Saturday, January 31, 2004

hannah needs sleep
Yes! A Musical! We ARE insane!

So, I'm less than an hour away from reporting to Baldwin Hall for this year's 24-Hour Theatre. Unlike last year when we pulled off six one-acts, we're attempting a musical for "variety" sake. The writers have been there since eight, so I imagine they have something by now, or else the choreographers weren't happy when they arrived at midnight. I was hoping to ASM again, but am instead the "Gopher Queen" (that's the crown-wearing version of a crew head) and, through other people hitting extra obligations, also the "Costume Queen" (God help me). I should probably feel flattered that whoever in charge thought me competent enough to handle two positions, but mostly I'm frightened for that nine a.m. lag when I want to die, want to die so much.

I was planning to nap this afternoon/evening sometime, but instead watched oodles of movies (Uptown Girls, Spaceballs, Princess Bride, and original Batman) and played a rousing game of Phase 10. People kept asking me if I was going to sleep, but I don't really have time to do so now (maybe if I had passed on Batman, but who would want to do that?) I'm almost motivated to do some Spanish right now, since I won't want to come Saturday night/Sunday afternoon. Maybe I just make up fake Spanish, because we don't turn in homework, just show that we "did" all the problems when the prof walks around.

I dunno. Now I'm rambling, so I'm gonna do something else for the rest of the hour before I track across the much-too-cold outdoors to a building on the other side of campus. At least the cold air will wake me up again.

Thursday, January 29, 2004

The Golden Globes Post - 2004

(Featuring Renee Bashing, Celebrity Drinking Games, and Too Many Dress Comments)

So, my tape (because I missed the first part of the show) starts out with Dick Clark, who apparently needed some extra dough after New Years if he’s being dragged into announcing/interviewing/being all around in the way-ing. I hate when we start off these award shows with annoying songs that “fit” so we can show off all the stars in their overpriced free clothing…though then I can start in on the ugly dress bashing way early (what is Nicole Kidman wearing?!?).

That song was just embarrassing for all the stars, whoever had to “write” it, sing it, and produce it, as well as all of us here at home. Thanks.

And, now it’s actual show time, so everyone wants to look like they love and adore everyone else because the camera’s on them, leading us into…

Supporting Actor, Movie: a category I totally didn’t pay attention to, so I know no one in it, except Albert Finney (yay! Big Fish!) … so it really means nothing to me that Tim Robbins just won, except that perhaps some of the focus will come off of Sean Penn for awhile (yes, dude, because drinking’s what it’s all about here at the Globes, go back and sit with your Mommy.)

Drama Actor, TV: [First, love, hate, hate, eh the HBO girls’ dresses.] You go, baldy! You go, Joe (watch Empire Records)! You go, crazy used to be deaf unfeeling guy! Eh. You go, crazy time guy! (that would be Michael Chiklis, Anthony LaPaglia, William Petersen, Martin Sheen, and Kiefer Sutherland, for all those interested) … Hey, Joe! Where you going with that globe in your hand? (Sorry, still see Empire Records) Yes, just keep looking at the Globe, making sure it will never disappear from your sight, though I suppose you’d know what to do about that, wouldn’t you?

Drama Actress, TV: [and for the last time, Hey [again] Joe!] So, I like her necklace, her hair and earrings, her rhinestones, her earrings, and her use of lipstick (yowza). That doesn’t really help me pick a winner though … and I’ll never see Six Feet Under to know if she deserves it, but at least she’s wearing a nice dress, too. I don’t really care for the gloves; they’re just a little off. Dress and shaw, sure; dress shaw and gloves, nah. Anyway, speech over.

Supporting Actress, Movie: Yay, Holly Hunter! Have you see “A Life Less Ordinary?” Not only is she fabulous (“Jeopardy, Jackson. Always works.”), but she wears go-go boots the entire movie … of course, we knew Renee would get it (dudes with the cameras – what’s up with all the shots of blonde people? It’s not like they’re all related.). See, you never take so much time getting up on the stage that the applause has died down by that point, especially if it’s to pull out your thank you list AND you’re right next to the stage!! Aw, now Jude’s gonna have a complex: “Why aren’t I wonderful like Nicole?” I don’t think people find you quite as adorable as they used to, so save that rambling for the big Oscar win down the line. So, the emphasis on the “literally” couldn’t do it without him is really creepy. Hey! Maybe she’s his robot and that’s why he had to whisper something in her ear before she could manage to go up on the stage! I feel so smart now.

