Tuesday, November 26, 2002

So, here I sit in my dorm room watching Notting Hill, wondering how I can love the movie so much even though Julia Roberts is such a jerk to Hugh Grant (mmm....Hugh Grant), and wishing I was already in the car headed toward home. My last class got over around 11:16 (we finished early), but I have one-act practice from 6:30 until 8:00, hence my fun wait. I was actually planning to watch Lord of the Rings since I have plenty of DVD time, but the player kept freezing every five minutes. When you're watching a three hour movie, this only adds to the length.

Man, Julia Roberts is such a jerk in this flick.

But that only makes me love Hugh Grant even more.

Fun Fact: Troy, my ride (who's so incredibly wonderful to stay and wait for me to be done even though that'll put us arriving home around 11:30 tonight), fell off of his bunk bed last night onto (get this, y'all) a chair. He's kinda walking with a tilt to the side right now, but he says he'll be fine to drive.

Well, I've got an hour to kill before practice, so I may try to actually do some work before I leave. Maybe.

Or maybe I'll just take advantage of the fact that hardly anyone's on the network, so stuff should download faster than.....fast stuff.

Saturday, November 23, 2002

(Yes, that post is a not-so-carefully disgused way to post without actually writing anything. Aren't you so clever to catch on?)
One More Reason to Love MSN:

(an abbreviated message between Tiffani and myself)

TJ says: married w/ children is on

Hannah jane says: I'd say I hadn't seen it in forever, but yesterday I saw half an episode

TJ says: really that is cool

TJ says: friends is on

TJ says: ho hum

Hannah jane says: not a good episode?

TJ says: don't know

TJ says: don't care

TJ says: kinda funny

Hannah jane says: I guess that's kinda good

TJ says: old

Hannah jane says: I like the old ones best

TJ says: yep i don' like any of them

TJ says: actually

TJ says: kinda like them

TJ says: Golden girls!!!!!!!!!!

Hannah jane says: I was never a big Golden Girls fan

TJ says: see that is cool awesome show!

TJ says: cheese on lennon

TJ says: dropped remote

TJ says: All in the Family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow, I just love how the universe suddnely decided I deserved awesome Fridays! Maybe it's because the rest of my weekday evenings have one-act practice...I don't really know, and don't especially care, either. I just know that last night was so-o-o-o much fun!

I went out with the flute section again to see Harry Potter (although this time we stayed in Kirksville and didn't take a road trip to Macon), which--of course--meant we had to eat out first. Between McDonalds (which has these *amazing* "Treasure Planet" Happy Meal toys right now AND they're back to the old cardboard boxes [at least for now]--a double helping of wonderfulness) and the movie theatre itself, I have about 89 cents left. (Please, marching band paycheck, please please come in soon!)

But, I loved the movie just as much as I did the first time around, which means I can totally justify to myself buying the DVD when it comes out next year at a price that's way too high for my cheap college lifestyle. Of course, we weren't in the very front row (as fun as that was) and we made comments to each other the entire time (Kristen, dude, you crack me up)--including credits--but it was still lots of fun.

When we came back to campus, we decided it was the perfect time to explore the basement in Baldwin Hall, which is supposed to be haunted......this naturally led to trying to get into *every* basement on campus. So you, young Truman student, never have to go through this same process, I give you:

The Basements of Truman Buildings

Ophelia Parrish - very white, very sterile looking, very boring. Don't waste your time unless you just want to ride in the gigantic elevator (it's made to fit instruments and scenery pieces--I think we're going to sneak into the building and have a flute sleep-over in it sometime, though).

Kirk Memorial - actual door to the basement was locked, but that's probably to protect the weird artifact museum down there. There *was* a good collection of old dentist chairs outside the door, however, and the first floor lobby has excellent accoustics for singing loudly ("I Will Survive") or just yelling because no one's around.

