Thursday, October 31, 2002

Happy Halloween, y'all! I was busy all yesterday afternoon helping decorate our hall into a greusome, haunted carnival, complete with freak show, hall of mirrors, and lots of trashbag covered walls. Gotta love cheap black plastic.

Favorite [cop-out] costume: Kelly, in my writing class who wore all J-Crew clothing and called himself a J-Crew Ad.

Truman sponsers the community to bring in their kids to trick-or-treat in the dorms (as I'm sure most colleges do), so I'm trying to be ready for the little monsters to arrive around six, six-thirty. My costume isn't completely finished yet....I'm still trying to figure out how to build a tiara out of duct tape (I'm going as Hannah, Queen of Duct Tape---I figure, if I have a dress made out of duct tape, why not put it to use?) Since a dress of duct tape isn't very practical for college life (it's hard to sit in duct tape), I've just been walking around with cat ears all day. It's more than most people---Truman people don't seem to have enough spirit. It must be all that time they spend in the library.

None of the kids are going to like me, I bet. I never had time to run out to Wal-Mart, so the only candy I have is the creme savers and lifesavers my mom sent me back in August. (Oh, I have pop rocks, but they're not getting their grubby hands anywhere near my pop rocks.) This probably works out better anyway, because I'll just go to Wal-Mart tomorrow and buy discounted candy and costume stuff. Yay, cheap stuff! The best part of college!

Anyway, hope y'all have a nice safe holiday, and don't terrorize too many people (unless they really really deserve it--then, go right ahead). And don't forget to look for the great pumpkin!

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Oh! What a Beautiful Mornin'!

I just checked my email and I receieved not one, but two of those "someone likes you" email thingies. On my campus account. (This fact is important because it shows (1) they're not just random junkmail, as my campus account blocks all spam, thank God, and (2) the two people must be here on campus, otherwise they'd have my hotmail address.) There's nothing like a little love in the air to improve your rainy morning.

Monday, October 28, 2002

One Last Thing...

Boy, I love "Dinner and a Movie" on TBS. It's one of the weirdest concepts ever (Let's have a kitchen show using a movie as the theme for the meal!), yet it works so, so well.

That's all. Go back to your lives (or papers, but that's just if you're me).

Just had to mention it....

I was cleaning my room all afternoon today (hey, anything to put off writing a paper for class), and dumped some trash on my desk. No big deal. Two seconds ago I looked down, and there's now two crumbs and a piece of hair shaped just like a smiley face where all the rest of the trash got thrown away.

If the universe is trying to cheer me up right now, just tell it to wait until I'm sad. I don't need these grand signs right now. (Thanks, though!)
No, I wasn't in the library today. At all. Rejoice!

Just writing a quick post to say that once more the madness is spreading. Boy, if I'd realized how many people I'd end up turning on to Blogger when I stole this whole thing from Caleb in the first place.........I still would've done it. :) Newest addition? My insane friend Tiffani (of Tom Daschle and Lemmings fame)'s site: "Proof Freud Was Not a Quack" will be a random stream of her thoughts. Please don't blame me for setting this loose on the universe. I will give my apologizes to the world, though. But remember, she's a psych major. For this alone we must forgive her.

Just kidding, Tiff. Don't analyze me for that.
Okay, now you can be on my case. It feels like 1 a.m. and I know I'm going to be up way to early tomorrow morning to make copies of the paper I just finished (we have to have 20 copies--one for each person of the class to throw away on their way out of the door). I feel in the mood to be happy for actually accomplishing [most] of my to-do list for this weekend, despite being surprised by dinner and a movie this afternoon. (Calm down, all y'alls who think I actually have a love life--I was "adopted" by a family from my church, and they wanted to save me from the dining hall.) Speaking of movies....

Not to sound like I'm completely jumping on the critical bandwagon, but you (yes *you*)need to get up off your couch and see "My Big Fat Greek Wedding." Yes, it's a chick flick, but it's a funny chick flick, so that should ease your pain, guys. Saw it this afternoon (or, I guess I should technically call it *yesterday* afternoon, as it's now [kinda] Monday) and thouroughly enjoyed it, even though I needed to go to the bathroom for the entire second half. Confounded large sodas! Not that any of y'all wanted to know that.

