Thursday, December 29, 2005

short stuff

Back in KC (from Iowa from KC from JC), now 23% more technologically advanced due to cell phone ownership (-13% for not activating yet), and not allowed to buy anything more due to shortage of room in car...ignore the fact that we're probably going out shopping today.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

"So, how long do you think we can disappear?"

Break in JC is basically all I pictured it would be thus far, what with the sleeping in and watching of way too many DVDs and all the origami making (slightly unexpected, but I'm happily catching up to my page-a-day calendar with only about a week of the actual year left) and that beautiful lunch of oreos I consumed yesterday.

We're aiming to head out of town either tomorrow or Thursday, depending on how dam crisis control works out (my Dad had actually been talking to the Ameren people for quite awhile before the recent disaster/flooding/what have you). I'm looking forward to the extra space and the hot showers (have I mentioned that the hot water heater doesn't hold out long here? No one really mentioned it to me though, smart girl that I am, I figured it out.), as well as all the family-ness before January hits again and someone (ooh! pick me!) needs to take Caleb's stuff to Wyomming so he doesn't live in an empty apartment with just what he can load on the plan or ship by box.

Anyway, posting/emailing/interneting will be hit and miss for break, as it's a little cold to justify the walk to the least until I finish all the origimi folding.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

plus - finished with biology!

The only real and true perk of the 7:30 a.m. final is sitting around, waiting for everyone else to wake up and enjoying the jolt of their alarms, phones, etc.

Monday, December 12, 2005

half a bag of popcorn, etc. later

Things that have vastly improved life since the previous...

* Trisha Yearwood - Sleep While I Drive on constant repeat

* the remembrance of ice cream in the fridge

* laundry, once I got it started

* that phone call about spider solitaire, rides home, and the general state of the week

* plus, there's something oddly satisfying about having my own words quoted back at me, even from an unlikely source
Though, sadly, that's about what I expected. Thanks, dress rehearsal.

Things I could really go for, right at this moment:

* ice cream

* a puppy

* someone I despise to kick in the face

* the rest of that roll of film

* food more substantial than popcorn

* Sunken Garden time

* snow, because naturally it melted just in time for me to be in a foul mood

* someone else to do my laundry for me, as I actually don't want to this time

* time, like always

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Lesson Never Learned

I should stop putting in movies to do homework by, because I certainly can't even file one-act directing paperwork while watching "Almost Famous."

Not-quite-an-hour-later: I'll never see my broom again, will I alleged "just down the hall" girl?
have we figured out yet that I'm probably not doing anything today except be in my pajamas, scroll the 'net, and listen to music?

I've previously made the claim that if the IMDB was a person, I would definitely try to snag a date and probably propose since I love it so mightily. My love is deeply rooted in items like this, where I especially recommend the letter "Noah from NY."
The hair knew! Starting a day in advance!

I'm sure some individuals are awaiting a report on the one-act festival, the monkeys, and my general state of mind re: all, but I'm going to stick with the above statement for the meantime as I have so much other stuff to pull together at the moment prior to spewing forth How Things Went in better detail than all caused me to "cry twice in one night (but in a good way)."
clearing out the old links

Mother dear, have you seen and/or heard anything about this?

And something for Melissa dear.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Why, yes, actually I doing quite well. Could we stop asking me like I'm about to go crazy?

Word up, day of show.
Is it an epiphany if you've basically known it all along?

"But I started dancing long before this stupid workshop, and I'm gonna keep on dancing long after it. So tomorrow is one more day I get to dance." -Eva, Center Stage

Last night at the one-acts, I ended up seated next to the professor and feeling waves of frustration that he spent the whole time in professor mode taking notes instead of simply enjoying the work (like the directing class, easily the loudest group in the entire theatre). At that moment, I realized I really didn't care how the others felt about my show anymore. True, some opinions I'm interested in hearing afterward, but I've ceased to believe in any importance of the letter grade. From the beginning of the class, I've joked that my directing style breaks down to "if it makes me laugh, we keep it until I hate it." Happily, I've evolved from there, but the fact remains that there are very few bits/deliveries/character choices/etc I would change, given time and ability.

I may never direct again, yet I've enjoyed myself much more than I ever imagined, a fact greatly proven by the amazing people I've been working and making friends with for the past month-ish span of the project. I fell in and out and back once more in love with this script. There's an odd zen-ish state about me at the moment, tempered by excited (not nervous) anticipation. So many people are rooting for this to go well, and I don't see any possible reason why it shouldn't just fall into place.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Hush little baby...

