Thursday, September 28, 2006

briefly, then bed

Today I officially learned that Mandy, the resident SM for our children's theater and therefore my current SM on Lion, had received a job from a local university and would therefore be leaving the A.D. Players.

This means I will be taking over SM-ing the production in her place.

This means I will be taking over SM-ing all future children's productions for the year.

This means big things.
past, present, future

* Yesterday I actually cried myself to sleep (for the first time since moving here) because my heart is currently breaking for so many people not close enough to hug or otherwise defuse their crisis. (I will not dwell on how much watching Gilmore Girls while eating ice cream straight from the carton--thus making me more girl--affected this situation.)

* This morning I accidentally set off the smoke detector while making toast. I now know never to go above level four, plus I'm even for the time that Jessica did the same thing at 11:30 p.m. the night before I had an early show.

* Tomorrow is payday, which means I'll be able to afford things again. Naturally I'm celebrating by planning a trip to the mall with one of the other interns who I don't see often, though I might end up helping someone move instead. This weekend: thy name is options.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Something terribly important flitted through my brain, yet it fell out again by the time I actually pulled up Blogger.

So, about last week: I apologize to a multitude of people for my utter lack of social skills last week. I opened a show during the mornings (and it's going well; I press buttons on cue and various sounds occur) and worked box office during the evenings (and, hey there, all you impatient people who chose last week to see "The Trip to Bountiful"). I made it to the library once to pick up more movies/books that I do not have time for, spent basically all Saturday either at a show or manning the phones, and did not have my computer explode and/or decide to quit working forever. Monday was the first night in over a week when I had to fend for a meal (other than breakfast) at home, and I celebrated by forgetting about dinner altogether.

Sometimes my life in Houston is not all that different from my life in college. I do sleep more, though, which is another reason why people can't reach me (sorry, Caleb).

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

(mental note: didn't I promise at one point to talk about last week?)

I don't remember many of the details, except that the part of Sally was being played by the delightful Melissa, who really is perfect for the part, but I do remember waking up and instantly characterizing my dream as "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown" meets "Snakes on a Plane." That's totally a show I could get behind, like the version of "Mary Poppins" produced by Quentin Tarrantino that Meredith and I supposed late one night in London.

Monday, September 25, 2006

(but I'll possibly never turn him off again, so as to not repeat the near-exploding of this weekend)

There's something about chilling at your desk on the day off from work, removing music files from the computer to make more space that feels like I'm back at college, postponing a paper of some form.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

more coming later, if Merv doesn't suddenly die on me

I mean it without all the normal sarcasim that would be generally linked to such a statement, but walking home from the bus stop last night in the pouring rain of a flash thunderstorm, the breeze twirling my skirt until it was as utterly soaked as the rest of me, was exactly what I needed at that moment.

(Rather late) new year's resolution: screw maturity, I'm going to play in the rain more. It apparently cures bad moods and headaches.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

not related to anything in particular, just a general observation

Rule #1: The moment you get used to anything in life, it will change. Just because. The only thing not immune seems to be the taste of Tootsie Rolls, which have bumped up from deck crew to featured player this week in the TV version of my life.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I'm terribly exhausted right now, the kind of sleepy that sneaks up behind you while you sit at your desk, grabs you, and stuffs you in its trunk. Or causes you to write weird metaphors.

Anyway, today passed much more pleasant than I feared this morning, though that could be due to my using up all my angry points before even making it to work by (1) missing the proper bus, (2) having all other possible buses not show up on time (3) almost walking into work late on the day when everyone is present for company meeting.

After that (and having several people walk in after myself), the rest of the day was pretty dang sunshine-y. I had a charming conversation about shark attacks, spent some quality time in the breakroom of our other office building, ate my soup cup while walking between locations, survived dress rehearsal, had someone think I was making the whole "Talk Like a Pirate Day" thing up ("But they have a website!"), enjoyed sit down time for dinner and gossip, learned I didn't need blacks for SMing in the Rotunda, handled the show with only one major sound flub (caused by a silly actor changing his line), and gained a new purse and a new penpal letter.

I also need to type up my production meeting notes, plan out my packing for tomorrow, stop eating all these confounded Tootsie Rolls, figure out when my phone minutes end, and sleep. Some of these things are more important than others.
No time to talk like a pirate

(...or clean my desk, or probably eat a proper dinner tonight, or a multitude of other things.)

Technically, it's just a preview, but there's enough of an audience (more than five!) to consider tonight the opening of my first professional children's theater show. I am excited to pull out the blacks again, yet nervous about accidentally screwing up a sound cue of some form.

Other things to do today: smooth my way through a potentially weird conversation, run a production meeting, live through the final dress rehearsal (plus, given the amount of time scheduled, do some spot polishing), find time to print up all the paperwork from yesterday per my assigned day, mail a birthday card, start working on part two of a birthday gift (because I get too many ideas and then have no time for follow-thru), and sleep. Some parts of this will be easier than others.

Time for breakfast before I have no time for breakfast.

Monday, September 18, 2006

The Return

Glory hallelujah: internet!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

A quick note before I hunt down a bus, again:

Once upon a time, I had internet at home. It was amazing. It was glorious.