Kirk Building - I was the only one who'd actually been in the basement here before (there's a big gym down there where we filmed for filmclub the day I actually got to stay long enough to be part of the movie), and that stayed the same as all the doors were locked. Truman, is there no trust in the world? You leave everything else unlocked.

Violette Hall - There is no basement. We didn't even go in the building. (I think it was locked, anyway.)

McClain Hall - It's a boring building with no actual basement. We did utilize the campus phones to make a quick prank call, although the person wasn't home, so it was just a prank message (Hey, it's me! Call me back! Thanks, bye!). No, we didn't know the person.

Baldwin Hall - The only one with a remotely creepy basement; mainly because it's where all the old fine arts stuff was stored before it moved to OP, so the basement is just old lockers and cabinets hanging open with music all over the floor. Also in Baldwin, there's a door that constantly bangs against its lock, like someone's trying to get in from the other side. (Kristen could not stand by this door for longer than 30 seconds.) This was the only spooky thing (in my opinion) in any basement, although the dentist chairs were kinda weird. The best part about Baldwin, however, was the open window on the third floor that opened onto the roof. No, the sidewalk isn't close enough to the side of the building to use this fact to our advantage, although we did agree it would make the best hide-and-seek spot ever.

All in all, a wonderful time. I need to go exploring more often. (I'd say, I'll do that next Friday, but I'll be happily long gone from here by then--yay, Thanksgiving!) Hope all y'alls Friday was just as great. (Oh, and Memento? Twisted movie, y'all, but recommended highly. Broadway trivia: The chick who plays Stanley's wife just won the Tony last year for Featured Actress in a Musical even though she'd never done a musical before in her entire life. Go, Harriet Harris, go!)

Wednesday, November 20, 2002

I just realized that last night, while my brother, Caleb, was writing a thought-provoking post on cloning and scientists "playing god," I was watching kittens dressed as vikings sail to a Led Zeppelin song. Same family, different worlds. (And people think he's the weird one...)

I'd ponder this longer, but I'm hungry and want to go to lunch so I can do laundry this afternoon so I can buy discounted books tomorrow at the bookstore's customer appreciation day. Is there anything you want, Caleb? Let me know. (You know how to reach me.....or else you really don't and that's why I never seem to hear from you anymore.)

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Okay, you know it's time to go to bed when you run into something like this. (As a complete side note---I wouldn't be completely adverse to someone buying me one of the t-shirts; just make it a good one.)

Goodnight, y'all. Don't let the kittens haunt your dreams tonight!
I just finished my math homework and I'm amusing myself with this.....my pirate name's Mad Jenny Bonney, what's yours? Arr!
I totally woke up this morning thinking it was Wednesday. It wasn't until I was debating which pair of exercise shorts to wear (I have fitness activity on Mon/Wed) before I realized that it was actually Tuesday and I still had to register. This, of course, was a mondo bummer to realize.

However, as of three-ish this afternoon, I am officially registered will all the classes I wanted for next semester. (They're in a little bit different order, but they're still there, and that's all that really matters to me right now.) I believe that calls for a "YAY!!!"

Monday, November 18, 2002

Interesting news on the math front......

I was talking to my friend Steve (he also takes elementary functions, although the hour before me, so we work on problems together--he finds it vastly amusing that I have a calculator named "Steve") and he says that since the professor (Dr. Knight) has been gone for so long, the math department is considering whether or not he'll get to retain his teaching position next semester. Apparently, he wasn't supposed to be gone this long, and no one's sure what to do anymore. We were supposed to have a test today (according to the schedule), but he didn't leave a copy behind, so we didn't have it. (That was a *yay* moment, if I ever saw one.) We're not even sure when we'll actually take it, if ever.

Crazy, huh? I just hope I get to make up that first test after Thanksgiving like we were promised at the begining of the year. Otherwise, rest of the class or not, my final grade will kinda go downhill.
I've just got to brag on myself before I rush off to lunch......Remember how much my math pain makes me moan and writher in pain and agony? (Or something like that.....I'm in a good mood and prone to exagerate.) Today we got back our last test [from about two weeks ago--we've had a substitute teacher for awhile], and I received a 97%! That's the best math test grade I've received all this year! Yay, me!

