Wednesday, April 27, 2011

(Seriously, Blogger. Why do you not want me to post things when they make sense? From yesterday:)

"Nowadays, it's not considered proper for a young prince to be a thug."

I kinda want to go swimming tonight (fun fact: I prefer swimming at dusk, when I'm less likely to be burnt to a crisp), but I should probably head to bed early instead. If I sleep extra tonight, perhaps I won't be as tired when I wake up early on Friday.

Note to self: pull out all sorts of London memorabilia as decoration. Also, pick up Jaffa Cakes. Special occasion! Justified expense!

Unrelated to anything: I think my favorite British royal is Prince Albert, who wasn't even British. But, goodness, were his eyes striking.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

road trip bingo

Gosh, it's fun to drive around in a car, blaring music. Any day when you get to speed down the highway, singing along with "You Can't Always Get What You Want" is a good day (especially when you make a stop at Ikea first). Anyway. Things seen today:

* inflatable dinosaur at car lot, check
* Chinese buffet closed on Easter
* loofah as bunny tail
* truth in advertising: bumper sticker that read "My money and daughter go to Texas" (Go Longhorns!)
* dead armadillo by the side of the road (stinking to high, high heaven?)
* Governor Perry, with entourage, eating at Whataburger (when you have to eat, you have to eat)
* most importantly, SAD MONKEY! (And the Prince!)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

things on my brain

* I'm driving to La Grange tomorrow, as it is the halfway-ish point between here and Austin, and a Sad Monkey is about to change states. AGAIN. I picked up a rental car today (and am paying double the cost of a regular rental just to insure it per day - not sure if that's sad for total cost or an awesome for how cheap I was able to wrangle it originally). No one should ever ride with me on a long road trip when I get to be in charge of the music, because I'm a notorious station jumper, and I fear tomorrow will be no different. (I did program in stations while taking out recycling, so starting point SET.)

* Speaking of, what else can you do when you have a car? How about stock up on nonperishable groceries that you don't want to deal with on the bus? Hey there, taking out the recycling! Wow, I so won't miss you, three bags of stuff for good will that have been sitting under my desk at work. Go forth into the world, and make someone else happy.

* My Angelfish's family is holding a time of prayer with her in the hospital next Monday at 7 p.m. Please join in, wherever you are.

* The apartment complex sent me a lovely letter today detailing the breakdown of fees/rent/etc. from the previous apartment and current. According to that, I haven't paid rent or water for the new place this month, and neither was for the amount my records show I should even be paying. So, hurrah for awkward conversation on Monday when the manager is back? (And excuse me while I print out copies of the canceled checks for both those items off my bank's website. GO CECU!)

Friday, April 22, 2011


Please wipe your feet, and check out my new place HERE.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

(I tried to post this yesterday, but Blogger was having None. Of. It. I watched Jurassic Park instead.)

this happens more often than you might think

Project I started out on tonight: gluing pieces into shadowbox frame so it can hang on my wall and not sit on my couch

Projects this led to: searching for glue - checking through crafts boxes - organizing craft boxes - organizing desk boxes - giving up and checking Twitter

Project I should've tried for instead: posting pictures of the apartment, what with the one month* anniversary today and all

Project outcomes [probable]: eventually, last box checked, unfulfilled, neverending, even more neverending, about to go back and see if something new has posted, tomorrow?

(*Talk about not playing chicken with your problems - one month ago I was stressed about cleaning the old place, getting everything moved, dealing with Inspector shows, and impending Pinocchio tech. The only thing still remotely on that list is Pinocchio, though the show mostly runs itself at this point. Jeepers.)

Friday, April 15, 2011


calling visual cues badly (esp. ones discussed prior to show)

ASM accidentally cutting off actor with recorded voice
Deciding character of recorded voice would've cut off actor, if it could
[overall +.5]

spending afternoon printing old emails regarding performance space
-2 boring
+2 awesome history recall (Ike!)
[overall breakeven]

Harry Potter cover of Entertainment Weekly

taking part in a briefing with the U.S. Secret Service (!) regarding upcoming special event

Tootsie Rolls and talking with friends
[no value - too high (yes, that's cheating)]

I'd say this day has worked out pretty well.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

three days in a row!

My evening meal was highly nutritious and utterly unfilling. I'm currently supplementing with Tootsie Rolls, as that was the closest food. (Technically, it was just past the box of raisins, but really?)

I have something very cool I get to do as part of my job tomorrow...and it's so cool, that I probably shouldn't talk about it until afterward. (At least, I guess. No one's really said anything either way. Some people know. Anyway.) Ponder on that!

