Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Twelve hours from now, my morning show will be basically done.

Oh man, I want to eat something, as I'm post-rehearsal starving, but I also want to fall asleep before midnight so I can grab the better part of eight hours before I have to be a functional stage manager again, so I probably shouldn't.

Dear Future Self, maybe we shouldn't agree to cover someone else's rehearsals while running a show of our own again. You never know when a director is trying to block the entire show in under four days, or a crew member's absence isn't going to be conveyed to the proper sources until two days before, or whatever else the universe wants to throw at us. Okay? Okay.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

[eight minutes into movie]
"Is Brad already dead?"
[water gushes out of elevator]
"Oooh! Brad *is* already dead!"
I keep checking out books from the classics section of the library, hoping to finally finish off some items I never read in high school, college, etc. What media do I keep consuming instead? Disaster movies, comic books, and gossip about the Mean Girls Broadway bootleg that's being shared *everywhere*

Saturday, May 26, 2018

three weeks in

So far thirty-four appears to be about realizing "I'm tired, I should just go to bed" and actually doing it instead of staying up another 2+ hours just because.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Two Lists

Things I Need to Do:
* rewrite blocking from today's rehearsal
* prep audition forms
* double-check audition emails

Things I Want to Do:
* Sleep?
* Yeah, probably just sleep

Friday, March 30, 2018

Sure, this feels like an adequate time of day to figure out such information.

So! If you *don't* include Easters and Spotlighters, my 50th ADP show as SM will be top of the 2018/2019 season.

If you *do* include them (because - oh my goodness - I had no idea how many specialty events I'd SM'd), #50 was at Smoke in 2016 (appropriate). I'll close this season at 57, and hit 60 at the end of next season, based on current assignment plans.

None of this includes ASMs, covering extensions, "PSM" for shows I'm not running but am the in-house head stage manager, etc. Egads. That's lots of life in 10+ seasons. Rep life is hard, y'all.

EDIT! (at a much more reasonable time of day)
Okay, so according to my [extremely large] quotes file, I missed another Easter show. That makes Hero Squad 3 my actual "if you include the extras" 50th, puts me at 58 by the end of this season, and 60 by halfway through next season.

In other news, do you have any idea how many separate word files I have for ADP quotes? Feels like about as many shows as I've stage managed....

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Current mood: judging actors who wait until less than 24 hours before an audition to ask for a slot (and don't acknowledge the time frame)

Sunday, March 04, 2018

"...joining the company of other movies that have shot in Houston, like Terms of Endearment and Pearl Harbor"

*brain stops* Did he say Pearl Harbor? What? Did an intern win a bet about sneaking in fake information? *checks IMDB* Oh, never mind then. Please shoot on any battleship you want, Michael Bay.

Other Things
* Aw...feel the 2003 flashbacks, right here in an "other things" section.

* Out 122 individual nominees, I've seen 93 of them. (I'm not counting up the individual movies least, not right now. The statistics part of my brain will probably wanna know eventually.) Even compared to past years, that's a solid total.

* Dear all the things that were readily available on Netflix that I still haven't watched: Soon? Soon. Gonna finish some things so I don't have to do another month of Amazon.

* Anybody else interested in a "I'm sorry you didn't win any Oscars, I still love you best of all" screening of Lady Bird this week?