[EXTRA NOTE: I don't know why, but Blogger keeps saying it's post and publishing, but this is the third time I've had to re-publish this note. Does someone at Blogger not want to celebrate my math victory?]

Saturday, November 16, 2002

I am so incredibly proud of myself. Today, for the first time EVER in my entire short existance, I actually managed to twist noodles onto a fork and get them to my mouth before they all fell off. Greatest thing about this? No need to slurp the ends of my noodles (although I enjoy doing that in the privacy of my home, the middle of the Ryle Hall dinning hall isn't the best place to slurp noodles).

Of course, I couldn't repeat the same feat *afterward,* nor will I ever be able to do so again, I suppose. Oh, well. In the [sorta] words of Shakespeare: Tis better to have twisted once only than to have never twisted at all.

Friday, November 15, 2002

Just to Mention It: favorite line of Harry Potter that *wasn't* in the book? RON: "Follow the spiders?! Why couldn't it have been follow the butterflies?"

And, if you see the movie, stay until the end of the credits for a short little funny thing. If credits bore you, just do what we did: make fun of the names. Trust me, there's some doozies in there.

(For those of you who care: Yes, I feel better now (I think it might've been the scrambled eggs I ate this morning), and--far as I know--no one's dead. Although, I did obsessively check my messages today, just in case.


Once I got past the whole "overwhelming feeling of dread" thing, this was a great day. More than that....we need a thesaurus to accuratly describe today. Today, Friday, November 15, was a wonderful, extraordinary, marvelous, astonighing, amazing remarkable, astounding day! (Thank you Webster's Classic Reference Library Thesaurus (new revised edition), copyright 2001) First of all, I found out I don't have a math test on Monday, which means I don't have to worry about it this weekend. And, I already finished my math homework, so I don't have to think about math at all, if I don't want to. (And, oh, do I not want to think about functions class.) I planned out an entirely new replacement schedule, just in case the lab slotdoesn't work out, so I don't have to fret about that. ["Fret" is a very British-sounding word; don't you think so?] I tracked down my theatre advisor, so both schedules are completely approved and ready to register on Tuesday. While I *did* have marching band, it lasted for less than an hour (to quote my SA Alicen: "Sweet!"), and--by going--I found out that a group of flutes were meeting to go to Harry Potter in the evening. So, that's how I ended up on a road trip to Macon, Missouri at five thirty today.

Interestingly enough, when we arrived, there was no one (no one) there, so we left for supper (Burger King; I am now the proud owner of a Simpsons Kid's Meal toy) to eat something more substatial than popcorn. When we got back, however, the place was packed (of course), and we ended up sitting in the *very* *front* *row.* Dead center. This, of course, added a new and interesting twist to the movie, as anytime something popped out, it looked like it was going to attack us. [MINOR MOVIE SPOILER: yeah, and that snake at the end? Don't even get me started on how freaky it is to have *that* look like it's going to attack you.]

And, I don't know why this made the whole trip totally worthwhile, but the movie theater was selling supplies left over from their haunted corn maze (the "maize maze," as they called it--yes, this is more of a hick town than Sullivan; scary, eh?), so I'm now the proud owner of a safari helmet. (For $1.00, no less)

So, moral: tomorrow may suck, but at least I'll have today to remember forever. And that's good enough for me.
Okay, not to sound like an alarmist, but is everyone okay? About twenty minutes ago, I got the most overwhelming feeling of dread, and--while I feel better now (God bless prayer)--I don't know if everyone else feels okay, too.

So, is there anything going on out there? Let me know if you're all okay (or bad or whatever--just let me know you're still alive).

