Monday, December 13, 2004

Just try and beat it!

First Christmas card of the season appeared on the doorstep today, and I already knew nobody could top when the first sentence ended with "and are indirectly responsible for making my mom smile several times." I love David so much.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Because I keep you informed about nearly everything, and I'm sick of studying

New favorite sad song: "Vienna" by Billy Joel

Friday, December 10, 2004

"I have a new nickname for you too," or Why am I still awake?

The show was fab, I have too much caffeine dying out of my system, Julia did her awful nothing-but-adjectives line perfectly, I wasn't the show with the door that wouldn't open or the sound cue that went screwy, my eyes were complimented twice, I have two dates in the future (but only if I'm wrong and reincarnation actually happens - so doubtful), and I'm not in bed yet, but will be in about thirty seconds.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Paging Ms. Fye!

Two things that just came out of my mouth:

* The MLA rules all!

* Boo to you, I love the MLA!
Running Commentary

notes from the marathon writing of my ten page research paper for hist and lit:

* It would help to start typing.

* I swear, if this wasn't a major class (and I really, really didn't want to take the final), I'd just skip writing this paper and start studying for the final.

* Three pages of the wall reliefs originally illustrating my play probably can't count in the page limit, huh?

* Heaven help me, I just referenced Mamet's Oleanna, the play I've probably had the most violent reaction to in my life (as in, if I'd been reading a version of it instead of watching the movie, I probably would have thrown it out a window AND set it on fire)

* I just coughed so hard, two books almost fell off Melissa's bed!

* Block quotes are so entirely my friend.

* Typed in when I was about to leave for Wal-Mart: "Feel free to write yourself while I’m gone. We’re ready to hit stuff about Horus as the king and vis versa, so go to it. Thanks, Microsoft Word."

* (back from Wal-Mart) C'mon, what's wrong with you Word? I thought we had a deal!

* Go-Go boots, though fun to wear while walking around campus, are obnoxious after sitting in a chair for awhile.

* One of these times, leaning back in the chair, I'm not going to catch myself and I'll end up with a concusion or worse.

* Not words: participlate, diety, and Steindorff (at least, if you ask me)

* I chew a disgusting amount of gum while working on papers.

* And I totally just added "Notting Hill" into my paper on Egyptian theatre. This is the best/worst paper ever!

* Ah, font! My favorite thing to screw around with...especially when I'm desperate.

* Scariest thing in the world: the full nine pages disappearing before my eyes.

* Finished finished finished! ... and now to revise...

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Breakfast of Champions

When you're the owner of the three pints of different ice cream flavors in the fridge, you can justify the "ice cream for breakfast" thing.

Today's healthy meal: butter pecan, strawberry, and Egyptian history.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

It's the little pins

I think, the more time that I've spent sewing (as in, the more time I've spent accidentally poking myself with sharp metal objects), the faster my blood flows to the surface when I get pricked.

Monday, November 29, 2004

Seven and a half

I just had a conversation about Happy Meals!
Why boys don't get to help

When you ask boys to hold the tape, they just stick pieces on your arm and then tape your slippers to your jeans and they will flop you with the garland and sometimes they act like they're going to throw the scissors at you from across the room even if they don't. Then you have to chase them down the hall and throw your slippers at them, but first they'll untangle the garland that's too high for you to reach.

-Hannah, apparently age seven
Just spun around the room

It's snowing! It's snowing! It's snowing!

Sunday, November 28, 2004

But, she didn't even say she was leaving!

I'm back.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Falling asleep in traffic

At first I simply thought I was trying too hard to catch up on the sleep I lost last week, but now I think I'm just getting sick. Just in time for vacation!
Fringe Benefits

While they still hurt like anvils were dropped on each of my individual lower leg bones, muscles, etc, I do have to admit that my actual legs look really nice right now. If it wasn't Novemeber, I'd totally use this as an opportunity to wear something with a short skirt.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

This is the picture of a girl who just figured out how to add photos to her blog instead of spending time studying for legal class. She's dead in more way than one. [from the mock accident thingPosted by Hello
Tonight I regain my life. Really.

Until then...snapshots from the past week-ish (It's like the "Weekend in Bullets" plus the rest of the week!):

* [From the first night of the play, while "Dream the Impossible Dream" was playing] KEVIN: Hey, guys, let's do this tonight. ME: What, 'right the unrightable wrong?'

* When you reach the point that it's natural for your legs to hurt, that's when you need to finish your play.

* But it never gets old to show off bruises and other battle scars. I have a killer bruise/scrapped up section on my left leg from tripping over a large black block last night during photo call.

* ME: Repeat after me. Daniel. Ruben. *Stein*. Daniel. Rubenstein. Daniel Rubenstein. If you're going to taunt me with something, at least say the name right.

* Theatre game that never gets old, especially with new people: Donkey Says, Donkey Does.

* I've discovered that I like Hist and Lit better when I stop listening to all the background information that we're lectured at about (and then never use again) and plot out other things.

* Ooh! I have ice cream in the fridge!

* Good present in the mail: random travel brochures from an unknown source. Better present in the mail: random CD from an unknown band trying to get their music out by sending it to students off college directories. It wasn't to me, but I totally have a copy burned already.

* Bad idea: staying up until 8 a.m. to finish a costuming project. Good idea: finishing the costuming project. And sleeping.

* The sleep feature on the TV is my friend.

* BRENT, during [the 2 1/2 hour plus] photo call last night: I wish this was the Old Testament, you know, with all those geneology sections. 'Okay, guys, we've got the 12 Tribes of Israel part, let's skip ten pages.'

* It's never encouraging when your father knows more about London accommodations than you do, and you're the one trying to sell him on the trip.

* Apparently, I *can* write a research paper in half a day.

* Melissa's fun in her bitter, broken-up stage, when we get to plot awful things to do to Ben [they broke up, y'all]. Also, she bakes!

* I refuse to allow a stupid computer program [Excel] to act smarter than myself. Even if it isn't actually stupid and does even addition math better than I ever could.

* JOHN: The show was actually really good, even with all the warnings you had. But the puppets are still my favorite part. ME: You're not supposed to tell me that; that's not what we're trying to do. JOHN: Sorry.

* When you pull off an entire dress (with a $&*)Q@ ruffle and everything), and most of the rest of your class makes just a skirt, you don't have to worry about the grade anymore.

* It's taken me since my first show in high school, but I can finally do my own eyeliner. Correctly, in fact.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

"All the birds sing words and the flowers croom"

Possibly the saddest part of my geography test today wasn't a lack of basic knowledge (like I feared when I didn't get to start studying until the end of rehearsal around 12:30-ish last night/morning), as I actualy feel pretty good about this test. No, it would be around question twenty-four when I used my back knowledge of Walt Disney World's Enchanted Tiki Room to figure out the weather patterns of the tropical rainforest. I figure the Imagineers must know something I couldn't remember at 9:30 this morning.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Maybe you've noticed I hardly talk about my first foray into the world of TSU Mainstages?

Quoting Rosie, one of the ASMs (and so much more), at rehearsal:

"Once upon a time, I wasted, no not wasted...well..."spent" a month on this play about videogames. And it almost drove me insane. But, it's over in a week, and that makes me happy."

And even better, between myself and Jared:

"She wants an old school stool."
"Nice. That was a good one."
"Actually, it was really pathetic and awful, but I had to say it anyway."
"No, no, that's the highlight of the night."
"That's just sad."
"And that's just an understatement."

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Marching Band Quotes...Again

* I wish my real flute tasted like a pickle.

* The butter is chocolate!

* Saliva is God's way of saying, "Here, have some water."

* Are we going? Because my tattoo's not done yet.

* Number 11: Chocolate flavored butter.

* Number 1: The bus driver so *owned* that car.

* Showgirls, one; cheerleaders...nothing!
Since some time has passed...

I hate when I'm in a bad mood after rehearsal (like last night, and frankly after most of the practices we've had since the first week), because--in my world of How Theatre Should Work--that's not how things happen. When stuff is coming together and everything's getting done productively, I don't come home grouchy and put out and needing to not hang out with other human beings until I get past the petulent stage, but that's not where this show is yet (with slightly over a week to go), and that's fueling my mood lately. Plus, it doesn't help that, even after all these years, I still don't take criticism well (whatever it might be), and when you throw that in with everything else, no wonder I feel like burning my script.

On the positive side of the universe, we managed our first entire run-through last night (how many weeks again?), and Leroy [my puppet] has become quickly loved by the cast. Quote from Stacey: "Oh! He's made from chocolate bars and kittens and everything else good!"

Friday, November 05, 2004

Last Rehearsal of the Season

(and possibly my marching band career, but I say that every year, don't I?)

* Showgirl Cadence: can't get enough of it! - Jared, after playing it for the fifth time

* (After something quoteless yet really hilarious happened) Hannah! Draw that! - Megan

* You get to see another losing team. - Pete, the band director, about basketball pep band
Sweet dreams are made of these

I woke up this morning from a dream where I was packing for London and then didn't go to legal class. On the plus side, I did homework and finally folded my laundry that had been sitting in my hamper since Monday. Everything I'll wear for the next three weeks will have wrinkles. I sense a new fashion trend!

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Mini Revelation: I've stopped being a writer just as I really needed to be one. Huh.

Where I Am Right Now:

* Sorry for not posting more (I kept telling myself I'd get the band trip report--featuring cops on two occassions, crowded elevators, a car wreck, and walking through the McDonald's drive-thru--out before anything else.)

* Bummed since registration went screwy and I couldn't get into the JINS class I liked above all the rest

* Ready to fly out to London at any moment, especially now that I've decided to run there over spring break and forget this summer

* Needing to talk to my parents about that (and to spit out my passport paperwork...Can I do that up here?)

