Wednesday, November 30, 2005

(P.S. - They spelled "oops" wrong.)

Pointless email is only fun once you turn it against the person who originally sent it to you. Especially when you weren't taking it seriously to begin with.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The hair knew!

After the last few times ended up Less Than Awesome, today featured scarf buddies, new awful roommate stories from the delightful Kevin O'Brien, almost craft projects, 'B' for biology (among other things), feeling like the Ben Tylka(c) of the class day (aka having my one-act scene go over incredibly well), working out tech issues, carting typewriters in the elevator on a rolly chair, cereal, ponies, and Trillian. Not bad for six p.m.
An entire CD of my favorite versions of "Summertime," one of the greatest jazz songs ever - too much?

In other news, I can make things appear on Facebook, just by thinking too hard about "what was his name again?" during biology.
Never again, Mr. Medium Soda!

Actually, that's about all I need to say, especially as the bathroom just opened up.
Mi Mancherai

The "Lady in the Water" teaser trailer is this year's "Garden State" trailer.

Monday, November 28, 2005

high school was (one) overrated and (two) less sparkily (see one)

Starlight Xpress (notice the train section in the background) Prom, weekend before break. Apparently Annie has to do an obligatory 'Charlie's Angels' pose at every dance she attends. Melissa and I were only too happy to oblige. Whoa--obligatory and oblige in the same sentence. Craziness
Monday, Monday

The "bulletpoints are overrated" version of today:

falling asleep to Clueless, only some sleeping-in, lots of popcorn, package of fez and beanie and cast gifts, way too many business articles from a medical perspective (what's up with that, doctors? nothing better to do?), searching out pirate music, random surveys for extra credit, various warm items making my hands happy between destinations, talking about sneaking food into the movies, "I killed Harry Potter!," and therefore the Harry Potter movie, and therefore gazing at many pretty British boys, walking back in the snow(!) and wind ($#*!), unforseen phone call from displaced friends who may or may not be Darth Vader, "yeah, I'll choke you or knock off your slippers...diabolical!," this
They're here!

And Merv is really stylin' now, seeing as I have no where else to stick a fez and beanie propeller. I should take a pic.
"para tener montar a caballo de la diversiĆ³n," or "in order to have to mount straddling the diversion"

Babelfish is funny when you're tired and only have a tenuous grasp on Spanish anymore.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

I'm sitting next to a piece of paper that says "made especially for you by British Ladies

How's vacation treating you, Hannah, one might ask? That same "one" (must be related to "them" and not to be confused with "the others") would be rightly shocked about the lack of homework I've completed thus far, as well as the number of picture frames I've purchased and episodes of "Lost" I've watched in two days. Defense: they were half off. I realize that only pertains to one of those items.

Elsewhere, I picked up a suit set for about $20, didn't go to Wal-Mart until around 1:30 p.m. on Friday, and wished I packed my books so I could've stalled on homework with something more substantial than the Clue mystery books and Pony Pals my mother packed. I have written my thank yous (first draft of surely many more) for one-acts, which is its own set of bizarre. Bizarre (in a definitely good, I-don't-mean-to-offend way) would be the process that my brother went from returning an interest call [Wednesday] to job interview in Oklahoma [Friday].

Happy Thanksgiving, etc, everyone.

Monday, November 21, 2005

By "just," I actually mean "about three hours ago."

I just bet Jared Latore $1.07 (one bill, two pennies, one sad nickel), what's left of my blue post-it notes, two cough drops, and a "mostly filled-in #155" word search book to eat what was potentially a milk dud left in the napkin holder of the SUB table. It was not actually a milk dud, but apparently not vile enough to apply the mouthwash until about an hour later.


* I wonder what dogs would think of "CATS?" -Michael, after the suggestion to branch into new fields of theatre, such as for animals

* We're laughing with you, even though your laugh is that of sorrow. -Jared to Michael, actually not related to the above

* Because you know what tuna tastes like? Freedom. -Jared, on why you can't live in the dorms after living off-campus
Looking for some opinions, then sleep

So, I basically know that I want Travis - "We Are Monkeys" as either call song or post show (either before or after the actual one-act). I'm leaning toward before at the moment just from the one curse word in the song that I can't gracifully bleep and will be easier to ignore if people are watching the scene change. I've already basically been cornered (happily, though) into playing Raffi - "Banana Phone" in preshow time (the thirty-ish minutes before the first show begins) because it's a not-so-in-joke between myself and my almighty stage manager.

