Saturday, December 31, 2011

perfect, shiny, and new

I guess traditionally this would be the "wrap up the year" post, but I'm really just looking to kill about twenty minutes before I need to start working on things for the evening, and frankly that's not enough time for anything productive.

(Well, unless you count popping open the bottle of sparkling grape juice you bought for the booth *now* rather than during the show as productive. Then, goodness, it's quite helpful.)

This patch of time has also been productive for:
* finishing my bowl of soup
* remembering the batch of paychecks in my desk for the children
* reaffirming that I know nearly all the lyrics to Everclear's "Buy You a New Life"

I need to decide if I'm actually going to wear my NYE-appropriate dress all evening, or slosh around in my usual blacks. It's extremely likely that comfort is going to win out on this one, but we'll see.

Friday, December 23, 2011

I can't get the newspaper to go on vacation hold, because they say I don't have an account even though the papers keep coming and the toilet that was "fixed" from leaking out the back on Wednesday now leaks out the front and for a moment there it sounded like a spaceship was trying to take off from my parking lot...

But THAT'S OKAY, because this time tomorrow I'll be on a flight to the northern lands, where--according to this morning's report, at least--we shouldn't end up snowed in anywhere.

Also, at that point, time needs to take some sort of slowing down potion (those exist, right?) because I won't see the fam again until probably next summer. [Also, I love my BCPE kids, but we all need some time apart. Yes, even with just one week to go.]

I'm trying to do an all carry-on Christmas this year, so we'll see how that goes. (That should also indicate how much shorter of a trip I get to have this year.) Also, please airport staff, don't break the [=======] for [-------] or else I'll cry big fat tears. Also-also, I should maybe see about getting a ride *from* the airport next week, seeing as I'll be headed straight to a show. (I'm already aware this was a bad plan. 3:57 at IAH, anyone?)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

My favorite post-haircut game is "No, I didn't get a haircut."

Yes, I'm still nine.

There's a small part of me who kinda wishes I hadn't cut my hair, as it was fairly (within about two inches) of being Locks for Love ready again....but that side of me was happily beaten into submission by the 'tired of stringy hair' side. What kid wants my split ends, anyway? So, goodbye hair: you had a good year (wedding updo, Bellatrix updo, too many pigtails full of pencils to count), and I'm sure we'll do it again next year when I'm too busy to get you cut again.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Not so much with the productive today...

(though it's only 7 p.m., so I have at least another four hours)

Of all the things I attempted today, the only really successful endeavor was cleaning my bathroom (*you're welcome, soon to be here brother!*). I burned my casserole [which was supposed to feed me off and on for the week], I discovered that apparently the mall does NOT have a JCPenney [which then makes it hard to purchase family Christmas gifts from the JCPenney folks], and my day can always be torpedoed by a Top Model marathon on one of the style channels.

What *did* I accomplish? (a brief, somewhat disappointing list):
- bought a new gallon of milk
- washed dishes
- pulled out the vacuum (which is that much closer to actually using it...)
- caught up to middle of October of "Wait Wait" podcasts
- stared at all the cool kits in the LEGO store and again lamented that no one in the family asks for them for Christmas anymore, meaning I don't get to sort the bricks Christmas morning anymore
- bought discounted alligator earrings (the mouths chomp)

Monday, December 05, 2011

GOSH! I was productive today!

I should do this "stay home from work" thing more often. Grocery shopping, done. Cleaning kitchen, done. Laundry [including hanging things up after], done. Organizing junk boxes, done. (Though, regrettably, Finding address book to send out Christmas cards, failed from the start as I still cannot find the address book) Goofing off by reading half a book, done...and congrats to self on only spending that much time on it.

I need to vacuum, cook a casserole for the week, and finalize some Christmas presents, but I have tomorrow evening free as well (bliss!) to tackle the rest of my list. I should probably make a dent in my newspaper pile (only one week behind) before they become ridiculously out-of-date again. For now, though, I'm gonna eat another cookie based on my brand new stoneware. Thanks, Mamita.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

I kinda wish now that I had just gone ahead and hung up the costumes backstage, but SERIOUSLY kids, you've got to remember these things. (Yes, even when there's free food involved.)

Note to self: make a sign for the exit door - in decreasing font size, "Did you earn your star sticker today? No, really? Sure? (Hannah says check again.)"

Last night I met an Apollo 13-era NASA engineer (who happens to be the grandfather of one of my favorite kids). He slept in his car during the Apollo 13 crisis and was one of the people trying to figure out how to change the filter so it fit properly. I only exchanged about a few sentences with him, but it involved him wishing [after hearing that I'm part of the design and implementing process, as far as pressing light buttons go] that he could've been in charge of doing the plans he and the other engineers created. So that's kinda awesome.

I should take some time this afternoon to clean and bake a casserole and otherwise put my jumbled apartment into order/prep for next week's collection of evening shows. Instead I'm still in my pajamas, breezing through movies saved on my DVR, seeing as I was awake before seven this morning.

Also, did you know that I'm three weeks behind on my newspapers? Jeepers.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

But if I cut my hair before tech week, where will I store my pencils?

What's that? I'm about to hit tech week and might need to be reminded that there's joy in the world outside the theater? Okay then.

* I clearly should pay attention to measurements when purchasing online, since my new phone is roughly the size of a toy cellphone you give to children. It's ruggerized, which adds the bulk, but still. I've never wanted to paint something with bright primary colors more in my life. (I'll likely just end up covering it with stickers in the meantime.)

* COGSWORTH: And as I always say, if it's not Baroque, don't fix it.

* Side note (for next year, perhaps) - how have I never dressed as Belle for Halloween? I have the hazel eyes and [currently] brunette ponytail, I can probably whip up an enchanted rose, heaven knows I have enough books. This really wouldn't be hard.

* Dear Oreos: When you're on sale, it's like I have a reason to live again. (I'm joking. Kinda.)

* COGSWORTH: There's the usual, chocolates, promises you don't intend to keep.

* Was anyone else aware that the kid who voiced Chip also was the boy in Jumanji? (Or--somewhat terrifying--he's the father of two children.)

* Gosh, I want to bake some pumpkin bread....but my kitchen is not prepared for that sort of disaster. Dear self: stop typing up this, and take five minutes to actually put things away in the kitchen.

* [How has this not been reedited into a purely B&tB post yet?] Gosh, the crane shot in the ballroom is just as magical as ever, isn't it?

Friday, November 04, 2011

Another good reason to bring the laptop to work today: currently downloading a NOVA special off iTunes

(Because no one should ever pass up free science.)

Remember over a year ago, when I was trying to decide on a new phone since my current phone had been dropped (and/or thrown across the room in disgust - hey, we all have ways of dealing with frustration) too many times and was starting to loose screen functionality? Yeah, I finally got a new phone in the mail today. (Don't get up in arms - I ordered it earlier in the week.) Add to the reasons I don't want to go to rehearsal tonight: 4. I just want to read my new technical instruction manual. I'm *that* person.

The rest of the list, in order:
1. Tired
2. I'ma gonna punch that kid.
3. [varies by day]

I did paperwork stuff all afternoon, though I didn't finish the main project I wanted to do (coming up with actors to do the turntable shifts). I'd like to blame decifering the director's plan, but it was probably just me turning lazy. That happens on Friday afternoons. (Also Wednesday mornings, for whatever reason. I really can't motivate myself to do much of anything on Wednesday mornings.)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

dinner 2.0 brought to you by the fact that this ballgame is STILL going

Most of the time, I am not a sports person. I'd rather talk about movie release dates than player stats. I have a hard time keeping track of the lingo. I actually own a book called "The Smart Girl's Guide to Sports," all about non-sports people faking that knowledge.

[I don't think this is much of a secret. In fact, I was surprised when anyone believed I was actually going to soccer practice when I was attending "soccer practice."]