* Excited about my puppet again (and puppets in general), though not the rest of the show, which seems to fall even more behind with each rehearsal

* Confused because of ... well, we'll call them "vibes" among my friends and additional comments that I don't feel like going into

* Happy and Satisfied to remain single, Thank You Very Much

* Preparing to start stage managing another one-act show involving lots of people that I already know and love to work with

* Busy, because would we really have it any other way?

Monday, November 01, 2004

College Equations Are Simple

lack of clothes = laundry day!
Because I have family that cares

New door opening on!

(Wait for Peeves to show up)

Friday, October 29, 2004

In that order.

I just realized that I changed outfits four times today (not counting PJs, coming soon), and I hadn't posted in almost a week.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

I love ya, ROTC, but...

Why on earth would you fire the cannon at 8:00 in the morning? Did you really need to scare the heebie-jeebies out of everyone and/or just me, which was enough as far as I'm concerned?

Friday, October 22, 2004

We'll miss your warmth

I understand that actions had to be taken after someone actually burned themselves off a bunch of concrete, but that doesn't mean I'm not upset to see my favorite patch of sidewalk disappear before I managed some quality warm sitting there this winter.

RIP Dobson hot spot.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

It's in Mary Engelbright cherries, too

In case anyone was interested, I'm attempting the dress on the left.
Hey, batter batter!

Even better than actually watching the Cards game: listening to the people screaming down the hall and then checking to see what happened.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Just keeps on giving...

Unfortunately keeping the weekly quiz: "I still have to make you do something this week."

On the PowerPoint photo album: "That's me and my brother. He's single."

Not bringing the book: "I can't make you do email or anything."

And, at 10:54 a.m.: "I can't make you stay anyway." (And how, Bobbi, and how.)
Everyday should be cookie day

My computer aps professor (who is actually more of a graduate teaching assistant) passed her gigantic, scary CPA exam and is celebrating today by providing us with chocolate and cookies ("Don't tell anyone I let you eat in here"), no in-class assignment ("Today you get five points for celebrating with me - aren't you glad you came?"), and lots of quotage ("Even if the cookies are no good, just pretend you like them so you don't ruin my good mood.")

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Mistake in my favor

Due to a re-examining of the hideous test I took in geography last week (the one where NO ONE received an A in either class and the professor couldn't figure out what happened), everyone was tossed a couple extra points, thus bumping my awful score into a not-as-bad B. Dude, I'll so take it.
Stick with the important facts

Surely everyone else has discovered the same thing Melissa keeps pointing out to me: I haven't posted in awhile. While I could resolve this by talking about the remaining unhappy feelings toward my became-all-day band practice on Friday (my "day off"), or all the movie watching I accomplished by Sunday night, or even the Saturday night card game that eventually dissolved into throwing individual not-for-resale bags of snack food at each other (until one exploded on contact with the wooden practice sword), I've instead decided to inform y'all that, not only have our patterns been approved and cut out, but Melissa and I both washed all our material last night (making all of it glitterfied from one larger piece) and all seven pieces are currently hanging ghetto-tastic style around our room, including on an improvised clothesline dividing 315 into triangles.

Why, of course I have pictures.
Across the hall and out of his mind

Random Compliment from David: You're so practical, you're like the Book of James!

Monday, October 18, 2004

This year, Hannah Smith will write a book!

Of all the scary things to happen on a Monday, not only was my project approved by the leadership board, but they also didn't have any additional changes or suggestions...which means I now have to remember all the criteria I told them (besides the whole "I'll write a book" part).

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Hannah + only 4 hrs. sleep = disaster (but bouncy disaster)

I've been taken down by geography, a particularly sharp push pin, and the second floor flight of stairs today. It's probably a good thing I don't have stage combat practice tonight, or there might be some actual bloodshed in the theatre.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Is this the regret collection?

First "Somewhere That's Green," then "Feels Like Home," and now Evita's "You Must Love Me." I think my Broadway collection is seriously trying to tell me something.

Edited to add: "Sunrise, Sunset" ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!
"You don't have to turn it in unless you're ready."

Best/Funniest part of Computer Aps today: the graduate student telling Brian (computer genius) that he didn't need to turn in the "so simple even the people who couldn't copy and paste understood it" PowerPoint assignment yet because he looked like he was still working on it.
You wanted the left side of the program

In one day, I was promoted to assistant puppet maker (the mini-story I told at auditions about once upon a time having a duck marionette and how [quote] "it was awesome" made its way around the department until Joan, the costume head, asked me about it after class yesterday) AND got cast in my first mainstage show. I'm making puppets, working on puppets, and tonight have more swordfighting lessons. I could hate the script (which I don't) and it would still be on this side of fabulousness.

Anyone want to practice parries?

Monday, October 11, 2004

...and Callbacks tonight

So, I've forced myself to wait before posting such news, seeing as--when I actually heard about it--I was hitting decibels that injure humans AND dogs.

I'm obviously a little excited.

I hear that there's a stage combat sequence everyone's learning tonight, so we'll all hope the one scene I've done such things for (choregraphed by the same person who's doing the show, interestingly enough) will provide enough basic knowledge that I can quickly figure out what's going on tonight.

[None of you can probably imagine the amount of hyper-kinetic energy I experienced last night, especially if you're simply basing it off all the above. Talk to Melissa and she'll tell you.]

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Auditions in an hour...

I'm trying to decide whether I would feel better if I just threw up my lunch now, and got it out of my system, or if I should hang on to it because I'd feel worse if I was nervous on an empty stomach.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Chilly. Chilly, Chilly Kirksville.

I'm back once more in the not-so-sunny-but-it-is-night 'Ville, where I threw all my stuff on the floor and cleaned off my desk. Sorry, Melissa, I can't believe I left it like that.

Beyond that, I had a great time with Caleb (and so many other people whose names I won't remember for the next time that I pop by -- all apologies already!) and will need to post some photos when I get them developed. Because, dang, that room was clean.

Miss you and your rockin' shoes already, Caleb.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Unrelated: When did Gobstoppers get smaller?

As much as the universe keeps trying to keep me in Kirksville (box office needed extra hours today, the world-record attempt involving pillow fighting tomorrow, approaching midterms, etc), I'm leaving this arctic popsicle stand behind for the [possibly] sunnier Colubmia, MO, and my brother's dorm room.

Yes, he's even cleaning for me. Am I special or what? I'll see y'all on Sunday.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

P.S. to Grandma

Yes, this weekend I also worked on putting together my Christmas list, and I'll zap it your way as soon as I decide what to put on it. Yes, this is a complicated process. I have to decide not only what I'll still want 2(+) months from now, but also what I can live without and not go running to the store for in the hopes that someone else will do it for me.

(No, I don't have an equation. At least, not one I would admit to in public.)
Update-ness Abounds!

Okay, so it's been awhile again. We all know what that means...

The (Whatever We're Taking it From to Now) in Bullets:

* When it ends up featuring a run downtown for various coffee-related beverages, all manner of snap stitching, and rhinestones and the "Princess Christi" song, there's no other way I wouldn't wanted to spend Friday afternoon/evening than those six hours in the costume shop.

* Have you seen "Kill Bill"? Because I have! And I love them both! And I will now talk to anyone in the world who has seen them about them and their wonderfulness! (Ooh - except for that eye!) !!!

* Extra reason to keep Melissa around: when I finally felt like crashing on Friday night, I couldn't fall asleep because it was entirely too quiet in the room. I ended up putting on "Lizzie Maguire" in an effort to provide enough ignorable noise to sleep.

* That didn't work and I watched half of Jimmy Fallon's biography on A&E. Did you know that his "goofiness and charm belies the seriousness underneath?"

* Saturday was Family Day, meaning I saw my parents, enjoyed talking with my parents, and ended up with lots of food. As of today, Wednesday, that last part is no longer an issue.

* (Not an update, but related: if any of y'all want one of the remaining famous carmel brownies, there are only three and I get one.)

* Megan + all sugar diet = frighteningly more hyper than myself

* Megan + fire = so scary I seriously did run away

* Not only did I spend Sunday with quality time in the library, I was also apparently still feeling the Hilary Duff love as I kept randomly searching out songs from her multiple (yes, multiple - how sad is that?) CDs. Feel free to mock me now.

* I've possibly been talked into doing a movie for a few friends, though I technically haven't said yes yet. I haven't said no, either, and that'll probably be a big sticking point.

* Currently: I'm sick, and I don't know why (though if you have similar symptoms, I'm so blaiming you), and I finally get to leave computer aps now, so I'll stop updating.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

But they're so cosy!

If it's only 37 degrees outside, I probably shouldn't stick with the flip-flops, huh?

Friday, October 01, 2004

Good for what ails ya

There's nothing like slow Beethoven on a rainy morning
(That massive curve might've also helped)

Miracle above miracles: I received an A (albeit an increadibly low one) on my first legal test.

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Rest in Pieces

My favorite pair of flip-flops finally gave apart this evening at the beginning of the science section of my required junior test (which is probably about a big an omen as you can get, seeing as I haven't had a science class in four years).
Hannah Math

To add to the list (and subtract at the same time):

6. The random chalk illustration of The Cheat (of Homestar Runner fame) outside Violette Hall for no apparent reason.

-3pts. How you feel the morning after eating an entire bag of Tootsie Rolls (a combination of hunger for real food and an immediate reaction of "if I eat something else, I totally will see it all again")

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Serving Size: 6 pieces

I just finished off an entire (yes, entire) bag of Tootsie Rolls...though I suppose technically five of them were replaced with others from another bag...anyway, I'm completely full of sugar, trying to work on my costuming history project, and I think I'll either crash completely or throw up within an hour or so.