Two Things I'm Sad to Admit:

1. The first thing I thought of when the "Two Towers" preview came on was, "Boy, I bet Matt would've really perked up when that came on!"

2. I perked up about double Matt's probable "Two Towers" reaction when the new Harry Potter trailer came on.

[Further] Proof How Pathetic I Am: I again spent my evening in the library. For nearly five hours. What did I accomplish? A mostly finished paper and I watched a movie for Intro to Theatre. And, you have no idea how unworthy of the "Harvard of the Midwest" you feel when you can't even get the confounded desk lamp to turn on. Sad sad sad. (That's becoming my new catchphrase, which in itself is "sad sad sad." Boy, I need sleep. [Another catchphrase!])

Sunday, October 27, 2002

Don't be on my case for being up late's technically eleven all over again.

Funniest line of the night (look forward to this as my MSN name for the next week): "No, Tom Daschle, I can't be the lemming!" --Tiffani, talking about her political views

Proof How Pathetic I Am: I spent my Saturday night in the library and, even once I came back to my room (once because the library closed), I avoided watching the perfect-to-make-fun-of flick on Sci-Fi to write a paper. Sad sad sad. However, this did give me:

Three Things That Made Me Happy I Went to the Library

1. Seeing the metal tree holders in the floor where they built the new section of the library but left the sidewalk where it was before, thus, leaving the outdoor tree holders and trashcans.

2. Listening to the couple I passed talk about a favorite blanket of the girl's that she used for imprompto picnics as a kid

3. Seeing the guy with the jaunty walk and fluffy, curly hair stop mid-step to say "Hey" as I passed. (Did I mention he had Buddy Holly glasses? Man, I dig those.)

See, kiddies--it's *good* to study! Don't want a guy with a jaunty walk to say "Hey" to you?

Of course you do. I know these things.

Saturday, October 26, 2002

Sheepishly Admitting:

It occured to me after I pressed the "publish" button on that last post, that I have had a couple friends email me and mention they'd seen the site. So, allow me to make amends....

*Hey Sam! I hope you don't mind I posted a link to your site. How'd your trip go? Got anything special you want for your birthday--or are you even doing anything special that weekend? I'm still not sure I'll be back, but [like I said a zillion times already] I'm working on it.

*Debra! Darling! I hadn't heard for you in so long, I was worried you'd fallen off one of those Colorado mountains! First chair *and* a 4.0--that's just awesome! Boy, I'm using lots of exclamation points on you! If only there were a billion cute guys in one place....

*Speaking of cute guys...Matt! What's going on? (I thought you might like that intro :) ) Sorry I didn't get to see you for longer than two seconds when I was home--although some people I didn't even see at all. You're going to have to teach me chess sometime so I don't have to be beaten at rock paper scissors all the time.

See, don't you want a special message, too? (Or maybe you want to teach me how to play chess...) Whatever, just email me! (Wow, I sound really desperate for human contact, don't I? Trust me, I don't live in a box or anything that would make me feel this way. I just want some idea of who's out there readying my stuff.)
Hopefully This Won't Last For Long

I've decided that, since it doesn't seem like many people see my blog, I'll put on a personalized message to each person who did (and thus might again). So, a great big "warm-like-toast" hi to Rob G., who took time out of his day to ask me why I thought people write blogs. Rob, just in case you're not big on checking your email, (see--personalized! Don't you want one?) I'll repeat myself for your benefit: I think most people are just trying to get their ideas/thoughts/values out into the world. One person may only have so much contact with others in their lives, but how many people will pull up a random weblog of a person they don't know? Part of the weblog appeal is probably the attention, which stems from getting people to want to hear their ideas, become fascinated with their life, and then stalk them. Me? I'm just a busy college chick who doesn't have time to mess with long emails and is trying to keep in contact with friends. So, yeah, my thoughts'll be out for anyone to stumble across, but I'm not really looking for attention from anyone (although I do have semi-stalker experience).

