Monday, June 30, 2003

*More* Celebrity Sightings at Wal-Mart

(Just like before, only more!)

* George Lucas looking at lamps with his family

* Tracy Ulman looking for "anything sunflower"

* Elvis waving to the bystanders while leaving with his purchase of donuts

Saturday, June 28, 2003

It's time for...Good Idea/Bad Idea

Good Idea: Watching Caleb's "CSI" DVD to kill time during the afternoon.

Bad Idea: Watching Caleb's "CSI" DVD late at night and then trying to fall asleep while over-analyzing all the sounds in the house until you reach the point that you're absolutely convinced that someone just broke into the house but maybe--if you stay still--they won't notice you when they come to steal all the vaulables.
Dear Grandma (and everyone else who reads this),

Sorry I haven't been updating so much lately. I've been getting lots of overtime up at the Wal of Mart in preparation for inventory the second week of July. Also (no offense to anyone), finishing the Harry Potter book came before telling the world that I was on Chapter Such-and-Such back while I was still reading it. The rest of my time has been spent between watching Caleb's "CSI Season One" DVD and working on a scrapbook of my freshman year at TSU. All I need to write are the pages for my birthday and the theatre banquet before I can show-off the finished product.

Until then!

Love, Hannah

Saturday, June 21, 2003

Harry Potter and the Extravagent Discount

Until about four o'clock this afternoon, I wasn't planning on messing with Wal-Mart's pile of Harry Potter books since I had one sitting pre-ordered in Scholastic's warehouse (along with a giftbag, so I'm told). However, then I decided just to grab one, read the first chapter, and leave slightly fullfilled for Saturday's car trip. Not purchase it, or anything....just feel slightly superior for having read it first.

Do you know how much Wal-Mart sold the books for? $16.17. With an employee discount, that's only $15.27. Compare that to the $29 and change for the list price.

No, I didn't buy one. But Caleb did. He hadn't pre-ordered one (no pencils and measly tokens for him!), but it sounded like a good enough deal to him. We both popped over to Wal-Mart, stood in line, snacked on chips, and conversed (how British sounding of me) with those around us until they finally started handing out the very blue books.

I just finished the first chapter. I obviously don't want to say anything, but GOOD LORD. She's not wasting any time in this one, is she? And....about that last part: I *knew* it! I knew when he said that in the last one, that it was totally what it could possibly be.

I love being vague. I'm going to sleep now. Well, I'm going to bed--I'll probably think about Harry Potter for awhile.

(Hopefully not that weird "Harry Potter and the Coffee Pots" dream I had last night....weird stuff.)

Friday, June 20, 2003

Because every little kid could be tomorrow's gambler

MSNBC, in a hard-hitting news story that any journalism fanatic could love, drew up odds for the death pool on who will die in the new Harry Potter book. (Probably after they made a big pretty chart with who everyone was and mispronoinced Hermione's name a couple times). It's not much of an article, but it amuses me to think someone actually spent time working on this. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 19, 2003's so pretty

Two bits of Wal-Mart news (the title's for the second):

* In a Sally Field moment of "You really like me!," I somehow gained an extra 23 cents (they rounded up) on my hourly wage which will be nice with all that overtime that I apparently have to take between now and inventory day (piece of advice: don't go to Wal-Mart on July 9th). Apparently, I also have management potential because they want to teach me to cut keys and mix paint (even though I'm never on that side of the store), though why I would want to work at Wal-Mart the rest of my life is beyond me.

* Sullivan's shipment of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix showed up in the back stock area yesterday afternoon. All that stands between me and what looks like a zillion blessed (and blessedly thick) books is a measly layer of plastic wrap to hold them all together. That, and the fact that I'd probably lose both my pay raise and my summer job if I pulled one off, even just to read during breaks. Does that make me stop dreaming about reading a chapter or so during breaks? Of course not. Hopefully my willpower will hold out.
There went Peter Cottontail

I think I killed a baby rabbit last night. Don't give me that look. I got out of the car last night after work, slammed the door, and hear a squeak under the trees. When I looked over, I saw a little rabbit running like Marion Jones...and the neighbor's stupid cat right behind. I don't know that the rabbit was safe until I shut the door and startled it, but I have guilt about it all (though not enough to go check by the carport and see if there's anything over there).
Apparently she doesn't like "Aida"

My cat's giving me a look that clear says if I loved her, I wouldn't play my music so loud. Or sing all the high notes.
Another Op'nin', Another Show