Something seems to happen to me when the Cardinals end up in the post-season. I think this must be another genetic quirk from my mother, because I've noticed the same thing happens to her. They stop being the team that usually breaks my heart by the end of the season, turning into the team that Just Might Do it This Year, and that gives me license to truly care. I start to have opinions about the players, even beyond the known names. I'm able to have conversations over the sports section with the sports-obsessed house manager. Jeepers, I read the sports section. These past two weeks, I've been that obnoxious person at rehearsal who has the game updating on the phone when she should be writing down blocking.

So, yeah, it's unusual for me to do things like watch a four hour (and four minutes!) ballgame, or set a team logo as my facebook icon, and many other things I've done here lately. Just give it a week, people, and I'll be normal again.

Monday, October 17, 2011


[Because I often need to be reminded] Things that have made me happy this past weekend:

* any jokes about tape recorders

* CARDINALS WIN! (My squirrel puppet approves.)

* this interview with the two current Doctor Who companions.

* this week's episode of Community. I seriously convulse with laughter when they hit Troy's timeline (and I would post a link, but it wouldn't be nearly as funny without context).

* graham crackers with icing, because I'm clearly nine

Sunday, October 16, 2011

too long for twitter, OR twice in one day

I came in early before strike so I could print out my performance/rehearsal reports from yesterday. Someone left a box of cookies on my desk, which seems to say "PLEASE HANNAH, EAT THESE, YUM YUM, THANKS" but maybe that was their plan and if I eat one (or both - there's two!) I'll be horribly addicted to chocolate iced cookies for the rest of my life, and I really can't go broke four dollars at a time to Whole Foods.

I kinda think the meds I took earlier in the day for my congestion are kicking in. Who wants to hand me power tools?
If I could wear my pajamas to today's strike, I would do it.

My favorite moment of rehearsal yesterday is a toss-up between discovering that several of my teenage actors are Doctor Who fans AND the moment the director told our already-obnoxious youngest actor to "JUST LEAVE" (as in, the stage--this was a blocking rehearsal, after all--but with the tone of "get as far from my sight as possible").

That's a lie. The best part was going to Chuy's with Kat afterward. Creamy jalapeno always makes everything better.

So, we survived, which is the important thing. (Also important: all the large church scenes with the kids are blocked, meaning the majority of the show is roughly done. Whether they retained any of that knowledge is a question for next week.)

Not really related to anything above: but someone [with a larger apartment than mine] should throw a Halloween party, because this weekend I thought up a costume I could create almost exclusively from my closet. (Don't worry, my Thor-cohorts. I haven't forgotten the May plan. I just don't have any boots with wings at this time.)

Monday, October 10, 2011

this, on repeat

[but actually the live version from "Great Performances," which is apparently not yet online]

I had a rather long and rambling post set to publish, but I can apparently control my words better than my eating habits (what up, ice cream for supper!), because I'm gonna go ahead and call it too "girl-moody" to share with the general population.

Excuse me while I go elsewhere, such as to bed (seeing as it's now half 'til tomorrow).

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Okay, people, it's like this:

I just really don't want to hang out with anyone right now, and I'm sorry that people keep asking. I'm stressed over a show that hasn't even started rehearsals yet, and constantly upset with my boss for throwing another (and another and another.....) thing on my to-do pile, even while he knows that I'm swamped. I don't want pity, I just want to be left alone so I can catch up again.

Also, the only people who are generally free at our odd-ball hours are fellow employees of this grand organization, which means--if we did hang out, we'd likely end up talking about work. (Don't even deny it, everyone knows the "when two or more ADPers are together, they must discuss the company" rule.) And that'll just remind me of all the above again.

I'm sorry that I've been short and huffy and generally less-than-pleasant lately, and I really am trying to not take out my stress on the general population. I'm just bad at it so far (and I'm sorry for that, too). I'd like to believe that a bunch of things currently stressing me will resolve themselves next week, and we can all be friendly croutons again. I'd just like to (politely) ask you to stay the heck away from me until then. Really, it's for the best.

Friday, September 30, 2011

I'm bad at this "posting online" thing.

Apparently the reason I haven't heard back from the manager at my appartment complex about a strange fine is because she is no longer the manager at my apartment complex (or, frankly, working at the company at all). So that explains things.

I wish you could add a message with friend requests on Pottermore, as I have no idea who (for example) LeviosaButtercup19 is, and no extra information is provided once you accept to make the chance worthwhile. (Yes, I'm fully aware I should say that to the Beta feedback page. If I could currently get PM to load, I would do so.)

Fun fact: when I tell someone "I can take of this project, but only if that's the only thing I have to think about for the rest of the week" ... and then that same person hands off a bunch of other small things, then I really don't know how to fix this communication problem.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Remember that one time I said I would write about the crazy Thursday show. Ha.

Dude! People with cars should always think happy thoughts about their transportation when they buy groceries. I can't express the joy I feel whenever I get to load my groceries into a backseat and not just my back.

Fun fact: I've had a headache nearly non-stop since Wednesday afternoon. Eh, I'm okay with this.

I can't go into details, as it'll end up as a Christmas present for [UNNAMED FAMILY PERSON], but the last thing I purchased at Borders today was so very random and out of place and unexpected and perfect, I can't help but feel it was the store saying goodbye and thanks.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

slightly less depressing

Yes, Mr. Cashier, you bet pork potstickers and a quart of chocolate milk is the lunch of champions! Especially when you drip the potsticker dipping sauce on your skirt and get to lick it back off!

(Really, though, it isn't much better than the cold pizza I left at the other building which was *going* to be my lunch. Plus, woo-hoo, chocolate milk!)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

(yeah, I'm just gonna backdate a bunch of things I never finished)

I want to write about Thursday's show, because it's one of those nights that reaffirmed some of the things I like about stage managing (fixing on the fly, knowing people trust you to work out problems, being okay with losing years of your life through stress), but I've just come from my fourth trip to Borders liquidation sale (now 50-70% off!), and I'm a little caught up in the emotions.

I think it's that line--toward the bottom--of "our spirits have been trampled on." I love books and movies and music, and my friendly neighborhood Borders (both at Kirby and in the mall) have been part of that fix for all five years I've been in Texas. It's where I've gone when I need to step out of work for a few minutes to clear my head. If I love a miniseries off Netflix so much that I need the next disc right now. I stood in line for the midnight sale of HP7 at the same Borders I was standing in today, in a similarly "all the way around the store" sort of line. Just like then, I stuck up conversations with the people in line around me (the dad with the infant who likes books "if they're chewy" and the mother-daughter team who kept handing their piles back and forth to grab something new), but it was about how we were sad to lose a place where we could come in and find a new book, etc.

And I know I should support independent booksellers and blah blah blah. But, you know what? I'm busy. I have limited means to get around. And I don't always know exactly what I want...which helps when you have a great big place to rummage through. If I was looking to pick up a book AND a MOVIE and a CD, I could walk out with all three from Borders rather than jumping around at multiple locations. I hope I'll fall in love with some great small bookstore (there's apparently one a few blocks down from work) and have many grand memories of it in the future. And I hope they take on some of those Borders employees that have complimented my purchases, recommended other items, and generally made pleasant small talk as I sat in their chairs, reading my next favorite book.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

oh my goodness, sleep

I don't know what I'm allergic to, but we need to change seasons and flush it out of my system because all I want to do anymore is sleep. I'm not actually sick (no fever, no vomit, no pus--which I believe were the requirements my mother had for us staying home from school [hurrah, perfect attendance in high school, despite whatever tried to eat my soul/throat in junior year], which is the worst thing your body can feel when you don't feel like doing anything. My vague headaches and general listlessness are not enough to keep me home from work, especially not now that I'll have morning rehearsals for the Rotunda.

