Monday, January 31, 2005

Return of the sequin cat ears!

Quick (because it's almost one a.m., though I'm not sleepy) reflections from the past weekend.

* The next time someone asks me to help them out with a film...I'll probably say yes again. But I'll think harder about it that time.

* I just realized I still had some lemonade left in the Minute Maid can, and it really doesn't hold up after sitting out and open for a couple hours.

* New art project: friend trading cards!

* An ecclectic music lover like myself shouldn't be allowed to (1) swap CDs with friends to listen to new artists, (2) be in charge of the CD player, (3) or pull up the school library's entire listing of sound recordings. I did all three.

* I've had Ben Folds/Rufus Wainwright's version of "Careless Whisper" (yes, the Wham! classic) on virtual repeat since I found it this afternoon, because it's that cool.

* Those microwave bacon cookers that let the grease drip off don't work well. But the grease does drip off all disgusting-like.

* Sometimes I have to wonder if I would go to the same extents for other people (and not just certain ones) before I can regain my balance in the world.

* When you see the light, remember to duck...and cover!

Saturday, January 29, 2005

"It's SNOWING?!"

It took absolutely all my exhaustion not to go spinning around outside this morning at 4 a.m. when I woke up randomly and was told by the people still in my room that the the snow was absolutely coming down.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Apparently I need to get out more

Anybody want to hear my tentative schedule for Fall 2005?

Senior Theatre Seminar, MW 2:30-3:20
Logic, MWF 3:30-4:20
Intro to Financial Management, TTh 9:00-10:20
Biology, TTh 10:30-11:50 (with Friday lab)
Directing, TTh 1:30-2:50

It's only fourteen hours, but I only have four classes left after that, so there's not much finangling I can do. Also of note: the logic class knocks out marching band for the season, so I might end up changing that depending on future internships.

Speaking of internships: I just found a great little theatre in Pennsylvania with all sorts of employment opportunities. Discuss.
"I'm going down/she's coming up."

I'm only a minute into the song, but I totally want to see a movie somewhere use Florida's "The Girl on the Escalator," because it's just crying out for some widespread fame...and a scene on an escalator.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Blame it on the Strawberry Soda and Course Catalogs

After a brief encounter with the most recent major degree worksheets for theatre (unchanged) and English (so very changed in my favor), it has come to my attention that I'm apparently 27 credits from graduating with both majors and the minor.


That's thirteen credits one semester and a rousing fourteen the other.

My first thought when I realized all this new math? I completely tried to work in a third major, or at least a second minor. (Apparently high school Hannah is still alive and well somewhere inside me, which will probably help me out in the long run.) Barring that, I worked out the math to receive general honors from Truman. It'd only add an extra six hours (and third class could double up on my LSP), so it wouldn't add much. However, the late hour and my better senses finally caught up with me, and--barring taking some class over an interm sometime--I'm probably going to just chill out next year and fill myself up with extracurriculars.

Meaning, movies and junk food, but who's counting?

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Do you believe in coincidences?

In what could have just been a bad day for bananas (my JINS class began with two friends comparing banana horror stories from the dorms; one of which had me picturing equal parts the tarantula puppet from Harry Belafonte on the Muppet Show and that time all the baby spiders "hatched" in Caleb's room), ended up just being a banana day when the random 5+ foot stuffed banana popped into our doorway and then quickly disappeared again.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Kitty's purrrfect!

It saddens me on some level that I ever became too cynical to always enjoy the Family Circus comic.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Everybody's got the right to be happy

I was starting to get into my Saturday night on my own (most everyone else went out to a club for some dancing and such) until I realized I was listening to the "Assassins" soundtrack sing about psychotic loners while I sat on my own on Saturday night.

I think I'm going to watch a movie.
"Don't you get up in my Kool-Aid!"

Though you never really expect quality from a movie purely made to capitalize off a Kirsten Dunst throw-off, "Bring it On Again" managed to pull some enjoyable moments (and lots of why-don't-we-have-popcorn-to-throw-at-the-screen? times). If nothing else, there was enough "what does that even *mean?*" going on [see: post title].

Additionally, deciding to go it mute for a portion of the evening, even while continuing to hold conversations with people, definitely becomes its own reward.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Later what do I do to fix that? Go on eBay and search up typewriters, naturally.

Part of me wants to hole up in a cave somewhere for awhile, just to get away from all the various messenger flashy boxes that keep popping up on my screen with friends needing help that they can only get from me, but then there's the part that just doesn't want to think about Accounting anymore.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Sort of in time for my birthday!

Scrubs is finally coming to DVD!!!
Dorm Sweet Dorm

Things are settled in again (which means that everything is basically unpacked and I have homework; thus, cue blogging!) in Truman land. Melissa and I [and random cohorts] moved furniture around on Monday afternoon and it's amazing how much space suddenly appeared with the magic shifting of beds. My desk shifted down the wall and I'm sometimes nervous I'll accidently unplug the entire powerbar (and Merv with it), but I haven't lost any computer stuff yet. I'm planning on overhauling my side of the closet this weekend to try and fit in all the new food, but I don't feel like dealing with it before then.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Going to Bed........Soon

But first, because Caleb wanted me to post that I was alive in Kirksville, I'm telling you all [note the lack of "y'all"] that I'm alive and in Kirksville.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

But the live version was over in Randolph 1

I must regretfully announce that the annual Golden Globes post (AKA - Always the Longest Thing I Do) is canceled this year as (1) I didn't take notes while I was watching, because (2) I was over at the Apartment (3) drinking down lots of sparkling grape juice which made me (4) entirely too hyper. Plus, we didn't really pay much attention to things, as Krista had Egypt stories to tell and Annie kept marveling over the fact that I'm now into Farscape. ("You're a SCAPER!")