The Muny opened this week, which means the [now] annual Slaby-Smith trip occurred Tuesday (although this time it also included a Smith dad and Tyler Harms). The opener wasn't one of my favorite shows--Fiddler on the Roof (I like certain songs better than the entire thing)--and it wasn't the greatest Muny show ever, but I still teared up at the end when the lone fiddler plays the family out of the town, so it was worth it. Plus, we stopped for Krispy Kreams on the way home, listened to the guys in the sound booth sing along with the songs, ate graham crackers with icing during intermission, and chatted up a storm (though not in the car on the way back, when we nearly all fell asleep). Best of all, I ran into (okay, searched out with binoculars) John from my acting class and talked for awhile before singing showtunes and letting him get back to his job.

Next week: Sondheim! Delightful musical twisted-ness!

Wednesday, June 18, 2003


I've given up on the This-or-That Tuesday thing, mostly out of lack of time...but also mostly because I think it might come across as highly annoying to the rest of the world. Maybe if I get bored once I'm back at college and posting full-time again I'll bring it back, but I think I'll drop it for the time being. I'm sure you're all heartbroken, aren't you? (Yes, that's sarcasim.)

Saturday, June 14, 2003


The more time I spend in the stationery aisle hanging pens back on their proper rack, the more songs I think up that would make flahoolick punk covers.
And they're *so* not itsy-bitsy

I have spiders (yes, plural...the suckers keep popping up) in my room, which I'm obviously not okay with. Many a shoe [two--well, technically it was the same shoe both time] has been stained with spider guts when I instinctively think "wouldn't that look nice dead?" anytime I see one. For about three days, I'd actually made piece with the brown vermen since they'd (or at least one of them) taken up space near the electric socket that lets ants into my room, happily devouring bugs I hate even more than spiders. [For some reason, "BATS AREN'T BUGS!" from Calvin and Hobbes just popped in my head.] However, I just discovered one crawling up the wall right next to my bed, obviously up to no good, and the cease fire ended. Bleck. Now I have to wash my shoe again.

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Please Stand By

The blog looks a little weird right now, I know, because of the countdown clock thing for Harry Potter 5, but it'll only last for about ten more days and then we can go back to the skinny sidebar again. Indulge me a little (okay, so this entire site is about letting people indulge me....I'll work on the word choice later).

Monday, June 09, 2003

I should edit these before I post

Dude, just look at the previous post (which I just re-read). I either need to read them before I post or stop writing right after I get off work.

Friday, June 06, 2003

One step closer to punk princess status

I was bored this morning, so I got a second hole pierced in my ears. Obviously, this isn't a time-filler I can use often (probably one more time, tops, and even then I'll start hitting cartildge), but I did today.

Nobody in my family has noticed yet.

Sure, I was only home [with other people around] for about forty minutes this evening and--since I hadn't planned on waking up and piercing my ears this morning--few people knew what had happened. I don't plan on telling anyone, however (beyond this post), and instead want to see how long it takes some people to notice my sparkly whim. In fact, I'd prefer anyone who reads this *not* to tell, oh, my mother for one, just because I want to scientifically see how long it takes her to notice the additional ear wear.

For those who know the story of my first ear piercing (let's just say, I freaked and ended up spending time hiding in the bathroom next to the Claire's outlet store where the female members of my extended family drove me on the day after Christmas), this one was much calmer. It took a couple minutes to decide on the actual stud (silver or fake-diamond? silver or fake-diamond?--who are we kidding...I love sparkly things too much to pass them up, even when fake), but after that I just sat and [not freaking out-ly] had the nice (hopefully highly trained) lady poke holes in my skin and I walked out of the store. Quite calm. Dang, I just realized I didn't even use my discount card. I'm going to flip--hey, there's your drama for the whim!

My posts get weird when I stop typing to listen to late night, and start typing again. I should stop that.

Wednesday, June 04, 2003

I [Heart] Pixar

Not only do I give it three thumbs way, way up (name that movie!), but "Finding Nemo" also made me cry three different times. Of course, one of those was before the opening credits when I was amazed at the sheer beauty of film. Don't wait for it to come out on video--this is one to see in all it's glory on the big screen.
I's Sleepy

I think I slept through This-Or-That yesterday, and I think I'm going to sleep through it today, also. If you miss it, just do the questions yourself. Feel free to post 'em in the comment might make for interesting conversation.