Wednesday, March 30, 2011

things I haven't been blogging about

Sorry, Everett. You and your laptop never made it to the blog, never ate an onion ring.

Dear patio, I miss you. It's not the same drying the last bits of my laundry in the bathroom, even if it is larger than the old one.

I enjoyed the new movie version of "Jane Eyre" more than I expect. Though the music and cinematography were beautiful, I'm afraid it was the elderly man in the back who clearly could not hear the film...nor hear that he was speaking loud enough for the entire theater to listen in. So, yes, that *is* Judi Dench! The rest of us figured that out when she first came on screen, not forty minutes later.

Oh! Hello there, 11 p.m.! I did not see you pop up like that!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I won't delve into the subtext of them being a more grown-up version of a pair I loved as a child. That's for non-Tuesday morning times.

I dreamed about shoes last night--so much better than dreaming about work.

Also, now I really, really want a pair of beaded, three inch stilettos. I bet they'd be great on the bus.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

feel free to make your own "snozzberries taste like snozzberries!" joke

My bedroom has looked like a bedroom for the last few days, then my closets like closets, and today my kitchen turned into a kitchen rather than a room with empty cupboards and butcher paper on anything that wasn't the countertop. It's a good change. I am, however, starting to think that the new fridge and stove are myths, as they've yet to appear. I'm torn between calling the office to check (where I'll likely live in limbo some more waiting for them to appear) and just leaving things as is (and setting up life). I'm in way more of a mood to just move on, especially as both appliances work fine.

I'm down to boxes of odds-and-ends, plus most of my books and DVDs. One guess as to which I'd rather deal with first. Hopefully I'll be set up by the end of the day on Wednesday, seeing as I plan on leaving work after the opening show that morning to make up for the half-days I've put in on my days off for Pinocchio. And then pictures!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

You know what's great about 6 p.m. tomorrow? It's when I have to be completely out of my old place, meaning I'll just be stuck cleaning and organizing and rummaging in one apartment.

This is me sitting on the couch, possibly to never move again, as I sprawled out to rest for a moment after taking over tonight's last cart load of kitchen items (why did I not pack my kitchen before Saturday, when I had help moving?) and have not moved since. I guess that means I'm not sleeping in my actual bed tonight, even though my blinds work again and the matresses are no longer leaning up against the window frame.

I'm supposed to get the new fridge and stove tomorrow, though I moved my must-refridgerate items into the new apartment's [apparently temporary] fridge tonight. If I ever move again, I should bag up everything inside so it'll be an easier swap. Tuesday they're touching up the paint on the cabinets, etc. from where they were still a little tacky on Saturday...and yet I set boxes on them. I don't think you can blame me for thinking the tub is a safe, paint-free place to put things.

I'll have the next three evenings free (crazy talk!), so I'm okay with not trying to organize tonight. Caleb's right, though--I should take a bunch of before [AKA currently] pictures so I'll have even better after pictures once everything's organized. That, and you really should document it when your DVD collection somehow ends up in the kitchen cabinets.

Friday, March 18, 2011

also, bake brownies

To do tonight (now that I just changed my mind and invited people to help me move on Saturday rather than Sunday):

* seperate the really, really heavy boxes out from the stuff I can schlep later

* move the plaid chair out of my room (may require removing door from hinges, as I believe that's how it got into the room)

* take home shopping cart from theater

* finish packing whatever odds and ends can fit into boxes

* stop with the freaking out

* make multiple copies of the scale floor plan to distribute to all helpers? (possibly too much like being a crazy person)

I really did mean it that I'll need that half hour between picking up the key and asking people to arrive to help so I can stop flipping out about being an adult, moving into my own place, etc. I am so very excited about this new part of my life, but I do keep bursting into tears about leaving the old apartment and all the growing up that took place within its walls. The twenty-two Hannah of 2006 is very different from the twenty-six version, even if we both still have Christmas lights in a canopy over our beds.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Saturday, 10:00 a.m.

I will not have a key until the office opens on Saturday. This does not mean I won't start piling boxes outside the door of the new place by about eight that morning.

Also, who's up for moving furniture after Saturday night's show? :) (And by that I mean, after Sunday evening church, because who *really* wants to move furniture at 11 p.m.?)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


So, I finally got my walk-through done today. It took about ten minutes, and went a lot like this:

SOFIA (complex manager): Okay, so there's some spots on the carpet, but that'll probably buff out, so I'm not worried.
ME: I can try and work on it some more.
SOFIA: Don't worry about it. This carpet might be old enough, I won't have to charge you. Some people, I try and get everything I can. You, I won't charge.

Apparently, if you're a pleasant person, they won't try to hit you with every possible cleaning fee. (It probably helps to be staying on site.)