So, unless there’s anything really noteworthy by way of commercials, I’m just ignoring them all.

All I’m waiting for here is for Ellen to add “it’s perfection in pelicula form, it may even cure cancer, and I’m in it!” I still love Finding Nemo more than perhaps anything I saw all year – “I’m h20 intolerant!” “I’m obnoxious!” Totally.

Comedy, TV: Well, Monk cracks me up but that’s because Tony Shalhoub cracks me up, there’s always more room for Brit humor (or is that “humour”), and I don’t want to think about when Will stopped being the gay one on Will and Grace. … Dudes, I’m cool with a Brit Invasion tonight (ooh, pretty dress – show it again!), and the toast from the still win-less Will and Grace table was a nice touch. This guy suddenly has the best speech ever: “We used to rule the world before you.” Priceless.

Mini-Series: I don’t need to see the rest of the names to know Angels in America is going to win. So, sorry Maggie Smith (and I love Maggie Smith), sorry Tom Wilkinson (and some guy who looks like Jimmy Fallon), sorry movie that looks too trashy to even be in this category, and sorry Tennessee Williams. … And it’s a good thing I love the music for Angels already, because, with the pedigree of actors involved in “slumming down” for this TV mini, it’s sure to win oodles of crap.

Actress in Mini-Series: Is no one here tonight from this category? Well, I guess Meryl’s backstage (and I personally hope Maggie Smith’s off having a grand time somewhere far from here). … That must’ve been real convenient to be right there in the wings, huh? [pretty music again!] I don’t know whether I like her dress or not; it’s like the top and bottom of two different dresses thrown together, and I’d like them more apart. Ooh, “searingly gifted” – there’s one for the press clippings.

Is that Michelle’s mom? Hey, Mrs. AuBuchon!

Well, Cate, that’s a pretty color for a dress, but why such an ugly top half? (Support! Support!) No—not the president! Hello boring speech and polite applause. I wonder if the starts playing drinking games at this show, just because they have the easy access and all that free time on their hands between interesting categories.

Comedy Actress, TV: I’m sorry, hasn’t Alicia’s show been cancelled by now? … Ugh, what’s on the back of that dress?! Stop dallying, you’re not even on the stage yet. At least they started clapping for you again once you finally appeared on stage, huh Sarah? (See, Renee, they don’t care you’re not adorable!) That dress is so cute until the bow appears.

That’s a nice simple dress, Christina Ricci, but it’d be better if you’d sprung for both shoulders (and you still didn’t look like you had on your Addams Family eye makeup). I love Big Fish so awful much (like the other fish movie) – yes! The popcorn! I’d prefer the daffodils, but this works too. Who edited that? That was crummy editing.

Supporting Actor, TV: And now, two people who want better intros than Barbershop 2 and The Butterfly Effect. By odds, Angels wins; by easy money, Angels wins; by clapping, Jeffrey Wright (from Angels) wins … and apparently the clap-o-meter is on! [Pretty music!] See, even from the back you can PROMPTLY take the stage.

Comedy Actress, Movie: [Tap for us Richard! Tap tap tap! Ahem.] I’d love for Jaime Lee Curtis to win this award—have you seen Freaky Friday? She totally pulls off a teenager mentality. … Please, don’t just read your entire speech off a piece of paper, especially if you wrote it all out to sound extemporaneous. Wow, Amy Pascal has scary, scary hair.

Comedy Actor, Movie: [If Renee’s dress was full length, it wouldn’t look so whore-ish.] … New best speech of the night: “…and I would thank the people, but there’s so many people trying to take credit for this, I wouldn’t know where to begin.” Dude, you rock.

Drama, TV: [Well, whatever her name is (Monty? Molly?), according to Jim, she’s hot stuff (get it? Huh? Sad, I know.)] Hello shows I don’t have access to, shows I never see anymore, and shows I never cared to watch! … Yes, take your time. I suppose that’s natural, since you never get to take your time to do anything on the show.

Comedy Actor, TV: “Well, you need a set….” To quote John, true that.

(Side note: it pains me that so many people will know The Cure's “Pictures of You" because of a photo software commercial (or movie trailer thingy). Anyway.)