Now, don't you want your very own message, too? If so, talk to me so I can talk to you!
I can't believe myself. I stayed up until one a.m. organizing my music files. All 717 of them on KaZaA. Yeah, every once in awhile I feel the need to make sure all my files are okay, but not like this. Whenever I didn't know the composer or the album name, I looked it up on Amazon. I obsessively categorized everything, even making subcategories when I couldn't decide if it was more of a pop or rock thingy (or whatever--you should check out my "movies based on musicals" and "oldies used on tv show soundtracks" categories). I feel like such a pathetic person. Here it was, Friday night, I was even invited to a frat party (not that I was going to go, but--really!--who would want to invite me?), I had many other options, and instead I stayed up late organizing pirated music on my computer. Sad sad sad.

I'm not even a big organization person! (Contray to what Hope may tell anyone....) Even my friend Chris (who I've known for what? Two months now?) mentioned that he couldn't picture me fanatically organizing music at one in the morning. He said I seemed to just go with the flow. Which I do. I just don't know where this sudden need to have everything perfect before I could fall asleep came from.

Friday, October 25, 2002

Hey, lookit! I've actually figured out [kinda] how to work the comment thing. No, I don't know why there's two of them, either. (Or at least there were last I checked. I'm assuming that wasn't a one-time thing.) Still, now y'all can leave me little messages. It's like having an answering machine, but I don't have to figure out how to record anything. Spiffy!
Go out and find yourself some clips by Mitch Hedberg---*fantastic* comedian! His bit about koala bears--oh, golly, it kills me! Here, I'lll even give y'all a link to his homepage. Check him out, y'all!
I was walking down the hall today, and all of a sudden I thought, "Boy, my shoelaces are really really loud today."

Thursday, October 24, 2002

Life is Like Toast--now fully link-i-fied for your enjoyment!

I don't promise that they all work. I may be at the "Harvard of the Midwest," but that doesn't mean I understand HTML.

(Yeah, I should really be doing my math. But am I?.....nah. Why choose math when you can choose fun?)
The curse continues!

Just found out that not only does my *brother* have a weblog (which--remember--I stole this whole idea from in the first place), but now my friend Sam has one also! Check it out here, y'all!
Yes, the paper's done now. (It's actually been done for about seven hours, for all those keeping score.) That's why I get to play again.


Highlight of my day-- listening to Cathy from across the hall tell of her "tramatic mac and cheese incident" at supper tonight. Priceless fun stuff.

Quick shout-out to Caroline Crane, a random person who happened across my blog and felt the need to provide a couple toast quotes (or at least a website that had some). Caroline, if you come back, remember that you get a fun prize now! And, all you people who actually know me--are you going to let a stranger beat you out for cool stuff? You don't know what you're missing out on!

If anyone's heard from my brother in the past couple of days, could you please let me know. I'm sure he's not dead or anything (well, pretty sure), but I haven't heard from him for awhile. Thanks, y'all. (Yes, I emailed him. Communication on my side is not the problem here.)

Finally.....another great song: "Truly, Truly" by Grant Lee Buffalo, the guy who does the troubadore thing on Gilmore Girls
Song I just discovered that makes me as giddy as "Rock Lobster"--"Big Fish" by Moxy Fruvous (yes, the Canadian group I what if I'm still finding new songs?) " the small pond, you'll be a big fish!" Love it!

No, my paper's not done yet. No, I haven't been working on it this entire time. I gave up around 2-ish, thank you so much. Just be happy I'm awake at all and God bless fitness class for being canceled today!
I've apparently been working on this script study too long. I just leaned over to rest my head for a moment and think about the relationships of the characters in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof for a moment, but all I could think was "boy, my arm smells like corn chips."

That should probably tell me something. Unfortunetly, I'm going to have to ignore it and continue writing about my antagonists for awhile longer. Confound my procastination instincts!

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Conversation I Had Yesterday that I'm Still Thinking About

TROY: Have you ever tried to drink an entire gallon of milk in an hour?

ME: No, but Caleb tried that last year. I think one of his professors mentioned it and then it turned into a bet on his floor for who could do it. I don't remember how many tried, but one actually made it.

TROY: Ha! See, I knew it could be done! That money's mine!

And then it went into how many times people threw up before they felt better (a lot), what kind of milk it was (Troy's using 2% because he thinks skim is "too watery"), and how long it took the one guy to feel better again (a long, long time).