I have no other news, because this is my life right now. My apologies to the world that all I want to do at the moment is be antisocial and fall asleep on my couch by 10:30. Excuse me while I spend the rest of my lunch hour napping.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

I think the first time I actually heard the song "Purple Rain" was while watching the movie "Purple Rain" yesterday. Sorry, Prince.

Still alive.

Still not stage managing the first slot Mainstage. (Phew.)

Still behind on my newspapers, magazines, and library books.

I'm gonna go make some fried eggs.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I sometimes think I've maybe gotten over my love of London. (Not so much "gotten over," but cooled, perhaps. It's a fourteen hour flight away - I have to maintain some perspective or I'll go crazy.)

And then I realize I've made multiple finacial decisions with the ending thought of "and with the money I'm not spending on [item x], I can use that toward my next London trip!"

At least I can hold it at bay for three years at a time. Helpful, right?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dear horrible smell in my office: GO AWAY.

I can only stare at a list of options for photo call before my brain starts hurting (and it doesn't need as much prodding at the moment with the lingering eau du stink and febreeze stifling the air), so here I am.

I'm happy to report that I'm still not the MS1 stage manager, despite all evidence piling toward the other direction earlier in the week. That was a fun way to make a girl want a new job. (Sorry, but I'm not going to work a show in the evenings, tackle the annual awards banquet/show, AND coax the artistic director through another show at the same time. Not after a whole season of double-booking myself.)

I'm less happy to say that I've figured out how to get my ceiling to stop leaking...and it's to leave the A/C on at about 80 instead of my usual summer 74. Dear oscillating fan, I love you. Let's never part. (Apparently, the replacement part that will not only stop the leaking but allow me to no longer have a hole is on order. I hope it'll arrive before family does.)

Back to the photo list. I don't know why I stress about getting everything into the most efficient order. Someone always changes longer/faster than planned, so we jump order, then the whole system breaks down. My favorite photo call this past year was Littlest Angel, because the only costume change I had to pause for was shoe-related.

Friday, July 15, 2011


(or teared up, or made that little squeak that you're trying to not cry, etc.)

* You remember that split second scene in the trailer of Tonks and Lupin reaching out to each other from towers, but unable to reach? Amazing how much sadder that is when it's twenty feet tall

* the end of Snape's memories, as he talks to Dumbledore over the scene of the Potters' deaths. Dangit, Alan Rickman!

* I CANNOT EVEN DEAL WITH "I OPEN AT THE CLOSE." (Fun fact: when I need a good cry to get it out of my system--something that girls sometimes need--I read that section from the book. And it never fails.)

* end of King's Cross. Frakking Michael Gambon.

* "19 years later"

* when I realized they were playing the original "Hedwig's Theme," written for the first movie, over the end credits

I don't have the awakeness left to me right now to write about the end of Harry Potter (filmwise), as several others have done. It's not really the end of my childhood, since the books didn't come out until I was in high school (and the first movie came out my senior year); I didn't "grow up with Harry" as the teenagers and early twenty-somethings of my acquaintance did. But the books--and by virtue of them not screwing them up royally, the movies--have been a big part of my life. I'm glad they exist if for no other reason than kids of the future need better role models than the Twilight bunch (Hermione Granger vs. Bella Swan - GO!). All three leads of the books/movies are flawed characters, but they fight for the best and the general good, even as they stumble around and make mistakes and bicker a bit and are sometimes completely wrong. I can relate more than a little.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

(If we lived in London, we'd be meeting at B's apartment right now to go queue for HP7.2)

To do: get everyone I know and love to move to London (or general vicinity) so to not need to choose between foreign city and knowing people

It occurred to me in the lobby today that, despite sharing a love of midnight movies (and even starting me on the path to midnight movies), I've never seen one with my mother. Need to work on this...possibly while she's in town? (Are you still coming to town, mother dear? I have vacation in the system, so you might as well pop down.)
(this time tomorrow, I expect to be already crying)

Part Two:

* I took in the fourth movie with Merefin at an afternoon showing at the Kirksville theater, with the usual walk downtown from campus. I don't think we skipped class, as we were usually responsible people, but we were a little more flippant as time went on. I remember desperately needing to go to the bathroom from about the second challenge on, but not wanting to miss anything. Stupid cheap soda. (Also, Ron has very unfortunate hair during this film. Poor Mr. Grint.)

* Applesauce used to be my midnight movie pal. He'd provide the transportation; I'd provide the snuck-in candy. Too bad he moved to Austin. Among the many movies we did see, however, was Order of the Phoenix. Time was never his strong suit, though, and thus we ended up not leaving until well after eleven (for the midnight show), and stuck to the far right corner of one of the back rows. I was mad about how much they cut out at the time, but the battle at the Ministry of Magic is still one of the best sequences in the series.

* Though I've done movies with fellow ADPers, none were quite like Half-Blood Prince, where there was a group of about twenty of us and the majority of us dressed up as various characters. Apparently, there's no better way to get your picture taken with teenage HP fans than to be twenty or thirty year olds dressed in the best items pulled from your friendly costume shop stock. (I should've kept the jacket I wore for Tonks, as I went looking for it again this past Halloween and it was no longer in the shop.) The best part of the movie, though, was the knowledge that I was leaving for London the very next day/that same day (depending on how you view midnight movies). That opening sequence, where the death eaters destroy the Millennium Bridge? There might've been crying.

* We were all a little behind on things, so there wasn't any costume dressing up for Part 1, but I did stay up a couple hours the night before making shirts for myself and RJ (a self-professed "Muffle"). Even having just reread the book--at least to where the movie was going to pause--didn't make me want to throw things at the screen when they were different from the original. I'm still a little sad that B. wasn't able to stay, seeing as he and I had organized the tickets (and did so again for Part 2, for the third time total), but he assures me that no illness will get in the way this week. Some woman (who clearly hadn't read the book) yelled back at Bellatrix while the rest of us (who had read it) had already started to mourn for Dobby. That was unfortunate.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I think I need to start a new folder on my work computer's favorite links called HAPPINESS to keep all the pick-me-up links I have saved in various places for some five minute "feel better about the day" action.

Of course, we all know already it would just be links to Muppet videos, and the time lapse video of London I'm still obsessed with two years later, and BubbleSpinner, but still.

Monday, July 11, 2011

more movie memories, Harry Potter edition

Part One (because then my brother called):

* I don't remember how many people we joined us that night, but I was in charge of saving seats. At that point, my hometown still had just the two screen theater (and the closest theater was thirty minutes away in Washington), so seats were at a premium. Since I was holding a spot in line--and then in the seats--I'd brought a book with me, though people kept asking why I was reading "Catch-21" and not "Sorcerer's Stone." I'm sure the movie made an impression at the time, but anymore all I remember was becoming more and more amused by other people's confusion.

* Shout out to TSU Marching Fluties! We'd planned to see the movie on opening night, but all showings were full in Kirksville. By the time we'd made it to the next closest theater (30 miles away, but worth it for the handmade lobby decorations), the only seats left were on the front row. The Forbidden Forest spider scenes were a little overwhelming. Still my least favorite of the series (also my least favorite book), but one of my favorite non-book lines (courtesy of Ron, of course): Follow the spiders? Why couldn't it be follow the butterflies? (This was my MSN Messenger status line for weeks. Ah, MSN Messenger. Those were the days.)

* OH MY GOSH. Do you remember the trailer where it starts with Snape walking through the classroom, slamming all the windows shut as he goes? And Harry silhouetted as Hedwig flies onto his shoulder? Hermione punching Malfoy! EXPECTO PAAAAATROOOOONUUUUUM! Azkaban was (still is) my favorite book, so I couldn't get enough of the trailer. The actual movie I saw with my mother at the new six screen theater (built so the theater owners no longer had to deal with balancing holding over a successful film and getting in new movies each week). Thankfully there were few people in the theater, as my mother is a world champion movie talkbacker. (Side note: this is a trait I find equally obnoxious and oddly endearing, both in her and others.) I am still upset that they don't take the thirty seconds to explain that the Marauders are James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter (especially the connection between Harry's patronus and Prongs). Otherwise, I'm a big fan of this one. In fact, I'm rewatching it right now.

