Friday, September 30, 2011

I'm bad at this "posting online" thing.

Apparently the reason I haven't heard back from the manager at my appartment complex about a strange fine is because she is no longer the manager at my apartment complex (or, frankly, working at the company at all). So that explains things.

I wish you could add a message with friend requests on Pottermore, as I have no idea who (for example) LeviosaButtercup19 is, and no extra information is provided once you accept to make the chance worthwhile. (Yes, I'm fully aware I should say that to the Beta feedback page. If I could currently get PM to load, I would do so.)

Fun fact: when I tell someone "I can take of this project, but only if that's the only thing I have to think about for the rest of the week" ... and then that same person hands off a bunch of other small things, then I really don't know how to fix this communication problem.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Remember that one time I said I would write about the crazy Thursday show. Ha.

Dude! People with cars should always think happy thoughts about their transportation when they buy groceries. I can't express the joy I feel whenever I get to load my groceries into a backseat and not just my back.

Fun fact: I've had a headache nearly non-stop since Wednesday afternoon. Eh, I'm okay with this.

I can't go into details, as it'll end up as a Christmas present for [UNNAMED FAMILY PERSON], but the last thing I purchased at Borders today was so very random and out of place and unexpected and perfect, I can't help but feel it was the store saying goodbye and thanks.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

slightly less depressing

Yes, Mr. Cashier, you bet pork potstickers and a quart of chocolate milk is the lunch of champions! Especially when you drip the potsticker dipping sauce on your skirt and get to lick it back off!

(Really, though, it isn't much better than the cold pizza I left at the other building which was *going* to be my lunch. Plus, woo-hoo, chocolate milk!)