Now, hopefully I can stop thinking about that (and whether I should send over the stomach medicine *now* or *later*) and work on my script study. Due tomorrow. Hey, I've got a day....

Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Wow, okay, remember how I didn't get that part from the callback but it was a good thing because I'm too busy anyway?

Let's just say I'm a little more busy now.

I got a call earlier this evening (right when I was rushing off and trying to end three MSN conversations, too) from the director, Brad, who was looking for a stage manager. So he called me. (No, I don't know how many people turned him down before he got to the lowly freshman--I didn't think it was polite to ask.) (I'm guessing three, though.) I guess the point is I *FINALLY* get to do some theatre stuff around here! Like, real theatre stuff! And I'll be in-charge and crap. Ooh....shades of junior year Assistant Director all over again. (hee hee hee)
Now that someone (besides myself) actually reads this thingy, it's been brought to my attention that I never really clarified what the GSBFMC thing was. Of course, now that it seems to be over (there was nothing in today's mail, at least), this is the *perfect* time to explain what the heck I was talking about. Every year, my mom runs a bookfair at both her schools. At the end of the week, the Scholastic Company people have a thing where if the students send so many letters to people, my mom will earn so much money to buy books for the school. My mom, brilliant woman that she is, always writes the addresses of nearly everyone she knows on the chalkboard and has the students send the letters to them instead. My mom knew she had a new address out of me going to college, but decided she could get two birds with one stone (I hate that expression) by also including my roommate. So then Debbie and I decided to turn it into a contest--who would get the most letters?--the results of which I've been documenting. That's basically it.

See, that wasn't so hard then, was it?

Update on callbacks---I didn't make the final list, but still feel really proud that, out of the entire campus, I was in the final 12 for this show. So......go me!

Last thing. Although I really enjoyed the Steve Martin quote (and had many more where that came from--read Cruel Shoes if you can find it, y'all), I've decided to turn the side quote into things about toast. Unfortunetly, I don't have many of these yet. So, I appeal to you, citizens of the world! Send me your toast quotes! (Maybe even just breakfast food quotes....I'm not going to be too picky.) Send me your toast stories! Just send me an email and tell me you like toast! (or let me know that you're reading--I'd love to know who out there--besides myself--reads this) If I use something of yours, I'll give you credit and send you something special in the mail! Promise!

Monday, October 21, 2002

Look! Real post alert! BWEEP! BWEEP!

This is my last post before I release this little monster on the world. I promised myself to wait lots of time (well, more than two days) before I sent out word about good ol' "Life is Like Toast" so I wouldn't steal Caleb's thunder too badly. Although I did really steal the entire idea from him in the first place. But I'm okay with that. (as you should be)

Anyway, [as I say because that paragraph is really going nowhere] it's been a pretty good day. My math class was canceled, I didn't have trash dumped on me for the litter commercial today (have I mentioned that? Filmclub's entering a contest purely to win the money--we want it so bad, we're entering three times under different names--and my group's dumping trash on people to show how much litter piles up in one day.), I played percussion for the first time *ever* (triangle, for those wondering--who was it that guessed that was all I'd do? I probably owe them a cookie or something.....although I will get to move up to chimes next time. Yay!), and I was called back for the One-Act plays. The senior class puts on a series of One-Act plays each semester, and I was called back for "Sure Thing" by David Ives. It's set up kinda like Groundhog Day (Bill Murray, Andie MacDowell--good flick), where a guy's trying to pick up a girl and each time either says something dumb, a bell rings and they get to try again. It sounds nifty, but now I've got big competition, since there's only two people in the play. But, still, my name was *finally* on a list! I'm so happy, I want to keep the paper; just tear it off the wall and hold on to it forever! (and ever and ever and ever and....)

Boy, I'm feeling crazy today.

It's probably from the switch back to college life. I actually had to do something today (a couple somethings, actually). And, yes, I know I have no pity from you hard-working high school people, but it was a weird switch. And don't even get me started on having to deal with four flights of stairs anytime I want to leave my dorm room. I wish the "invisible" elevator would actually materialize de vez en cuando. (Wow, I think that's the only Spanish I still know. Guess who's not looking forward to Spanish next semester....)