Score: Danny Elfman! Big Fish! The music I just said I loved! The guy who did cool work for lion king! And other peoples! … Dudes, that music from the shire gets me every time, no matter how often the various themes play throughout the movie (and those are just cool glasses).

Song: Okay, the LOTR song just annoys the crap out of me (no, no particular reason), but I guess it’s good that the movie’s winning stuff [Ben must think so, as he’s doing his happy dance again.] Of course, now that I know it’s dedicated to a dead kid, I can’t hate it out of principle…but I can still avoid it at all costs, right?

Screenplay: [What’s up with her lip gloss? It makes her look like she doesn’t have real lips, just shiny things in the way.] Good, if Sofia wins here, then that leaves my man, Peter, to win director without guilt.

Supporting Actress, TV: Where there’s an Angels nom, there’s a Globe win … See, I’m good at this game [pretty music!] “…So, get out your checkbook!” is possibly the best line of the night (though there’s been great competition so far).

Toast time, eh? I guess (more than guess) it’d be a high honor, but I’d want someone other than Danny DeVito to be in charge, thanks. (I bet if they have drinking games for this show, there’s definitely one for this section of time.) “blah blah greed blah blah my hair sucks blah blah hey, Charlie Sheen! blah blah blah.” See, now I never have to see Wall Street because it’s all nice and summed up. I guess Sharon Stone really must believe she is a punk rock princess, just like last year…or maybe she’s finally going through her rebellion stage? And now he gets to talk about how wonderful he is and everyone gets to pretend to care, which works out because you’re in a room full of actors.

Hey, it’s the friendly accountant people! Maybe John'll go with the accounting major and work out in Hollywood and then he can sneak me into award shows all the time. That would be spiffy.

“Hi, I’m Susan Sarandon.” “What the deuce is going on?” – sorry, Family Guy moment.

Director: Peter, Peter, he’s my man! If he doesn’t win, I guess someone else I don’t like as much will and I’ll pout and get over it! (not really catchy, huh?) … ah, both Ben happy dance and pretty music again. He’s so cute and Australian and accented. Wow, Elijah Wood is so about to cry.

Actor, Mini-Series: [Oh, no! Antonio is…too sexy! (Do you have any idea how fun it is to break that joke out in Spanish class?)] Dude, it’s Al Pacino making a miniseries and they just mispronounced his name, of course he’s gonna win … [pretty music!] You don’t put Al that far back in the room (though, notice he still made it up on the stage while the applause was still strong)

Drama Actor, Movie: Mr. Jude Law needs to brush his hair. Dude, Nicole Kidman is completely drunk right now, isn’t she? C’mon, when you present, you don’t play the drinking games and you find yourself a decent dress! … Now we’re going to talk and talk and people will pretend to pay attention as we drone on about the fabulousness that is Sean Penn. Yawn.

I’ve just been totally lambasted for not seeing Seabiscuit yet.

Foreign Film: [to the tune of “O, Canada”] Oh, Canada, I hope you win the Globe! Not that I know, what your movie’s ‘bout! And then there’s one, with a terrorist, or at least his name. A-and they just won, oh Canada, don’t hang your head in shame. I’ll love you still, though you just lost. Oh, Canada, good luck at the Oscars. Oh, Canada, good luck, we’ll see you soon!

Drama Actress, Movie: Nicole still looks drunk, which would make sense; Charlize also looks drunk, but perhaps she just can’t dress herself (surely that sleeve isn’t supposed to dangle like that) … Somebody’s having a “Julia Roberts at the Oscars” moment. Sorry, now I have to go into ABBA: “If you change your mind, I’m the first in line. Blah blah la-la-la, take a chance on me!” Hey, if she’s thanking “everybody,” that includes me, doesn’t it? You’re welcome, Charlize!

Comedy, Movie: I want a fish movie to win here, preferable the one with “Nemo” in the title and Pixar at the helm … and see, now I have to see Lost in Translation even more because it beat out my beloved fish (the big and lost kinds), so it must be pretty confounded good.

You know what’s fun but probably really inappropriate? To mock “The More You Know” commercials.

Drama, Movie: Not that we need to see the noms again because we know it's going to my man Peter with his pretty pretty music … See? [Ben extreme happy dance time] Now, just keep those awards a comin' and we won't have any problems. Especially if I get to see all these happy people (and then some) at the Oscars.