Either way, I've sung along with lots of songs, threw candy at Ben's open door until he shut it, laughed hysterically for about three minutes straight, helped invent a new super hero (and arm him for battle, such as you can with an umbrella), disturbed a quarter of the computer lab, and left my foul mood of this morning completely in the empty tootsie roll wrapper-covered dust.

We'll see how I feel in the morning, huh?
At least I'll never finish my project for a conventional reason

The Beu Sisters' "Catch Me if You Can" is apparently my new favorite song, as I cannot stop replaying it to dance around at my computer, at the complete detriment to my typing skills.

But it's so confounded infectious!
questions, questions

So, do I go ahead and brush my teeth this morning like a good little girl, or do I stick with the chocolate flavor in my mouth and save that for all the coming moments during my first legal test when I could think "Wow, I really have no idea what I'm talking about...but, mmmmmmmmm chocolate!"

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

(Not that he was on the list, either)

I'm sorry, but of all the people I thought I might run into while working my box office volunteer shift today, Jarrett Anderson (here on a school visit with his mother)--trying to find the SUB, of all places--was not, well, even on the list.

Hey, I'm not complaining. I'd rather talk to him then, I don't know, Chris Bunk or someone like that.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

What a dolly!

I might be currently sitting in the computer lab, but I'm totally about five seconds away from seeing how my '50s style, newly designed-by-Krista hair looks with the '50s style, newly rented-from-the-'Ville red dress sitting in my closet and itching to be worn to the decade dinner thing tonight.

Additional happy thought: I might be going with Elvis!

Saturday, September 25, 2004

In an effort to provide something more than a sentence long

Five Trivial Things that Make Me Happy (in no order):

1. warm bricks under bare feet

2. from 3:40-3:55 in Dvorak's New World Symphony (M1), the most glorious fifteen seconds of runs in classical music

3. glow-in-the-dark sheep on the ceiling

4. alliteration - anytime, anywhere

5. quotes I write on post-it notes, lose, and find months later
College Nutrition

Saturday means chocolate for breakfast!

Friday, September 24, 2004

A fun party game for all ages!

Late last night (or early this morning, if you prefer), I threw out my entire musical organization system with the thought of replacing the entire thing RIGHT THEN.

I think if we played the "pick your closest mental disorder" game, everyone would win on my round.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Getting to Know You

Random Facts Attack!

* Freshman year, my Brit Lit professor would randomly sing lines from "Hard-Hearted Hannah" when I walked into the room at the beginning of class.

* I haven't gone on one Wal-Mart spree this entire year (so far).

* I do not completely suck at Text Twist. (Somewhat, yes. Completely, no.)

* My first costume shop casaulty came from unplugging my machine and getting a needle from under the table stuck in my pinky.

* It cost all of $20 to repair my baby flute, and that included a new head joint cork.

* Grilled cheese sandwiches don't effectively fit into T-Mugs.

Monday, September 20, 2004

How long has this been going on?

When did we get "Garden State" in Kirksville? Who knew I could've used that to take up my weekend?!?
Frigid as the ice-blue background colors

I'm sitting in the computer lab in a chair that obviously someone was just in, because it was already warm when I sat down, and the only way to make the Ryle computer lab warm would be to set fire to the paper recycle bin in the corner and gather around like street urchins.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

"...And I'll keep yelling 'til I get it!"

Quotable highlights from yesterday's marching band Top Ten List:

#7: At least we're not losing 77-7 [the previous week's score]... yet.

#6: At least the band's not losing ... yet.

#4: [to the tune of another cheer] No marching at half-time! Go, band, go!

Final score? 62-0 (Them, of course. You have to ask?) They were up by 48 by halftime and the band spent the entire second half chanting "triple digits! triple digits!" You can't say we're not motivational; it just depends on which team you ask.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Roundtrip from KC: $313

If I actually had my passport right now, do you know how unbelievably tempting it would be to just pick up and fly to Europe for a few days?

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Maybe my time of day will be the nighttime

When not even having your room "invaded" by friends from down the hall with wooden swords improves your mood, there's no hope left for the evening.
M'mm M'mm Good!

I [heart] lumpy soup.
Hello, Wednesday

I actually looked before crossing the street for once, thus preventing my would've happened death by car, only to celebrate by falling on the Ryle stairs. It's going to be one of those mornings.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Though I could always just blog away

The one really wonderful thing about working on papers/projects in the downstairs computer lab is--I guess--that I can't distract myself as well since I don't have all my time-wasting games bookmarked and would rather type than search aimlessly for them.
(Though a massive lack of script study-ness)

The victorious returns of the 315 Quote Board *and* 11 o'clock Easy Mac! It must've been all that first season "Gilmore Girls"

Monday, September 13, 2004

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly [Marching]

The Weekend in Bullets:

* The sporatic water breaks, the insipid tubas, the ever-present sun, and the massive dried out-ness + sunburn that follows: thank you, all day marching rehearsal.

* Bad idea: wearing socks with holes in them to marching practice. Good idea: buying the band-aid pack with the large sizes.

* I am apparently the queen of marching flute shirt ideas.

* the "Almost Famous" craving

* finally making progress on my leadership project proposal

* Greek tragedy combined with lots of Hexic

* sewing practice on the massive storage tubs

* the best personal apple pies a girl could eat!

* homemade fried chicken that I only had to walk a few blocks to nab

* (Have I mentioned the Christmas bells yet? Oy, the bells, bells, bells...)

* Piggy pox and two hours of the "That's Him!" game during the History Channel's movie on the War of 1812.
picky eater

I'm hungry, but I'm not going to eat a Pop-Tart unless I have something better than that new upside-down 7up stuff to drown it in.

Friday, September 10, 2004

On the plus side, I have popsicles close at hand

In a probably futile effort to make my back (and shoulders and arms) like me again after yesterday carrying around the "suitcase" (as the sewing machine is now called) to multiple classes while dragging a flute and books in my backpack, I have popsicles on my upper shoulders.

Wrapped in a towel.

And clothespinned to my shirt so I don't have to hold them there.

(I should probably take it all off before Melissa wakes up to go to class, but I may say screw it and post the pictures later.)
Busy Already

I haven't gotten to my decorating state yet, and I fear I never will now.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Been a Long, Long Day

The Christmas lights are on, Melissa's passed-out asleep, I spent two hours waiting for Oedipus to finally die off this evening, my bag of popcorn has been completely consumed, and there's Trace Adkins playing on the computer.

I think it's bedtime.
The fool!

Everyone else seems to know about it around here, even before I tell them, so I'll break it to the www: I'm officially the stage manager for my friend, Adam (of spring 2004 one-act fame)'s lab show, if the committee decides his is the grooviest choice of all.
Is it sad that this makes my morning?

To quote: "They are accessible, humorous and occasionally blow each other up," said Roland Jackson, of the British Association for the Advancement of Science (BA).

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Must. Check. Messages. MORE!

I negate the previous post. It's totally in a fantabulous, "waiting all day for this" manner as I finally checked my phone today and was asked to help with a friend's lab show (if it gets picked). Maybe that's why I'm having issues with Dana's show and straightening out an ASM spot?

Either way, it's about twenty to eleven, and my hair still looks fab.
(Mom, don't wig out--that's my job!)

...or maybe it's in a "but at least my hair looks cute" way, as I somehow ended up with a broken flute (You know how all the keys lie flat? One of the thumb ones was at a basically 90 degree angle there for awhile) and a lot of flipping out during band practice.
happy anticipation

Something great must be waiting to happen to me today, because my hair's doing that fabulous flip-out-on-its-own thing it does when it senses something important's about to go down.
I mean, *really.*

Two Random Compliments I *Never* Would've Guessed Would Apply to Me:

* Yesterday in Costuming after I asked about my hem stitch size and found out that, though they were increadibly too small, this was apparently also a good thing for other things. To quote: "Hannah, I'd take you as my finisher in a second." (from Christi, the costuming aid)

* After the fiasco that was Computer Applications today and talking Beth through all the steps that the grad student T.A. was neglecting to show all us: "You're my computer guardian angel."
Memo to Self:

I need to stop kidding myself and actually declare my intentions to go to bed, instead of believing that--despite past evidence--I'll actually stay awake long enough to find a decent stopping place in my required reading and not fall asleep with a book on my side and glasses on the floor.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Only related because I saw him this weekend: Caleb, Grandma wants Christmas lists by October

Apparently, my impromptu (though I'm sure my Mom wouldn't describe it as thus) trip home over the long weekend truly was as some people didn't even realize I was leaving until they read the dry erase board note. I almost missed out on cheesecake because of this.

I did, however, get to hang out at home, a feat I'd imagined wouldn't happen until Thanksgiving or so. Shopping with my Mom is just as fun as ever, comparing notes with my brother just as pop reference-y, and my Dad still has amazing enthusiasm for my class projects.

The cat is--naturally--still the cat.

I ended the holiday with a $10 Vanna sequin dress, fortune cookies, the start of a new 4-Year Plan (did anyone else know I could actually graduate in four years, majors, minor, and all?), doubles of so many photos, more food than I was actually planning on squirrelling away from home, and a half-hour ride with a rusty loom.

Not bad for a girl who figured she was going to read "The Oresteian Trilogy" all weekend, huh?

Friday, September 03, 2004

Or, I can just beat myself

New high score--beating the previous--789. It's amazing what I can accomplish after midnight when I've consumed too much caffeine.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

After the chilling affect of business class:

So, maybe that Ice Queen thing wasn't the greatest idea I've ever had, especially since it didn't last past leaving my legal environment of business (oh, yeah, bleck) class and had to talk to actual people again.
wrong side of the bed syndrome

I've decided to make "Ice Queen" my personality of the day and see if that improves my life any.