I think this is the longest single post I've ever made.

That probably means I should wind things down. Isn't that the weirdest saying ever? "Wind things down?" When did I ever have time to wind them up? No wonder I have no spare time; I'm probably winding things up all the time, just so I can wind them back down later.

I'm getting nowhere on my own, so I'll just leave a link y'all should visit. These people did what I always wanted to do: took one sentence, put it through every option on Babelfish (over at Altavista--great thing for Spanish projects), and showed just why translators don't really work. Funny stuff. Check it out and have a pleasant tomorrow!
[Probably the last] Update in the GSBFMC (you know what I mean):
Friday through Monday Totals:

Hannah: 25 Debbie: 8

Yeah, they really piled up over the weekend. *Two!* I'm so disappointed, I can't even express it. It's like y'all stole my ice cream or something.

I promise a real post later today. If I remember later today. If I'm not working on my script study later today. *sigh.* I miss midterm break already.

Saturday, October 19, 2002

It's so weird to be home.

I mean, it's been *two months* since I've been home, and now I'm here, typing on the couch on a labtop with a purring cat at my feet wondering why Senator John McCain is hosting SNL. It's a whole lot better than sitting on my dorm room lofted bed, writing in my theatre book (which I really should be writing in) wondering why Senator John McCain is hosting SNL. (Why is he on?!? Isn't that against Congress's morals or something?) I guess there isn't much difference, but there's just something nice about being able to spread out, throw stuff around, and not have to pick up after myself.

I got in Thursday night, so I went to my old high school on Friday. I must've spent nearly an hour just wandering around the halls, trying to figure out where stuff was again. I also did the old "talk to old teachers so they can brag and forget about their class and talk to you, saving the students" thing. Boy, that needs a shorter title. My favorite part was choir, when I just wandered around the back of the room, starting with the sopranos and singing warm-ups with the altos. I don't think Mrs. Cox even realized I was there. I love how she's always so oblivious to the world. It gives me something I can count on. Then, we even won the homecoming football game that night. (We swamped the other team: 38 to 12 [hey, that's "swamping" for us]) I ended up falling asleep on this same couch that I mentioned earlier. I'm feeling like I'm going to fall asleep on it right now, but I want to see Weekend Update. Stop doing dumb bits with the senator--give me Tina and Jimmy!!

Thursday, October 17, 2002

Next Update in the GSBFMC (Great Scholastic Book Fair Mail Contest--at least I'm trying to shorten it somehow)
Thursday Totals:

Hannah: 23 Debbie: 8

I'm very disappointed that we're leveling off as quickly as we are. I was hoping for floodgates of mail, and what do I have? 23 letters! Oh well, I guess I'll have to hold off on those plans to wallpaper my dorm walls. Besides, I'm going to be gone for the next couple of days and they might pile up. Here's hoping so!
This cracked me up so much, I just *had* to add it before I left for home today (yay! home!):

The origin of the word "tragedy" is a matter of conjecture. "Tragos" in Greek means "goat"; "oide" means "song." The exact connection of goat-song to drama is not clear, although three hypotheses have been advanced: (1) a goat was sacrificed as part of the original improvised ritual honoring Dionysus; (2) the chorus wore goatskins for costumes; (3) a goat was offered as a prize in the early choral contests. At any case, tragedy was associated with goat-song or goat-singer in it's early stages.

Becuase, of course, when I think of tragedy, I think of goat-song. Don't you? (gotta love theatre class and how it brings out such fun points from the screwy textbook.)

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Great Scholastic Book Fair Mail Contest (boy, that's gotta get a shorter title) Wednesday Update:

Hannah: 22 Debbie: 8

Yup, I got seven more today, but there weren't any for Debbie. The first graders probably liked spelling "Hannah Smith" better than "Debbie Scarbrough."
Oh, anyway, rest of Tuesday. Tuesday was a big day, probably to make up for the sheer boring-ness of Monday. Biggest news of the day: I'm now a percussionist! Yes, I know, how does a sweet little innocent flute suddenly switch to the dark side and join the percussion? Easy--because she hates her flute and wants to do something new!