No, good night to YOU, Leo, because it means so much more that way. Everybody grab some booze for the trip home; it's not like any of you drove yourself here anyway.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Stop sending it!!!

A quick public service announcement: I'm sorry, but I'm just going to start automatically deleting that Dr. Seuss email based on killing off the autrocity that was that "Cat in the Hat" movie in any form possible. Thanks.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Oh, for those evenings of hot chocolate and hot pockets

It keeps *snowing,* which was always great back in high school and before, but doesn't really help me out now that all my classrooms are in the same general area as where I live. It is beautiful to walk through, with just the light dusting that we've gotten since the gigantic fluffy flakes spewing down on Sunday afternoon. And it's not too increadibly cold out (or must not be if it's still not so cold that it stops snowing). So, as long as you're not walking around outside holding ice cream and other frozen stuff because they were out of bags at the conveniance store whenever you started craving mac and cheese, you'll be just fine.

Monday, January 26, 2004

Like cheesy manna from Heaven

Dudes! I'm totally craving mac and cheese right now. It's a good thing I'm on a college campus and not somewhere else so I can actually find some within the next five minutes before the craving disappears.

Bless you, Truman State conveinence store.

Sunday, January 25, 2004

It's coming....

Yes, I watched the Golden Globes. Yes, I also taped it for that first hour I missed while I was running around OP listening to theatre gossip. Yes, I was majorly bummed that "Finding Nemo" didn't win.

Yes, the Golden Globes post is coming. Eventually.

I just need to find the time. (So, give it a bit. Thanks.)
Oh! Oh! Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh!

(Sorry. That was *my* first reaction.)

This is a wonderful thing. This tells me my beloved "Gilmore Girls" (first season! pre-Jess! lots of Max!) is available for pre-order. That means it's COMING!!! And, it's coming RIGHT BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY! It's like the bestest end of the semester/no longer a teenager birthday gift ever!

(Yes, I know that was the spot held by Hugh Jackman earlier this week. He's so totally bumped.
"I feel pretty..."

(Watch "Anger Management," or, at least, the scene on the bridge (which is basically all I saw because it was two in the morning by that time).)

So, I'm back at Merv here in not-yet-but-still-gonna-ice Kirksville (as opposed to currently-spewing-freezing-rain St. Louis). It's probably just as well because I'd forgotten how much homework I still had to do before Monday, so now I have time again.

Before I do that, though: the show was fabulous, staying at Meredith's house was fabulous, not eating dining hall cuisine was fabulous, playing Set at the coffee house while slurping down smoothies was fabulous, telling stories in the car both ways was fabulous, and I've never had such a wonderful time on a trip that involved getting wrists stuck in windows, being licked [a LOT] by a dog, and movies that were supposedly wretched. Can we all go to "Hairspray" together???

Friday, January 23, 2004

That's who Ben is, Mom.

Now that it's officially official (as in, other people finally know), I can tell the fun secret: Melissa and Ben are "seeing" each other, which means they're keeping the same routine plus adding in stuff I don't probably have to name for y'all.

Guess you have to pin your hopes on someone else, huh Mom? :)
[Hopefully more than] One Song Glory

No posts this weekend, as I'll be in St. "Ten Degrees Warmer" Louis to see RENT on Saturday with friends.

Of course, then we hit the Golden Globes on Sunday, and we all remember what happened last year.

Thursday, January 22, 2004

According to the imdb: "Mmmmoooooowaaaaah..."

Someone nearby must be watching "Finding Nemo," because I can hear Dory speak whale through the walls. Or else, the freshmen guys next door have a new party trick impersonation.
RIP, Bianca

Rest your heels in a better place, Ann Miller.
So, I'm not always prompt...

Well, Mom, you wanted to know when the next Chinese "Year of the Monkey" was.

It started today.


Ta da!
Sunshine Day!

It actually was surprisingly sunny and March-esque yesterday, to the point of wanting to buy a Peanuts brand kite just for the irony of getting it stuck in a tree on the quad.

Other good happenings:

* I finally got to both pick up my missing textbook AND sell back my spare Spanish one that was taking up space on my shelf.