I'm suddenly a bit creeped out, as my Coraline button eyes doll has moved from where it was originally positioned. It probably happened while moving binders, but (with the story it's from) you really wouldn't want to take chances. Fluffy Bunny and Zombie Fish, would you please let me know if you notice any other creatures on my desk moving (including yourselves)?

Also creepy: actors practicing lines out loud to otherwise empty rooms. Darling actors, it's very strange when you suddenly start shouting.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Strangers on a Train - we now interrupt this suspenseful thriller to play tennis!

(But don't worry! There's an awesome fight on a sped-up carousel as small children threaten to fly off and the old engineer crawls under the platform to reach the off switch...though we won't question why there's a lever that makes it spin that fast if it's so dangerous.)

Anyway. I know I'm becoming an adult because tonight I actually *cooked* dinner, which involved doing things like *chopping up chicken* and *saute-ing rice in oil*, and--even more than that--I actually cleaned it up tonight rather than a week from now where it all splattered over the stove because I don't have a lid for my medium skillet, and use one that sort of fits inside the pan instead of on top. I should've taken video of my stir fry rice bubbling up around the lid and taking a fair portion of the cooking oil with it.

To do: purchase 10' fry pan with matching lid

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Did you know this is my *2000th* post? Sorry that only about half that number have been of any quality.

(This is not what my apartment looks like anymore, but oh the memories.)

When you're on a time crunch, a wall of bookcases is suddenly your best friend.

I left my kitchen like this for a week (rather than just the recommended 48 hours), as things were still sticking to the counters. Fun fact: if you leave out something heavy, it'll still stick. I've stopped caring.

Okay, actually my table still sorta looks like this, as the nails, etc. are still sorted by size and function. What can I say? This is who I am.

Within moments of dumping the second box on the bed, I realized there were probably better places I could've stored the book pile. (I ended up on the couch that night because I didn't want to deal.)

Monday, April 11, 2011

"...and which is the illusion"

(Excuse me while I listen to The Moody Blues at my desk. Thanks, Mom and Dad!)

This is my first full Monday in the office since Inspector opened, and I have no motivation to do anything. It's overcast outside, and the wind makes it sound like it'll start raining at any moment (note to self: get cable called so you can finally watch the morning news again).

I should be working on next season's calendar, or typing the summer show script for captioning, or even a few short term items, but I have the focus of a raccoon in a room of disco balls right now. (Case in point: I'm alternating typing this and composing an email. Even my goofing off can't focus.)

If I had the proper cord, I'd sit here and post apartment pictures, as I'm basically at the point where boxes are unpacked and some wall art is up. As a few of you know, I keep changing my mind on pictures. I seem to go through the same process everyday:

1. Decide to finally fill particular spot on wall. (Generally this has been the large open space in my built-in bookshelves, which I've changed three times in one week.)
2. Pull together collection of artwork or pictures.
3. Frown a bunch while organizing on the kitchen table what will ultimately go where.
4. Let sit while pondering.
5. Decide it looks great.
6. Actually nail collection to the wall.
7. [let simmer for five hours, or possibly overnight]
8. Decide it looks off. Keep for now.
9. Decide was wrong before, looks hideous. Remove quickly.
10. Repeat steps 2-9.

At least I'm staying busy? (Seriously, though. Pictures soon.)

Monday, April 04, 2011

What's that, DVD? You're just going to automatically start playing after finishing. Okay then.

I may never send back to Netflix the 25th Anniversary concert version of Les Miserables (taped in London! Why was I not there?!) for the following reasons:

* I can't actually see this show in public (again), because I spend most of the show in tears. The scope of the music and the story just rip my inners to shreads. It's really better for the world that I keep my sobbing out of the audience, as it would likely disturb someone.

* Even beyond the above, Eponine started singing "Little Fall of Rain," and it started to sprinkle outside my window, and I had to sit down for a moment.

* Dear Norm Lewis, Please come over to my apartment and sing "Stars" everyday. I cannot offer you any compensation beyond my own happiness, but surely that's good enough. Thanks in advance.

* Mr. Jonas, I can forgive you for not being Michael Ball, but mostly because he came out at the end for the encore.

* Bless you, whoever it was, that decided to feature *all* the music, including the little bit-lits left off the 10th Anniversary concert. (Speaking of: will it explain a bunch about my musical theater taste to know that I grew up watching the previously mentioned concert and the Cameron Mackintosh birthday celebration with my mother over and over again? You'll never be deleted from my ipod, Colm Wilkinson.)