Now that marching band is winding down, Truman's holding auditions for the concert band. I wasn't sure I wanted to be in concert band, but I did kinda want the extra hour credit (now that I'm double majoring 16.5 credits makes me happier than 15.5). Still, since I hadn't practiced and kinda wanted free time, I went to cross my name off the audition list. Then, I ran into my flute section leader, who told me she's playing percussion for concert band. I think y'all can see where I'm going with this. A couple conversations with band directors later, I'm an offical percussionist. I'm not sure what exactly I'll play--probably something of the mallet variety--but I know that I'm looking forward to it a whole lot more than playing flute!

*One Last Thing* --- Now that I'm starting to receive Scholastic mail from my mom's book fair project, I think I'll start a grand tally on here (because I'm sure y'all are just as fascinated by it as I am).
Tuesday's Total

Hannah: 15 Debbie: 8

Feel free to make bets about who gets more, when, or whatever you like. I call 10% on all winning bets.
Boy, my Uncle David must've really felt like stealing my Aunt Lori's thunder, because (as of yesterday) I now have a *new* new baby cousin: Ethan Wesley Pierce. I don't really have the stats on him like I did Max Allan Bower, but I know Ethan's smaller. And louder. (These are my Uncle's words, not mine.) It's almost a shame my mom isn't pregnant, as all three siblings could have a kid in one week. (Wouldn't Grandma be thrilled?) Actually, it's probably better for everyone that my mom isn't pregnant; I like being the baby of the family.

Monday, October 14, 2002

Oh, what about today, Monday, October 14th, you ask? Today was boring. I got up, went to a couple classes, and I'll eventually go to bed. Nothing exceptional has happened yet, and I don't hold much hope for the next five hours.

I *will* wish everyone a very merry and happy Canadian Thanksgiving Day (eh!), though! So, reflect, and thank God for Canada, 'cause that's about all you Americans can do, I guess. At least by this point in the day.

(Did any of this make sense? I think I'm getting tired and not making much sense right now......maybe not.)
Boy, this past weekend was insane. Saturday was homecoming up here (When I come home, I'll get two in one week--fab!), so I had a parade at nine-ish (meaning I actually had to get up around 7 to be able to get downtown by 8:30). It started to rain by the end, so we got to cancel practice, but that just meant that I could go to filmclub filming [*back* downtown] at ten. I hung out there, had my hair sprayed gray for my scene, hung out some more, and finally got to around noon when I had to leave [withOUT getting my scene shot] to run back to the dorm, throw on my marching band uniform again, and line up to walk down to the stadium for the game. Once we were all at the game, it started to rain again, so the band missed the entire first quarter because we were taking shelter under the stadium. Where it leaked. (At least it was semi-warm.) By the beginning of the second quarter, however, it was only drizzling slightly, so we got the honor of sitting on the (newly-wet) bleachers in the rain and cold and wind. Not fun. AND we lost the game [see rant below, por favor.....I was ticked]. But, at least we got to leave and relax. Or, maybe that was what I was supposed to do....instead, I ran back to my dorm, took a quick shower (my hair was still gray--boy, did I get questions from the band), ate a bowl of cereal, and ran over to a dorm building across campus to meet my filmclub group to talk about our comercial we're filming. I get to have trash dumped on me to demonstrate how much litter piles up during one day or year or whatever. (Yes, I volunteered for this.) Then I finally got to go back to my dorm and the form of working on my writing class paper.

And that was only Saturday. On Sunday, I had auditions for "A Christmas Carol" (or a version there of) at three, so I tried to do homework between lunch and that. I read for one of the very first scenes, but everyone else seemed to want to do the same monologue as me, and I didn't want to go right after someone else's rendition. I finally got out around 5:30, thank goodness. And my monologue didn't completely suck---it did at the beginning, but then I loosened up and just let loose. It was fun, and got rid of pent-up energy.

Okay, so Sunday wasn't so bad. But, Saturday almost did me in, so that counts for enough.

Go ahead, email me and tell me how horrible your weekend was. I like getting perspective on why my life isn't as wretched as I think it is sometimes. It keeps me sane. (Well, as sane as I get.)