Thursday, November 14, 2002

As it's only *40-ish* days until Christmas, (and I'm apparently making up for my lack of posting over the past couple of days by posting a zillion times in one night) here's some helpful gift ideas. (And don't forget this one.) (If the link would work, you could see my wonderful bowling bag purse at this link. (In red, por favor.) )

Just because I was already there......Mom, weren't you looking for something like this? Just letting you know it's out there.
Two Other Pieces of News That Just Occurred to Me:

1. Mom and Dad, if you're reading this (so help you), I have a tenative ride home for Thanksgiving break. Troy said he'd give me a ride, so we can mess with the vacation thing from there. Sound cool? Spiffy.

2. Jennifer (of the comment board fame) has a new weblog. It seems the disease is spreading to all whom I touch. I can hardly wait for it to spread to Hope and Cindy-Loo-Hoo. Jennifer's still working out technical difficulties, but hopefully with some help (Did you used to have that same template, Caleb? Wanna spread some help around?---email Jennifer, for golly sakes!), she'll match the technical marvel that is my site. [Feel free to add your own solid laughter here.] Here's the link. Ta da.
So, ......life. Yeah. It's been kinda hectic around here lately (like I oh so subtly mentioned before). I think I finally have my schedule worked out (I register on Tuesday), although there's only four spots left in the lab class I *have* to be in for everything to work. (No, I'm not tense. I've always had this nervous tick.) (Yes, I have a back-up schedule. I just really didn't want to have to use it.)

I've only had One-Act practice twice this week. We missed on Sunday, cancelled Tuesday for the director's birthday, and we skipped today so one of the actors could go to a Harry Potter party (Yes, I know the movie comes out tomorrow, and yes, I plan on going. The theater doesn't sell tickets until the day of, so I'm calling first thing in the morning.) Yesterday we didn't have much of a practice because we through the director a surprise party. Lydia made a cake, Jolene bought ice cream, and Paul killed all the balloons with a big metal stick someone left in the room. (It kinda resembled a machete.) We talked about meeting tomorrow, but Harry Potter stood in the way.

Other news: I tried to reorganize my desk (move the DVDs I can't play out of site, move the printer up a shelf, and move my books), but it wasn't until I threaded all my cords through different holes in the back of the desk, taken everything off the shelf, and had nearly everything perfect that I realized I didn't leave enough room for all my textbooks. So I had to move everything back. Bleck. (Semi-related note: I need to buy a new black ink cartridge because I have 25% left according to the message box that pops up every time I turn on the computer.)

Yesterday I played my bass drum part completely left handed. (I'm a righty.) No one noticed the difference. I'm finally ambidextrous at something! (I've always wanted to be ambidextrous--though I don't have the time to teach myself to write left-handed.) I just never thought it'd be in percussion. Although, three months ago, I never thought I'd be in percussion to begin with.

I totally have no topic going anymore, so I'll end with this quote, heard in the Baldwin Hall stairwell after WACT class: "You're walking, not waiting! They both start with "w," but they ain't the same thing!"
I was terribly dissapointed today when I figured out [based on other chalkings around campus] that the ad for "Learn the Truth About Warner's Health" was actually a badly written Women's Health. I was really looking forward to listening to some football conspiracy theories. I haven't heard a good conspiracy theory in a long while. Oh well.

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Let me also add how sad I was when I walked toward Baldwin today and there was no mattress on the grass like usual.

Allow me to explain.

It's fairly common practice for roommates to steal each other's mattresses (not that common--but I do hear about another thing at least once or twice a month) and put them in odd places. Lots of people hide them in the elevator, and just move it off onto a floor whenever the owner gets suspicious. Some mattresses have ended up in entierly different buildings. So, when I saw the mattress there Sunday night, I wasn't so much surprised to see it as I wondered how long it would stay there. (Apparently, four days--depending on when it was put there over the weekend.) Either the owner started searching the campus, the people who hid it finally gave in, or Truman staff took over. I'd like to think the matinence staff became too sick of looking for it, had to find some obscure spot for it, and the people who hid it suddenly had a whole lot more trouble on their hands from the mattress's owner.