* It's cheesy, but I love it: for my latest assignment in Creative Writing, I wrote a descriptive poem about my Ice Breakers mints

* I understood Spanish class again!

* John needed someone to tape talking for his linguistics assignment (they'll analyze the tape for various things throughout the semester), and he asked me. He only needed fifteen minutes of rambling, but I handed him about twenty-five. Mostly because I can't count.

* I was asked by Tony, the stage manager for my last one-act, if I'd be willing to help him with his directing class project.

* There is [now] definite wooing going on in the world of Hannah Smith.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

I've Got a Secret


Sing along!:

I've got a secret!
I've got a secret!
And I'll never tell you!

I've got a secret!
I've got a secret!
(A really, really good one, too.)

You can guess, but I won't say
whether you're right
or, if it's a "nay," 'cause

I've got a secret!
I've got a secret!
And I'll never tell you!

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

returning favorites

The Weekend (Plus) in Bullets returns victoriously!!!

Or, you know, just returns.

* I only wore "real" shoes three times: once when dressing up, once for church, and once to run to the convenience store to buy more milk.

* There was a surprising number of Ewan McGregor flicks being watched during the course of the entire weekend.

* I missed "Moulin Rouge" to watch "Spice World." No, I don't hate myself.

* Not only did I finally get to talk to the mysterious Dustin (a friend back home of a friend up here who keeps calling Melissa), but I talked to him until the phone went dead four/five hours later.

* Unrelatedly, I feel like I'm being wooed through other people.

* Stuffed animals + karate chop action = hilarity

* I can't aim goldfish worth anything. Especially at other people's mouths.

Monday, January 19, 2004

Commercial break

Hey, look! Stalling with trailers! (Get it? Talking about trailers in between homework assignments--it's a double meaning thing!....Okay, I'll go away now.)

Here, in order of viewing, the trailers that piqued my interest between Creative Writing brainstorming and Creative Writing writing.

* Ella Enchanted - Dudes. What have you done to my book?!? This trailer hardly picks up on my fav aspects of the book, instead going for cheap visual jokes (what's with the Matrix referencing?) and characters that wouldn't've hung out in the book. Why are you messing with an award winning book?!?

* Van Helsing - And now for something completely different....Hugh Jackman! Okay, so I really don't know the backstory to this character, and it's not generally a movie I would probably see normally, but it has Hugh and it opens the day before my birthday, so I'll mostly likely suck it up and go. (it looked like the art director had a grand time, if nothing else)

* A Cinderella Story - Here's where my stomach for the teen genre gets all gooey. I guess it's a "good for her" to Ms. Duff that she keeps getting movie deals (how does Chad Michael Murry keep getting himself into these things), but this looks a little much, even for me. And I watched The Lizzie Maguire Movie. Twice. In a row. (It was my cousin's decision, though; don't look at me like that.)

* 50 First Dates - I already saw this trailer before Big Fish back home, but I still really want to see this movie. I know last year when I did this (isn't it fun how I keep doing the same things over again at the same time as the previous year?), I expressed distaste for Adam Sandler movies. However, now that I've seen The Wedding Singer, I've changed my mind regarding some.

* Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen - I like the idea of this teen flick more than some other recent ones because, if I was a different person, I could see myself as this chick. Make of that statement what you will. Besides, when that punk band of mine actually gets off the ground, I'm totally stealing the movie poster's look for the first (maybe second) album cover.

Sunday, January 18, 2004

Harvard hazing! Harvard hazing!

(Such nice alliteration.)

The first new "Gilmore Girls" of 2004 airs on Tuesday! Caleb, you know what that time! Do you want to start Tuesday phoning again? (It's probably your turn--does that affect things?)

Let me know.

Love, the Sis
It's classier than the hamster

A new semester means I have time for eBay again, one of the most dangerous addictions known to mankind. Or, at least, mankind with access to a credit card.

Anyway, I mostly have a purpose to be on the site: a craving for white go-go boots. Unfortunately, Melissa just has a general craving to shop around for dresses, which is how we found this. We've talked about buying it jointly (we both wear basically the same size), but we're more hanging back, trying to see how high it will climb.

Beyond that, my watch list on eBay has a little bit of everything. There's Moxy Fruvous merchandise, a cute purse-thing that I'll probably just watch and not actually bid on, go-go boots, upon go-go boots, and more go-go boots.

