Saturday, July 28, 2007


One year ago yesterday, I stepped out of an overstuffed car after the world's most miserable car trip and said--for the first of many times--"Why is it so humid?"

One year ago today, I met practically the entire company of A.D. Players for the first time when I dropped in early during a rehearsal for the annual Spotlighter Awards and immediately stepped into my role ("new intern #2").

I've used the "one year ago" as a punch line for most of the weekend (hi, despite the backdate, this is actually Monday), seeing as the irony that follows me everywhere picked this weekend to feature a double show shift, understudy performances (and one understudy for the understudy show), the switching of my roommate, and a supreme lack of sleep.

While beginning with the under-understudy drama on Friday, though, all this extra stress has seemed to be a way to reaffirm that I am where I am supposed to be. I've had a number of compliments about my handling of things this weekend. Considering the sources, I do not take their words lightly, as they come from people who's respect I value highly and are not known to toss off praise they do not mean.

You can't get better proof than that to justfy living in this humidity-ridden state...except that I'm also blessed by knowing (and hanging and comiserating and bonding with) some of the best people Texas [by way of other locations] has to offer. I could not have gotten through this year without them, and I appreciate more than a silly blog can express the support they have provided--some times more than others--during this incredibly up-and-down year.

Monday, July 23, 2007

(but at least it took twenty-three years)

If that was baby's first migraine that hit last night (and woke me up again from the hours of 3:20ish-4:50ish), I quit.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

I don't think I should keep my 3" Harry Potter on my desk at the Christian theater company, huh?

I feel the need to post, not only because it's been quite some time since the last (I've opened P&P, hosted Caleb, and seen the new Harry Potter movie), but also because I fear I did nothing but cause my mother more worry by calling home.

I wanted to let her (and now, the world) know that I received confirmation that I was being officially offered a position with the company. This was, naturally, after I also received a breakdown for the stage management assignments for the next year which featured my name four times in a row at my beloved Rotunda. I will have the summer off next season. I like this plan.

The worrying part was when we delved into a conversation about how busy I've been, how many hours I've logged recently, and actually used the phrase "I shouldn't be telling you this, should I?" I am busy, and I probably am working harder than I need to (and I will ignore anyone who questions my use of "probably" in that sentence), but I am still mostly sane and more rested after having the morning off today.

Also, other productive things in my life besides P&P:
* I have a roommate from last year. We are already planning to go to London.

* If you don't think I haven't been spending time in the booth plotting what I'm going to wear to the HP7 release party next Friday night, then you clearly saw me reading the High School Musical 2 magazine. Or, you know, saw me call some cues.

* Mexican Coke seems to taste just like regular Coke, except the bottles are taller and skinner.

* Skippy the DVD player has spun his last. I priced replacements within ten minutes of his expiration.

* This free subscription to Netflix is going to be awful hard to break from at the end of the month.

* My police report finally came back, so I'll be debt free to the library as of tomorrow. That's something Mom can be happy about!

Monday, July 02, 2007


I guess all I need is some actual sleep in my system, considering all the things I've accomplished this morning in about an hour and a half:

* discovered that I actually *can* have my incident report sent to me, as I apparently just needed to talk to the right person (and send them a check for thirty cents)

* bought bus passes for myself and for Caleb (while he's here)

* figured out a way to get Caleb (and myself, actually) to and from the airport without (1) paying for a way too expensive cab--thanks, nice neighborhood--and (2) imposing on any of my friends on one of our few days off and at 4 a.m.

* confirmed that Harry Potter tickets were still available for the midnight show, even if it wasn't IMAX

Now I'm going to do some P&P stuff, eat a quick lunch, and head out the door to do more P&P stuff at the actual theater. Eee!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

God understands why I'm not in church right now...

...and it involves the fact that, as I was half-asleep in bed, waiting for the alarm to officially go off, I added up how long I was at the theater yesterday (11 hours) and then--out of interest--how long I'd been at the theater the previous (and essentially, all other days since Tuesday).

Good people of the world, I've been putting in 13+ hour days. No wonder many people have expressed interest in the amount of sleep/time off I've had recently.

After last night's first dress/tech run, though, I think it's just now hitting me all that I've managed to accomplish with this show. Everything's pulling together so well, and, even when I know that it's not all from my efforts, I can finally step back and see that I am part of the gelling. I have not royally screwed up the entire process, like I'd fear I would do when I first found out I'd been tapped as the replacement SM. It's been long. I've made plenty of mistakes (and I bet there's still some out there left). But I've gotten so much positive feedback this week that I have to start believing it.

In other news, I was just treated to a free month of Netflix, and I might be trying to plan a trip sometime to New York. Or maybe London. There's a list of shows to see, and the destination will depend on ultimately which has the majority of the requests.