Thursday, April 30, 2009

a listing of things

* My head (and, thus by extension, my brain) really, really hurts right now.

* I never actually noticed the "Vacation Days Left" line on the absence request forms before this week (the line I should be filling in as part of my putting it in the system), and that'll probably cause me some flack as of, oh, tomorrow morning.

* I may have sort of possibly implied that I would stage manage all the Mainstage and Rotunda shows at the same time if the company provided me with a vehicle to go home in-between. (As in, I told the managing director I would SM both shows if I had a vehicle and could go home in-between rehearsals/performances.)

* I might now be unofficially stage managing both first slot shows next season.

* My head hurt before both of these things.

* In a veering to the other direction, I would buy a Mo Williems pigeon or Knuffle Bunny shirt if I ever found one that struck my fancy.

* I kinda want to go home and either (A) sleep or (B) read my high school MLA. No, I'm not sure what's wrong with me, either.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

but there is interneticus to explore!

I should invest in internet at home again just so I would leave work at the end of the workday.

"It's good to know that I'm not crazy," I said with relief.

Then I realized I was talking out loud.

To myself.

In an otherwise empty hallway.

Monday, April 27, 2009

when you want to have a rainbow/then you have to have some rain

The supreme "joy" of my life at this moment is the supreme lack of complete sheet music for "Riddle of the Rainbow," our recently announced fifth children's show. (This is why I'm planning vacation in July instead of June. It may also be why I go crazy and run screaming from Texas before July, but some days have more reasons than others.)

I've been really grouchy and tired lately (as well as feeling anti-social and compelled to eat my weight in chocolate), but I'm hoping I'll bounce back soon. I don't like myself while I act this way, and I'm sure others don't either (part of why I choose to hermetize). I blame the pig show ad-libbing, stalled vacation plans, and the toys that have fallen into oblivion behind my desk when people use my computer without my permission.

Unrelated: Did you know that Locks of Love has a hardcore disclaimer about how they aren't affiliated with any religious, political, or otherwise issue stance?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

fin fang foom

I am so very sleepy at the moment, but can sadly go nowhere until my ipod finishes charging. On the plus side, I've slightly goofed off (though you could argue that reading Playbill helps keep me informed about my profession and therefore doesn't count as "goofing off") for the past hour...which works out to approximately a full work day anyway. You do not know the full joys of being a stage manager until you're at the theater at 8:15, gluing straw back onto fence posts.

(Other joyful items for that hour of day: moving chairs, pulling props, hanging beams from the ceiling.)

Will got me a Muppet Show comic book as my prize for finishing the crossword puzzle on his blog (he was celebrating 100 straight days of posting), but I'm not quite awake enough to enjoy it right now.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

crunchity crisp crunch

I'm eating an apple right now, mostly because the rest of my lunch wasn't quite filling enough. It's far from the best apple I've ever had, seeing as it has lived in my bag to and from work for over a week (and had gained something resembling white paint on one side), but it's held up better than I expected.

I'd sit outside to enjoy this semi-wonderment of fruit, but I've started peeling from the last time I spent quality time outside at work and would prefer not to make things worse.

We've decided to do a fifth children's show this summer after all, so I'll spend my post-lunch two hours listening to music that isn't labelled and trying to decide which track is which song. As you've probably already guessed, I'm looking forward to this.

I'm going to search for things on the IKEA website now, as I want a package and have a gift certificate anyway.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

today's blog post cancelled due to unexpected actual work

Sorry! I'm helping choose music!

Monday, April 13, 2009

"This is the type of a logistical problem that can make stage managers lose sleep and eat asprins."

Somehow, in my many hours of sitting outside and reading the stage management textbook left in my desk, I managed to receive a sunburn...but only on the left side of my body. Seeing as this was the side furtherest from the sun, I'm a bit perplexed as to how I accomplished the feat.

As for the book, it amazes me how terribly, terrifically out of date something can be about technology when updated only seven years ago.