Hee hee hee
Yeah, I know....I used to be so gung-ho about posting all the time. You know that sensation you get when a big rubber mallet comes into contact with the back of you skull? I don't know it specifically, but I can guess it's a whole lot like what life's doing to me right now. I think all my professors suddenly figured out there's only a few weeks left before finals and since they surely haven't taught us anything yet, they have to now. Bleck. I just had to report that when I went to get my mail today, I was listening to the music blaring from open windows in the dorm (it's a really nice day out today). There was the expected rock, alternative, and rap, but I was vastly surprised by the person blasting "The Song That Never Ends" out of their second floor window. Man, I'm so glad I'm not that person's roommate.

Monday, November 11, 2002

No, I didn't delete the comment board, but it looks like someone did for me because it doesn't show up half the time. Sorry if you try to post and it doesn't show up--I swear I didn't get rid of it, but it disappears every once in awhile. Sorry.

Sunday, November 10, 2002

Have I mentioned how much I love Jennifer's comments? (And how sorry I am that I didn't get to see you this weekend---I think that helped add to my sickness: total guilt that I never even called you.) Extra special mail coming your way!
Speaking of deleting things.....blogger just ate my last post. Dang. I guess this means I have to write it again. Double dang.

This was a crazy weekend. Friday had the most gorgeous November weather I've ever seen--it was a confounded high of 74 degrees! I didn't have any classes in the afternoon, so I took my lawn chair out to the quad and sat and read for three hours. I'd actually planned to work on my schedule and four-year plan, but I didn't. I didn't work on either of those that evening/night, either, as I worked on not watching The Lord of the Rings (remember--I flubbed up my DVD player?) instead.

Saturday morning, my wonderful parents drove up, picked me up, and drove me back home. (Did I mention they were wonderful? Because they really really are and I love them so much) I did laundry all afternoon, along with some math homework and schedule work. That night I went to my high school's production of "The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe"--the main reason for my journey home. It was a pretty good show---the White Witch was wonderfully evil, my friend Kelly had two (*two!*) sword fight sequences, and I got to see lots of my drama people. I actually ended up at an unofficial semi-cast party singing country songs (and Bohemian Rhapsody, a must for any sing-along situation) very loudly at Pizza Hut. The party moved to Jeani's house around 10-ish, and I got home around 11:40 (yes, I had a curfew and yes, I was late). I eventually fell asleep on the couch around 1:30 watching Ocean's Eleven, woke up around 6:30 lamenting the fact that I didn't get to sleep on my regular, not-up-in-the-air bed, moved to said bed, and fell asleep watching the sun rise through the crack in my curtains.

Sunday morning, I woke up a couple hours later, got ready for church, started feeling a little sick, but managed to sit through the sermon in Ezekiel and go downstairs for the meal (leftovers from a dinner held Friday night) before I felt really ill. We finally went back home, but only long enough to pack and get in the car before leaving for campus. I tried to work on my four-year plan again, feel nauseous, fell sleep to try and feel better, woke up, worked on my plan some more, and gave up about three miles outside Kirksville. I dropped all my stuff off, walked my parents back to the car, cried for awhile, reminded myself Thanksgiving was in two weeks, and ate my supper. Unfortunetly, eating kinda made me sick again, and I ended up [finally] throwing-up in the four floor lounge's trash can. This wasn't exactly the best place, but at least I felt better. I then threw away the rest of my sandwich (there wasn't much, and I certainly wasn't going to eat any more after seeing it again that soon), and ran to one-act practice. Where I sat for half an hour with the cast until we finally decided the director had either died on his way back from Kansas City or was in jail for stealing bells. (Long story--I'll explain another time.) Got back to the room just in time to hear Brian (the director)'s message on the phone (Apparently, someone who got a ride with him became rather sick on the ride back and they had spend some quality time at a McDonald's parking lot.) Then, I sat down at the computer, typed out my four-year plan, wished for luck that I would actually work out, and typed out a blog entry.