Monday, July 04, 2011

tech week, pt. 2

I dreamed last night I'd been cast in a show and was being the ultimate stage diva (throwing things at other actors, crying in rehearsal when I missed my cue) and everyone coddled me through it all.

I will probably think of this each time my (lovely, charming, not at all diva) actors ask me for the Nth time if we can delay start or send a costume piece to the other side of the stage or whatnot.

Friday, July 01, 2011

tech week

Still alive, still eating, still updating the same shift paperwork daily (we're in about draft six at this point)

Monday, June 27, 2011

because it's the start of tech week, and that often makes me forget that there is good in the world

* Thank you, vaguely '90s Pandora station, for playing one of my favorite covers ever - Fountains of Wayne's "Baby One More Time." (And thanks for playing FoW in general.)

* I don't care that I bought this box of Jaffa Cakes about two months ago for the Royal Wedding. They've been in my fridge, and eating the citrus center cold is somehow even better than straight out of the box.

* It'll probably be creepy by the end of the week, but for now it's oddly adorable having my Jane Austen action figure watch me rewrite screen shift paperwork. She cares!

* Fifty cent box of Jell-o, who knew you would provide such joy?

* HECK YEAH JOHNNY SAUCEP'N! (Thanks again, Pandora)

Friday, June 24, 2011


As in, I still have them, despite the continual stress of trying to run a show (let alone one where I missed a week of rehearsals and thus have portions of the show I've never seen). However, instead of biting I've developed chronic picking at them, so that'll be another habit to break next month.

Wow. My life is excited.

We're two weeks exactly from opening, so we're currently at the point where it feels like there's SO MUCH TIME left to do everything (as compared to next week, when we'll wonder why there's NO TIME LEFT EVER) and also when I feel swamped by paperwork. In fact, that's what I'm going to go do no. (But not before finishing my lunch break by chewing another piece of Fruit Stripe Gum, and adding a zebra tattoo to my arm. It's the little things.)

Thursday, June 16, 2011


[My original draft of this was supposed to start with a picture of the bridal party's feet (as I often take such shots) followed by the line "So there's that." - which I've been using a lot this week after it sticking in my head from the Tonys telecast, but I'm in the lobby, waiting to see if the last two sets of people show up for tonight as the show gets started behind me, so I'm on limited resources. But, hey! An actual updated, even if it's not a true update, since I sold a bunch of walk-ups instead of drafting a post.]

*Though technically 18 is more than 15, I did cheat a little by mentioning the competition after Mrs. W was out of the room. But she *did* get to end the day married, so I think it's fair if I win off pins.

Monday, June 06, 2011

(So, clearly, something is up with my laptop where it won't do blogger posts--as in, I tried to redo a post on the laptop, and it wouldn't work until I pulled it up on the work computer instead. And then had the original date, rather than the updated date from when I continued it. Let the continuity issues boggle your mind. Good luck.)

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Why yes, I'm listening to instrumental tracks from "The Little Mermaid" to see if I could add any to Angelfish's wedding preshow.

(Or I was, last time I was trying to post an entry.)

I'm aware that by choosing to watch "2012," I was opening myself up to a world of ridiculousness, but I was not prepared for the end credits, and what could only be referred to as "Love Theme from 2012."

Further acknowledged bad movie-ness: clearly Hilary Duff cared *so much* about her dead father's fairy tale book in "A Cinderella Story," seeing as it took her until her senior year to find the hidden will in the back. (I only warn of spoilers when it's a movie people want to see.)

(Movie you should want to see: X-Men First Class, and not just because of Mr. McAvoy. Go give Mr. Hoult my best as well.)

Unrelated to anything: I've managed to not eat my fingernails for the whole first week of rehearsal, and it's all for Angelfish. Also, my polish smells like raspberries.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

You can get me to do almost anything by including the phrase "...for a chance to win a trip to London."

Goal for 27: finally learn all the words to "Johnny Saucep'n" by Moxy Fruvous. (These people are kinda my heroes.) So far I know majority of the verses and "basil and claws!" This might end like the year I was going to learn all the words to Don McLean's "American Pie" (as in, it didn't happen), but I like having frivolous goals.

Current mantra for [my portion of] the scheduling office: I do not have to turn other people's trivial problems into my issue to fix. Obviously, I have my own trivial items to deal with.

Monday, May 23, 2011

It'd be awesome if the server could stop hating me and my internet.

I feel a little selfish for being so relieved that (as far as I can tell) all my Missourians are fine, including the person who was driving around that area last night. (Good call, Halley, to turn around.) It was Sarah who yesterday said (from a completely different subject) that no matter how much time you spend here, you still belong where you started. Watching the Joplin coverage, I hurt just a little more because that's my state.

In much happier news, my new pairs of glasses arrived in the mail today. This is somewhat unexpected, as they were in California last I checked on Saturday. Also unexpected: how much better they looked than I expected. Way to awesome again, cheap online glasses company!

I think we've gone about a week now, so I might be in the clear, but I had been going through a patch of every three days killing the same type of bug in my bathroom (usually climbing up the window). I thought it might be some strange cricket at first (hard to tell when things are squished), but the next to last one killed obviously had a stinger on the end. I'm far from okay with vaguely-wasp critters running around my bathroom. (Again, hopefully in the clear, but yeek.)

Wowzer! Paragraphs!

Friday, May 13, 2011

I'm not sure why blogger refuses to publish from my laptop at home (silly computer, can you sense the filching of wi-fi that I still haven't set up for myself?), but it does. While it chooses to do so, you'll probably have random backdated posts like the two below. Enjoy?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

If it wasn't eight minutes before they lock the gate, I'd go swimming.

That's pretty much it.

Except that it's now six minutes past, because the internet stopped working.

So, done.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

" come from a long line of speedy women. I was going to say 'fast women,' but I didn't think that sounded right."

Happy mother's day, mamita.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Why did the queen have to choose June?

You can add to the list of things I've tried because of the British Jammie Dodgers, which were actually pretty good (and--bonus!--are cheaper at HEB than my beloved Jaffa Cakes). Thanks, Cooksey.

When will I learn that, unless I put loose paper in a folder, it is going to be horrible destroyed while riding around in my work bag?

I completely forgot about shift sign-ups until I came in today and checked a calendar. Sweet heavens, opening next week!

Things that change about your life when you live alone: you have to stop watching the Doctor Who episode at night when it freaks you out, as there is no one else around to distract you/protect you from The Silence.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

(Seriously, Blogger. Why do you not want me to post things when they make sense? From yesterday:)

"Nowadays, it's not considered proper for a young prince to be a thug."

I kinda want to go swimming tonight (fun fact: I prefer swimming at dusk, when I'm less likely to be burnt to a crisp), but I should probably head to bed early instead. If I sleep extra tonight, perhaps I won't be as tired when I wake up early on Friday.

Note to self: pull out all sorts of London memorabilia as decoration. Also, pick up Jaffa Cakes. Special occasion! Justified expense!

