Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Well, isn't that special?

According to my bill, I'm saving $125 by shopping with Patty's University Bookstore. As opposed to the near $400 I'm wasting, huh?
That's still not over $400

Excuse me for forgetting tax....*real* total: $387.38 Considering I probably won't earn half that back when I sell my books back in December, it's more than a little depressing.
So close!

$375.15 total....I have a new high (though I bet I'll top it next semester)
I bet myself $500...

...that I'm about to go over $400 with this last class.
C'mon, Stats prof!

Surely there's a better option than a $70 (used!) textbook. This is unexceptable.

Yes, I'll still buy it.
And I'm on the *cheap* option!

It's probably a good thing I already had the books required for two of my classes because I'm at about $250 between two classes.
At least tomorrow's payday...

Good lord, it's costing me nearly $146 just for one class worth of books! What's wrong with you people?
How can it be new if he's been dead awhile?

Last night the Muny gang went, well, Muny-ing to see "Crazy for You" (billed "the new Gershwin musical!"). I didn't know much about the show beyond Susan Stroman creating the choreography for the Broadway version, but I think it's my favorite show of the season. I know I haven't wanted to go out and strap on my tap shoes so much since I saw "Chicago" in January. Highlights of the night:

* nobody sat in front of me so, for the first time all summer, I had a perfect view the entire time

* every time a slow, romantic ballad was sung, the gentleman two seats down put his arm around his wife (who was next to me) and managed to hit me on the shoulder every time

* Pac-man fever!

* the end picture that would've made Kovar cry, it was so perfectly staged

* all the times the director must've said "okay, I just want to stop the entire flow to showcase half the cast as the fantabulous dancers they are" judging by the final show

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Curiouser and Curiouser

I don't know how y'all are using the comment board, because it hasn't let me even pull up the link for the past couple days...which is quite frustrating, since I've been attempting to fix the two comment board link issue (it's not really a problem, just something that annoys me) and I haven't been able to mess with it yet. Confound you, technology!

Saturday, July 26, 2003

Well, a warning system is a warning system

I always know Caleb updated his blog whenever I can't get onto the internet when I come home from work. (Or, at least not until after midnight. No wonder I'm never asleep before one anymore.)
I sense a new Hannah tradition!

I've done nothing more fullfilling this week than last night when I threw on an old homecoming dress, dug out my birthday tiara (last seen at the theatre banquet), pulled out some oyster crackers and Cherry Coke, and settled in to watch a movie on Merv. Matt Damon and dangly sparkly earrings? This will definitately happen again!
Is this a bad time to mention my email link?

If I truly wanted to go about living my life to the fullest, I'd start by not spending so much time sending emails about living life to the fullest.
Wal-Mart Religion

If working in the clearance aisle is considered "Wal-Mart hell," then the back to school valley must be just some weird purgatory you escape from by switching to Halloween.

Monday, July 21, 2003

The best laid plans of mice and men (ooh, Brit Lit flashback...)

Obviously, I didn't manage to post last night as I was (less obviously for those not at 1270 Eagle) asleep on the couch before midnight hit. I think I even subconciously planned it that way, since I turned off all the lights before sitting back down on the couch and there certainly wasn't anything fascinating on tv at the time. So, not only did you not learn my opinions about some recent movie releases ("Finding Nemo" still made me cry...and I knew what was coming, "LXG" still rocks, though not as much as "Pirates of the Caribbean," my current fav popcorn flick of the summer, and "Johnny English" featured some of the most flahoolick slapstick I've seen in awhile [and the ending...I didn't see that coming]), I didn't download any new Gilmore Girls stuff. At least you just got something (although now I'm downloading the newest version of MSN because I figure I'll at least use it at college, even if I'm never on right now).

Sunday, July 20, 2003

"Remember'll be funny later."

Since Caleb seems to be directing everyone to me for the fun Friday outing, I might as well spill out the short version until I have time to writer farther (such as tonight, when I'm up too late downloading Gilmore Girls sound clips [GG sound clips! My life rocks so so much.] and have nothing better to do).

We both had Friday off from work, so Caleb and I decided to pull a movie day at the Great 8 and see as many films as possible. However, Caleb stopped to use my lovely Wal-Mart discont card to purchase college supplies. We had the starting time of the first movie ("Finding Nemo"), so we just decided to leave everything in the car instead of rushing home. It wasn't until reaching the theater that I realized I only own the key to the car's ignition and not the trunk. Naturally, we simply decided to lock the car and hope for the best.

Four movies later, we came out balancing popcorn, books, and purse only to discover the ignition key (which was all I had, remember?) doesn't open the doors. At all. Maybe the original does, but my copy certainly does not. So, basically we were stuck until Caleb remembered the rear right window (a apx. 4 inch small window that doesn't roll down, but turn sideways) pops out when opened, and he tried to turn it enough for it to pop out.

I suppose, if we're being technical, the window did pop out. It just came out in a few thousand more pieces than either of us intended.

There's no experience quite like standing in the middle of a public parking lot with a big bunch of glass underneath a shattered window when you're trying to break into a car, albiet your own. And that was before it rained on the way home. (And jokes about how nothing broke when I was by myself for the long weekend...)

Geez, that wasn't really a short version at all, was it? What else am I going to add....all I'm missing is the names of the movies and my reaction (that Pirate flick rocks). Until then, I guess.

Saturday, July 12, 2003

"First there's LXG and then you have PoC and they just all sound like bad drug references..."

Sean Connery rocks my socks off.

Friday, July 11, 2003

Christmas [Candy] in July

I can't believe I never noticed it before, but I just discovered a secret stash of cherry mash in the back of the fridge. Unless someone moves it, I believe half of it will be gone by next Tuesday (if it takes that long). So much for that cantaloupe I was actually looking for.