Friday, April 10, 2009

(equals just enough time to post something for the day...swell!)

Two minutes until I can leave the box office and pick up some delightful Tex Mex from down the street. If I didn't have to deal with Kirby construction traffic to reach it, or if I didn't have to return to the theater by seven afterward, it would be a perfectly lovely evening.

Thursday, April 09, 2009


I enjoy a quick email exchange between company departments, especially with quips, since it helps me feel less like I'm the only one goofing off due to lack of projects. In box office there were always phones to answer, database entries to clean, and emails to sort. What am I supposed to do when there's nothing to fit into the calendar? Working on making the scheduling office more schedule-tastic?

(Admittedly, I should work on the company stage management handbook, which is currently helpful only to people who have never SMed before and need a crash course. I've instead been reading the SM textbook left in my desk from one of the previous tenants. Did you know that stage managers need to be very organized, but have a sense of humor?)

Special thanks to Angelfish for the box of Easter candy that arrived today, happily without being chewed by a dog first. (The box I sent her did not receive the same luck.) Its contents will join the other quality candy stashed in my desk and hidden from actors until needed.

Not hidden is a collection of candies from college and beyond that recently moved from my home pantry to work desk in the hopes that it would be consumed by someone besides myself. Sadly, nobody wants to eat my old candy anymore. I got rid of most of the container of ancient butterscotches, Skittles, and other assorted packaged candies before everyone figured out the majority was sticky and gross. Now I'm left with a few layers of Lifesavers that cling to one another due to an unfortunately melted grape Now and Later. Delicious! (Also in the bottom of the container: pieces of tree bark and dried grass from when the original candy was scooped up off the ground under my 21st/9th birthday pinata. That really adds to the appeal, I'm sure.)

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

should've chosen the left arm

What UP, Tetnus booster shot? I know I can live most of life stuck in zombie straight ahead arms, but it would be nice if you didn't throb when I move more than an inch away from that angle.

On the plus side, I apparently have a near perfect blood pressure level, which I'll fondly remember years from now when it skyrockets (as I'm genetically predisposed to have happen).

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

being good and posting twice in the same month

One positive thing that arose from the lack of internet blogging was a slight return of regular journaling, which had mostly fallen by the wayside since, oh, mid-college. One of the supreme joys of this past Christmas was finding the stack of middle school through college journals and enjoying some adolescent angst. (For some reason, angst is much more entertaining after the fact.) Even if it's all about metro buses, Londong planning, and random grocery lists, I'm glad that Future Hannah will someday also have a paper record of this period of her life.

I don't know that there was much point to sharing that. I had a second half planned, which needed that first portion, but I'm ready to take lunch and the idea isn't fully developed yet anyway. Here's to making a third post in the same month?

Saturday, April 04, 2009

When you don't have internet at home, it's easiest just to text into Twitter and leave life at that.

(See above, with apologies for the past few months)

We just finished the opening week of "Charlotte's Web," which means this blog missed all the joy and insanity of the superhero show. It's the most cues I've ever called [so far], and probably the most fun I'll ever had calling a show. (There was a standby to lower a cage! A visual cue in my blind spot involved a series of back and forth hand signals! My ASM spent part of the show in a dolphin costume! Two dance breaks and a recurring sheep joke!) Here's a picture of the Super Stage Manager (featuring patented Super Stage Manager Hair):

Thanks, "Hero Squad vs. The Princess Snatchers."

Now we're into "Charlotte's Web" instead, so I go home craving pork and, oddly, frozen custard. Yum. (Today we settled for cotton candy in the booth, and that was glorious enough.) This show will run until the end of May--the longest I've ever been on the same show [shows traveling from the Rotunda to Miller Outdoor don't count, the show changes to reblock and adjust to a non-circular space], so we'll see how long I care. A show is better than no show, or so any of my not-employed-in-theater theater major friends would tell me.

And, on a final, passing thought: I started biting my nails again. Oops.