Unrelated to anything: I think my favorite British royal is Prince Albert, who wasn't even British. But, goodness, were his eyes striking.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

road trip bingo

Gosh, it's fun to drive around in a car, blaring music. Any day when you get to speed down the highway, singing along with "You Can't Always Get What You Want" is a good day (especially when you make a stop at Ikea first). Anyway. Things seen today:

* inflatable dinosaur at car lot, check
* Chinese buffet closed on Easter
* loofah as bunny tail
* truth in advertising: bumper sticker that read "My money and daughter go to Texas" (Go Longhorns!)
* dead armadillo by the side of the road (stinking to high, high heaven?)
* Governor Perry, with entourage, eating at Whataburger (when you have to eat, you have to eat)
* most importantly, SAD MONKEY! (And the Prince!)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

things on my brain

* I'm driving to La Grange tomorrow, as it is the halfway-ish point between here and Austin, and a Sad Monkey is about to change states. AGAIN. I picked up a rental car today (and am paying double the cost of a regular rental just to insure it per day - not sure if that's sad for total cost or an awesome for how cheap I was able to wrangle it originally). No one should ever ride with me on a long road trip when I get to be in charge of the music, because I'm a notorious station jumper, and I fear tomorrow will be no different. (I did program in stations while taking out recycling, so starting point SET.)

* Speaking of, what else can you do when you have a car? How about stock up on nonperishable groceries that you don't want to deal with on the bus? Hey there, taking out the recycling! Wow, I so won't miss you, three bags of stuff for good will that have been sitting under my desk at work. Go forth into the world, and make someone else happy.

* My Angelfish's family is holding a time of prayer with her in the hospital next Monday at 7 p.m. Please join in, wherever you are.

* The apartment complex sent me a lovely letter today detailing the breakdown of fees/rent/etc. from the previous apartment and current. According to that, I haven't paid rent or water for the new place this month, and neither was for the amount my records show I should even be paying. So, hurrah for awkward conversation on Monday when the manager is back? (And excuse me while I print out copies of the canceled checks for both those items off my bank's website. GO CECU!)

Friday, April 22, 2011


Please wipe your feet, and check out my new place HERE.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

(I tried to post this yesterday, but Blogger was having None. Of. It. I watched Jurassic Park instead.)

this happens more often than you might think

Project I started out on tonight: gluing pieces into shadowbox frame so it can hang on my wall and not sit on my couch

Projects this led to: searching for glue - checking through crafts boxes - organizing craft boxes - organizing desk boxes - giving up and checking Twitter

Project I should've tried for instead: posting pictures of the apartment, what with the one month* anniversary today and all

Project outcomes [probable]: eventually, last box checked, unfulfilled, neverending, even more neverending, about to go back and see if something new has posted, tomorrow?

(*Talk about not playing chicken with your problems - one month ago I was stressed about cleaning the old place, getting everything moved, dealing with Inspector shows, and impending Pinocchio tech. The only thing still remotely on that list is Pinocchio, though the show mostly runs itself at this point. Jeepers.)

Friday, April 15, 2011


calling visual cues badly (esp. ones discussed prior to show)

ASM accidentally cutting off actor with recorded voice
Deciding character of recorded voice would've cut off actor, if it could
[overall +.5]

spending afternoon printing old emails regarding performance space
-2 boring
+2 awesome history recall (Ike!)
[overall breakeven]

Harry Potter cover of Entertainment Weekly

taking part in a briefing with the U.S. Secret Service (!) regarding upcoming special event

Tootsie Rolls and talking with friends
[no value - too high (yes, that's cheating)]

I'd say this day has worked out pretty well.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

three days in a row!

My evening meal was highly nutritious and utterly unfilling. I'm currently supplementing with Tootsie Rolls, as that was the closest food. (Technically, it was just past the box of raisins, but really?)

I have something very cool I get to do as part of my job tomorrow...and it's so cool, that I probably shouldn't talk about it until afterward. (At least, I guess. No one's really said anything either way. Some people know. Anyway.) Ponder on that!

I'm suddenly a bit creeped out, as my Coraline button eyes doll has moved from where it was originally positioned. It probably happened while moving binders, but (with the story it's from) you really wouldn't want to take chances. Fluffy Bunny and Zombie Fish, would you please let me know if you notice any other creatures on my desk moving (including yourselves)?

Also creepy: actors practicing lines out loud to otherwise empty rooms. Darling actors, it's very strange when you suddenly start shouting.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Strangers on a Train - we now interrupt this suspenseful thriller to play tennis!

(But don't worry! There's an awesome fight on a sped-up carousel as small children threaten to fly off and the old engineer crawls under the platform to reach the off switch...though we won't question why there's a lever that makes it spin that fast if it's so dangerous.)

Anyway. I know I'm becoming an adult because tonight I actually *cooked* dinner, which involved doing things like *chopping up chicken* and *saute-ing rice in oil*, and--even more than that--I actually cleaned it up tonight rather than a week from now where it all splattered over the stove because I don't have a lid for my medium skillet, and use one that sort of fits inside the pan instead of on top. I should've taken video of my stir fry rice bubbling up around the lid and taking a fair portion of the cooking oil with it.

To do: purchase 10' fry pan with matching lid

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Did you know this is my *2000th* post? Sorry that only about half that number have been of any quality.

(This is not what my apartment looks like anymore, but oh the memories.)

When you're on a time crunch, a wall of bookcases is suddenly your best friend.

I left my kitchen like this for a week (rather than just the recommended 48 hours), as things were still sticking to the counters. Fun fact: if you leave out something heavy, it'll still stick. I've stopped caring.

Okay, actually my table still sorta looks like this, as the nails, etc. are still sorted by size and function. What can I say? This is who I am.

Within moments of dumping the second box on the bed, I realized there were probably better places I could've stored the book pile. (I ended up on the couch that night because I didn't want to deal.)

Monday, April 11, 2011

"...and which is the illusion"

(Excuse me while I listen to The Moody Blues at my desk. Thanks, Mom and Dad!)

This is my first full Monday in the office since Inspector opened, and I have no motivation to do anything. It's overcast outside, and the wind makes it sound like it'll start raining at any moment (note to self: get cable called so you can finally watch the morning news again).

I should be working on next season's calendar, or typing the summer show script for captioning, or even a few short term items, but I have the focus of a raccoon in a room of disco balls right now. (Case in point: I'm alternating typing this and composing an email. Even my goofing off can't focus.)

If I had the proper cord, I'd sit here and post apartment pictures, as I'm basically at the point where boxes are unpacked and some wall art is up. As a few of you know, I keep changing my mind on pictures. I seem to go through the same process everyday:

1. Decide to finally fill particular spot on wall. (Generally this has been the large open space in my built-in bookshelves, which I've changed three times in one week.)
2. Pull together collection of artwork or pictures.
3. Frown a bunch while organizing on the kitchen table what will ultimately go where.
4. Let sit while pondering.
5. Decide it looks great.
6. Actually nail collection to the wall.
7. [let simmer for five hours, or possibly overnight]
8. Decide it looks off. Keep for now.
9. Decide was wrong before, looks hideous. Remove quickly.
10. Repeat steps 2-9.

At least I'm staying busy? (Seriously, though. Pictures soon.)

Monday, April 04, 2011

What's that, DVD? You're just going to automatically start playing after finishing. Okay then.

I may never send back to Netflix the 25th Anniversary concert version of Les Miserables (taped in London! Why was I not there?!) for the following reasons:

* I can't actually see this show in public (again), because I spend most of the show in tears. The scope of the music and the story just rip my inners to shreads. It's really better for the world that I keep my sobbing out of the audience, as it would likely disturb someone.

* Even beyond the above, Eponine started singing "Little Fall of Rain," and it started to sprinkle outside my window, and I had to sit down for a moment.

* Dear Norm Lewis, Please come over to my apartment and sing "Stars" everyday. I cannot offer you any compensation beyond my own happiness, but surely that's good enough. Thanks in advance.

* Mr. Jonas, I can forgive you for not being Michael Ball, but mostly because he came out at the end for the encore.

* Bless you, whoever it was, that decided to feature *all* the music, including the little bit-lits left off the 10th Anniversary concert. (Speaking of: will it explain a bunch about my musical theater taste to know that I grew up watching the previously mentioned concert and the Cameron Mackintosh birthday celebration with my mother over and over again? You'll never be deleted from my ipod, Colm Wilkinson.)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

things I haven't been blogging about

Sorry, Everett. You and your laptop never made it to the blog, never ate an onion ring.

