Saturday, October 22, 2011

dinner 2.0 brought to you by the fact that this ballgame is STILL going

Most of the time, I am not a sports person. I'd rather talk about movie release dates than player stats. I have a hard time keeping track of the lingo. I actually own a book called "The Smart Girl's Guide to Sports," all about non-sports people faking that knowledge.

[I don't think this is much of a secret. In fact, I was surprised when anyone believed I was actually going to soccer practice when I was attending "soccer practice."]


Something seems to happen to me when the Cardinals end up in the post-season. I think this must be another genetic quirk from my mother, because I've noticed the same thing happens to her. They stop being the team that usually breaks my heart by the end of the season, turning into the team that Just Might Do it This Year, and that gives me license to truly care. I start to have opinions about the players, even beyond the known names. I'm able to have conversations over the sports section with the sports-obsessed house manager. Jeepers, I read the sports section. These past two weeks, I've been that obnoxious person at rehearsal who has the game updating on the phone when she should be writing down blocking.

So, yeah, it's unusual for me to do things like watch a four hour (and four minutes!) ballgame, or set a team logo as my facebook icon, and many other things I've done here lately. Just give it a week, people, and I'll be normal again.

Monday, October 17, 2011


[Because I often need to be reminded] Things that have made me happy this past weekend:

* any jokes about tape recorders

* CARDINALS WIN! (My squirrel puppet approves.)

* this interview with the two current Doctor Who companions.

* this week's episode of Community. I seriously convulse with laughter when they hit Troy's timeline (and I would post a link, but it wouldn't be nearly as funny without context).

* graham crackers with icing, because I'm clearly nine

Sunday, October 16, 2011

too long for twitter, OR twice in one day

I came in early before strike so I could print out my performance/rehearsal reports from yesterday. Someone left a box of cookies on my desk, which seems to say "PLEASE HANNAH, EAT THESE, YUM YUM, THANKS" but maybe that was their plan and if I eat one (or both - there's two!) I'll be horribly addicted to chocolate iced cookies for the rest of my life, and I really can't go broke four dollars at a time to Whole Foods.

I kinda think the meds I took earlier in the day for my congestion are kicking in. Who wants to hand me power tools?
If I could wear my pajamas to today's strike, I would do it.

My favorite moment of rehearsal yesterday is a toss-up between discovering that several of my teenage actors are Doctor Who fans AND the moment the director told our already-obnoxious youngest actor to "JUST LEAVE" (as in, the stage--this was a blocking rehearsal, after all--but with the tone of "get as far from my sight as possible").

That's a lie. The best part was going to Chuy's with Kat afterward. Creamy jalapeno always makes everything better.

So, we survived, which is the important thing. (Also important: all the large church scenes with the kids are blocked, meaning the majority of the show is roughly done. Whether they retained any of that knowledge is a question for next week.)

Not really related to anything above: but someone [with a larger apartment than mine] should throw a Halloween party, because this weekend I thought up a costume I could create almost exclusively from my closet. (Don't worry, my Thor-cohorts. I haven't forgotten the May plan. I just don't have any boots with wings at this time.)

Monday, October 10, 2011

this, on repeat

[but actually the live version from "Great Performances," which is apparently not yet online]

I had a rather long and rambling post set to publish, but I can apparently control my words better than my eating habits (what up, ice cream for supper!), because I'm gonna go ahead and call it too "girl-moody" to share with the general population.

Excuse me while I go elsewhere, such as to bed (seeing as it's now half 'til tomorrow).

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Okay, people, it's like this:

I just really don't want to hang out with anyone right now, and I'm sorry that people keep asking. I'm stressed over a show that hasn't even started rehearsals yet, and constantly upset with my boss for throwing another (and another and another.....) thing on my to-do pile, even while he knows that I'm swamped. I don't want pity, I just want to be left alone so I can catch up again.

Also, the only people who are generally free at our odd-ball hours are fellow employees of this grand organization, which means--if we did hang out, we'd likely end up talking about work. (Don't even deny it, everyone knows the "when two or more ADPers are together, they must discuss the company" rule.) And that'll just remind me of all the above again.

I'm sorry that I've been short and huffy and generally less-than-pleasant lately, and I really am trying to not take out my stress on the general population. I'm just bad at it so far (and I'm sorry for that, too). I'd like to believe that a bunch of things currently stressing me will resolve themselves next week, and we can all be friendly croutons again. I'd just like to (politely) ask you to stay the heck away from me until then. Really, it's for the best.