I will say that there was much mocking of Glenn Close's outfit and drooling over Johnny Depp, like usual. Well, "like usual" for Johnny Depp, but hopefully you got that. I'd give minor opinions over movies that won/lost/etc, but I haven't seen anything that's getting awards (National Treasure doesn't make many "best of" lists). I will say that I'm sure if I'm annoyed or charmed by Jamie Foxx's crowd participation chant thing.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

[Re: Last Years Confessions]

So, to hit from the previous year first, Spice Girl's "Wannabe" show up an alarming number of times during the fall semester...possibly because the story behind it came out one night and my friends are nothing if not trivia rememberers.

Anyway. I still haven't made it to any non-Missouri theatre yet, though when I confessed it last year I was hoping that would give weight to the London or New York trips (depending on who was going to be free). Oh well.

I did, however, manage to grab a University Swingers meeting once where I learned a basic swing step and how to spin in and out of said step. It helps if your partner can actually swing you out, but that's not completely necessary.

Acting II helped my get over the Lady Macbeth thing ["Finally!" says the world.] by letting me play all sorts of roles no one would actually cast me in out in real life. Plus, during the past year I transitioned even further from acting to tech: a decision that continues to be a blessing.

I haven't heard anything about death glares for awhile; maybe people were making them up. I do now obsess over music all the time, as opposed to just when I had the time.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Because it's just what you do at the end of the year

*The Best, etc. of 2004*

Best time: early May

Worst time: late June-early July

Favorite movie (theatre): Big Fish [there with Caleb, mostly empty theatre, perfection]

Favorite movie (not): Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind [that's what I needed that day], and both Kill Bill movies [watched straight in a row, with only a short manatee break]

Favorite CD (forgot about): Into the Woods soundtrack

Favorite CD (new): Evita, complete movie soundtrack

Favorite book: The Princess Bride (Good Parts version)

Favorite play: Cherish, from the one-acts (bless you Katie Rose)

Favorite compliment: [tie] a professor complimented my teeth early in the year, which is its own kind of special, but I can't forget the old friend who hadn't seen me since eighth grade who told me I'd "grown up good"

Favorite insult: "Some of us pass second grade and get over it" from Adam, about English majors

Best live show: 4nd Street at the Muny (I'm a sucker for tap dancing)

Worst idea: eating the entire bag of Tootsie Rolls in about two hours while already highly stressed

Somg of the summer: Big Sky's "David Bowie"

New helpful skills: sewing, carving foam, sort of curling hair
Theme for the new year: [still undecided]

So, it's been a year. (Why, yes! 2004 did end somewhere after finals, birthday parties, minor scrapbooking tornadoes, and Iowa/KC/Iowa trips, though you wouldn't know all that from the blog that stopped blogging.)

All in all, I can't complain about my 2004. I started the year with theatre ("RENT" in January), became a friend's class project, broke out the duct tape clothing again, chopped off all sorts of hair, did my first mainstage, and ended the semester with dancing and friend chicken (though not at the same time).

Summer felt even busier than college could throw at me; between dealing with irate customers on the weekend and every biting/itch-causing critter the rest of the week, I would've preferred papers. (Long papers.) As much as driving in circles got old, I now have two too many stories featuring a car stuck in places, spent a ... week in the woods [I keep flipping on the adjective for that one], and--if nothing else--I culled together a download list that will hold me for months. And Wal-Mart customers--on the whole--are still idiots, though not enough to make me give up my discount.

The most recent semester? Frankly, it's felt (sometimes uncomfortably) like the parents-less version of my high school junior year. I've seen uneasiness about both my major and future, loading up on the side of "too busy," and more than a fair share of romantic intrigue. (Plus, sewing!) Sometimes it's been hard to remain positive, and not just with the mini fiasco of "Virtually Somebody"--you try feeling cheerful when sewing netting at 4 a.m. However, I've made my peace with not knowing the future, and I'm still surrounded by the people who were there for dancing and chicken. Between those two, I'll survive the rest of the year.

Enough of that. On to Confessions: just embarrassing enough to tell, but inocuous enough even my Mom can read them.

* infomercials rock my socks off, even if that are merely one step up from slow-mo sequences in "Walker, Texas Ranger" on the cheese level.

* I watch "Lizzie Maguire" voluntarily, especially when people aren't around to mock me.

* Although my main personality is a jeans and t-shirt girl, I have a blooming "pretty pretty princess" side.

* I've started carrying my passport around in my purse (a la "While You Were Sleeping") in case I ever get a chance to leave the country quickly.

* I have issues falling asleep at college when Melissa's not there, leading to a need for some sort of background noise (often more "Lizzie").

Yeah, they're kinda soft this year, but deal. I'm just happy to get things posted again.