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

That one from Iceland looked like it had potential, though

I've spent the past ten minutes clicking through the "next blog" feature on Blogger, and y'all should thank me for putting out some quality-ish stuff because, well, just click the button yourself. Jeepers. I'm sure it would've been great if I had interest in Spanish poetry (that, from the words I know, wasn't even great), anti-government arguements, basic family "here's what's up" stuff, and--best of all--psychic vampires. Unfortunately for all the listed (and more), I don't and will instead "bless" all y'all out there with my own ramblings.

I should stop now. That psychic vampire probably knows I'm talking about him.

Monday, August 30, 2004

Random Universe Coincidences

Not only was I just randomly serenaded a bit of Martina McBride ("This One's for the Girls," as performed by my across the hall neighbor, David), but it was the same song spewing out from an open doorway ten seconds later when I dropped some mail in the hall dropbox.
Bless You!

My sink just sneezed at me...twice.
That old college fav!

The Weekend(-ish) in Bullets:

* So few people, such a fast download speed (and so, so much new music to sort)

* How sad is it that the palm tree apparently *was* a bad idea, as there is no where to put it as of yet?

* I have a roommie again, and across the hall neighbors, and suitemates, and down the hall neighbors, and basically more places to go than The Apartment.

* The plus side of spending the first half of the football game under the stadium taking cover from the rain: not actually having to watch the game. And free megaphones!

* Finding the money I hid from myself for emergencies approximately three hours after I ran out of cash. I knew my timing was good, but not that good.

* The brand new duck game on HomestarRunner rocks my flip-flops off.

* I haven't killed either plant yet!

* The "Family Guy" quoting, the point giving, and the general happiness of 340.

* Making friends with most of third floor by providing the bacon smell during suppertime last night, plus eating the bacon (and pancakes) while taking in my second viewing of "Clue" in one week.

* Favorite new band quote: the marching guy quoting "Every Breath You Take" by telling us that "every move you make, every step you take, we'll be watching you" regarding our marching style (followed by the ex-drum major/new grad assistant paraphrasing to "every form you break, every song you fake...")

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Silly Upperclassman Hannah

I just made the foolish decision to brave the dining hall for the first time all week (I've been eating with Megan and chomping pop tarts in the room), which included the equally foolhardy idea that I would find a spot to sit at 12:30 in the Ryle cafeteria.

Screw that for tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Sign of the Times

I honest-to-Fred saw two (not just the elusive one, but TWO) parking spots in Dobson's lot today, which is obviously a sign of the dawning apocolypse.

All that crazy lightning doesn't help, either.
Just in time for Christmas!

News Flash: Gilmore Girls season two DVD out December 7th!
Something tells me it's not just a drill

...and that would be all the siren-baring vehicles that pulled up behind my dorm building and (double call!) the firefighters actually strapping on gear to go investigating. That's right, I'm currently in the Dobson--my wonderful neighbor, and first dorm love--computer lab as I wait out what I thought was a drill, than decided was a prank (that was with the first police car), and quickly decided would be a reason to check out the campus newspaper next week. I'm just happy that I finished my movie ("School of Rock" with Jack Black and a whole slew of kids) right before the obnoxious alarm sounded all through Ryle and freshmen started poking their heads out of their doors, trying to figure out if they had to leave or not. Trust me, kids, you have to leave. You think I'd be here if we didn't?

Of course, because I left I'm currently in air conditioning, but that's neither here nor there.
If it's raining, I don't have to blow-dry my hair.

So, um, hi, everyone. It's been quite a bit of time...not that I was really noticing (hence, no posting about not posting, though that's kinda what I'm doing currently). Those final weeks just zipped by since I was busy ending jobs, packing, unpacking, packing on a more massive scale, riding rollercoasters, shopping vaguely, scrapbooking sorta, abusing my discount card, final checking bug boxes, paperwork paperwork paperwork, taking passport action, last-minute emailing, watching Olympics, and basically droughting myself from the internet possibly in an effort to prepare for the school year when I have my zippity-fast connection.


I moved back into lovely 315 again yesterday afternoon-ish (after finally seeing my brother again since the start of summer and reclaiming my Gilmore Girls DVD set; in that order). The biggest shock was probably the utter lack of suitemates [I assumed we'd have freshmen], though I'm enjoying having the bathroom all to myself for four days. Most of my stuff is still in massive piles around the room, though I got my books on the shelf and some things into the closet. I could've done more yesterday, but I instead called up Megan (who'd been going stir crazy in her apartment since Saturday) and hung out with her until I had to find things [my flute, possibly shoes] for band practice at 8:30.

The other big shock was the phone call from Michael at aproximately 8:14 (what timing, huh?) because he "knew you'd be there, Hannah" and ended quickly...only to resume after practice and continue until early hours today. I didn't expect it at all, but I felt even more like I was back at college afterward.

Other stuff: I don't know what's up with my phone, but it won't let me check messages and that's just not cool. I know I set up voicemail (I did that at Megan's place while there was someone who understands technology around), but you'd never know it from my phone.

Waking up in the middle of the night to realize rain is pouring in through the windows: good.
Waking up in the middle of the night because the metal fan just fell two feet and crashed into a pile of office supplies: bad for me...worse for second floor. Sorry, Melissa, but they probably already hate us.

The Strong Bad "Lil' Bruther" cartoon is absolutely hysterical. Plus, "Strong Bad Sings!" CD is currently on sale.

Featuring the overture from the original show, the "Phantom of the Opera" movie trailer is slowly becoming my new obsession and I hate Apple's trailer site for not letting me download it and watch it whenever.

I cried last night when I had to make my own bed because my mom wasn't there to make it for me before she left like she insists on doing at the start of the school year.

Monday, August 16, 2004

The door opens again!!!

I'm sure most of y'all would rather hear about my vacation, etc, but for the three of you who care desperately about Harry Potter: J.K. just released a [tiny, eensy] excerpt from HBP behind all sorts of stuff in the ? room.

Go to the room, and click on the now-"Do Not Disturb"-less door handle. Find and turn on the light switch; it's approximately 1/3 of the way in from the left and directly across from the bottom of the window frame. When the light clicks on, you'll see a dart board. Stick darts into the 7, 1, and 3 (for Harry's Gringott's vault, #713). The code for the now appearing security safe is 302723.

Doesn't she realize giving something as short and mysterious as the finally appearing scrap of paper would make me want the book more than ever?

Saturday, August 07, 2004

So much to do at *must* be time to leave for vacation!

Good news for the faithful few: I finally heard from the marching band this week, so I'll be back at Truman on Tuesday, Aug. 24th (beating the rest of you upperclassmen and therefore moving furniture myself--good thing I have those visible arm muscles) and abusing my much-missed network connection with [much more] frequent updates. Plus, Kirksville. (Sure, it doesn't sound like much when I put it like that, but y'all know what I mean.)

Good news for me: I have an excuse for not posting all of this week. Sometime today (it depends on when my dad shows up all exhausted on the doorstep) we leave for the Branson area (Forsyth, for those of you in the know) to hang, shop, and generally entertain each other for most of a week.

Of course I haven't packed yet. It's only Saturday.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

See y'all at Christmas

Firstly, you are so not allowed to whistle at me in Wal-Mart. Beyond that, I had things nearly fall on my head, I myself nearly fell on my head from being held upside down over a concrete floor, and the paint fumes and construction-blocked areas alone were enough to keep me entertained for most of the night. Thanks for an interesting last day of the summer job, Wal-Mart, and--more importantly--for not confiscating the discount card quite yet.

Saturday, July 31, 2004

(Well, so it's not completely a week later)

Shout out, props, and all sorts of other thanks go to Megan for not only sneaking Hope and myself *backstage* at the *Muny* on Monday before the opening on "The Music Man" (and all the "This is Hannah, my friend from college who also wants to go into stage managing" pushing in front of important production and hiring people), but also for inviting us for the post-show cast and crew party where I met Harold Hill himself, and talked gypsy moth for a good ten minutes with one of the members of the barbershop quartet. We didn't get home that night until 2:30ish, I still got up at six to go out mothing, and I haven't felt as cool in awhile.
Also from yesterday: World, meet Satchmo

Good Lord, Applebee's Parmasean Chicken is so friggin' good, I'm glad it was gigantic so I can eat it again today for lunch.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Two letters to "friends"

Dear Squirrels,

One day I'm going to stop caring, swerving, braking, and all, and then where will you be?  That's right: in the exact spot on the pavement where you were bouncing along last as I came driving around the corner.  Stop pressing your chances.

Dear All Those Insipid Guys from Today,

So, was it the muddy jeans, the over-sized white polo, or the unwashed hair that meritted me hot enough to whistle at?  I'm just wondering so I can replicate the look in real life when I actually feeling like getting some attention, as opposed to while I'm working and feel grungy.

P.S. - Guys at the State Park: you were totally drinking and we both know it, so you're lucky I didn't feel like sending a park ranger after you.

Friday, July 23, 2004

Bite-sized Toast

All y'all have gotten from me in the past few posts are tiny niblets of my thoughts, so I figure I might as well stick together a bunch and justify to myself the probable week in between this and the next post.  (How's that for productive?)

 * Unknown perk of driving in four inch go-go boots: your foot is already at the proper angle to accelerate or brake without moving anything.  Who knew they'd actually support my ankles in any form?

 * Flipping through my theatre banquet photos (yes, I just now finished the roll) brought up one big thought: I definitely need to get some use out of that zebra print top this summer.  How dare I let that sit in my drawer when it looks as adorable as it looks?

 * I was a fool to believe I could really eat that one Tootsie Roll and let the remaining six million stay in the container.

 * My scrapbook (the one that still isn't finished and therefore has nowhere to go but up) weighs in at just under ten pounds.  Seriously.

 * When all those thunderstorms started getting extra heavy last night, I walked around with my techie mini-flashlight clipped to my jeans, just in case...and used it.

