Thursday, March 30, 2006

I would celebrate by taking a nap, if I had the time

Handbook! Sent it! Skipped Shakespeare! Got a backrub! Thunderstorm coming on!

Life is pretty spiffy again. Of course, I am cruising on not quite two hours of sleep, so that might just be a slightly off perspective.
I'm awful type-y for being on a deadline

Maybe that's why my ibuprofen doesn't seem to make a difference, it apparently expired 04/04. Huh.
unrelated: I'm hungry again

I should keep watching the time, seeing as I keep singing along with all the peppy, cheesy songs Merv is so thoughfully pulling out of the hard drive for me, and that's not necessarily the best way for Melissa to wake up.

Hey, let's do some actual work again! Break over!
I typed the whole night through

I just noticed the world behind me had light in it. It makes sense, it is 6:21 Merv time and all; I was just so very used to the desk lamp providing the room with a constant light level that it amazes me somewhat that other areas of the suite require no extra illumination at the moment.

Maybe that's the lack of sleep talking. We'll see how much it says this time tomorrow when I'm trying to piece together the end of my Shakespeare take home test (which I forgot about until she mentioned it in class Tuesday).

Back to handbook 2.0 - the [I'd come up with a witty nickname here, but I'm not even certain my regular sentences make sense anymore]!
plus chex mix

Ah, the biting kick of freshly opened Cherry Coke at 3 a.m.! May your caffeine quickly fill my system.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

public service announcement

I am no longer allowed to speak to people until I have decent amounts of sleep in my system once more. I don't know when this will happen. I am sorry for any inconveniance or spelling errors, since I know I just made one.
including in the elevator

Today feels like a good day for incredibly loud, sometimes off-key, public singing. Good thing I know Anna and Ashley.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Dear Brother Dear,

I'm sorry I wasn't in last night to receive your phone call. I was--at the time provided by message--deeply asleep on the reclining couch at the Party House, completely covered by a fleece blanket as I waited for people to finish their loads of laundry. These loads apparently took longer than planned, as we were supposedly going to leave before midnight when I decided to take a "nap" instead of begin studying for my finance test. I don't know what people did for two hours as I slept among them, and I don't care.

I don't know a good time for you to call later this week, sorry,


Sunday, March 26, 2006

something shorter than yesterday

There's a double-prong mark in my heel where I stepped on that board with all the staples sticking out yeserday in the shop while my shoe propped open the locked door for everyone when the usual door stop was missing. It kinda hurts.

Just to focus on some of the positive from this week:

* talking to the "robot" outside the SUB while the ninja and Pac Man (?) waited for us to finish catching up (ah, Geek Week)

* renting movies so there were new ways to distract people in the suite

* all the Peanuts games, which distract me from work by throwing cards at people...well, mostly the actual stacks

* that hollow chocolate apple, so yummy

* officially finishing the puppets for children's theatre and discovering that somewhere along the time of not working on props, they cut out so many of the props

* free laundry while housesitting, plus piano access when no one's around

* gaining all sorts of power in a production, even though joining a full week before opening

* I finished those papers ... eventually ...

Saturday, March 25, 2006

longest post ever

I yelled at complete strangers today.

Most people know me as the high-annoyance-tolerance girl I am. And, no mistake, it's true and all ... mostly ... that I'm quite good at not letting the small and most larger annoyances upset my life. Sometimes, though, I truly want to punch people with as much force as possible. Some weeks, though, I'm missing the sleep numbers to keep me at a tolerable level, keep the filter going. Some days, I reach the end point and normally have a delightful cry-fest, which cools things out.

Because I understand that, when you're so far stressed, it helps for other people to make some sacrifices with you, I woke up at seven a.m. Saturday morning to help finish setting-up Meredith's folklore festival. (Incidentally, this was after staying up until not-quite-two a.m. the night before, and I won't discuss bedtimes for earlier in the week.) Technically, I was only scheduled to work until 9:30, but I knew the person I would've left at the table wasn't terrible comfortable with the greeting thing and I'm overly-everything when I'm sleepy. Soon, a second shift turned into the third; the third, the fourth, and so on. We'd just ordered pizza around the time people were attempting to send me home, further justifying my existance.

One last backtrack. The festival was spread between two different spaces, each marked with balloons outside the front door. Decorating was one of those morning of details, so I did have some attachment to the balloons. Anyway, post-pizza and waiting for Aaron to return from a small props run he made for children's theatre, a small group (two girls, one really tall guy) walked past, casually popped two ballons, and continued strolling. Impolite, yes, *and* obnoxious, but it happened fast and no one could really do anything. We all continued with our lives, some people in groups and our large collection of "if I go home, I have to do work" people at the front table. Not ten minutes later, the same group of hoodlums casually popped three more balloons.