I'm supposed to drop by tomorrow (if I can), and I'll potentially get to pick up my new key early. I can see only positive things in this, especially as she still won't mark down that I'm moving until Saturday (thus not starting my three days/two nights until a day and a half after I start moving). This is probably contigent upon the corporate office, which has been my downfall lately, but maybe it'd work out. It means another lunch hour spent in the company van, driving through Galleria traffic, but I'd say it'd be worth the time.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


It's probably not going to end well that a new rare and used bookstore is opening on the street I take from the bus stop to the office...especially one with copies of Agatha Christie, Catch-21, and Harry Potter in the window.

The Madeline print was a nice touch, too.

Monday, March 14, 2011


(the joys of being the last out of the apartment - you get the choice of whatever's left)

* two more bottles of detergent
* countless candles
* an extra full-length mirror
* six bottles of shampoot/conditioner/body wash
* doubles of many spices, along with several new bottles
* more rice and spaghetti than I'll ever want to eat
* hangers. oh, the hangers.
* a third set of salt and pepper shakers
* the kitchen fairy (not an actual fairy, though does live in a jar)
* a bouquet of live flowers
* a fine selection of household cleaning chemicals
* one large gold hula hoop, with a "bands of love" label

On the plus side, I also get to take all my favorite pieces of furniture with me across the parking lot. (And the red painting with maple leaves - I'm glad that gets to stick around for awhile longer.)

On the my feet now look smart side, I've gotten to the point where I'm packing things in shoe boxes, so it's a good thing I have a large supply.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


I just used "fixin' to" in a sentence. Too bad I'm moving into a new place with a year-long lease; I've clearly already been in Texas too long.

I got an email from the apartment's corporate office that included the phrase "since you wanted to transfer next Saturday" [3/19], so I guess I'm moving on (by? round about?) next Saturday. I need to get this clarified with someone closer to home, as I don't actually want to move everything and then go deal with a two show Saturday.

But, hey! Look who's up and about to start throwing things in boxes? Hurrah for a morning off?

Seriously though, I'm so glad to be moving out of limbo stage, even if it means I get less sleep for the next week. Scratch that, I'm never happy about losing sleep...but I'll still take the moving onward.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

if I had realized the last post was #1984, I would've done something different with it.

Are you tired of hearing about my stalled moving plans yet?

Sent in the old DVR this morning, reminding me of the great fun it is to cart a large package on the metro bus. I took a large pile of boxes home last night in an effort to start packing, but promptly fell asleep instead. Perhaps I should do a one-on, one-off cleaning/packing/etc. system? I did, however, first manage to get a scanner to work properly so my last (maybe? possibly?) bit of paperwork could reach the corporate office. Naturally, the person who is handling my stuff is out today (thanks, instant reply email!), so I'll hopefully get a moving day tomorrow.

I really wish I did have other news. Both shows are running okay, and my office is incredibly cold.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

You know what'll be great? Not living in limbo.

I cleaned in Deb's room yesterday, as it was a giant open space and not my still-fully-together bedroom. I wish I knew how all that soil got in the windowsill, but it's out now. Also, BOO on whoever decided to paint the metal frame with a cheap white plaster paint, as it DOES NOT WANT TO BE CLEAN.

I did do handwash laundry, so I'm glad I hadn't disassembled the patio clothesline system yet. Washed windows, and am now fascinated with using newspaper to clean them (thanks, Real Simple!) Also, I found an old People magazine with a feature on "when will Prince William propose?," and felt superior to the people of 2007.

Also-also, there's a fantastic drop-leaf dining table (with mid-table storage underneath!) that'd I'd love to purchase from IKEA, were it not $130 more than I'd like to spend or from the 2010 catalog and likely no longer around.

I plan on stealing a van Friday-Saturday so I can drop recycling, take in broken electronics to be disposed of (thanks, Best Buy), and buy baby shower gifts. One of these things is not like the others.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

...except that it won't be, because I have a pile of handwash items I should take care of while I still have ample drying room

I started taking things off the walls yesterday, but that turned too depressing, so I had to sort recyclables instead. I've taken measurements of just about everything in anticipation of all this paperwork finally being finished and getting to play tetris in my new place. The postage paid-box for the DVR receiver arrived yesterday, so I'm strictly on DVDs until I set up cable again. (Fun fact: the postage paid-box even came with a strip of tape to close the box.) I went through the very awkward moment of how to figure out how to hook up a DVD player to a TV yesterday...while Deb's CraigsList pick-up folks awkwardly watched.

I feel like I should be packing things, but I don't want to until I have an actual move date. I have a picture in my mind (one that I'm sure will prove completely false within an hour of trying it) of just shuttling all my things from one side of the complex to the other, recycling the same boxes/rubbermaid containers I own over and over. Even typing it, I'm aware of what a ridiculous plan this is, but it does give me a reason to sit around and *not* pack.