Then I had to type it again because blogger ate it. But you already knew that. I'm thinking bed is a good idea for right now, but I have a brand new Delia's catalog and I won't have time for it in the morning. Although, bed has nice warm blankets......

Yeah, that's gonna win. Goodnight, y'all. (Please, Lord, let this actually post.)

Saturday, November 09, 2002

Well, I just figured out that I deleted the DVD program off my computer. Of course, I found this out when I actually wanted to watch a movie five minutes ago. Apparently, when I tried to delete the not-working, crummy DVD program on my computer, I actually deleted the one I actually use. And love. (Or loved, as I guess the case really is now.) This is just a great big bummer--I had a new DVD and everything! I'm now listening to the three somber Moxy Fruvous songs actually on my computer ("Sad Girl" has a good melancholy-ness to it that helps the upset mood I'm in.) I think I need to read something happy and upbeat before I go to bed....I'll have weird dreams if I go to bed right now.

Hoping y'all haven't deleted something important to your existance today. (Yeah, it's only a DVD player, but I'm a college student. What am I supposed to do--study? I do too much of that already.)

Friday, November 08, 2002

*Happy Birthday, Sam!*

That's right, y'all, it's my friend Sam's 18th birthday! (It's also my half birthday, so if you want to get me something, just check out this. Rock out, Moxy Fruvous!) In honor of this wonderful occassion, here's....

A Couple of Great Things About Sam

* She sends poor college students (like me) letters in decorated envelopes with a package of Pop Rocks and a couple stickers--the greatest things to find in the dull gray dorm mailbox.
* I'm four hours away, but still completely current on my hometown gossip because she fills me in over MSN at night.
* She introduced me to the scrapbook store downtown with its Wall of Stickers.
* My junior year, we roomed together at state music festival and called all our friends with different accents for hours.
* The way she always tries to spread a little joy around the world.
* Sam's laugh. There's no way to describe it, but it just makes me happy.

BTWY ("by the way, y'all") --- the comment board's going to stick around as long as Jennifer's making comments on it. I'd love for this to turn into the Hannah and Jennifer show, 'cause she cracks me up so much!

Thursday, November 07, 2002

Truly Bizarrness

I was working on a paper in my writing class today, when I wrote the word "occupy" and I suddenly flashed back to seventh grade SAGE class and how annoying I was. I can't believe I actually (on many occassions) just ran in circles around poor Dan Culp saying "occupy! occupy!" How did I have friends back then if I acted this way to people? I just want to apologize to Dan for that, along with anyone else I did some weird annoying thing to during that time of my life. I'm very embarrassed to look back on that, and I have no clue why that suddenly came to me in class today.

I feel better now.

Anyway, I know I promised (pinky swore and everything!) a real post--what? Two days ago? My life's been suddenly taken over by my next submission in my writing class, and it doesn't look like I'll be free until I actually turn it in next Thursday. (Oh, golly, I hope it doesn't take that long.) So, forgive me, y'all, but I want to keep my scholarship.

Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Can't talk today......I'm busy writing a paper about why being 1/4 Canadian is the best minority to be (please don't send me flak about that---it's a tounge-in-cheek persuasive paper). I pinky swear to update tomorrow.

Extra Note: I've gotten some mail (okay, one email) that the comment board doesn't work. This could possibly have been the problem all along. If you've tried to use the comment board but couldn't, send me an email so I can see if this problem only affects my brother. (Yes, he's alive! Hi Caleb!)

Monday, November 04, 2002

I've come to the conclusion that I should disband the comment board. No one ever seems to use it, and I hate looking at how it doubled itself anyway, so I don't think it's a big loss. I'll probably look into a guestbook for the future, but I'm not too concerned with that right now. I'll leave the comment line up for about the rest of the week, in case anyone wants to plead with me to keep it around (please ignore my laughter at that thought--I've had two comments the entire time, and one was from myself to all y'all).
Weird Moment: I was just taking a break from studying (I have a health test tomorrow morning) by playing the random quote game on Internet Movie Database when I got a quote from The Muppet Movie just when the song "The Magic Show" (from the end of that movie) was playing on my computer. Bizarre timing, eh?

