Thursday, December 31, 2009

one last last thing (or, how can the watch I've been wearing for over a year give me a rash now?!)

I wanted to get one last thing down before the year popped out. Even if it's how I want to try and live my life for 2010 (and beyond), it was a 2009 epiphany. I've been fighting so much this year (some on, most off the blog) trying to figure out where I want to be, what I want to be doing, what I want want want. But the important thing isn't figuring out what I want, it's discovering what God needs from my life. If I, Hannah, want something out of life that doesn't gel with God's plan for me, I don't want to want that anymore.

Of course, the harder part is separating my wants from His needs. But at least I now have a mantra to go to when my brain starts getting jumbled: not what I want/what You need.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

gurgle gurgle blizzard

It's (of course!) only now that I remember all the Soup Labels for Education (TM) that I've been saving for the past six months...still sitting in the kitchen drawer.

Semi-related (as I would only be bringing the labels somewhere if it were northland to family/teacher people): I'm a little concerned that my mother seems to think my flight lands at 11:50, as it'll actually be on the ground forty minutes earlier (pending actual ability to fly tonight). The Kansas City Airport is one of the coldest places I've ever been (probably because it's all breathtaking--and draft inducing--windows). I'm packing all sorts of layers, as we might just drive straight from the airport to Iowa, but that doesn't mean I want to use them.

P.S. - Thanks, Texas, for the excellent help you've provided in getting me ready for northern weather. That sudden burst of seventy degrees days will really come in handy.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

per usual whenever I write something in a hurry, blogger ate the first version of this post

This is the year that I became crappy at posting. It's also the first year I haven't had internet access outside of work (up until now with the laptop meets food court). Find your own corrolation.

As this might be my last post of December, 2009, and the current decade, I decided to do something different from my usual end of the year list. (Unrelated: how great is Switchfoot's "Hello Hurricane?" Call that the music of version two of this post.) Here I present my year in quotes:

Never point the mace at the face. It rhymes, so don't do it. -Will, fight rehearsal

I could handle an arranged marriage with Jesse. I’d kill him and remarry. -Kat (there's probably a better option, but it made me giggle more than a little)

What if Wilbur is like Pinocchio and he learns to be a real boy and grows up into the Narrator? -Marty, Charlotte's Web character rehearsal

Ta-Daa has brought both joy and fear to kids and that was my plan. -Paul

All we need is a little raid, spray down the spider, speed this along... -Jen, the director herself, a bit tired of Charlotte's Web

You know who else didn’t pause for the flood? Everyone else on Earth besides Noah.
-Michael, ASM for the rainbow show, as an actor refused to pause for a sound cue again

TRAVIS: Hey, Hannah...London!
HANNAH: [bounces up and down] (pre-trip)

Let me tell you about Ric... -Lee, post-Spotlighter, and all in the delivery

We all speak in sarcasm; it’s a spiritual gift these days.
Amen! -Will/Stormy

I’m not far along enough to be un-pregnant. -Natalie

I'm in my stompin' boots! -Hannah

Eat that, global warming! -Stormy, playing in Houston snow

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

fortunately, I have spare pants at the other theater

Today's strange, covering-all-sorts-of-tasks-I-don't-normally-do day has culminated with me as the house manager for tonight's Mainstage show, which is why I'm still sitting at the theater at quarter past nine. (What's that? You mean you didn't even remember that you were working tonight, Hannah? So much for tonight's to-do list!) I am making use out of the boots that normally live under my desk, so that's a plus.

If anyone wants a full pot of regular coffee, I apparently made an extra one for no good reason. Please arrive within the next ten minutes, or it'll be gone down the sink.

In other, related to yesterday's not-posted post news, I guess I'm better. My head's in a strange place right now (and the holidays, in a way, don't help as they make me think of home and not being in Texas). If I ever have time again to draft up a less emo-y version, I'll let other people know what's going on. Look for that around February, the rate I'm going.

The good side of working in the evening (when you didn't prepare for it)? I ate shrimp tacos for dinner, and they were perfect.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

too many thoughts in the head

Instead of typing up the (incredibly emo) post I create this morning while sitting in meetings, I give you something (with very little extra explanation) that will only make sense to a select few. Here you go, Mom, Grandma, and Aunt L!

It was okay.