cleaning

* stop being afraid to clean my oven (which is the first step toward cleaning the oven, while somehow not yet managing to clean it)

* finish proofing the playbill for Iowa, since I'm clearly not doing so right now

* watch all the Broadway-related programing I taped the past week that I've yet to tackle

* get the music from Passing Strange out of my head

* continue not biting nails, as this has been good progress so far

Friday, June 11, 2010

We have appointments to look at new apartments tomorrow.

It's wonderful how much discussing something with your mother can help to stop, reassess, and pull the stress out of a situation. Teenage Hannah--if you ever get a time machine and see this ahead of schedule--take note.

Unrelated (as I am wont to do): I am mad at Facebook for having a picture of a super cute dress in an ad that does not link directly to said dress, thus causing me to search through the full listings. I know you need to keep making money to continue delivering the cute vintage look, Mod Cloth, but could you cut a girl some slack?

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

another Anastacia fun fact: I used to practice vocal support by attempting to hold out the ending note of "Journey to the Past" longer than the onscreen singer

I think I like bruises because it reminds me I do more than a desk job. I liked bruises (not the receiving them, but the artistic after-effects) even before it was a job thing. There's something that feels very hearty Midwesterner about bruising. There's also something very "ow ow ow...can't cross my legs" about my present bruising (one left knee, one right thigh), but only because I didn't have the good sense to fall on something that wouldn't matter. Or, not fall at all.

Frankly, I wanted to expand this more, but I'm totally about to fall asleep and get carried away by the Texas mosquitos. As much fun as that might be (would it?), I should probably call it a night. The laptop does make a nice heating pad on my still sore leg, though.

Friday, June 04, 2010

I tried for hours to find this quote last night

It's really okay for people to get old and die because in heaven you get to play with all the balloons you ever lost.
-Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Thursday, June 03, 2010

How frequently have I typed the word "ominously" that the spellcheck automatically takes out the extra m when I type it wrong?

You know what eats up a bunch of your workday? Not having to come in until eleven because you worked the sound board the night before. (Also, choosing the bus that would pause three stops later to wait for the Metro Police to remove the guy up front who was too drugged-out to pay attention to the driver.)

Sorry, I took a brief break to see if there were leftover pumpkin muffins in the dressing room across the hall. There were not. Now I need to convince myself to go forage for leftover development event food in the fridge, because taking a lunch break is another way to speed along the end of the day.