Friday, June 30, 2006

post #1331 - where eventually I'll turn English major

I feel obligated to post again, seeing as I'm once more online and therefore not doing other things, such as calling people who apparently miss me. Such is apparently what I'll do this afternoon.

I've finished my college scrapbook, which means I should move on to Euro Adventure. I've found better photo hosting online (yeah, no monthly post limit!), so I'll soon have all the Euro Adventure pictures up ... or, would if I was going to continue being at the library all the time. I have to repost everything I've done so far, and I want to take the captions with me. Since I'm spending next week in Iowa, though, I imagine life will feature more cows and corn, less internet and picture CDs. (Life will also feature more cousins, fireworks, food, shopping, family stories, long road hours, and perhaps some Pirates, but everyone always wants to hear about the cows.)

The library is offering free hot dogs (there was a special event yesterday and apparently they have overstock), and I'm hungry. I'm going to celebrate the palindrone post with pig. (Then I get in alliteration, also. Awesome!)

Thursday, June 29, 2006

maybe I'll just say "screw it" and stay here

Less than ten minutes in, and I'm already tired of trying to find an apartment. I want to be able to go look at them and not simply rely on pictures. I want a roommate situation to be actually settled before I get my heart set on anything. There are times when I don't even want to go, just for a flash, until I remember that I really really really want this job AND my parents would kill me if I stayed, instantly cancelling out my staying. Plus, I'm not a fan of death.

July is going to go past so quickly, even without all the traveling we'll pull for the month, so sooner is better in this hunt. But, bleck.
It's through my would-be boyfriend, IMDB, that I now know the uncle from "Napolean Dynamite" is also Broots from "The Pretender."

I've been online three days in a row: do I think I'm back at college or something?

Anyway, July scheduling is finally falling together, until it comes streaming apart once more [sometime this afternoon, perhaps]. How things currently stand:

* AIDA tonight at the Muny

* mini road trip tomorrow to Columbia which, through my appearance on the trip, will now include mini golf

* somehow appear in St. Charles on Saturday for Meredith's party, followed by

* annual Sunday school picnic in Sullivan (after ducking out of JC Sunday morning service early)

* journeying around Iowa, starting Monday, and ending with a family reunion at the end of the week

* briefly home again until the 13th, then a quick (leave there the 17th) trip to Wyoming

* maybe see Huey's show the 21st?

Then it's just a matter of moving down to Texas, which might turn into a "family trip" now that Wyoming involves a smaller group of travelers. The fun never stops around here.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


On personal experience alone, I'm gonna have to go with duct tape. It's nothing against her, I just haven't seen Meryl Streep do anything amazing for me lately.

Life is pretty good, and I'm even in a skirt. Today I almost picked out accessories and everything. Wednesdays are nice.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I've forgotten everything I wanted to write.

* I'm officially due in Texas on August 1st, so perhaps I should be visiting some people?

* I've recently fallen in love with the first ring of the telephone, which is done in triplicate (for each single phone) before they join together in chorus on ring #2. That was slightly complicated for an irrational love.

* I'm sorry that I hardly post anymore.

* On the plus side, I'm almostly completely through scrapbooking my college years and can then focus back on that tiny trip. Yikes.

* If anyone would like to sell me a car, that'd be grand.

* There's a post I'm trying to put together about Gershwin and thunderstorms, but it won't come out right. Yet.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

to quote: "I recognize my flabby arms."

I thought she was quite crazy, but that does indeed seem to be our group of people waiting to sit inside and wait in the Muny free seats.

Mid picture, right after the light in the dirt patch, starting with the lady in dark red and her now quote-worthy "flabby arms."

Saturday, June 17, 2006

I like how I only offer real news occassionally anymore.

Unlike at school, I'm never concerned with the shower curtain. The zombies are much too picky to try and set up shop in the apartment.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

The thought that I might move by August 1 saddens me if only because that'll lessen the chances I see "Snakes on a Plane" with people who will appreciate it the same way I will.

(this morning) MOM: Are you ever going to blog about your trip?
ME: Huh, I guess I'll eat a popsicle afterall.

Anyway, some messing around and a new knowledge of foreign QWERTY settings (mainly, @ and " switching locations) leads me to the grand conclusion that Toulouse is actually European. Guess it's good I named him such instead of "Bob" or whatever.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

everyone might as well give up on hearing anything else about the trip

Spreading it throughout my various web locales, and about to send out the mass email, but hear it is: I got the job. I'm the next stage management intern for the A.D. Players and I'll move to Houston, Texas at the end of the summer. And, apparently, a bunch of people plan on road tripping to see me (already!), so maybe y'all can all carpool together. Feel free to work out a plan.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I've cleared out my TruView, apparently the final step of any Truman graduate. There's something unspeakably depressing about clearing out four years of your life in under half the time granted by the library's computer sharing system. I'll actually be even more so upset if they finally grant everyone to keep their Truman account (which I know the alumni associate is looking into as it's a more convenient way for them to ask us for money) and I deleted things.

Anyway, on the positive side, I've probably stalled enough that they've finally reshelved the movie I was after upstairs. Yay, Serenity!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

further ignoring the time plan and pre-written posts

I'm in Missouri AND Jeff City, so I'm officially Done With This Trip. Perhaps there should be italics too, as in Done With This Trip, but that's probably pushing it.

Also, I'm still jetlagged. But it's more like jetlagged.

Hee hee, fonts are fun.

Anyway, back in the realm of normal thought: I'm sad the trip is over, yet happy that I'm no longer jetting around foreign countries and eating fancy meals in-between scouting out historical and vaguely-historical locations. Like, in a non-sarcastic way. My last cash drop for this trip will be paying for film developing, and if anyone wants to bet on how much it costs to develop fourteen rolls of film (plus CD and some with doubles), I'd hate to hear such things in advance. I'll post the final count, and someone can let me know who wins the pot so I know who to hit up for the 10% commission. This will help pay my credit card bill when it arrives.

Pictures will be forthcoming. Stories will spill out randomly as they spew from my mind, unattached to any other thought process.