Tuesday, May 24, 2011

You can get me to do almost anything by including the phrase "...for a chance to win a trip to London."

Goal for 27: finally learn all the words to "Johnny Saucep'n" by Moxy Fruvous. (These people are kinda my heroes.) So far I know majority of the verses and "basil and bah...parma-huh.....um....crawfish claws!" This might end like the year I was going to learn all the words to Don McLean's "American Pie" (as in, it didn't happen), but I like having frivolous goals.

Current mantra for [my portion of] the scheduling office: I do not have to turn other people's trivial problems into my issue to fix. Obviously, I have my own trivial items to deal with.

Monday, May 23, 2011

It'd be awesome if the server could stop hating me and my internet.

I feel a little selfish for being so relieved that (as far as I can tell) all my Missourians are fine, including the person who was driving around that area last night. (Good call, Halley, to turn around.) It was Sarah who yesterday said (from a completely different subject) that no matter how much time you spend here, you still belong where you started. Watching the Joplin coverage, I hurt just a little more because that's my state.

In much happier news, my new pairs of glasses arrived in the mail today. This is somewhat unexpected, as they were in California last I checked on Saturday. Also unexpected: how much better they looked than I expected. Way to awesome again, cheap online glasses company!

I think we've gone about a week now, so I might be in the clear, but I had been going through a patch of every three days killing the same type of bug in my bathroom (usually climbing up the window). I thought it might be some strange cricket at first (hard to tell when things are squished), but the next to last one killed obviously had a stinger on the end. I'm far from okay with vaguely-wasp critters running around my bathroom. (Again, hopefully in the clear, but yeek.)

Wowzer! Paragraphs!

Friday, May 13, 2011

I'm not sure why blogger refuses to publish from my laptop at home (silly computer, can you sense the filching of wi-fi that I still haven't set up for myself?), but it does. While it chooses to do so, you'll probably have random backdated posts like the two below. Enjoy?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

If it wasn't eight minutes before they lock the gate, I'd go swimming.

That's pretty much it.

Except that it's now six minutes past, because the internet stopped working.

So, done.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

"...you come from a long line of speedy women. I was going to say 'fast women,' but I didn't think that sounded right."

Happy mother's day, mamita.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Why did the queen have to choose June?

You can add to the list of things I've tried because of the British Jammie Dodgers, which were actually pretty good (and--bonus!--are cheaper at HEB than my beloved Jaffa Cakes). Thanks, Cooksey.

When will I learn that, unless I put loose paper in a folder, it is going to be horrible destroyed while riding around in my work bag?

I completely forgot about shift sign-ups until I came in today and checked a calendar. Sweet heavens, opening next week!

Things that change about your life when you live alone: you have to stop watching the Doctor Who episode at night when it freaks you out, as there is no one else around to distract you/protect you from The Silence.