We all saw how blatant it was, and we all weren't happy with the actions. I stood up, moved brisker than I had all day, and--from later reports--slammed the front door open while yelling, "Excuse me!"

"Excuse me! Do you have a problem with our balloons?" They'd already crossed the alley seperating the Kirksville Arts Building from the City Hall next door, so we stood on either side as they turned and stared at the incredibly short girl yelping at them. "I said, do you have a problem with our balloons? Do they offend you morally? Do you feel they have no rights to exist on those poles?" The absurdity of the situation (trust me, I felt it, too, somewhere floating above everything) caught them off-guard since I didn't receive any snarkiness back. " They're...okay," one stumbled out, a fellow short girl, glancing at the others.

"Because it's really annoying with people can't show the decency to respect other people's property." Silence. "Are you sorry?" A tentative "yes" came from the group mouthpiece. "Are you really?" I shot back with a slightly ghetto head toss, though her tone had been truly repentent. This one received the smallest "yes" yet, but was shared with nods from the two others (including the guy who'd actually killed the balloons). "Okay," pause, and then an acknowledgment of the truth, "You can go laugh about me now."

And I spun on my boots and kicked it back to the festival before the trio had even turned around ... right into the small crowd that'd moved outside once they'd seen me take off after the hooligans. I felt like I'd been part of a movie fight, one where all the other rounds of characters chase behind just close enough to see the action, yet not get dragged in themselves. Upon entering the building, I promptly noticed the supreme lack of conversation mixed with utter staring at me, later chalked up to a friend's explanation: "well, you were really loud."

I'm not normally that person. I sometimes get the revolution urge to telling someone exactly what I think, yet I rarely act upon the impulse (generally to positive effects). I'm not even certain who those kids were; I'd guess high school from the blatant wearing of letter jackets, yet they were the wrong colors for townies. Hopefully I didn't scare off prospective students (it was one of the random Saturday visit days), but I don't necessarily want people like that here. No matter what, it was simply a break down in my system. Too much stress and not enough sleep--I'll never be completely certain if it was the best of ideas to take on the lab show, not knowing who else might have stepped in--culminated in a rather poetic end to my week.

I know a few people who freely admit to being scared of what I could do to them, should circumstances fall together, which I've generally taken as a compliment. I mean, I'm a 5'1", 115 lb. chick with no fingernails. What's the worst I can do?

Apparently, yell at you in public in a highly embarrassing fashion. And that's good enough.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

working on a second paper, so stalling

If I was in the middle of planning a mixtape right now, I'd totally include "Mixtape" by Butch Walker, because being meta is sometimes fun.

I should probably start on my senior sem workshop piece for tom-, uh, today.


What else can I do online first?

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Hello?? Lemonade!

I'm officially the new ASM of the lab show (since the old ASM is now bumped up to SM since the old SM is leaving Truman completely), which incidentally opens next Wednesday. Sometimes I like my stress on a short-term schedule.

For the long-term, I end up on deck crew for the last mainstage, which is one way to spend I know from previous experience. It'll probably be just as well in the long run, seeing as Mom's day off doesn't coincide with mine and traveling would've been weird anyway.

One-acts? Nothing on the horizon yet, but we'll see.
ignoring all previous experience

I know! If I never stop moving, I'll never crash! Brilliant!
Special "just got back in" post

* Deepest apologize, whatever political group you are that keeps asking me if I'm a registered Missouri voter as you thrust that thick clipboard in my face, as I cruise past you and briefly pretend I'm actually from Iowa or Kansas or Not-Missouri.

* Providing me with the bag of bubble gum was not at all healthy for my jaw.

* I need a pair of those tennis shoes that convert into roller skates because I just don't move fast enough anymore...and I realize that's saying a lot for me and my knees of steel. (What? You didn't realize all my power motion comes straight from my knees and that's why I'll have to replace both of them before I'm 40? Okay then.)
why I'm never here

* It's apparently a good thing I spent my first night at the Frederick's/Party House (ah, house sitting) since the assistant pastor popped by this morning (8 a.m. ish, yuck) to see how I was, grab mail, etc. Also good: I have clean laundry again.

* In the course of one conversation, I may have gone from zero Truman theatre projects to being attached to all three remaining. Yes, this includes the lab show that opens a week from today.

* Actually, that kinda covers it, huh?

Sunday, March 19, 2006


Excuse me while I imdb all the movies/TV shows I watched this past week...AKA grant me one last procrastination effort before real life intrudes again.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Have I mentioned my movie count for the week is over twenty now?