 * Anyone could follow what DVDs I've recently watched, including the exact order, through my bad habit of placing the one I've pulled out of the player into the freshly empty box of the movie I'm about to watch instead of tracking down the proper box.  You'd need to go through about seven boxes right now to actually find "Say Anything...," and that's in the middle of my movie stack.

 * Caleb, I might as well stick all your left-at-home-DVDs in my room right now and stop the slow leakage.  Plus, I promise to put them back in their proper boxes before I see you again.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

I swear I'll get regular updates again someday...probably when I'm avoiding schoolwork

I finished checking all my traps the required once today.  You know what that means: "Havana Nights," you're mine!

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Have I truly become that sad?

I plan my Saturday mornings around Lizzie Maguire at 9:00.
Caleb, you're missing out

First, I have to say how much I hate political ads.  Most of the time, they're mean, twist statistics around, and just alienate me from all the people involved.
However, the more commericals I see between the two democrats running for Missouri governor, Bob Holden (current reason why Missouri has issues) and Claire McCaskill (who's last name I probably didn't spell correctly), the more entertained I feel.  These two have to be tearing the Democrats appart.
These two might have started out semi-friendly, but now, well...they have statistics, they're claiming the same people support *them* not that other guy, Holden's started a "that's opportunism" campaign against Claire's work as state auditor, Ex-Senator [only because Missouri actually voted in a dead guy] Jean Carnahan jumped into the fight recently, and my favorite tagline of all of them features a voice mimicing the airline company and telling us "Missouri, you are now free to pick a new governor."
Can you imagine what Matt Blunt, the republican running against them both, is thinking?  He doesn't even run commericals, what with the democrats giving him Christmas/birthday/anniversary/groundhog day gifts all in one.
I can't wait to see what pops up next.  And for all those Rockaway Beach ads to stop.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Tell Aunt Lori--she'll understand!

Pick city of the day: Zwingle, Iowa!

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Yes, I saw the cows.

I'm back.
Naturally, this means I haven't posted for awhile (seeing as I'm adding this on Saturday, a week later).
I did have a fun time (though--at the last minute--I left the cow flip-flops out of the bag and saved their debut for the Muny on Monday) and should have photographic proof later today...though whether I'll ever scan the pics is beyond me.  I'm just glad I remembered to drop off the film.
Anyway.  I loved seeing my relatives, especially all the little bitty ones I hadn't seen since they were even smaller and talked real gibberish instead of real words that I can't understand.  I spent quality time at an aquarium/riverboat museum with my Aunt Lori, cousin Abby, and almost two-year-old cousin Max.  For me, the girl who's still all "kids?  no kids?," it was an interesting day.  Plus, cable cars and ice cream!
There was much time spent beside the pool along with some actual time inside it, I now have a list of more places I need to visit in Europe from the aunt who used to be a nanny and traveled everywhere, and I only hit antique stores on the way home.  All in all, a productive weekend, even with all the hours spent in the car.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Win a dream weekend getaway to beautiful Iowa!

My bags aren't really packed, and there's no jet plane involved, but it is the Iowa branch of the family's reunion this weekend, so I'm skipping out on Wal-Mart to play in the land of the cows. I'm looking forward to seeing all sorts of cousins, aunts, uncles, etc that live too far away to visit often. Plus, cows. (Hopefully there will be cows. They can admire my new cow print flip-flops.)

See you when I get back, internet.

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Cue Understatement

So. It was a rough week last week with all that pruning and being lost and feeling like a complete idiot and rain and on and on and on, but I’ve moved beyond it and—in an effort to accentuate the positive over, well, everything else—I won’t use the blog to rant and rave about things. Instead...

Benefits, Part One

I still feel sore, but, dudes! Check out my arm muscles! They’re visible!

Songs Stuck in My Head the Past Week

(no particular order)

* Liza Minelli – “Cabaret”
* Pirates of Penzane – “Poor Wandering One” and “With Cat Like Tread”
* Sheryl Crow – “If it Makes You Happy”
* Mark Schultz – “Letters from War”
* Little Shop of Horrors – “Somewhere That’s Green” and “Suddenly Seymour”
* Cake – “Love You Madly”
* isn’t that bad enough? And I can’t remember half of them.

Benefits, Part Two

All that “Hannah alone time,” while it was going to drive me crazy at first, did provide a nice bonus of lots of prayer time. So, if anyone felt any extra sunshine last week, you’re welcome. Trust me, I’ve already told myself thanks.
Watching the Boston fireworks

Tell me that's not Celine Dion singing "God Bless America."

'My home sweet home' my foot, Ms. Canadian.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Excuses, Excuses

I swear I'll update someday (and then you can hear about my horrid week [that eventually got better] out working for the other forestry work team prunning [as in, cutting them out completely] trees in what felt like the middle of nowhere.

However, I'm currently distracted by the fact that--since it's July--I can now online reserve my books for next semester and I couldn't be more thrilled. I am such a dork.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Any of my Truman folks heard from Tiffani lately?

Your thoughts? I can't raise her on MSN at the moment, and am not feeling the email vibe at the moment, so merely wish to speculate on a sometimes-working comment board.
Oh, for the good ol' days

The new air conditioner makes the house a frigid Alaskan wasteland.

Not that there's anything wrong with Alaskan wastelands.
And no new ticks when you're in a boat!

Around eight-thirty this morning my job became the grooviest ever, as I spent most of my work day out on the river, crusing along, getting muddy (I was in charge of making sure the boat didn't drift off while someone else got out to place MDC signs on the bank), and enjoying the banter of a guy who looked and acted like Gene Hackman in "The Royal Tennenbaums" and a younger guy who looked like Shawn from high school.

Did I mention I was paid for this? And not Wal-mart prices?

Anyway, this is the golden two week period between setting out gypsy moth traps (finished last Thursday) and non-stop checking (after the 4th, in July) where my brother generally ended up with campsite clean-up. I, however, have been blessed by the Forestry department by riding around on landowner visits (I spent over an hour in the car to ride to some lady's house to spend approximately five minutes on why her tree died and fifteen minutes on her grandchildren), general Forestry errands, and now river work. I'm prunning things tomorrow.

This is way better than being stuck in a car 8+ hours daily. Though that's still better than Wal-Mart fulltime.

Saturday, June 19, 2004

Cleaning out the Closet

I just pulled every pair of shoes I own out of my closet.

There's fifty-nine pairs of shoes on my floor at the moment.

[Embarrassing first thought: I need another pair of shoes for an even sixty. Anybody want to lend a girl a ten?]

Friday, June 18, 2004

This doesn't mean I won't get as lost as before.

I put out my last gypsy moth trap on Thursday afternoon around 1:15 in the middle of nowhere at the bottom of Franklin County. The last time I'd been close to that grid (around trap 30), the road had flooded just before the square actually started, and I'd been forced to turn around. Yesterday, I plopped trap 306 across the road from an open gate, just down the street from where the angry dogs had chased me back into my car.

I figure that was a good place to earn a break from the trap business.

Starting on Monday (after a stint talking about moths to second through fifth graders at summer school), I'm moving into the purely forestry business for two weeks. [Technically, gypsy moth falls under "resource science" instead of "forestry." Whatever.] I'm probably hitting some campsite clean-up, I've been invited on some forestry visits, and who knows what else. For all I know, I'll end up slumming it up at the office, doing paperwork for the secretaries, but I don't mind as long as they continue paying me. Which, you know, they kinda have to by law and stuff.

Score one for the government, at least.
I've suddenly gone southern with excitement

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

(Yes, this is another third grade girl thing.)

Though I'd dig the convertible and having Hugh Jackman as a close, family friend, I'm relived that my life won't actually turn out like my last MASH game since I don't think I'd enjoy life married to David Kromery, living with our nine kids in Iraq.

[What? I can make up categories if I want, and "famous friend" is one of my better creations. "Super power" isn't half bad, either.]

Monday, June 14, 2004

Featuring few helpful real news!

To sum up my day gypsy moth trapping, have a helping of news, headline only style!

* Squirrels Extra-Suicidal Monday Afternoon

* Newly-Fixed Air Conditioning Car's Best Feature

* "So close to finished, it's not funny," says Trapper Smith, 20.

* How's the Weather Over There, Bessie: Four Cows Share One Shade Tree

* Missed Turn Equals End of Day, Trip Home

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Attention Wal-Mart Customers!

I solemly believe that, if the customers would just look at all the other towels [rugs, washclothes, etc] under the one they were examaining for whatever reason and then actually made an effort to re-fold the item the way all the others under it had been folded, us Wal-Mart employees back in domestics wouldn't hate people so entirely much because we could spend more time doing productive work and less time bitterly refolding towels.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Why do I always find these things late at night?

This is more than a little cool and now I'll never get to bed before eleven like I was aiming.
Blinding News Flash!

I have new socks! And I was stuck in a sand road for over two hours today at the top of the county!

What? You want to know more? Okay, two have cows, one with ducks, one has pink stripes and frogs, another features monkeys.

Oh. Sand. Right.

So, I was basically trying to turn around after fruitlessly driving around on a gravel road at the complete top of Franklin county (in one of the pointy bits and everything) trying to set out a trap in that particular grid square. However, all the trees were *close* to the road, but not really decently close enough, especially when interspearsed amongst all the fields of corn or lollipops or whatever. I'd finally had enough and began looking for a place to turn around when I noticed a side road (it looked like a simple dirt road) coming up on the right. I pulled into it thinking I could use it to back up and turn back toward town...when I realized the car wasn't reversing. Instead, it was shooting a rather impressive stream of watery sand into the air approximately where the tires are located.

