Sunday, September 20, 2015

In grief that "Parks and Rec" never won an Emmy, I may have just bought the entire series on DVD.
(But it's still me, so of course I've been watching prices for months and had to reconfirm everything before I could click the confirm.)

My goal for tomorrow is called "stop feeling like crap" which will involve lots of sleep and not being at the theater. Perhaps I can lick the potent combination of changing weather, lots of water, and twelve actors who are also trying to not be sick in a single day.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Oh, man. 2004 Me was super-earnest.
Shout-out to 2011 Hannah, who wrote a shut it down/reply to a margin note originally written by 2004 Hannah, right where I was getting overly emotional during All Time Favorite Book last night at well past midnight.

I highly recommend everyone (at some point) write notes in the margin of their favorite book, because it's quite the jolt to see where your brain was at a past point in your life. However, it does make it difficult to loan out copies after because OH MY GOSH, SHUT UP PAST HANNAH, aka now you're stuck with those grand thoughts forever. Is it worth it to giggle anew at one joke I made eleven years ago with each re-read? Absolutely.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

all-time favorite book remains all-time favorite book
I'm currently re-reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn for the nth time, which means all I really want to do is sit and read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

So, goodnight. Time for fifteen more short chapters.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

moment in time
I'm on my couch, still in PJs because I don't have to be anywhere until tonight's show, smelling slightly of condensed milk from the casserole bubbling away on my counter (cheddar cheese and potatoes - it'll take care of part of my ongoing nacho craving) from having to go through multiple cans before finding the one that was past the 'best by' date but not actually expired, listening to Shostakovitch playing live from London as part of the Last Night of the Proms, reminding myself once more that someday I actually want to *be* at the Last Night of the Proms, a disc of 'Friday Night Lights' endlessly paused on my TV from when the concert started, and about five minutes away from working on a limerick to continue a joke with one of my actor/jurors, but distracted by the way my opening night flowers have continued to bloom one week after receiving them.

Monday, September 07, 2015

Previously plans to run around today canceled because I keep injuring myself and I'd rather do that indoors today, thanks.

In related news: the multi-bandage configuration on my foot makes it look way worse than it is. In related-related news: we need to buy a roll of gauze for the first aid kit for the next person with a cut several inches long so they don't have to Frankenstein something together.

Reviews for the show keep popping up, and happily they're all positive so far. (Also, from my side of things: this is holding true.)

Am I now going to spend my holiday putting together a spreadsheet for what to tape in the new television season? Maybe. (Yes.)

Thursday, September 03, 2015

(extra plus side: I'm still in my PJs at 10am on a Thursday)
I will take this morning's nosebleed over yesterday's 'rancid chocolate milk to the eyeball' any day of the week, and month of the year.