And then there's all the Empire Records merch that I keep coveting.

So, moral? I should never, ever get a credit card. Ever.

Saturday, January 17, 2004

Everybody needs a little sanctuary

Here I was, going to Wal-Mart for no reason just because I didn't feel like hanging out in a quiet dorm room on Saturday night. Where am I now? Downstairs in the computer lab because I don't feel like hanging out with actual people for the moment.

There's not much of a reason behind this (though I'm sure I'll need to cough one up when I get back upstairs and Melissa wonders where I've been). I've felt a little sleepy all day--that probably contributed--but that should shoot off my slap-happy genes instead of my anti-social ones. If I didn't know there'd be people in my room, I might go back up and fall asleep. Yes, at 9:43 on a Saturday night. I've been sleepy often so far in the new semester, and I don't want to think that I'm feeling ill so early in the school year.

That, and--every once in a while, as odd as it may seem--the little girl wants to play by herself and ignore all her friends. I'm just happy they don't take it personal.
We are such seven year old girls

So, we knew from the moment that "Spice World" (yes, I bought the Spice Girls movie) left the $5.50 bin at Wal-Mart and entered 315 that it would provide great mocking fun. Of course, that was before I felt the urge to play dress-up with a dress I've had up at college since the beginning of the year, though I hadn't used it before now.

Once you're wearing a fancy dress, naturally your roommate wants to wear a fancy dress, so soon Melissa had changed into an old prom dress. And, once both of you have on your beautiful dresses, you need the shoes. After shoes come earrings, necklaces, and soon you find yourself with curled hair laughing at "Miss Congeniality" (because it fit the dressing-up-ness).

And, by the way, Spice World only improves with the hour of watching....and with Meredith sitting next to you (also in a dress) singing along with all the songs AND doing half the dances.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

And...I understand Spanish!

Though it may go downhill from here, I'm having a grand ol' Kirksville Wednesday mostly because I keep running into all these people I love and adore that I haven't seen in ages. Just between the last two classes, I saw (in order):

(1) Crystal, my one-act director from last semester

(2) Julia, my theatre "dahhh-ling"

(3) Nile--who has possible the coolest name ever--who I met through marching band and then had LAS calc with last year

(4) Steve, one of my acting scene partners (the really tall one from the scene when we threw glasses of water on each other)

(5) Katherine, who I shared music with my second (and final) semester in choir

(6) John, also from acting class, who is one of the most fabulously sweet people ever (and he does a mean impression of a hyper me doing Lady Macbeth)

(7) a girl (who's name alludes me at the moment) who I had a writing class and a Spanish class with last year

And it's only almost three! I mean, I probably have about ten more hours of being awake that I could run into more people...especially as I'm spending my first evening in the library [reading scripts] of the semester tonight.
I blame the gnomes.

Things I (a) forgot, or (b) just can't find:

* Melissa's glass jar that had my flowers in it when I went home and is probably now sitting on the kitchen counter

* all those bottles of flavored water I wanted to stock up on

* my booklight (which, for whatever reason, is driving me the craziest of all)

* an extra pair of flip-flops for wearing around the dorm to save on my fav pair, which is about to fall apart

* baby pictures

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Someone’s glad she didn’t drop Creative Writing after all

* Good assignment: on the second day of class, standing up and telling the group something about yourself

* Better assignment: for the second day of class, turning in a short paper about yourself

* Best assignment: for the second day of class, turning in a short paper detailing a “pack of lies” about yourself and letting the group guess who’s who

Monday, January 12, 2004

Musical Happiness!!

Christmas is officially over: I received my back-ordered CDs in the mail today.
I missed the squirrels.
"Well, I'm back."

Merv's once again hooked up to the increadibly fast connection, meaning I've again left Sullivan for the "joys" of Kirksville without much fanfare or announcement. I should probably apologize to all my Sullivan people for that, though I wasn't increadibly social all break anyway.

Still, I'm back in lovely Ryle 315 (with the freezer that drips and the heater that works too well), I've already unpacked, help decorate for a surprise birthday party, wandered around campus, attended the surprise birthday party, hung out and had a movie night, gone to class, and picked up random dairy products from the convenience store.