Cue mini panic moment. Also cue mini pathetic moment: I actually tried to dig the sand out from around the wheels with the ice scraper kept in the car no matter the season. Truly pathetic and unsuccessful. I eventually gave up and started the long walk back into the town, where I jumped on the first people I saw for help. They made a couple phone calls looking for someone and eventually queried a friend walking down the street.

Thus began the search for a tractor.

Joey, the guy pulled off the street, began a [mirroring the rest of the saga] long and ultimately pointless search for his boss, the farmer, to borrow a tractor to pull the poor car out of the sand trap. Giving up, we drove out to the scene of the incident so he could analyze the next step. As I am clueless about cars and therefore couldn't explain any problems to him, this was a brilliant idea.

This is the part with lots of digging. And rain. And digging in the rain, which isn't as movie-like as singing. Somewhere in here a shovel was fetched, a brother showed up (who remembered rescuing my own brother from a close spot farther out the previous year), and a chain became attached to a van to assist the re-moving backwards.

After two hours, I was finally ready to continue on to New Haven and my sand-less life. Sure, I still don't have a trap in that box, but I think I might write that one off as a personal choice to ignore the grid, just this once.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

I've forgotten what I was going to say here

While it *has* completely vaporized from my brain exactly what I wanted to elaborate further on, it took so long for this single box to load that I don't feel like closing it yet. Perhaps inspiration with strike.

Meanwhile, back to email.

*** Truman Today available. I don't know that there's enough going on to warrent a newsletter, but still.

All sorts of other email: Brian, John, and Ben all emailed me back from my gigantic mass email. Now I'll probably be up for another half hour. I'm never going to catch up on my sleep from staying up to watch the Tony Awards until 2-ish on Sunday night/Monday morning (hey, that's when I got off Wal-Mart plus three-four hours of show time).

That reminds me! All I really wanted to say was I'm glad I'm twenty so I don't have to feel guilty about thinking "stupid teenagers" every single time one drives badly and or just does something insipid, but I think I've dived [dove? jumped, that works] into insipid territory myself.

I'm going to publish now before I embarrass myself further.
Scar City, here I come!

One of the hazards of my job is, while I can avoid poison ivy, et al. by not going near it and other helpful methods, I'm constantly traipsing through weeds, plant life, and basic grass. I can't whip out my magnifying glass and check for things that would turn my legs itchy. Sure, I use bug spray, but I still manage to find ticks (all around my *toes* of all places), chiggers, etc attached to myself because that's nature's little gift to lil' ol' me.

There were entirely too many apostraphes in that last sentence.

Anyway, these precious gifts of the universe wouldn't be such a bugger [unintended pun that I'm keeping now that I noticed it] if I didn't instictively scratch the living daylights out of each and every itch I have. No matter how much I tell myself to leave my various bug bites alone (and no matter how much medicine I slather on), I continue to itch at them without any hesitation.

Basically, they've gotten to the "blood-then scab" stage. My left ankle looks particularly heinous, almost like something quite sharp ended up shoved in my leg just above my ankle bone. As gross as each one is--and as many band-aids as I've used and tossed--part of me (the punk rock princess, butterfly temporary tattoo side) hopes the nasty bug bites will turn into interesting scars. I mean, all I have so far in life as some barely visible scissor nicks and the mole removal line gradually disappearing off my right leg. How can I even begin to compete with other people? I know people who've drilled holes in their fingers! I know someone who (admittedly accidentally) gashed open his wrist when he dropped a medieval weapon!

At least I have cool bruise stories.

Saturday, June 05, 2004

and, just like real previews, they promote little of what is actually written!

How much has changed since I wrote about gypsy moth traps last? I enjoy paperwork now, one of the few things I remember about the training day (besides the scary bug that was tiny but moved like a race car all over my stuff) is that the fact that the moths are roaming the US is because of the French, and I've given up picking the confetti-sized orange dots off my floor until I'm finished constructing all my traps and never have to deal with them again.


This has the possibility of being remembered as the Best Summer Job Ever, as I've had very little Stoopid People contact (a major point always against Wal-Mart, always). I'm in the car all day, but that equals instant radio time, and no one could understand how flahoolickly awesome that is for me. Or how many songs I want to download now. I still haven't broken out with poison ivy, but I think that's because I'm OCD-ish about watching where I walk and checking the backs of trees before my hands go anywhere near the other side. It may not feature a discount card (a major point pro-Wal-Mart), but I've recent taken up employment with the blue vests again and have the best of both worlds.

Yeah, okay, so I know I'd decided against Wal-Mart for the summer, but the issue of London sent me scurrying back into Homelines for the weekends. I think I'm going to start pulling 10-hour days trapping to create an instant day off during the week, but we'll see how it works out. There are many things I can handle, especially if they only last one summer.

Elsewhere in life, I've been "helping" install the new windows in the house. It's similar to stagecraft: I hold heavy stuff in place for longer than my arms would like as someone else tries to measure level and evenness before I watch someone else pound it all together. I've had oodles of ladder quality time and bonded with the ancient shop vac yesterday evening. The windows are nice (thanks, Pella!), but there's still five more to go, and that includes the two biggest.

Finally, sometime I'll have the time to impliment my new so-beyond-OCD music organization system that will only make sense to myself and includes sub-sub-subcategories, so we know I'll love it. I even sat down and created a *flow chart,* it's that complicated. Perhaps I'll mess with that on those days I "take off" during the week?
A List to Start Things Off Again

Animals that Tried^ to Commit Suicide by Jumping in Front of the Car*

* 3 deer
* 5 wild turkeys
* 2 lizards
* 4 cats
* 9~ squirrels
* 3 rabbits
* 1 chicken
* two many turtles^^ to count

^unsuccessfully, thanks
*so far
~this number proves that, which Truman houses some truly psychotic squirrels, they are smarter than the average Missouri squirrel
^^technically they don't jump
"I don't care if it is some misguided scientist" (or another joke only two people will understand)

If this fly doesn't quit zooming around my head, buzzing its tinny fly noise and forcing me to use my hair like a horse's tail, and if I continue to be unable to kill it, I'm just going to have to move out of my room.

Friday, June 04, 2004

"Come get the nice dead ferret."

Yes, I realize I haven't posted in two weeks (and then some), and I promised stuff and everything--and have more where that came from ("What, Hannah, you ARE working at Wal-Mart this summer after all?"), but I just got back from the third Harry Potter movie (God bless the movie theater employee free preview night screening, and the bringing of friends to such!) and it was fabulous and I'm all keyed up and want to re-read the third book all over again, even though I just finished it a few weeks ago, to remember what they left out AND figure out what they put in seeing as, according to J.K. Rowling's website (have you not been there? go immediately!), the director dude added stuff that he didn't know alluded to things in the last two books but totally do allude to the last two books and I want to know what they were.

Well, that and once I've hit this time of night and am not asleep yet (especially after eating popcorn and drinking lots of caffeine), I tend to feel quite awake and with it, even if I do write such nonsense like that above.

Harry Potter 3 - go see it now! (Well, not now--I doubt it's showing at the moment. Maybe another time zone.....)

Monday, May 24, 2004

Just like the movies!

Previews of what's to come:

* the saga of the gypsy moth training day: a thrill story of sticky fingers, GPS systems, a scary bug, and incredibly huge maps that will only increase my chances of becoming lost

* An ode to assembling gypsy moth traps: the pheromone string, the sticky goop, and--my favorite part--the circles to punch out

* Why I Hate Paperwork

Saturday, May 22, 2004

[awkward pause]

So, um....hi! (waves at internet) How are you? Oh, oh that happened? Uh-huh, what then? Oh, well...... Yeah, I'm okay. No, not much really.... No, really.

I'm not really sure why I'm posting, but I feel like it because I'm on anyway, waiting for something to finish on another page, and I'm trying to be good about posting before I completely forget I have a webpage and don't post anything except apologies for not posting.

So, um....

I did some shopping with Mom today, which is always fun because we'll end up spending more time than I figured and run into stuff I don't expect (so almost bought a wig this morning). The game plan was to head to Sam's Club and look for various DVD sets (I was only after Gilmore Girls, but Mom had a list). We ended up [successfully] there, plus a party store (wigs!), the local Wal-Mart, McDonalds (the stepmeter thing said Mom's purse took 1000-something steps sitting in the car - this is my new favorite factoid), a Michael's craft store, and Schnucks.

I finally saw my grades. The only main thing to report is that I actually pulled off an 'A' in my acting class; the one it was supposed to be nearly impossible to receive higher than a 'B' in. (I worked so hard to not end that sentence with "in" and it still happened.) I had a brief, but giddy, celebration that complete distracted me from checking up on my GPA, but I'll assume I still have a scholarship waiting for me next semester since I wasn't in trouble and actually did better than normal this spring.

The scrapbook's coming along beautifully, probably because I've had lots of time on my hands and I got sick of unpacking/rearranging things around Day 3 or returning home. I did my scrapbook store round-up for needed paper and stickers, and, even though having an actual job will slow me down (I start gypsy mothing on Monday), it shouldn't take much longer to finish everything.

Have I mentioned my giant box of Easy Mac? I love my new giant box of Easy Mac. I can't wait to pop some in my dorm microwave.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

It's like I'm on the confounded school network!

If I have to sit much longer for BannerWeb to load so I can finally confirm all my grades for the semester, it'll hit the cutoff time (midnight? one?) when it shuts down and I'll have to try again tomorrow morning. What am I supposed to do: pop in a movie and check back periodically? I should've turned it on before I left for the movie; it'd be fully loaded by now.
From Baccalaureate (before I dropped my pen)

Other people crying while speaking = me starting to tear up

Other people trying not to cry while speaking = me actually crying in my seat in the new auditorium

If high school was supposed to be the best years of my life, then these next two years at Truman will have to suck worse than stats class to make up the difference.