Saturday, October 12, 2002

One last thing, and then I swear I'll leave y'all alone for tonight.....just got word from my Grandma Pierce that I have a brand new cousin! World, say hello to Max Allan Bower! He was born Saturday, October 12th weighing 8 pounds, 5 1/2 ounces (Why are people always so obsessed with how much the baby weighed? I find this bizarre.) This new addition to the Okoboji (yay, Okoboji!) area has already been dubbed as "precious" by said Grandma, and I hear he doesn't cry alot yet. This probably helped the title of "precious" not be "loud." All kidding aside, I'm so thrilled for my Aunt Lori (this is her third child) and my Uncle George (his very first child--could he be more proud or clueless?), as well as my other cousins, Abby and Ricky. Send some love to Iowa for Max, 'kay y'all? And goodnight!
(first official rant! Aren't you glad you're here to see it? Of course you are!)

To: Truman State University Football Team
From: Hannah, who had to sit through the entire painful game today

See, I told you guys not to get cocky. Yes, it was homecoming. Yes, Washburn hadn't won anything all season. That apparently means nothing. They beat you guys. And, yes, it was a close game and, yes, you were winning for most of it. That's where the "getting cocky" part comes in. Once we get ahead, that doesn't mean we get to relax and assume everything will be okay. If you assume everything will be okay, everything will fall apart. Trust me, I learned it in high school. I didn't have to come to the "Harvard of the Midwest" just to figure that little gem out. I learned that at good ol' Sullivan--and we all know what a fine establishment that is. We got comfortable and then we missed catches, missed guys we needed to tackle, missed the goal line. (All minor details, I'm sure.)

The game didn't have to be this way, guys. Trust me, none of us band people like to play for the losing team. That just makes post-game all the more depressing than it already is. Boy, and we hate playing it when you guys win the game. Just imagine how much fun it was to play today with all the Washburn players still celebrating on the field. Such fun.

So don't screw up next time, okay? 4-2 is still a good record, but it's not where we should be right now.

Thank you for your time.
Why is it that I'm always on here late at night? (And by "always" I mean the two whole times I've posted so far.) Is this really when I'm most awake? Sure I could come up with better stuff earlier in the day. Oh, yeah. That's when I do everything else. Geez, forgot that for a moment.

Maybe it's just because my sarcasim (sp?) is in over-drive at this time of day/night/whatever. (It's certainly not for my spelling skills.)

Anyway, I guess I should just point out the main purpose for this thing. I'm doing this so I never have to email again! (Yeah, 'cause that's such a *realistic* goal!) Seriously though, as I pointed out in, *other* post, I never have time to talk to all my friends, so I never hear from them or get to tell them the fun going-ons of my life. As I'm sure we're both missing out on this arrangement, I figured I'll just write out the great happenings of my life through this. If fifty-zillion other people can do this weblog thingy, so can I! Ta da -- mission [statement] accomplished! On to real posts......
Okay, I'll admit right up front (because I promised I would) that I completely stole the idea of publishing a weblog from Caleb. I'm sure I'm just as busy as he is, and--besides--I'm worse about contacting people. So, now all y'all can just read my rants about....well, whatever I have to rant about. I'm sure I'll cover a wide range of topics by the time I finally get sick of this. (Or you guys do. Whichever comes first.) (Is "whichever" even a word? It doesn't look right.) We'll see how this works to start out with, though, before I pass judgement and end the whole thing.

So....about the name. "Life is Like Toast" comes from a quote I love (even enough to use in a Hagan paper junior year) by Amy K. Rosenthal (you know--the "15 Megabytes of Fame" chick that makes me giggle so much). The full thing is "Life is like toast: one second your toast is fine, pleasingly brown; the next second it is burnt." One moment our lives reach perfection, but--if we don't watch out--we'll get burnt and loose it all. Kinda a downer way to think about toast, I know, but it's also a good philosophy. Enjoy each moment, because you never know when the toaster coils will get really hot and burn your toast.

Anybody else kinda hungry now? Maybe just me. I think I'll skip the food and just go to bed, as it's now 12:17 a.m. Hey, happy Saturday, y'all and go Bulldogs football! Don't get cocky and lose your homecoming game, okay? Thanks.

Goodnight, and here goes nothing.....[publish, please]