Dear patio, I miss you. It's not the same drying the last bits of my laundry in the bathroom, even if it is larger than the old one.

I enjoyed the new movie version of "Jane Eyre" more than I expect. Though the music and cinematography were beautiful, I'm afraid it was the elderly man in the back who clearly could not hear the film...nor hear that he was speaking loud enough for the entire theater to listen in. So, yes, that *is* Judi Dench! The rest of us figured that out when she first came on screen, not forty minutes later.

Oh! Hello there, 11 p.m.! I did not see you pop up like that!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I won't delve into the subtext of them being a more grown-up version of a pair I loved as a child. That's for non-Tuesday morning times.

I dreamed about shoes last night--so much better than dreaming about work.

Also, now I really, really want a pair of beaded, three inch stilettos. I bet they'd be great on the bus.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

feel free to make your own "snozzberries taste like snozzberries!" joke

My bedroom has looked like a bedroom for the last few days, then my closets like closets, and today my kitchen turned into a kitchen rather than a room with empty cupboards and butcher paper on anything that wasn't the countertop. It's a good change. I am, however, starting to think that the new fridge and stove are myths, as they've yet to appear. I'm torn between calling the office to check (where I'll likely live in limbo some more waiting for them to appear) and just leaving things as is (and setting up life). I'm in way more of a mood to just move on, especially as both appliances work fine.

I'm down to boxes of odds-and-ends, plus most of my books and DVDs. One guess as to which I'd rather deal with first. Hopefully I'll be set up by the end of the day on Wednesday, seeing as I plan on leaving work after the opening show that morning to make up for the half-days I've put in on my days off for Pinocchio. And then pictures!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

You know what's great about 6 p.m. tomorrow? It's when I have to be completely out of my old place, meaning I'll just be stuck cleaning and organizing and rummaging in one apartment.

This is me sitting on the couch, possibly to never move again, as I sprawled out to rest for a moment after taking over tonight's last cart load of kitchen items (why did I not pack my kitchen before Saturday, when I had help moving?) and have not moved since. I guess that means I'm not sleeping in my actual bed tonight, even though my blinds work again and the matresses are no longer leaning up against the window frame.

I'm supposed to get the new fridge and stove tomorrow, though I moved my must-refridgerate items into the new apartment's [apparently temporary] fridge tonight. If I ever move again, I should bag up everything inside so it'll be an easier swap. Tuesday they're touching up the paint on the cabinets, etc. from where they were still a little tacky on Saturday...and yet I set boxes on them. I don't think you can blame me for thinking the tub is a safe, paint-free place to put things.

I'll have the next three evenings free (crazy talk!), so I'm okay with not trying to organize tonight. Caleb's right, though--I should take a bunch of before [AKA currently] pictures so I'll have even better after pictures once everything's organized. That, and you really should document it when your DVD collection somehow ends up in the kitchen cabinets.

Friday, March 18, 2011

also, bake brownies

To do tonight (now that I just changed my mind and invited people to help me move on Saturday rather than Sunday):

* seperate the really, really heavy boxes out from the stuff I can schlep later

* move the plaid chair out of my room (may require removing door from hinges, as I believe that's how it got into the room)

* take home shopping cart from theater

* finish packing whatever odds and ends can fit into boxes

* stop with the freaking out

* make multiple copies of the scale floor plan to distribute to all helpers? (possibly too much like being a crazy person)

I really did mean it that I'll need that half hour between picking up the key and asking people to arrive to help so I can stop flipping out about being an adult, moving into my own place, etc. I am so very excited about this new part of my life, but I do keep bursting into tears about leaving the old apartment and all the growing up that took place within its walls. The twenty-two Hannah of 2006 is very different from the twenty-six version, even if we both still have Christmas lights in a canopy over our beds.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Saturday, 10:00 a.m.

I will not have a key until the office opens on Saturday. This does not mean I won't start piling boxes outside the door of the new place by about eight that morning.

Also, who's up for moving furniture after Saturday night's show? :) (And by that I mean, after Sunday evening church, because who *really* wants to move furniture at 11 p.m.?)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


So, I finally got my walk-through done today. It took about ten minutes, and went a lot like this:

SOFIA (complex manager): Okay, so there's some spots on the carpet, but that'll probably buff out, so I'm not worried.
ME: I can try and work on it some more.
SOFIA: Don't worry about it. This carpet might be old enough, I won't have to charge you. Some people, I try and get everything I can. You, I won't charge.

Apparently, if you're a pleasant person, they won't try to hit you with every possible cleaning fee. (It probably helps to be staying on site.)

I'm supposed to drop by tomorrow (if I can), and I'll potentially get to pick up my new key early. I can see only positive things in this, especially as she still won't mark down that I'm moving until Saturday (thus not starting my three days/two nights until a day and a half after I start moving). This is probably contigent upon the corporate office, which has been my downfall lately, but maybe it'd work out. It means another lunch hour spent in the company van, driving through Galleria traffic, but I'd say it'd be worth the time.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


It's probably not going to end well that a new rare and used bookstore is opening on the street I take from the bus stop to the office...especially one with copies of Agatha Christie, Catch-21, and Harry Potter in the window.

The Madeline print was a nice touch, too.

Monday, March 14, 2011


(the joys of being the last out of the apartment - you get the choice of whatever's left)

* two more bottles of detergent
* countless candles
* an extra full-length mirror
* six bottles of shampoot/conditioner/body wash
* doubles of many spices, along with several new bottles
* more rice and spaghetti than I'll ever want to eat
* hangers. oh, the hangers.
* a third set of salt and pepper shakers
* the kitchen fairy (not an actual fairy, though does live in a jar)
* a bouquet of live flowers
* a fine selection of household cleaning chemicals
* one large gold hula hoop, with a "bands of love" label

On the plus side, I also get to take all my favorite pieces of furniture with me across the parking lot. (And the red painting with maple leaves - I'm glad that gets to stick around for awhile longer.)

On the my feet now look smart side, I've gotten to the point where I'm packing things in shoe boxes, so it's a good thing I have a large supply.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


I just used "fixin' to" in a sentence. Too bad I'm moving into a new place with a year-long lease; I've clearly already been in Texas too long.

I got an email from the apartment's corporate office that included the phrase "since you wanted to transfer next Saturday" [3/19], so I guess I'm moving on (by? round about?) next Saturday. I need to get this clarified with someone closer to home, as I don't actually want to move everything and then go deal with a two show Saturday.

But, hey! Look who's up and about to start throwing things in boxes? Hurrah for a morning off?

Seriously though, I'm so glad to be moving out of limbo stage, even if it means I get less sleep for the next week. Scratch that, I'm never happy about losing sleep...but I'll still take the moving onward.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

if I had realized the last post was #1984, I would've done something different with it.

Are you tired of hearing about my stalled moving plans yet?

Sent in the old DVR this morning, reminding me of the great fun it is to cart a large package on the metro bus. I took a large pile of boxes home last night in an effort to start packing, but promptly fell asleep instead. Perhaps I should do a one-on, one-off cleaning/packing/etc. system? I did, however, first manage to get a scanner to work properly so my last (maybe? possibly?) bit of paperwork could reach the corporate office. Naturally, the person who is handling my stuff is out today (thanks, instant reply email!), so I'll hopefully get a moving day tomorrow.

I really wish I did have other news. Both shows are running okay, and my office is incredibly cold.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

You know what'll be great? Not living in limbo.

I cleaned in Deb's room yesterday, as it was a giant open space and not my still-fully-together bedroom. I wish I knew how all that soil got in the windowsill, but it's out now. Also, BOO on whoever decided to paint the metal frame with a cheap white plaster paint, as it DOES NOT WANT TO BE CLEAN.