I actually stopped listening to the main guest speaker's message and instead focused on his dialect from a [oh, it's coming] linguistic point of view. I pulled out my vowel phonetics sheet and everything. (His accent affected his lax vowels, a statement that will probably make sense to all of two people reading my blog, and that includes me.)

Monday, May 17, 2004

But I'm totally still alive!

Grand Adventure Alert: Due to both my parents hanging out in period clothing and slumming it 1812-style, I was sent to drive [completely unsupervised] to Columbia, pick up my darling brother, and cart us--and all his stuff--back home again.

No, I amazingly did not flip out once during the entire trip. I came close a few times, but never truly managed "flipping out." Anyway. Trip observations:

* I have so many more things to add to the download list, including a great blues song by Jack Williams, Maroon 5's "This Love" (which is apparently *the* song of the moment), and something by Collective Soul that is vaguely stuck in my head. Yes, I had ecclectic radio moments.

* Amount of roadkill viewed on the backroads: over twenty

* Amount of roadkill viewed on the highway: not as much, mostly because I was trying to not think about the fact that I was (1) on the highway, and (2) unbelievably late. I did see something that looked like a small, distinctly orange monkey, though.

* Moment I realized I was on the highway and not dead yet: at a "Roadside Park 5 Miles" sign

* It's always fun to miss a turn off and then try to find a place to turn around or just get back on track.

* Speaking of which: definitely had a moment reminicent of the Hope-Hannah Trip to Six Flags of 2002 when I noticed the exact turn-off right as the car drove past it, in a "Huh. I'm supposed to turn there."-way

* I still hate pumping gas. Always will, I think. I'm making my peace with street lights, but it's tenuous at best.

* I wouldn't have driven so fast on the way there if I had realized how long I'd be in Columbia.

* With that much stuff in the car, inertia is anything but your friend.

* At least I made eleven cents (in two nickels and a penny) from the small change found in Caleb's room.
Sorry, Bill.

I am currently eating the contents of a chocolate pudding cup that (according to the top label) expired on March 5, 2002. For whatever reason, it was still in the back of our fridge, and I really felt in a chocolate pudding mood. I'm trying to not focus on the fact that it expired before I left for college or the Easy Mac went bad (though, ironically, it's just as bad as the Tavist-D) while alternatingly pushing Paul Kastner's Bill Cosby impersonation (basically saying "Jello pudding cup" excrutiatingly slow - this is really fun late at night or after play rehearsals). This process requires brain power. And more chocolate pudding.

On a semi-related note, I think I'm ready to gross out people and eat the Easy Mac now.

On a more-related note, two-plus years old chocolate pudding gets kinda lumpy and it doesn't help to stir it. This actually makes the pudding mad and it becomes even lumpier. It also tastes like chocolate dipped in a slight soapy-film. I'm not complaining.

Saturday, May 15, 2004

End of Semester/Beginning of Summer Thank Yous

* Thank you, Stagecraft, for teaching me the difference between Phillips and Standard screwdrivers. I'd been faking it for years.

* Thank you, Scrubs Season One, for being illegally downloadable off the network so I could watch all of you while messing around with scrapbook stuff.

* Thank you, everyone I know, for being so confounded photographable all year long.

* Thank you, Caleb, for not needing a ride this afternoon, as I may go to the movies now instead. Or just veg on the couch again.

* Thank you, Patches, for not eating the pizza off my plate or the popcorn out of my bowl.

* Thank you, my hair, for somehow knowing when I really need something to cheer me up and automatically looking really good without me making an effort.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Fine, I give up.

My Twentieth Birthday in Bullets:

* After returning back to 315 from the theatre banquet, I immediately plopped in front of the computer and set about finishing revisions to half my portfolio before allowing myself to go to bed. This means I saw my birthday and continued typing for another two hours.

* Defintely woke up still in the dress, though I had enough sense to take off my heels first. (It's not much, but it was generally agreed to be some sort of improvement.)

* Instead of changing out of the dress like a normal person, I sat in front of Merv again and finished poetry revisions.

* Short story revisions kept being cut into by Addiction Solitaire, people stopping by to offer birthday greetings, and my personal lack of desire to finish off my conclusion properly. Cue lunch.

* Still in the dress, yet now in the dining hall eating waffles and scrambled eggs, desperately attempting to not spill syrup all over the prettiness.

* Finally change out of the dress (I really feel like I should be capitalizing all that) after lunch and finishing revisions, because--while it's one thing to eat in a fancy dress downstairs with all the people who see you at meals everyday--it's quite another to walk across campus to turn in my portfolio, especially with the humidity what it was.

* Pop in "Clueless" and half watch the movie, half quote the movie along with the characters, while reading my Student Ambassador handbook and scanning for cool tidbits.

* Wander down to 340 to share nifty tidbits and watch Michael fight evil somethings on some video game or other. I so know my technology.

* Return to 315, pop in "Bring It On," and do some slight packing after spending all morning/afternoon watching Melissa do the same.

* Movie ends. I'm blindfolded by Melissa and escorted out to Jamie's car and driven to unknown location as the two tell me they're headed for Columbia.

* Location = Thousand Hills Park for fried chicken picnicing, water gun fights, eventual swing set time, pink frosted cake, and a Disney Princesses pinata. I love my friends. Definitely kill about 3-4 hours doing nothing when I should study linguistics and stagecraft. Definitely don't care.

* Return home, end up with all the spare candy from the pinata, and try to shuff it off on anyone we meet.

* Melissa leaves to hang with Ben, I pop in "Empire Records" to keep the tradition from last year while doing more packing.

* Michael calls to ask about movie options, and just heads on down the hall. Upon arriving, we both go back and pick up Melissa's random birthday presents from their hiding slot in 340's closet.

* Melissa appears both appreciative and bewildered by the cast iron skillet. I love random birthday lists.

* The three of us watch "Major Payne" because Melissa hasn't seen it in forever, Michael just bought it, and I'd only seen half of it (and that was on a band trip).

* My birthday technically ends while watching the movie, though I'm a firm believer in "the birthday doesn't end until you go to sleep again" field of thought.

* Movie ends, Michael gets kicked out, alarms are set for the morning, and the birthday officially ends.

There, y'all feel informed now? (I should probably edit that sometime, huh?....)
Where's John when you need him?

After all that packing, unpacking, moving around, re-moving around, and general end of semester stress, I'm in desperate need of a good back massage. Takers?

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Yes, I know this isn't about my birthday.

I just felt hungry (like I normally do around eleven back at Truman), but decided against zapping some Easy Mac because the microwave's always been kinda loud and I don't want to wake up my parents--mostly because I appreciate them not waking up me--and settled instead on Goldfish crackers and whatever soda I could grab from the box in the hall without actually seeing what I'm doing. It ended up being Cherry Coke, which is fab, because Goldfish and Cherry Coke are one of the greatest combos of "food that just doesn't belong" and I'm so glad that college taught me to combine them in the first place.

Monday, May 10, 2004

(because this is the sort of information worth breaking from linguistics for)

In approximately the past two hours, I've eaten ten popsicles of various flavors in a desperate attempt to empty the freezer.

There are still five left.

If I didn't have a final in about eight hours, I'd totally eat the rest of them and stay up until 2 a.m. enjoying the sugar high. As it is, I probably won't be able to fall asleep for another hour or so.

I'm half-ish packed, half way through a roll of film, none of my furniture is back where it's supposed to be, and--if we would've cooked the bacon tonight--I'd be 3/4 through the package singlehandedly by this moment.

Goodnight, y'all.
Blogger, why do you look so funny?

Here I am, momentarily popping my head up from a pile of Linguistic worksheets, notes, and the tiny radio with headache-inducing headphones to ignore studying for tomorrow's final AND the stacks and piles of unpacked, still-hanging-out-where-they've-been-all-semester things to say...

I'm not actually posting right now.

I have birthday stuff I want to post (Did you hear that I was kidnapped by my friends? Good fun.), plus from finals, and now (apparently) about New Blogger [like New Jersey, I guess], but I don't really have the time. All of that, however, will have to wait until after finals end, I pack everything (including beautiful, wonderful Merv), and lay eyes upon the House in Sullivan for the first time since March. It'll be thrilling, I'm certain.

Until then, or sooner, y'all.

Saturday, May 08, 2004

* Thank you, Addiction Solitaire, for letting me win way more than normal. I really appreciate the thought.

* Ben - we need to duet on "Little Shop of Horrors" more often. Maybe when you live across the hall next year?

* It's 11:43 and I'm still in the black dress.
Goodbye, teenage days

Factoid goodness from the early morning hours with precious little explaination:

* Theatre banquet = once more great times with vintage Madonna and En Vogue, way more rap-ish than I'd care for, and a room of theatre people doing what they do best. Whatever that is.

* First song I listened to all the way through after turning twenty: Billy Joel's "Only the Good Die Young." Is the universe trying to tell me something?

* Song playing while I was busy turning twenty: The Get Up Kids - "Hannah Hold On"

* I still have all sorts of revisions to pull together before my portfolio is due tomorrow afternoon

* I never thought I would appreciate Britney Spears

* I'm so totally falling asleep wearing my pretty, pretty dress tonight. I mean, why not?

Friday, May 07, 2004

I can hear the credits music playing

As of half an hour ago...I am OFFICIALLY done, finished, fin with Spanish FOREVER!!!!

Thursday, May 06, 2004

What the friggin' awful hideousness?!?

Why do I have to sit and wait through a movie to play Addiction Solitaire? I'm already wasting time, sure, but I at least want something semi-productive to wile away the hours.
"Hi, I'm Hannah. I'll be your dead body!"

I'm dropping the film off today, so the story can only get better once everyone sees photos of me looking all dead and all, but the entire absudity of hanging out with other people wearing blood and fake wounds, lying stylized on the pavement in a pool of fake blood. It was pretty great hanging out with the EMTs and etc, talking about what this wound would come from, previous accidents, and how awful we all look.