It lasted less than a week.

Last night, which is more recent than that "upon a time" nonsense, it told me I was lacking magic wishing dust. And had an invalid IP address. Only one of those things could I really control seeing as I knew exactly where my spare collection of magic wishing dust resided, having received a complimentary supply when the woodland creatures deal fell through.

I let the world know so they can help. I let the world know so they understand when I don't post or answer email or recommend any more addicting games. I let the world know because that has a tendency to fix things with more frighteningly quick magic than any powder to conjure and I quickly got used to looking things up on IMDb again.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Two (no, Three!) further semi-sorta-related subjects

I just left a phone message so idiotic I immediately turned my phone off afterward, just in case the receiver tried to call back and question my sanity.

It occurs to me that when I run into the mean reds (such as I have most of this week) I now have a Tiffany and Co. just down the street within walking and Pop-Tart eating distance.

I'm trying to track down the exact wording of that quote from "Devil Wears Prada" about how you know your professional life is going well when your personal life falls apart, but I'd rather go to sleep.
back to the lab

One great flaw in my theory that, in general, theater people should not date other theater people remains that the only other available option ("non-theater people") are somewhat lacking when it comes to the "understanding why theater should make anyone stressed" department.

(As a special note to my mother, in a preemptive sense: this ephiphany is not meant to imply that I'm dating anyone, theater, non-theater, or whatever inbetween exists, because I'm not and therefore need not be questioned on such.)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

getting better as we go along

Today I had issues turning people into stone, gained flustered experience on the sound board, listened to the box office burst into song around me, ate my very first shrimp taco, and just went into an in-depth conversation to explain how one can become their own grandpaw.
about to be A Long Day

Does anyone mind if I go British for the next few hours? For some reason, I feel as if it will help.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

cheez-its, chex mix, and gum

It occurs to me that I go through so much snack food not from being hungry but because I'm slightly obsessive about chewing something as often as possible. We all remember my need to chew items until my jaw almost cannot physically function while writing papers, right?

I share this trait with untrained puppies and small children, which are almost the same thing. No wonder Melissa likes me so much.
At least I'm updating at all, right?

I finally have all those picture frames up on my wall, which is a bigger deal than the sentence would suggest. There's also a few sheep on the wall, just because I cannot help my elementary school tendancies.

I was briefly perplexed with myself about why I would get doubles of photos of the jackalope adventuring, but now I just have craft projects. This'll be my first (of many, I'm sure) roll of film in Texas, and it'll be ready around the approximate time that I'll finish all my laundry, if I manage to convince myself to do that tonight. It's either tonight or Friday, and--while I've totally been the person using Friday night to stay in and do laundry--I'm not certain if I want to do that this week. (Not that I have alternate plans, but still.)

I'm stuck on filling out my intern questionnaire (sort of a Secret Santa sheet for the entire year) due to some of the questions. Favorite sandwich? Favorite family tradition? I can understand asking about colors and snacks and music, but who really needs to know "something you say all the time?" I put down my phone greeting: Thank you for calling the A.D. Players, this is Hannah. I hope whoever gets stuck with my sheet eventually has a similar sense of humor.

Sunday, September 10, 2006


The great thing about making a to-do list is you can organize everything that must be accomplished, therefore covering for any normal forgetting that comes from not writing everything down.

The bad thing about making a to-do list is you can fully see all the things you're not accomplishing in lieu of watching trailers on for the first time in forever.
carne pusado dinner

Using the logic that this site is as much about documenting my life so I can click around later and see what was happening at a specific point as it is about letting people know what's going on currently, I'd like to state that I just got in for the evening.

(This post brought to you by David Bowie, breaking out the boots, a converted porch, a traffic violation or two, and Taco Cabana's queso.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Sweet blessed heavens! I have internet at home, in my room!

Allow me to now go and try to remove the giant pile of cords making this possible to another location. One less likely to cause accidents in the middle of the night, if possible.

Friday, September 08, 2006

me, again

If Verizon won't let me pay my cellphone bill, no matter what options I choose from the website, that means I don't actually have to pay, right?
I'm not dead, I'm just not posting. We're starting tech, and tech will continue until next week, and then we open. You might get to hear from me consistantly then. Or not. The internet that was supposed to be all throughout our apartment is actually only in the living room, until we purchase some techno-whosit that will reroute it to the rest of the apartment. Perhaps we'll fix our TV reception at the same time.

I want lunch. It's Friday.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Things in life, and How to deal

Things I'm displeased with right now:
* the hot water suddenly deciding not to work in the shower
* the still white-ness of my walls
* this piece of gum

How dealt, thus far:
* called the apartment people
* working on frames and all sorts of hanging madness
* will soon spit out, or swallow

I'm free until Monday, which is nice, except that we still won't have internet until Thursday and our TV choices currently consist of static and more static, so I may end up at the theater on Labor Day, just to do email and such. Otherwise, I'd like to think a bunch of the eliminating of white walls will occur over the weekend, as well as repainting the headboard on my bed. Did I mention I finally had a bed? I have a bed, and it's a little short, and I need pillows to simply use it as a couch most of the time, but these are all fixable things now that I actually possess the bed.

Life is humid, but life is good.