I did do handwash laundry, so I'm glad I hadn't disassembled the patio clothesline system yet. Washed windows, and am now fascinated with using newspaper to clean them (thanks, Real Simple!) Also, I found an old People magazine with a feature on "when will Prince William propose?," and felt superior to the people of 2007.

Also-also, there's a fantastic drop-leaf dining table (with mid-table storage underneath!) that'd I'd love to purchase from IKEA, were it not $130 more than I'd like to spend or from the 2010 catalog and likely no longer around.

I plan on stealing a van Friday-Saturday so I can drop recycling, take in broken electronics to be disposed of (thanks, Best Buy), and buy baby shower gifts. One of these things is not like the others.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

...except that it won't be, because I have a pile of handwash items I should take care of while I still have ample drying room

I started taking things off the walls yesterday, but that turned too depressing, so I had to sort recyclables instead. I've taken measurements of just about everything in anticipation of all this paperwork finally being finished and getting to play tetris in my new place. The postage paid-box for the DVR receiver arrived yesterday, so I'm strictly on DVDs until I set up cable again. (Fun fact: the postage paid-box even came with a strip of tape to close the box.) I went through the very awkward moment of how to figure out how to hook up a DVD player to a TV yesterday...while Deb's CraigsList pick-up folks awkwardly watched.

I feel like I should be packing things, but I don't want to until I have an actual move date. I have a picture in my mind (one that I'm sure will prove completely false within an hour of trying it) of just shuttling all my things from one side of the complex to the other, recycling the same boxes/rubbermaid containers I own over and over. Even typing it, I'm aware of what a ridiculous plan this is, but it does give me a reason to sit around and *not* pack.

Monday, February 28, 2011

[likely] last time I'll dry laundry on the back patio

You know what'll start to depress you? Thinking of all the moments of the "last time" you'll do something in your apartment before you move. Hanging up my clothes should not make me cry.

I don't remember getting like this about leaving Ryle 315, but I suppose dorm living has a built-in expiration date. I had enough emotions about my parents moving out of my childhood home, I wrote my English senior seminar paper on the topic. (What up, Jesus and the kittens story!) I'm not a fan of change, and it doesn't get much bigger than choosing to sort through all your belongings, pack them into boxes, move them to another location, and work out where to place all of them again.

I'm glad that I'm staying in the same complex, as that'll keep me with a lot of my status quo (grocery store, bus stop, same distance from the closest movie theater, etc.), but it's still weird to watch this apartment get emptied of furniture and artwork as Deb packs up for Illinois and I pare down for a smaller place. I own far too many things, and will be better off from having cleared out extra items. But I almost need someone else to step in at times to help me sort out if I just really have an emotional attachment to this end table/bookshelf, box of stationary, or just my four and a half years I've lived with them.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I should be doing laundry right now.

...or mopping the kitchen floor, or weeding the backyard, or continuing my sorting through old magazines/newspapers. I'm still in bed, though, and it's hard to argue with that. I like this show, and I don't do much during it, but it's not easy to get out of bed early when you don't reach home until 10:30ish.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

another bullet list, hurrah!

You know it's Big Scary Tech Day (as I like to call it), when the following are the contents of your pockets/pigtails:
* three pencils
* one pen
* one black sharpie
* one full pad of post-it notes
* one giant eraser
* scraps of glow tape backings
* two pairs of scissors
* one constantly buzzing phone

Also, there was briefly two rolls of gaffe tape on my arm, but I took them off.

There's a certain relief in making it past the Q2Q (or, "cue to cue," for you non-in my head folks) portion of the day. Everything after this will now include full costumes, actors onstage saying the lines as if they mean them, and it makes my pushing of buttons and calling of cues less the focus. I've already proved I can do my part of the show, now we're adding other people on top of that layer. Lights, costumes, sound cues, front of house crew, audience, until it's a full show.

With this show, it also unfortunately means a lot of reading in the booth, but that's a nice break every now and again. Also, these pants aren't going to hem themselves.

Friday, February 18, 2011

( ... )

I am so stinkin' tired at this moment, and I absolutely cannot shut off my brain to sleep. That bodes well for tech day tomorrow. Especially since "tomorrow" is about twenty minutes away.

* put together callboard (or at least sign-in sheet)
* prop tables?
* hang up laundry
* pull dead plants from patio
* taxes
* sort through shoes
* get lease quote from complex
* FALL ASLEEP, you idiot

fifteen minutes

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

[I just wrote a post titled "I'll only say this once." Blogger ate it. However, I'm gonna stick with the title and not redo things. Why? Because it is too dang pretty outside, and I have twenty minutes before I need to do things for rehearsal.]
#7-You don't always have to just sit on the couch.

I was unaware that there'd be a version of me who could end up in a downtown art gallery past ten p.m., eating cheese and listening to stories about drunken British actors, but apparently she exists. Also, I kinda want to just sit and read Shakespeare for about the next week AND see a full production of the Scottish Play* lit by flashlights. The Classical Theatre Company, both of these things are your fault. I forgive you, however, due to that beautiful chocolate truffle thing at the postshow reception.

(*Yes, dear friends, I'm one of those obnoxious people who refers to the Scottish Play as "The Scottish Play" or "Mackers" or whatnot, despite being a mostly rational human being in many other endeavors. I do try to control my urge to make people spin thrice and spit whenever they use don't adheare to the same scruples.)

Friday, February 11, 2011

foggy day in London town

In a way that I never thought would even back out my day, I've watched the clip of Gracie Allen saying "how d'you do" to the skeleton in "A Damsel in Distress" about seven times now. Thanks, TCM.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

sometimes I zone out during rehearsal and think about things like this instead

A dream I had earlier in the week is still bugging me at this point. It was set up like a horror movie, with a possessed elevator that, I don't know, ate people or something whenever they rode it. Problem was, everyone *knew* the elevator was possessed, they just kept needing to go places and thus were tricked into using the elevator.

Have I mentioned that the evil elevator was next to a flight of stairs? Perfectly normal stairs? WHY DID NO ONE TAKE THE STAIRS?!

Dream logic is stupid.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

about movies

Yeah, I'm watching Raising Arizona right now instead of the Super Bowl. (It's okay, I have twitter pulled up, so it'll let me know if anything goes down.) I'll happily watch anything that lets me bask in the glory that is Holly Hunter's twang.

A quick THANKS to Danny Boyle for yesterday's moviegoing experience at "127 Hours." (Brief spoilers if you know nothing about current movies) I really do appreciate that he went out of the way so the audience forgot everything was leading to James Franco sawing off his arm, but it was *really obvious* once you were there, what with the blood and all. And, you know, I handle blood so very well. So, THANKS, Mr. Boyle, for causing me the very first time I passed out at the movie theater.

I can hear the explosions of Deb watching Inception down the hall from here. I maybe shouldn't be able to hear Leo over Nic.

Friday, February 04, 2011

some of this is because I need a checklist

* cancelled production meeting
* cancelled PR shoot
* moved rehearsal to afternoon for director who insists on people driving in
* working on checking tomorrow's conditions for RT show

Thursday, February 03, 2011

"It's been thirty years, but I know how..."

I like that nearly everyone I've talked to this morning about the threatened wintery mix doesn't want to deal with driving in the weather because of the other people. I find it a little suspicious that all these people know what they're doing as compared to everyone else. That seems to be the way Texas drivers operate all the time, and is usually what makes me glad I'm on the bus rather than dealing with them.
featured student of the month

I'm not saying that this is now a given thing to happen, but there have been so many strange tidbits pop up relating to this [can't talk about it] that I need to stop waiting for it to disappear and just finish my paperwork.

VAGUENESS! Just another feature of this the bulleted lists and insufficient paragraphs.