Sticker collection, you never looked so fabulous.

Thursday, March 16, 2006


* I'm half tempted to fill out that Disney weddings wish list and see what happens, but I think they have my phone number somewhere (of course they do, it's Disney) and things might end badly.

* This keyboard is already ticking me off because the backspace isn't the full sized version, leaving me with a multitude of \\\ everytime I try to edit myself.

* My hair is once more the locks for love length, meaning I again have earrings longer than my hair.

* Actual work I've completed thus far? The first two acts of Macbeth (oh, shades of high school!), flashcards for all the single concepts sheet Dana handed out (from a potential three total), and, um, have I mentioned my sticker collection yet? Or crossing some movies off my must-see list? That's productive-ish.

* As much as my heart belongs to them, I'm still not sure I actually care about the next Pixar movie, "Cars."

* Soap opera moment: the lady next to me (I'm at the library) just informed me about her brand new divorce ... last June. Apparently she never got word about the court date and only recently heard (through the private investigator brother of her ex-boyfriend who ran a background check on her - seriously) that she'd gotten the divorce. She left to "celebrate properly."

* Oh! I re-vamped the children's theatre props list ... which I also seem to always end up not bringing with me to send out to the people. Dang.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Monday, March 13, 2006

Monday, Monday

Possibly the most noteworthy thing thus far is that Hastings, in an act of desperation I suppose for new renters, is currently offering half off prices for the first two weeks of renting ... which is why I'm going to watch so many movies this week. It's like Easter break and abusing the time frame of the media library's renting policy!

* Walk the Line, obviously good but overall "eh" in my opinion (probably not aided by having to stop first for Wyoming and then (longer) for possible tornado duck-and-cover)

* Red Eye, made me yell at the TV so many times but otherwise shouldn't leave any lasting damage where I suddenly can't stay in the empty apartment without getting paranoid (and of course he wasn't hiding in the shower)

* Pride and Prejudice (Keira version), much better than I'd expected and I apologize to all the Colin Firth lovers everywhere as I think I possible maybe like this one ever so much better (imagine that text shrinking much like myself as all the sudden hate descends upon me).

* Rent (for Mom) and Wallace and Grommit (for both) left. Otherwise, I left my list of movies I want to watch in Kirksville, which means I'm solo flying.

Friday, March 10, 2006


I'm around one class and one more hour of packing away from spring break, the delightful home of planning to do homework and watching movies instead. I'm planning to hit this one in style, seeing as it's the last one I may ever have ... unless I get some crazy idea to go into education someday.

Anyway, packing must continue between classes while it lasts. Hurray!

(Caleb, this is also a reminder not to call me at Truman Monday night, and probably not to call me at the apartment then either, if you were still planning to hit the midnight hour.)

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

bits and pieces, a selection

(or basically the weekend in bullets, long past the weekend...)

* I hereby swear never to take the lunch shift on a visit event again. I'm not a small talk kind of girl, least of all with the perky sorority type.

* "Defying fate" pop rocks plus coke (for one-acts) now ranks as one of top three favorite auditions ever.

* I've been unseated as the go-to girl for childish parts, which I guess is both an accomplishment and one way to not be involved in the one-acts.

* Only semi-related, open note to the everything: is this because I keep claiming that I'm too busy?

* who's just now (last night!) working on her 12 source annotated bibliography for Thursday? Yay, 1/4 through!

* possibly cooler than Patrick Stewart: Titus Andronicus at the *Globe*

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

randomly singing instead of speaking doesn't count because there's no solid way to make it happen

three ways to get me to sing:

* wait for the shower to start

* toss a particularly well-done song cue my direction

* turn on a Disney or other musically-inclined movie

Monday, March 06, 2006

artist statement

Typing random poetry on an old-fashioned Royal Standard while listening to "Rhapsody in Blue" makes me feel like I should be in New York, pearls and sling-back heels, and way less like the somewhat insecure college senior I am.

'Tis a good feeling.

Friday, March 03, 2006


Oh, Phlegm, you old cad! How dare you try to enter my life once more! Did you not realize my heart belongs to another now--clear throat? Begone!

Seriously, I got so much sleep last night, but apparently crazy dreams (puppies! cell phones in pools! scarves and pregnancy!) negate the actual quality points of the whole thing.

Thursday, March 02, 2006


Am I a bad person if I check all my "pass this along to save a life!!" emails against the Snopes records before I decide whether they're worthwhile or not?
A Leap of Faith

Because, when you've been carrying someone's contact info around since June, you might as well send them a resume eventually.