Wednesday, September 09, 2009

it's Wednesday of tech week, yet all my fingernails are intact

I don't know why I'm watching them now, but old clips of "The Lion King" (the musical, not the movie) on YouTube are a weird way to block out Myrtle in the background. Also, somewhat ineffectual.

Also-also, I find it difficult not to listen to "Endless Night" on somewhat forever repeat. And I still want to grow up and be Julie Taymor. (How did I manage to write a second paragraph that matches the first? I thought I'd lost that skill.)

Monday, September 07, 2009

realizing one bus ride too late

You know what's really helpful? If you're going to work on script changes, you should probably bring with you the most recent draft of the script. (Either that, or have better faith in your memory to include what's been cut out prior to the newest changes.)

So beyond unrelated: I'm annoyed with Jane Austen for coming up with as dull a heroine as Fanny Price. I think Jane took whatever backbone she would've given Fanny and sent it to Elizabeth Bennett instead.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

update about not updating

All those hoping the holiday weekend would lead to wonderful rest and thus (huzzah!) most blogging will be saddened to hear that I'll be in the world of tech week and happy to manage basic life functions (let along figuring out where to call cues and finding a storage home for all my set pieces).

Those who don't care whether I blog or not can feel free to continue to not care.

Go team awesome.