Tuesday, August 19, 2008

so not related to what 4/5 of you might think (do 5 people even read this?)

Rather than whatever else I could say/type, I'm taking this moment to feel thankful for a theater company that lets me stage manager where I want to stage manage, puts up with me whenever I'm figuring out how best to manage a show, and lets me end production meetings like the soccer coach I'm not. Go, team, go.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

in the continuing adventures of cleaning out my computer before it implodes

I just updated my resume. While I wish there was a reason behind it, it's probably best for the show I start in three days that it was purely on whim. (Fun fact: I had to Google past shows to figure out the character names I played. Chalk that up as another reason I tech.)
My computer keeps threatening to explode, but I'll hopefully make it through this post.

I've developed an unfortunate habit of hitting the Camera key on my phone while already talking to people...which then leads to me trying to stop it from focusing and disconnecting calls. Bear with me while I work on that.

I moved all 15 or so gigs of music off my computer and straight onto my iPod, as part of my explosion prevent (see title). I've also started pricing external hard drives and taken to not turning off my computer. If it's not off, I don't have to worry about whether it will turn back on again. I've actually backed up a fair amount of the documents and photos (and now music, sort of) on my computer, but I would prefer Merv not go staring into that good night, even if I could bring him back from the brink.

In other (repeating) news: I need to clean my room. Today I wanted to actually sit and read in my chair (placed in the room specifically for such reasons), and decided not to fight it through the laundry, papers, old mail, and my needing-restocked stage management kit.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I'm about six minutes away from purchasing "Mamma Mia" as my default ringtone.

Please be patient with me as I play with my new, much-more-complicated-than-a-regular-phone phone. I only have about 15 numbers programmed in as of yet (mostly people I've had to call for some reason or other), tend to forget that it answers as soon as I open it, and can only find the button to connect to the internet when under pressure. On the plus side, it came with a crazy thick instruction manual, so I have new bus reading material.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Would you like to hear about my life is more than 160 characters at a time?

Greetings, universe at large! Since last we talked, I've had my luggage "misplaced" twice (once on either side of Wyoming), hiked approximately 25 million miles around the national parks, had a joyful reunion with my typewriter (here to join me in Texas at last), hosted my mom, grandma, aunt, and cousin for an extended weekend of sleeping on my couches, took fields trips to the beach and NASA, cheered at the crazy baseball game where two runners hit home at the same time, survived the first real tropical storm/hurricane threat since moving here, stage managed a magic show, and potentially broke a toe.

Also, I apparently decided that extended run-on sentences were acceptable. (You already knew I liked them in general, right?)

It's weird to think that I've finished my double theater duty for the summer. (C'mon, people not in the know, you didn't actually think I was at a real soccer practice?) As much as my heart lives in children's theater, it was wonderful to venture back to other times of performance, like the big broadway musical and the "magic and movement" that closed yesterday. All the basics are the same, but there's different challenges (Why do parents take children to the bathroom five minutes before the show ends? That's not how the orchestra played the song last night. You have seven feet of curtain space between you and the audience to do what needs done - go.) to all three.

What will I do with my copious amounts of free time, you ask? Box office shifts, for one, as I've done about three the entire summer up to now. (Sleep is a close second, though.)