Other options (where I need your opinion!):

* Jungle Book - Just Like You (I think there's a Louie Armstrong version of this song somewhere that I can't find but would totally prefer)

* Weezer - Island in the Sun (might end up being post-show, now that I think about it; seeing as how the ending works out, they just might make it back to the sweet jungles of Africa sooner than they think)

* Harry Nilsson - Lime in the Coconut (I'd prefer the Muppet version, but then it's too Muppets. Or whatever.)

* Ella Fitzgerald - Don't Mean a Thing (the other Ives plays have a swing thing going on that would help this fit with the rest of preshow)

* Amelie - Pas si simple (sure, it's just instrumental, but it's instrumental with typewriters! Other choice for post-show)

* XTC - We're All Light (pop-y science-y like the Travis song, yet not about monkeys. Not high on my list but still there above, oh, the rest of my music collection.)

ACK! Really, I should send this list to my illustrious SM and see what he thinks. Maybe when I'm more lucid?
"I'm chunky, repulsive, and lucrative; I must be Jabba the Hutt."

Things learned from David Ives cast(s) bonding Sunday night:

* I suck at Apples to Apples.

* No, really. Of everyone, I earned absolutely no cards during the apx. two hours we played.

* I can't wait to see the pic of Liz fighting against the popcorn, though, as she remains to be entertaining no matter the location.

* Pop Rocks are always popular.

* So are fortune cookies, even when [incredibly, unbelievably] stale.

* I need to cure my obsessive need to give people nicknames, especially once I start placing limits (two words, first is an adjective that starts with s, second is an animal!)

* McDonald's drive-thru might be open 24 hours, but the inside definitely isn't.

* If it's late enough, I will not be able to stop calling McDonalds "Wal-Mart." Silly capitalists.

* Everyone around me needs to drink way less coffee.

* Standing around eating brie and vanilla ice cream is way better than doing business homework, bar none

Saturday, November 19, 2005


I'm thinking about changing the archives function to a monthly rather than weekly basis. I mean, I love scrolling as much as the next person, but perhaps three years worth are a bit long. Thoughts, complaints, begs for Hannah to be actually productive?
made with real cheese

New catchphrase: "Here, have a combo."
Everything but "Love Shack"

Details are fuzzy because I was massively tired after the long week, but here's some choice words/phrases from the Starlight Xpress Prom held at the Kirksville Armory (!) last night, which coincidentally was a lot like theatre banquet, minus the food:

light-up shoes, "thanks, I bought it three hours ago," Charlie's Angels, Greg's tie, The Cat, The Bus Driver, and dancing like Aaron Baker, confounded swing dancers, Ashley's trunk, Lissa's first trip to Pancake City, "she's like a short tank," dyfunctional and too many straws, dancing in a circle like high school, Charlie Brown dancing, three person slow dance, injuring knees by doing the twist, Christmas lights and streams next to Army recruitment posters
No, no particular reason why.

Sometimes (okay, every single time I hear it), I wish I'd fallen in love with "It Never Entered My Mind" by Miles Davis before seeing "Runaway Bride," where I actually heard it first because I can't seperate it from Julia Roberts, who I kinda despise anymore.

Sometimes you just have to choose the chocolate cupcake over the cheddar goldfish.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Box Office, where else?

Dang, my site looks rather nice in Mozilla. Who knew?

Also, I'm now working on finishing hour five (of 6 1/2) of time spent in OP today, mostly here (see heading). This means I've checked for missing tickets, fixed some reserves, alphabetized tonight's reserves (so I don't have to once I show up), and talked to many, many people about the merits of one seat over another. Hint: there isn't much of one.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

"I’m on fire and now I think I'm ready to bust a move" - Motion City Soundtrack

Last night I think we seriously decided to start our own Truman people children's theatre [traveling?] theatre company. In, like, the real world. With people I love and adore and really didn't want to lose touch with anyway. Huh. Discuss.

Monday, November 14, 2005

The Age-Old Question

*Why* am I not listening to music right now?

