Monday, February 28, 2011

[likely] last time I'll dry laundry on the back patio

You know what'll start to depress you? Thinking of all the moments of the "last time" you'll do something in your apartment before you move. Hanging up my clothes should not make me cry.

I don't remember getting like this about leaving Ryle 315, but I suppose dorm living has a built-in expiration date. I had enough emotions about my parents moving out of my childhood home, I wrote my English senior seminar paper on the topic. (What up, Jesus and the kittens story!) I'm not a fan of change, and it doesn't get much bigger than choosing to sort through all your belongings, pack them into boxes, move them to another location, and work out where to place all of them again.

I'm glad that I'm staying in the same complex, as that'll keep me with a lot of my status quo (grocery store, bus stop, same distance from the closest movie theater, etc.), but it's still weird to watch this apartment get emptied of furniture and artwork as Deb packs up for Illinois and I pare down for a smaller place. I own far too many things, and will be better off from having cleared out extra items. But I almost need someone else to step in at times to help me sort out if I just really have an emotional attachment to this end table/bookshelf, box of stationary, or just my four and a half years I've lived with them.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I should be doing laundry right now.

...or mopping the kitchen floor, or weeding the backyard, or continuing my sorting through old magazines/newspapers. I'm still in bed, though, and it's hard to argue with that. I like this show, and I don't do much during it, but it's not easy to get out of bed early when you don't reach home until 10:30ish.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

another bullet list, hurrah!

You know it's Big Scary Tech Day (as I like to call it), when the following are the contents of your pockets/pigtails:
* three pencils
* one pen
* one black sharpie
* one full pad of post-it notes
* one giant eraser
* scraps of glow tape backings
* two pairs of scissors
* one constantly buzzing phone

Also, there was briefly two rolls of gaffe tape on my arm, but I took them off.

There's a certain relief in making it past the Q2Q (or, "cue to cue," for you non-in my head folks) portion of the day. Everything after this will now include full costumes, actors onstage saying the lines as if they mean them, and it makes my pushing of buttons and calling of cues less the focus. I've already proved I can do my part of the show, now we're adding other people on top of that layer. Lights, costumes, sound cues, front of house crew, audience, until it's a full show.

With this show, it also unfortunately means a lot of reading in the booth, but that's a nice break every now and again. Also, these pants aren't going to hem themselves.

Friday, February 18, 2011

( ... )

I am so stinkin' tired at this moment, and I absolutely cannot shut off my brain to sleep. That bodes well for tech day tomorrow. Especially since "tomorrow" is about twenty minutes away.

* put together callboard (or at least sign-in sheet)
* prop tables?
* hang up laundry
* pull dead plants from patio
* taxes
* sort through shoes
* get lease quote from complex
* FALL ASLEEP, you idiot

fifteen minutes

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

[I just wrote a post titled "I'll only say this once." Blogger ate it. However, I'm gonna stick with the title and not redo things. Why? Because it is too dang pretty outside, and I have twenty minutes before I need to do things for rehearsal.]
#7-You don't always have to just sit on the couch.

I was unaware that there'd be a version of me who could end up in a downtown art gallery past ten p.m., eating cheese and listening to stories about drunken British actors, but apparently she exists. Also, I kinda want to just sit and read Shakespeare for about the next week AND see a full production of the Scottish Play* lit by flashlights. The Classical Theatre Company, both of these things are your fault. I forgive you, however, due to that beautiful chocolate truffle thing at the postshow reception.

(*Yes, dear friends, I'm one of those obnoxious people who refers to the Scottish Play as "The Scottish Play" or "Mackers" or whatnot, despite being a mostly rational human being in many other endeavors. I do try to control my urge to make people spin thrice and spit whenever they use don't adheare to the same scruples.)

Friday, February 11, 2011

foggy day in London town

In a way that I never thought would even back out my day, I've watched the clip of Gracie Allen saying "how d'you do" to the skeleton in "A Damsel in Distress" about seven times now. Thanks, TCM.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

sometimes I zone out during rehearsal and think about things like this instead

A dream I had earlier in the week is still bugging me at this point. It was set up like a horror movie, with a possessed elevator that, I don't know, ate people or something whenever they rode it. Problem was, everyone *knew* the elevator was possessed, they just kept needing to go places and thus were tricked into using the elevator.

Have I mentioned that the evil elevator was next to a flight of stairs? Perfectly normal stairs? WHY DID NO ONE TAKE THE STAIRS?!

Dream logic is stupid.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

about movies

Yeah, I'm watching Raising Arizona right now instead of the Super Bowl. (It's okay, I have twitter pulled up, so it'll let me know if anything goes down.) I'll happily watch anything that lets me bask in the glory that is Holly Hunter's twang.

A quick THANKS to Danny Boyle for yesterday's moviegoing experience at "127 Hours." (Brief spoilers if you know nothing about current movies) I really do appreciate that he went out of the way so the audience forgot everything was leading to James Franco sawing off his arm, but it was *really obvious* once you were there, what with the blood and all. And, you know, I handle blood so very well. So, THANKS, Mr. Boyle, for causing me the very first time I passed out at the movie theater.

I can hear the explosions of Deb watching Inception down the hall from here. I maybe shouldn't be able to hear Leo over Nic.

Friday, February 04, 2011

some of this is because I need a checklist

* cancelled production meeting
* cancelled PR shoot
* moved rehearsal to afternoon for director who insists on people driving in
* working on checking tomorrow's conditions for RT show

Thursday, February 03, 2011

"It's been thirty years, but I know how..."

I like that nearly everyone I've talked to this morning about the threatened wintery mix doesn't want to deal with driving in the weather because of the other people. I find it a little suspicious that all these people know what they're doing as compared to everyone else. That seems to be the way Texas drivers operate all the time, and is usually what makes me glad I'm on the bus rather than dealing with them.
featured student of the month

I'm not saying that this is now a given thing to happen, but there have been so many strange tidbits pop up relating to this [can't talk about it] that I need to stop waiting for it to disappear and just finish my paperwork.

VAGUENESS! Just another feature of this the bulleted lists and insufficient paragraphs.