Monday, June 27, 2011

because it's the start of tech week, and that often makes me forget that there is good in the world

* Thank you, vaguely '90s Pandora station, for playing one of my favorite covers ever - Fountains of Wayne's "Baby One More Time." (And thanks for playing FoW in general.)

* I don't care that I bought this box of Jaffa Cakes about two months ago for the Royal Wedding. They've been in my fridge, and eating the citrus center cold is somehow even better than straight out of the box.

* It'll probably be creepy by the end of the week, but for now it's oddly adorable having my Jane Austen action figure watch me rewrite screen shift paperwork. She cares!

* Fifty cent box of Jell-o, who knew you would provide such joy?

* HECK YEAH JOHNNY SAUCEP'N! (Thanks again, Pandora)

Friday, June 24, 2011


As in, I still have them, despite the continual stress of trying to run a show (let alone one where I missed a week of rehearsals and thus have portions of the show I've never seen). However, instead of biting I've developed chronic picking at them, so that'll be another habit to break next month.

Wow. My life is excited.

We're two weeks exactly from opening, so we're currently at the point where it feels like there's SO MUCH TIME left to do everything (as compared to next week, when we'll wonder why there's NO TIME LEFT EVER) and also when I feel swamped by paperwork. In fact, that's what I'm going to go do no. (But not before finishing my lunch break by chewing another piece of Fruit Stripe Gum, and adding a zebra tattoo to my arm. It's the little things.)

Thursday, June 16, 2011


[My original draft of this was supposed to start with a picture of the bridal party's feet (as I often take such shots) followed by the line "So there's that." - which I've been using a lot this week after it sticking in my head from the Tonys telecast, but I'm in the lobby, waiting to see if the last two sets of people show up for tonight as the show gets started behind me, so I'm on limited resources. But, hey! An actual updated, even if it's not a true update, since I sold a bunch of walk-ups instead of drafting a post.]

*Though technically 18 is more than 15, I did cheat a little by mentioning the competition after Mrs. W was out of the room. But she *did* get to end the day married, so I think it's fair if I win off pins.

Monday, June 06, 2011

(So, clearly, something is up with my laptop where it won't do blogger posts--as in, I tried to redo a post on the laptop, and it wouldn't work until I pulled it up on the work computer instead. And then had the original date, rather than the updated date from when I continued it. Let the continuity issues boggle your mind. Good luck.)

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Why yes, I'm listening to instrumental tracks from "The Little Mermaid" to see if I could add any to Angelfish's wedding preshow.

(Or I was, last time I was trying to post an entry.)

I'm aware that by choosing to watch "2012," I was opening myself up to a world of ridiculousness, but I was not prepared for the end credits, and what could only be referred to as "Love Theme from 2012."

Further acknowledged bad movie-ness: clearly Hilary Duff cared *so much* about her dead father's fairy tale book in "A Cinderella Story," seeing as it took her until her senior year to find the hidden will in the back. (I only warn of spoilers when it's a movie people want to see.)

(Movie you should want to see: X-Men First Class, and not just because of Mr. McAvoy. Go give Mr. Hoult my best as well.)

Unrelated to anything: I've managed to not eat my fingernails for the whole first week of rehearsal, and it's all for Angelfish. Also, my polish smells like raspberries.