(Why are all my latest posts in weird subject form like this? Besides the fact that that's how I'm organizing stuff right now, why should it extend to my weblog?)
Greatest Thing About the Library Having Windows: people on the outside can watch a person's frustration grow until they finally beat their head on the table and/or Hugely Thick Book that caused the frustration. Ah, college.

Sunday, November 03, 2002

One Thing That Makes Me Smile: getting an email from someone that starts out "Dearest Hannah." The 'est' just makes it that much better than a regular 'dear.'

That is all. Too much happened today to expand further.

Saturday, November 02, 2002

Okay, let me just say I had the best Halloween ever (so good it deserves bold *and* italics!) My SA told us not too buy too much candy (not that I bought any at all, as I already mentioned) because the fourth floor doesn't generally have many visitors. Ha. I've never seen so many confounded costumed kids in my life. I *did* end up wearing my duct tape dress (and made a great crown...I was a gigantic hit that people are still talking about, just to brag), and was handing out candy left and right when the *fire alarm* went off. Of course, my first reaction wasn't "I hope there aren't many kids in the building" or "boy, what idiot pulled the alarm?" No, the first thing I thought of was how I would reach my total doom by falling down the stairs because my duct tape dress wouldn't let me bend. Everyone got out of the building eventually, and were huddling around because the temperature had dropped about ten degrees after the sun set. While my floor was re-grouping, we heard someone behind us say "I *told* him not to use the fog machine!" That's right, someone on the third floor had turned on their fog machine (to make their hall creepier and thus possibly win the hall decorating contest), and it triggered the alarm. I'm sure the three firetrucks that showed up were very thrilled to find this out.

Anyway, we finally get back up to our rooms (after and even scarier climb *up* the stairs in the duct tape dress), and the kids start coming back and continue clearing me out of candy. I finally got to a point where I was nearly out (and had a space between kids) and walked aimlessly down the hall to see how everyone else was. My friend Janna was nearly out of candy like I was, and lamenting the loss of all her candy bars. So, we decided we'd earn back all our candy by trick-or-treating ourselves. You have no idea how much fun it is to go around with all the little kids and beg people your age for candy. You also have no idea how much fun it is to see people's reaction when they figure out you're wearing duct tape. I highly recommend for everyone to wear a completely duct tape outfit at least once in their lives to know this sensation. Janna and I ended up with way more candy than we even started out with (*good* candy, too!), and we didn't have to buy any of it. Definitely a great Halloween.

Then, yesterday, I voted for the first time ever (is it just me, or are the little boxes little bundles of fun to punch out? I'm totally looking forward to the next election now just for that.), didn't go to the library like I [sorta] planned, saw the lab show ("The Visit"--a truly creepy play that I'm still thinking about...I recommend you go out and read it, although it won't be the same as sitting there in the first row, watching it live, like I did.), went to Wal-Mart around 11 p.m., bought some [discounted] candy corn (yay! sugar high!) and "The Three Musketeers" on DVD (I totally never realized that was Kieffer Sutherland and Charlie Sheen--how sad is that?), and ended up falling asleep on Tiffani's very solid floor while watching Spider-Man at one a.m after discussing how bad it would be if people became hyper after eating carbohydrates instead of sugar, as you'd never be able to eat potatoes (yes, we were very very tired).

Boy, three links in one sentence. That must be some kind of record.

Today I sat through the coldest football game of all time, only to watch us lose (although the 100-yard touchdown was pretty spiffy to see). Before that, I actually managed to make it filming and am finally in a movie! This is exciting because I tried to be in the movie before and ended up with gray hair and no shooting. Sure, all I'm doing is sitting and hanging out, but it's still something. (And I didn't have to color my hair.) All in all, a relatively good day (once I could feel my toes again), and it's about to get even better--I'm going to bed. Yay, sleep! Goodnight, y'all!