Currently, I am:

* rocking some Jersey-ish hair, thanks to blow-drying it upside down (the better to get the heat on my neck, where I actually wanted it most)

* totally not freaking out about one-acts starting today, I mean completely not at all I'm fine I swear

* working on about 4.5 hours of sleep, what with the random hyperness, talks of slippers and birthdays and things, and general annoyance of last night

* excited to be finally officially accepted into children's theatre

* pondering my own theme song before Melissa can name it for me

* listening to "Summertime," because I [heart] irony

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

To: soon to be no longer a director

I just received an email from myself, circa the great script study flip-out (close enough link) from this delightful website, reinforming me on the importance of breathing, even as I approach something crazy like my show opening.

I'm actually doing fine at the moment, although I realize I won't feel so flippant about things this time Friday (when I honestly plan to deflect all my nerves onto my presentation as I care way less about business at the moment). I had a fabulous dress rehearsal and--as much as I quoted that "bad dress rehearsal = great performance 4eva"--I'd rather be prepared as possible and have things moves as smooth as possible to glide through the actual for-real show.

I did kinda enjoy the email though. It includes an itemized list, a "Gone With the Wind" reference, and Dvorak. Perhaps I have a higher concentration of wit when I'm attempting to not fall to pieces?
now mentally preparing to be hit by someone, anyone

Hey! I was totally going to go to bed at a decent time tonight! Too bad I forgot about all that junk for the business meeting tomorrow, oh and the inability to do it in the morning because I switched tour times so I could avoid any and all head exploding action Friday. Yay!

Also, anyone who reads this and will see Melissa: feel free to ask her what her new theme song is as of today. Just wait for me to be gone so the title doesn't need to reach fruition.

The phrase "reach fruition" is funny to me right now. I need three more revamped goals and feel a sudden urge to practice hair curling. People who keep me up past two o'clock, thus making my inner clock reset to screwy time, are somewhat less my friends at this moment. Everyone needs to stop coming across so amusing to me.

Monday, December 05, 2005

"...better than a large mammal."

After a delightful time feeling crafty and weird and basically estatic to be a theatre major, I now have almost two hours worth of delay on other items, a right hand that matches my bright red shirt (even after bouts with the soap), and a dull pink 65% polyester/35% cotton blend dress drip-drying in the shower that will hopefully not dye Lacey's skin when she wears it at dress rehearsal later today.

Saturday, December 03, 2005


I suddenly realized that crazy neck/shoulder pain was all the stress piling on top, getting cozy, and tensing everything together. Crazy.

[Excerpt from "Hannah finds a third deck crew member last minute," as performed by phone earlier this evening]

HS: You'll be up on the catwalk--
The Incomparable Michael H.: I like it up there.
HS: I know.
TIMH.: Besides, I am the Phantom of the Courtyard.
HS: ... Right. So all you have to do is be up there and throw cigarettes and I'll bring those.
TIMH.: What? You don't think I'm dangerous?
HS: [?]
TIMH.: I ride motorcycles and smoke! Spread it around!

There wouldn't happen to be a pair of Hannah-sized khaki pants hanging out in Kansas City without me, would there? I seem to have misplaced a set and I definitely had them this weekend.

Friday, December 02, 2005


* I feel like taking up smoking, seeing as there's a spare pack left over from my show sitting in the room right now.

* For a similar reason, I feel like throwing lots and lots of peanuts at those around me.

* I also feel like throwing on the rodeo princess hat and lasso-ing up some cows and such, as the guys next door are singing/guitar-playing Garth Brooks and that doesn't normally occur.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Connected with that, OR Another way to slow down the reading process

This would be several hoods full of snow, falling over laughing moments, and shots to the face later, of course.
Or, why Hannah is so tired today, beyond the one-act

Quotes from snow frolicing last night (from apx 2-3 a.m.):

-Hey! It's everyone gang up on Aaron!
-That's my favorite game!

-This is Max. He's from Illinois.

-Leaf! Leaf! Leaf!
-Thanks, Hannah, for being so helpful. I couldn't build this snowman without you.

-It's a snow hawk!

Yes, there was much exclaimation point-ing. It *was* snow and early morning.