Saturday, August 27, 2011

(yeah, I'm just gonna backdate a bunch of things I never finished)

I want to write about Thursday's show, because it's one of those nights that reaffirmed some of the things I like about stage managing (fixing on the fly, knowing people trust you to work out problems, being okay with losing years of your life through stress), but I've just come from my fourth trip to Borders liquidation sale (now 50-70% off!), and I'm a little caught up in the emotions.

I think it's that line--toward the bottom--of "our spirits have been trampled on." I love books and movies and music, and my friendly neighborhood Borders (both at Kirby and in the mall) have been part of that fix for all five years I've been in Texas. It's where I've gone when I need to step out of work for a few minutes to clear my head. If I love a miniseries off Netflix so much that I need the next disc right now. I stood in line for the midnight sale of HP7 at the same Borders I was standing in today, in a similarly "all the way around the store" sort of line. Just like then, I stuck up conversations with the people in line around me (the dad with the infant who likes books "if they're chewy" and the mother-daughter team who kept handing their piles back and forth to grab something new), but it was about how we were sad to lose a place where we could come in and find a new book, etc.

And I know I should support independent booksellers and blah blah blah. But, you know what? I'm busy. I have limited means to get around. And I don't always know exactly what I want...which helps when you have a great big place to rummage through. If I was looking to pick up a book AND a MOVIE and a CD, I could walk out with all three from Borders rather than jumping around at multiple locations. I hope I'll fall in love with some great small bookstore (there's apparently one a few blocks down from work) and have many grand memories of it in the future. And I hope they take on some of those Borders employees that have complimented my purchases, recommended other items, and generally made pleasant small talk as I sat in their chairs, reading my next favorite book.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

oh my goodness, sleep

I don't know what I'm allergic to, but we need to change seasons and flush it out of my system because all I want to do anymore is sleep. I'm not actually sick (no fever, no vomit, no pus--which I believe were the requirements my mother had for us staying home from school [hurrah, perfect attendance in high school, despite whatever tried to eat my soul/throat in junior year], which is the worst thing your body can feel when you don't feel like doing anything. My vague headaches and general listlessness are not enough to keep me home from work, especially not now that I'll have morning rehearsals for the Rotunda.

I have no other news, because this is my life right now. My apologies to the world that all I want to do at the moment is be antisocial and fall asleep on my couch by 10:30. Excuse me while I spend the rest of my lunch hour napping.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

I think the first time I actually heard the song "Purple Rain" was while watching the movie "Purple Rain" yesterday. Sorry, Prince.

Still alive.

Still not stage managing the first slot Mainstage. (Phew.)

Still behind on my newspapers, magazines, and library books.

I'm gonna go make some fried eggs.