Thursday, July 10, 2003

Getting to Know You

Lots of those "fun" survey things keep popping up in my email inbox, but they never have truly interesting questions. In an effort to go beyond the "favorite color/car/calorie" thing, I offer you this:

* There is no more glorious piece of classical/jazz music genius than Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue" and no one could ever convince me otherwise.

* In [kinda] the same vein...there is no greater Truman dining hall meal than the fish sticks with the real cheese macaroni and no one could ever convince me otherwise.

* A note to all middle-aged men shopping at Wal-Mart: just because I work there and have to listen to you talk doesn't mean you get to call me "hon" and "sweetie" or even flirt with me. It started out kinda funny, but now it's just annoying. I am "miss" or "ma'am" or "Hannah" (if you see my name badge thing), but nothing else.

* I think the role I'd most love to play is Evita, except it'll never happen because I look hideous as a blonde. And I'm not an alto.

* I have thought at different times but with the same amount of passion "Wow, I'd like to see that" about "Chicago" (understandable), "The Lizzie Maguire Movie" (Italy and Vespas!), and "From Justin to Kelly" (just sad, I know).

* Currently on my "Must Buy" DVD list? "Jerry Maguire," "10 Things I Hate About You," and "The Best of the Muppet Show."

* My college years are turning me into a first grader again: my current favorite snacks are goldfish and teddy grahams (and from the end of March onward my fridge never ran out of Kool-Aid Bursts and those Handi-Snacks crackers).

* It started as a joke, but now I'm starting to think it's true: depending on the flavor and number involved, I could be cajoled into almost anything with Pop Rocks.

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Good points from The Day of Hell

Since Monday was the day before-the-day of Inventory (yes, capitol), it was unofficial The Day of Hell at Wal-Mart. Not only was it busy the entire time, but I also spent too much "quality" time at the registers before working overtime and not even finishing before the boss kicked us out.

However, in an effort to think positively, here's a list of the good things that sprung up even as the universe attempted to screw me over.

* That scene from Strictly Ballroom where Fran and Scott are standing backstage at the state championship and she tells him she's not good enough and they start dancing to that great Doris Day song I love ("Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps")...and that shot! from behind the curtain! egads, that's great.

* Strictly Ballroom itself.

* Threatening people with [blue] silly string.

* "Magic Carpet Ride" playing on the radio both when I left the driveway after lunch and when I pulled back in after work.

* The lingering smell of bacon when I opened the door after getting off work tonight.

* The crisp smell of a freshly opened Orange Crush, drunk through a bendy straw.

* The end credits of "Dharma and Greg," which always feature that screen with the mini essay that I always attempt to read and never even finish the first line before it switches over to commercials or whatever.

* Five Questions. Especially Five Questions with a reference to Nutmeg.

Monday, July 07, 2003

One post per week isn't bad

The more I try to stay current, the harder it becomes for me to slow down and post. Of course, I blame Wal-Mart and traveling to grandparents' house and not my own reluctance to pound out something that doesn't sound idiotic (not that it always works out that way...)

So, what's been keeping me so incredibly busy? I'll tell you....assasination style! (Aaron Baker, wherever you are, I just stole your joke.)

* I figured out that all my Truman friends had been emailing me more and more worried sounding emails to my Truman account (as opposed to Hotmail, which I actually check) over the course of the past month.

* I mowed the lawn. Sure, it's not a big deal to anyone else, but I haven't mowed for over three years. Why did I pick Tuesday to change it all?--I was bored. As I've already demonstrated this summer (second hole in my ears), I do strange things when I'm bored.

* I finished my freshman year scrapbook. I'd actually had the inside done for about a week, but I'd wanted to change the cover and purchased ribbon with the money my mother gave me for mowing (I should do that more often. But wear gloves.).

* Speaking of the gloves: I didn't while mowing and ended up with lots of blisters and almost-blisters on my hands...which was great fun when I went to work on Wednesday.

* Wal-Mart became so increadiby busy on Thursday, I spent four and a half hours up at the cash registers (yay, overtime!). After the first two hours, I was ready to pull out my boxcutter and kill a few customers. After my break (and a fun run-in with Kovar, where she was showing me off to her mother as her mother tried to show her daughter off to me), however I no longer wanted to harm the nice people. I might've scared them with all that singing to the cash drawer, though. Oh, and I have the loudest "no waiting on [number here]" of all the cashiers working Thursday night.

* Friday morning (much much much too early for the girl who did overtime Thursday night) we left for the grandparents who live outside of Kansas City where we shopped (yeah, $6.99 CDs!), ate great food, and tried to stay out of the family issues.

* (I wasn't there, but I hope Kovar had a great wedding on Friday)

* Last night, Sam and Hope ran into me at Wal-Mart and invited me over to Ms. Karmie's house (Sam's house-sitting and Ms. Karmie said she could have as many parties over there as she wanted as long as she cleaned up afterward. Seriously.). I brought my remaining Orange Crush, a box of Pop-Rocks, and an egg (to make brownies; never happened). We watched "Phone Booth" (I was disappointed when Colin Farrell didn't die at the end) and Robin Williams "Live at the Met" special. There were chocolate chip cookies and the general absurdness of just hanging out in your old history teacher's house. I tried to remember some of the better lines, but I was too busy laughing my ears off to remember them all. I didn't get home until nearly four....although I probably would've just stayed the night if my parents actually had known where I was.

See, you can't expect me to keep up with blogging when I spend so much time out and about. Maybe if I had full-time internet like Truman...