Monday, January 31, 2011

What number are we on? #6? Okay, #6-Keep track of your life rules.

Will's right. You *can* do a seperate post just as the title line, and then do a "real" post in "paragraph" form. (Ha, like I write real paragraphs anymore.)

Did you know that I haven't updated my resume since 2007? Seriously. My most recent credits listed were the magic show, soccer practic, and Emperor's New Clothes. (#6.5 - Don't let Emperor's New Clothes ever be your last credit.)

We've killed two giant cockrocks in the past three days. Yesterday, a wasp flew out of my air vent in my bedroom. Moving would maybe not be the most awful thing to happen this spring.

Sometimes I'm afraid I stay here because I don't think I can cut it in a larger fish pond.

Sunday, January 30, 2011


I went to bed feeling awful, tossed and turned most of the night, and still have a lingering headache today. Too bad I get to spend all day rewriting blocking so the second company can understand it (and not have to deal with my write-it-as-we-go chicken scratch).

I dreamed a lot of stuff last night, but the only one I remember was about the olympic ice skaters swimming relay race. Michelle Kwan does an okay backstroke.

One of the awesome joys of my life, the annual Best Picture Showcase, might be taking place over my two Saturdays of tech and opening, but I might still end up at both days. Thanks, Inspector, for not having a lot of tech and thus making me feel like it won't take forever to do Q2Q.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

because they're sad-you-see

All I wanted to do all rehearsal was come home, put on pajamas, and watch "The Lizzie Maguire Movie" (yes, this was my actual thought process), but talking to Angelfish was better. Also, I have an assignment!

Monday, January 24, 2011

sometimes it doesn't take much

You know what's still my happy thought, a week and half later? Mr. Walker, letting me walk around him in the hall while proclaiming in his best Gandalf voice, "YOU SHALL PASS!"

Sunday, January 23, 2011

especially partially singed and peeled off the pan

Today's epiphany: my love of fried chicken is clearly not for the chicken, but the crispy breading.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


* I've only received one issue of Real Simple, and they're already sending a renewal notice. I'm sure that doesn't smack of desperation at all.

* When I came home from Awful, Terribly Long Rehearsal this evening, and had my first issue of Britian Magazine waiting for me (with not just an offer to win a trip to London, but a cover article on Christopher Wren and St. Paul's Cathedral), it was one of those moments when you hope it's the universe sending you a signal. And then you buy milk because you've been out all week.

* I've been eating on the same pasta dish for a week, which is great in a "more bang for you buck" sort of way, but awful for my variety wishes. Of course, this comes from the girl who will regularly eat chips and queso for a meal rather than deal with cooking.

* Why is Julius playing "Last Christmas?" Look at the calendar, Julius! (Yes, I'm type-yelling at my laptop instead of clicking to the next track.)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

#5 - Change your lightbulbs.

This isn't really a metaphor sort of thing. I'd had two (out of the four) bulbs in my bedroom out for quite awhile, but finally picked up replacements on my grocery run. I can't get over all the extra illumination blasting at my eyeballs.

Of course, I *could* take this into metaphor territory, but not at this time of day after a night of Mainstage walking (not blocking!) rehearsal.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Yesterday I learned that I'm not good at leaving the Rotunda in other people's hands. This might make some future decisions for me. Or not. (#4 - learn to let go)

I can tell that my subconscious is going into overdrive to dwell on my current issues while I'm otherwise asleep, because my recent dreams have included, among other things:

* current and past roommates
* someone driving me off the road, swerving to get back onto the proper path
* arguing with family over dinner
* Mission Burrito's shrimp tacos
* David Tennant
* sitting peacefully beside a river running through a major metropolis area (which didn't look like London but felt like it was)
glug glug glug

Tonight's real-adult-cooking dinner was not quite as successful, seeing as I'm still awake and feeling awful. The only redeeming aspect is that it was orange chicken, which I love enough to try again in the morning, when it can be breakfast. Probably my favorite all-time breakfast food is cold leftover Chinese food. (Somewhat related: my favorite post-10 p.m. meal is pancakes.)

Don't talk to me about the sanity of eating again the same food that is currently churning my stomach. I'm hoping the fridge will take care of that problem for me, because I'm eating it regardless.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

#4 would be something about crockpots, but I already knew they were great

Operation: Overnight Crockpot Chicken turned out exceptionally well, though it's a bit of a bummer to have to reheat a meal the first time you eat it. (Sorry, I'm not one for eating onion chicken breast at breakfast.)

The general drill in my office right now is:
1. Enter the room. Shut all doors.
2. Briefly crouch in front of space heater until comfortable.
3. Become too warm, push up sleeves.
4. Need to go anywhere else in the building, bundle up to leave.
5. Repeat.

Did you know that I'll be at Hobbit tech all this week? Did you know that I clearly have a problem with letting go?
good thing I'm not doing some sort of daily blog here

I spent most of Wednesday trying to think up another good life lesson (seeing as I'd hit the last few days in a row, and truly do love flip books), but instead seem to have come away from the day with nothing I didn't know before. Though some other people apparently don't know that you shouldn't make a disparaging comment under your breath--that will be inevitably seen by the director--three minutes before the end of rehearsal.

I did learn that insecurity monsters live on the left shoulder and snark monsters on the right, but I don't see how that'll help me in life.

Can I include on any future resumes that I'm the president of the ADP Petite Persons Society? Also, anyone know a solid synonym for "society" that starts with the letter P? I like it when initials match.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

This could very well become a flip book. I like flip books.

#3 - Scraping carrots. (Sarah understands.)

Monday, January 10, 2011

life lesson #2 of 2011: your desk is not an adequate cutting board

(What's that? You never saw the post with life lesson #1? Don't worry, it was something about crying at work, and you probably already know not to do that.)

You know what I really, really love (like, London-levels of love)? When you throw a pickle slice in with your sandwich for lunch, and the juices get into the bread by the time you're ready to eat it, leaving an acidic tang with your ham and mayo. Also, I love ham.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

someone want to spot me $800?

It's probably an extra dose of crazy talk considering everything that's going on in both my personal and work lives, but MAN! would I like to see two of my favorite Doctor Who actors in my favorite Shakespeare in my favorite foreign city this summer.

That's not going to stop me from thinking about it for the next few months, though.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

some thoughts on "Muppets Take Manhattan"

It's hard for me to be a stage manager and watch this movie. I mean, I love it, but my work self gets really upset when no one is at places and the overture is already playing and they're still trying to get Kermit to do the show. And, NO, FROG, we can't just suddenly throw all the extra people into the show with no rehearsal! You haven't even rehearsed! You're going to get hit with a flying set piece because you've been playing advertising agent, so you're not the person to clear this.

Also, I get all teary in the "Make Him Happy" wedding scene, until I start wondering where the theater audience is sitting to see this set piece. Did they stage it with mirrors? Are they watching through the windows? What brings me back into the scene? The singing priest, of course.

If I had my own cover band, we we totally play "Gonna Always Love You." This has been true since high school.
(because, really, this is more helpful than what I'd already drafted)

However, as it is written: "No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love hiim."
1 Corinthians 2:9

Monday, January 03, 2011

first jar of queso for 2011 (in my defense, I've been out of town)

Today I impulse purchased "Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day" off itunes because it was on discount and I sometimes need Lee Pace playing the piano, questionable British dialect or not.

Today is Meredith's wedding anniversary, so naturally I tried on my bridesmaid dress to see if it still fit. It does, so way to go, walking! Way to beat back my other, less healthy life choices [see above].

Today (because now I have a theme) I spent all day in my pajamas, though I did switch pairs midway through the day. Clearly, adulthood is right there. Really though, I don't need to be in real clothes to unpack my luggage and try to find homes for the eighteen books that traveled south with me. (*18*?! I have a problem.)