I ended up not under the car, but thrown through the windshield (I assume). Basically, I got to lie artisitcally on the road while one of the EMTs poured [literally] a bucket full of fake blood around my head, which slowly slid downhill getting into my hair, staining my neck and the top of my shirt. And, naturally, there was that whole "trying not to look like I'm breathing" thing while Matt L. sat crying over me, his "little sister."

The part that seems to be the coolest to everyone around? Riding around in the body bag--well, I WAS dead. It actually was way freaky to just go all limp and not focus on anything going around me. Sure, the coroner was talking to me the entire time, this is what's happening and "watch your head" type stuff, but everyone was still supposed to pretend that it was the real deal.

Heavy stuff. That's why we spent all "backstage" time joking around, I'm sure. Maybe we Truman students will never see a real accident like this, but those guys will and have in the past.

I'll scan in the pics as soon as I get the film back.
Yes, Really

The problem with having your birthday in the middle of finals week is that you forget it's coming until you make the list of everything to do in the next week and pick up on the fact that you wrote your own birthday down sometime in April so you wouldn't forget.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Letters to People

mock accident dress rehearsal addition!

To Becky Becker, or Dr. BB (as the cast decided yesterday), who didn't get offended that I threw myself at her for a SM/ASM position in my acting journal required for class and instead agreed to let me stage manage whatever show she does next year: Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!

To Matt L, who is the funnest person to break into song with, especially when it's the "Elephant Love Medley" from "Moulin Rouge" because he knows both parts and will jump on furniture to simulate the set: You really shouldn't try to kiss a girl for real at the end of that song, and--even when you're faking--you should save it for a time when you're not standing in front of the smoking theatre majors, providing a show

To Alex M., who gets air vac AND chest compressions, thereby gaining all the cool medical stuff while I just play dead underneath a car: You suck. And don't call me squirt.

Bonus! To my drunk freshmen neighbors who woke me up around four this morning, screaming about how invincible you are, "just hit me! hit me!": You have no idea how hard I would hit you at this moment, confounded vice-ridden projectionists.

Thursday, April 29, 2004

You be blue and I'll be red

Coolest Wal-Mart impulse buy ever: finger puppet-sized Rock'Em Sock'Em Robots from the party favors aisle
Hate to disappoint y'all

Since I just figured out that I actually *do* have a suitemate home next door at the moment, I guess I won't be singing in the shower afterall. I'll save it for this weekend, or some other time when there can be massive amounts of people in my room to mock me and my shower obsession with Sondheim songs. And punk rock.
Breakfast? No breakfast either?

And now I've added "snogging."

I don't know which amuses me more.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

And, Hannah, you're not at supper...why?

I just added the word "McChicken" to my Microsoft Word dictionary!
"Random Pointlessness" - the Story of my Life

So, I don't remember what I wanted to post today, but that's mostly because I wanted to post this morning and then the internet gave out on me as I tried to load Blogger (even though I'd been working all morning beforehand) so I obviously couldn't post anything. I generally stick something into a word document and post it later, but I didn't this morning because I was slightly distracted by my Shakespeare scene (which went fabulously, much better than last time, thanks) and the brownie I was eating left over from the Leadership Scholars BBQ last night -

The brownie! That was it! It was a fantabulous amazing chocolate brownie, and I wanted to tell all of you about how grand it was (read: rub it in your faces that I was eating it and you weren't), and then the internet gave out.

I guess this only proves that if I let myself wander around aimlessly for long enough, I eventually find the goal, huh?

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

(for whatever reason, Addiction Solitaire reminded me)

Possibly the best part of watching "The Last Samurai" over the weekend--besides Krista and I mocking Tom Cruise within an inch of his short height--was Michael tapping me on the shoulder to fill me in on other samurai tidbits (ritual suicide, fighting, etc) he learned while writing his last history paper.

Well, that, and all the "Mulan" song cues.
Public Service Announcement

Caleb, either you did the tag for your last comment board thingy wrong or else Enetion's coming after you, also, but that doesn't change the fact that I can't post a comment on your most recent post.

Monday, April 26, 2004

Comment if you want

I don't know what's up with my comments provider [AGAIN], but they're all a little delayed in showing up. For whatever reason, it's taking them a few days to pop up after being posted. Add it to the long list of the comment server that randomly eats things, posts twice on my page for no discernable reason, and probably knows how to cuss people out in binary. It's got attitude, that's for certain.
Emphasis on "so far"

Things That Have Made Me Feel Happy Today, Monday April 26th, So Far:

(featuring grossly little explaination!)

* sleeping in

* suitemates getting out of the bathroom right when I needed it

* double Oatmeal cream pie for breakfast!

* finally figuring out who Alison was after weeks of debate in Stagecraft

* using my favorite line from "Drood" as an example of a spoonerism on my Lingustics quiz

* getting out of Lingustics early

* answering questions while shadowing a tour (again)

* actually managing to squeeze in lunch

* theatre people

* riding in the back of the police cruiser

* arguing over air-vac and chest compressions (again)

* that really good apple eaten in the sunshine behind OP

* "I am the *ghost* of *Christmas to come!*"

* Nirvana, Moxy Fruvous, and Superchic[k]

(Later day additions around 3:30: bike riding through hordes of people, no Spanish homework AND out of class early, Ron's snarkiness, and "Ragtime.")

Saturday, April 24, 2004

It's all Amanda's fault

Hey, Amanda darlin' - remember this?

We have a nearly full Cheez-It box with your name on it.

That's all I'm saying. (I'll let the eventual pictures speak for themselves.)
And to your left...

I pulled my first tour group today as a "real" Student Ambassador, which mostly wasn't scary as I was just trailing around with a real real SA who did most of the talking and totally all the direction picking. I've had some of my fears of the future [when the "real" gets pulled out of quotation marks] alleviated, though, as I knew some statistics the real dude couldn't remember, knew all the answers to the questions parents asked, and the crowd laughed at all my jokes. It's probably the last one that gives me the most faith for the future, but I'll take whatever I can.

For the second half of the day, I volunteered to be the theatre department guide from the "everybody everybody" admissions presentation to the seperate department-sponsered presentation. This meant I had to sit through a long, drawn out talk from the president and some admissions staff workers about statistics and the perfection of Truman and blah blah blah. Essential, it was something I wouldn't even want to listen to even if I was interested in Truman, let alone now that I'm already here and know what's going on. Unfortunately for my time schedule, I ended the presentation by discovering that there were no potential theatre majors in the audience and had the stigma of being in league with the physics department (who also had no interested juniors). I call it payback for missing the original training meeting, but I still wish that I'd been able to mock the entire thing more if I was essentially there for no good reason.

Friday, April 23, 2004

My thumb is only green when the markers get carried away

Talk about your unexpected surprises: I am now the mother a beautiful baby sunrose (or, Aptenia cordiflora, for those more science minded than I am these days). The science department sells their spare cuttings and pottings at the end of the semester, and Melissa and I decided (with two weeks left of school) to adopt some greenery. Major selling point of mine? From the slip: "keep sompletely dry in winter." Of course, it does have to last until winter for that to become a positive, but I have semi-faith in my abilities.
Now that's what I call a college edu-ma-casion!

Not only did we not pick up whatever we were fetching during our "field trip" over to Baldwin from OP during stagecraft, but we also heard all manner of ghosts of Baldwin Hall stories, grabbed free Kool-Aid and cookies from groups on the quad, and left an hour and a half early.

Best. Stagecraft. Class. Ever.
Rescue 911 We're Not

Because I didn't have enough going on already (sarcassim, sarcassim, sarcassim), I volunteered to help with the mock car accident the La Plata police department is putting together to scare all the high schoolers before they go to prom. I don't know how they got my acting professor's phone number, but they asked Becky if she'd help direct and scrounge up students to get all gory and dead-like.

Why would I not want to volunteer for this? I mean, really.

So, things keep changing all the time (I don't know how organized we are, but it's getting there), but here's the facts currently concrete:

* I play the little sister (ah, typecasting) of a guy who goes out, gets drunk before a basketball game, and then hits a little girl on a bicycle on the way to the game.

* Because the group decided it would be the most heartwrenching that way, I die tragically, along with the guy's best friend and the little girl (we voted to let the girlfriend live along with the driver).

* I don't get to ride in the helicopter.

That's basically all that we've decided for certain. The helicopter is for the air-vac from the accident (we gave it to Alex [the best friend] because he wanted it more than I did, though we both turned into seven year olds while begging for it) and we've actually all been promised rides in the helicopter after the "show" is over, if we want. I'm not even certain I get to be in the car, anymore, since I think they still want a dummy for the person completely trapped and in need of the jaws of life (AKA, me). I'm hoping I can at least be the chest compressions person during the hospital since I lost out on the helicopter.

Yes, I realize how weird it sounds to be arguing for this. Do any of you realize how cool I think this all is? I'm sure I'll break down into tears after it's all over with, but for now I'm obsessing over all the stage blood I'll be covered it, where I'm positioned in the car, and trying to get the cooler medical parts. What do you expect from a theatre major?
At least I have "lots of sass"

Apparently, enough people are graduating to open up positions to work in Baldwin Auditorium next year. I'm a little intimidated to apply, since there's still a lot of stuff for me to learn before I'd feel completely comfortable doing, like, lighting or sound stuff (especially) on my own, but [according to the posted sign] that's not supposed to be an issue. I'm also a little scared about all the time it would eat up, but I can't get over what great experience it would provide, especially since I'm not working theatre this summer. I've decided if I do get the job (which would require me to find time to apply first, naturally), I'll drop marching band and gain back part of my Saturdays, if nothing else. Thoughts from the crowd?