I have three classes in a row this afternoon (God help me), and I'll probably have to grab lunch on the go because the dining hall won't open until thirty minutes before my next class. I should start eating breakfast (at 7:30) in the morning before my first class just to off-set things, but I really don't see that happening. I'll just deal with all my extra meals at the end of the semester. Call me in April and I'll hook you up with the carbonated beverage of your choice.

Friday, January 09, 2004

Nine Days In

Currently for 2004:

- I'm beginning to understand the love for Cameron Crowe movies

- I want to be a music supervisor. Who else should pick the music for backgrounds everywhere?

- First book finished: Wicked by Gregory Maguire

- I never want to watch football again. Ever. Seriously.

- I've done more freeway driving in just this first week than throughout all my previous life.

Thursday, January 08, 2004

Missed You Missed You Missed You!

First things Melissa and I will probably talk about upon returning:

- Dude! Of course I wore my go-go boots! You?

- Yeah, I know all my hair's still attached...

- Did you find a new fish?

- Okay, I've got the streamers and balloons. Do you have the birthday cheesecake?

- Dang, it's good to be back.

Sunday, January 04, 2004

Written Snapshots of Alligator Country

(The real snapshots will be on my webpage upon developing.)

Because I just wrote ten zillion more words than I was planning to for my last post, I’ll stick with the highlights for y’all (oh, the many times I heard that the last few days) regarding Louisiana and the Mainstay Why Does this Parking Lot Suck? Independence Bowl. So….

It’ll Make Up for the Lack of Zzzs I’ll Sleep at College
We left for the darling state of Louisiana at four blessed thirty-five in the morning. Naturally, sleep was the first thing on my mind and that’s how I can characterize the first part of the trip:

4:35 – leave
6:50 – wake up in a McDonalds parking lot somewhere
7:14 – wake up again leaving the parking lot
9:08 – wake up in an unknown state
12:44 – wake up in Arkansas
1:50 – arrive in Shreveport

Scratch that “first” part—I basically slept for eight hours. You know what’s even better? I slept even more on the way back to Sullivan! So much so, I can’t even break it down into numbers. How’s that for using time affectively?

Dang Kooky Old Ladies
Even with as many people who were own the trip (booked “officially” in two different hotels; I think both filled up), we continually ran into some of the same people. My favorites were a group of older ladies who, between downing overpriced glasses of alcohol, kept commenting about how I dragged a book everywhere. When they found out I was planning on reading during the entire game; they almost couldn’t comprehend it. Best comment to come out of all of this? [from during the sucky pep rally] “What? Are you studying right now? She must not go to Mizzou….”

Speaking of Sucky Pep Rallies…
ATTENTION City of Shreveport! We’re on to your plot to herd us all to the casinos by setting up the most horrendous pep rally in the history of meaningless pep rallies! Not only were we all crowded into the Expo Center instead of the convention hall, but the “all” means both Mizzou and Arkansas! Who wants to go to a pep rally for the other team, even if it’s only for half the time? What’s wrong with you people? Only one good thing came out of shuttling us continually to the same wretched spot downtown.

Mmm…Onion Rings…
If you’re in Shreveport with the insipid casinos, wander up two blocks and eat at the Blind Tiger. Trust me. Go there, order the catfish, get a side of onion rings, and you’ll want to buy a t-shirt, just like I did.

Bonus prize: the first time you wear the shirt, it still smells like the restaurant, so it’s like you’re there again. Cigarette smoke and grease never smelled so good together.

(But, Hannah, Wasn’t there a Game?)
I keep getting asked what I thought of the game. My standard answer has become, “Well, I got 100 pages read.” Truthfully, it was more like 120, but I don’t figure people quibble over details like that.

I did watch some of the game, which probably contributed to the Tigers’ downfall, as I generally ignore them completely and then they win by a huge margin. Whatever. At least there weren’t any scandals attached to either team at my bowl game.

Anyway, the best part of the game was probably the post-game action in the parking lot. For awhile, it appeared we were about to have a repeat of the band’s Cotton Bowl trip my freshman year when we rang in the New Year on the bus between the “Dallas” ranch and our hotel. Basically no one was moving in the parking lot…except some white SUV traveling the wrong way. From my bus window, one could clearly watch her try to squeeze herself between another car and a limo (though not the limo driving around with the tiger tail hanging out the trunk), almost hit the car, and receive a talking-to from one of the police officers standing around not helping the traffic situation. After a few minutes conversation, she got to head the way she wanted: between the out-going traffic and back toward where the buses had parked [where there was no way of escaping the waiting line of cars].