Probable answer: because it's easier to go to bed early when you're not rocking out in your [literal] eleven o'clock hour.
And because there's surely some wondering:

"The fire's out anyway." - Rent (because I guess both should have a musical quote)

Sometimes you leap and take the crash landing, but then you instead fall into a soft mattress someone left at the bottom, where there's DVD watching to be had (word up, Bruce Willis and Jessica Alba!), tricycles to ride around the hall, and theatre companies to be potentially founded on the couches of OP's lobby. So, life's good.

Friday, November 11, 2005


I appreciate that my ankle doesn't hurt anymore if for no other reason that I can sit normally again without a sharp hit of pain.
"Is this addictive?"

One-act rehearsal is currently one of my favorite times of day, seeing as it's going incredibly well (in a few spots we routinely have to stop running the show because I laugh so loud) and lots of other people seem to have issues, which makes me feel even better about the small things I have to work on that aren't, like, my actors hating me/the show or being completely unable to block things. Yay!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Excuse me while I go a bit philosophical and mix my metaphors

As someone told me lately/Everyone deserves a chance to fly. -Wicked

Sometimes in life you reach that moment where you come to the edge of the metaphorical cliff and must decide what's next. Stay on the edge and gaze out on all the possibilities while effectively choosing to ignore them all.


Or, you can instead take the leap, make the jump, and land where you land. Sometimes you stick the landing, 10s all around and scoop up your brave victory. But sometimes instead you crash at the bottom of a gorge that was uplimately larger than you gauged and wait for the rescue team to bail you out.

Anyone who knows me could (and would) describe me as a terrible good edge-stander. I rarely take the jump unless I know of a safety net underneath, especially in...certain...areas of my life. Even though those moments when I have said "screw it" to the edge and took my chances have mostly proved ultimately positive, it's hard to break tradition (as it were). Last school year I lost out on something I desperately wanted because I felt too afraid to jump at it myself and the ledge turned into a weird, awkward limbo. Any pain that might have resulted from any flying and crashing eventually equalled what I felt simply watching the options disappear. I don't want to go through that again.

I'm currently at another of those junctions, ironically after pursuing it for most of a week. It's less certain overall than the previous example, yet never see that if you've been around me the past week, all excited about lamps and palidromes and banter blah blah. I technically have until 1:00 p.m. Wednesday to decide (how very Empire Records, huh?), but I don't need that long. It's my half-birthday, and I feel like trying to fly.

Monday, November 07, 2005

RE: Memo to Self

Hannah, you may also want to eat something besides cookies for supper.
Memo to Self

(Optional Title #1: It's hard to monkey walk with a limp, Optional Title #2: Yes, I realize I didn't call home tonight. I just got in again.)

We must remember for the future from our past that, just because the hair is naturally doing that spectacular flip thing that is the sign of Things To Come and Greatness Around the Corner, it also sometimes designates Hey, Let's Cheer Up Hannah Because Something Awful Is About To Occur.

CC and collate, please.

I should probably feel concerned about the number of people who, after this weekend, not only have been threatened with "taking this to third curb," but also know what I mean (geographically, pathetically) when I say that.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Where kids come to play along

This past week I've gotten surprising mileage out of my "I met Shari Lewis" story and Johnathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal."

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Yes, I'm sleeping again.

It's hard to read your business chapter in the biology textbook, though you do get more interesting pictures.
Not such a newsflash.

I am such a girl.

P.S. - Anyone know any Bens? (That aren't that one. Or that one. Or him, down the corner, that one.)

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Maybe it's the lettuce

Also, there's only so much swiss cheese I can handle at a time and yes, sandwich, we just reached that point.
Because this blog isn't bizarre enough as it is...

Official announcement: today is a bad day for lettuce.
Doing Laundry, Not All Related

* Clothes will be done in the washer in about thirty-five minutes.

* My head is absolutely pounding. Probably taking that extra strength [unknown] with the swig of Sprite won't solve things. Neither will the fact that my washer load will finish around 12:45 and then I get to wait for the dryer.

* Completely registered for next semester, check.

* Avoiding classwork on somewhat (but not completely) senior sem assignment, check.

* My foot itches.

* Actually, it's more my ankle, but that's the general foot area.

* Was anyone else annoyed that the supposedly new Gilmore Girls tonight was actually a repeat of the season premiere? I made certain I got taped everything I'd missed before (kinda that whole proposal and aftermath), and then I fell asleep on Meredith's futon for the second time this semester.

* I'm not completely certain what to do with my one-act people, and I'm pretty sure they all know.