Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I *am* unpacked if you count things in heaping piles as "unpacked."

Greetings, I am no longer in Missouri. For those of you who did not realize I was in Missouri, this is because I am a (mostly) amazing secret this case to the point of some people never realizing I was there/realizing too late to actually make plans to see them. That is both my fault and the full reasoning behind planning to never sneak-up surprise people across several state lines again. (The world shall see how quickly I forget that promise.)

Anyway, it was wonderful to see the family and friends that I did stumble on, especially after the five or ten month absence (depending on who you were). There were boxes sorted, marshmellows burned, birds watched, and all manner of relaxation that I needed before hitting my summer of Jane Austen.

Likewise, though, upon my return to the south there was a bit of "High School Musical" watching (and threats of the sing-along), queso in the fridge, talk of Spamalot walk-up tickets, and daisies not yet fully bloomed and therefore not yet missed. I guess I have a bit of home here now, too, and Mom, don't cry on that.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I could play the "Amazon Recommends" game for hours. How do you play? You sign it, and tick the boxes next to things you would never, ever purchase, even if Amazon thinks it would fit your taste based on wish list items and past purchases. By the time you reach over #100, the recommendations have lost all basis in reality, but you start finding things you'd be interested in, again.
(and then I just started typing for awhile)

I don't really want the phone to ring, as I am lazy today and it is almost time to stand for a bus and go home and collapse on the couch for more laziness time, but I almost need the phone to ring, just for a tiny bit, to perk me back up from everything in the first bit of this sentence that no longer makes sense.

And then there was a ring.

Friday, May 18, 2007

It even specifically requests a sense of humor! (or "humour," to be specific)

Slow box office days (mixed with my sudden and not-soon-to-be-fulfilled craving)always lead to finding things like this.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I'm possibly five minutes from purchasing an mp3 player, just so I can have it by the top of next week.

Apparently the secret to getting a spoon to stay on your nose is to eat a whole heap of cottage cheese with it first and let the residual dairy help stick it to your nose. Also, then your nose gets to smell like cottage cheese.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

And this is why I go through things:

I just realized that a song I've had on Merv forever (and rarely listen to) is actually a slightly different arrangement of the "let's kill off some puppies" music we used for Red Fern.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

I also suddenly want to make a mix CD about sugar, candy, etc. Sounds like something to work on during box office shift!

Why do I always seem to go into hibernation after my birthday?

The old answer was "finals," but that's no longer acceptable in my post-college world. This year instead, it was "post-sugar coma" due to so many people knowing about my supreme sweet tooth. All I've basically wanted to do since Tuesday is sleep and sleep more and watch LOST.

Starting today, all I've wanted to do is see how cheaply and quickly I could grab some plane tickets to London. Nothing says "dedication to the company" like a sudden urge to ditch everything for a jaunt in my favorite world capital.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

I killed my camera with wonton soup.

"Killed" is actually a bit strong, as it still takes pictures and video like usual.

"Like usual" is a bit strong also, as the pictures it does take look like this:


Would anyone like to buy me a lense/screen camera repair for my birthday?

Thursday, May 03, 2007

I am not yet successful at willing Fandango to function.

Yesterday I ate a chocolate-covered cricket (by which I mean, I bit off half, was fine until it was crunchy and insect-y and all I could see where the legs, and then bit off as much chocolate around the abdomen as I could manage).

My jaw pops on the right every time I yawn. Unfortunately, that means it pops all the time.

The thunderstorm just struck so closely, it actually bounced the stone shamrock hanging from the handle. I would love to go enjoy my new lawn chair (for actual sitting outside purposes, as compared to the desk sitting one), but for now I have to amuse myself with how delightful it looks covered in raindrops.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I should be blow-drying my hair right now.

I've actually purchased my Spiderman ticket for the weekend, so I guess this co-birthday party will actually ensue. Also about to ensue: planning for the party beyond "everyone come to Spiderman."

I bought a pinata last night for the party since the invitations mentioned pinatas, and it will be Cinco de Mayo. I got a bull who'd already been a bit beat on by life (a few streamers loose or missing), but he seemed more deserving than the star-covered ponies and unicorns. I think I might love him too much to actually destroy him, but at least then our living room gains even more color.