We hadn’t sat long when she (the SUV driver was a tall blonde) pulled back on the side of the bus and tried to worm her way between us and the parked police car. After a few attempts, she made a charge for a small clearing between a trash can and telephone pole….and was immediately halted by one of the officers, who suddenly had something to do. First they talked through her car window, then she jumped out of the car and marched over to the police car. That’s when the entire left side of the bus got interested. Pretty soon, she was yelling at the officer and he had cuffed her, happily helping her into the back of his car. Naturally, this all made for a great show (especially once her husband came over and after she was released back to her vehicle—ticket in hand—and went to argue with the officers again. It was only after she got back in the car and on the phone to someone (Lawyer? Equally ditsy/drunk friend?) that the bus finally had enough room to move and took off again. It was almost a shame. I could’ve handled ringing in the new year if I could’ve seen a full out arrest.

Saturday, January 03, 2004

*Ugh, five more minutes Mom*

I am suddenly and completely without warning drop dead tired.

Perfect time for Homestar Runner, no?
(But hopefully not too soon)

One of these days, I will…

* stop biting my nails

* probably have [eek!] a real job

* grow out of my seven year old self

* turn into my mother (and not all in a good way – no offense, Mom)

* stop buying random costume pieces and kiddie jewelry from Wal-Mart

* purchase all sensible shoes

* give away my feather boa collection

* therefore become a giant bore, completely different from my current self, and need all new friends

Friday, January 02, 2004

Greetings from the Kids’ Table

[mostly from 12-25-03]

That’s right. I was bumped to the kids’ table during meals again, just like last year. Yes, I’m okay with. I do have short legs after all. Anyway.

I know some people who know me have expressed surprise that I don’t want children. I’ve been assured that, the older you become, the more the maternal instinct kicks in—hence, the growing wish for kids. Most people believe that, since like I act like a seven year old myself (and have more and more as I’ve “aged”), it’d be even more natural for me to look forward to children. For “playmates” of sorts, if nothing else I guess. I know lots of people my age (and even younger) start thinking about marriage and kids, mostly with favorable thoughts. Yet, none of that especially appeals to me at the moment. I don’t have a reason behind that—maybe because I’ve always been single (and perfectly happy with the fact, thanks).

What brought this on? Christmas at Grandma’s house equals Christmas surrounded with “little people,” as I affectionately refer to my younger cousins. I have five between the ages of just over one to thirteen years old. The upstairs has been taken over by baby toys (and I’m becoming an expert at balancing objects while jumping over the gate at the top of the stairs)—the basement was claimed by Legos, K’Nex, Hot Wheels, and (later) the eternal Playstation 2. I’ve watched “The Lizzie Maguire Movie” twice, “Freaky Friday” once, and the beginning of “Finding Nemo,” not to mention the hours I’ve wandering into games of Spongebob and Simpsons on the PS2. I’ve been gaining a distinct education on how it feels to have a younger sibling, and I’m glad all the training aids get to go back home to their respective homes eventually.

I love all my cousins, and the playing around we all do (plus the opportunity to watch movies like “Lizzie” and “Friday” without being mocked by college people). Yet, I never feel like I know what to do with the little people (as the youngest, I didn’t really get any experience in that regard), so I mostly defer to Caleb. But, at the same time, I feel like I should instinctively know how to handle kids anyway (why? I don’t know), so they’re not my most favorite thing in the world. My older cousins are great because they’re at the stage where they’re starting to understand jokes that used to fly over their heads, so it’s that much more interesting to talk to them.

I’ll wait for the other three to grow up a few years.
Clap Off

You've got to hand it to the Clapper manufacturers for sticking it out with those vintage 70s-looking commercials. Way not to bring your technology into the new millennium!

[This is the last of your automated posting for the Christmas break period, mostly because Hannah ran out of random ideas during the afternoon when she was coming up with stuff to post. See y'all in real time!]

Thursday, January 01, 2004

Ooh! Balloons!

It’s a good thing I’m not in charge of one of those giant balloons for the big parades, because I’d totally let go off the rope so it could float away and terrorize the city.

Yes, I stole that off a Hallmark card. Shhhhhh…….