Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Something Missouri Hannah never would have said: "Guacamole, I love you."
(I just said that sentence aloud in my otherwise empty office. Of course I did.) It's still weird not being at the theater in the evenings. (I guess other people think so, too, as I had a few ask me if I was at Saturday's rehearsal because I missed being part of the process.) It's really on this week that I've started spending more time out and about, rather than clinging to all my precious time sitting on the couch. (Dear couch, I love you. Yes, more than guacamole.) * I'm helping out with props right now, which is how I've quickly learned how to address letters, German-style. (Hint: the numbers are switched around from American.) This is also much better than typing scripts for captioning. * These fish tacos I have for lunch are *so good,* I'm actually glad that it only takes one to fill me up. * I feel like there's something a bit off with Whataburger sponsoring the Bollywood film I'm watching on Hulu right now. Are they aware of what happens to cows there? * Gosh, there's lots of open white space in the new Blogger template design. I am not a fan. * Someday, I will not be stuffed up or dripping from the nose or generally completely well once more, and then I shall celebrate. This is not going to happen for a few days, I think. * Probably a vital step to keeping the plants in the office window growing would be remembering to water them. Sorry, Easter-themed plants.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I'm still at work because this is where the internet lives.

(Not that I don't enjoy sitting by the side of the pool at my complex and picking up whatever unsecured wi-fi happens to be floating by on the breeze. I just don't want to be that person who is always there.)

C. suggested that Kat and I buy one of those themed party places, where kids come for fairy tale themed tea or whatnot. (These are the things people talk about when we're stressed about work, apparently.) I'd be all for that, if it wouldn't wipe out all my savings and force me to continuously work with kids and probably end in me punching a parent while wearing a frilly dress. (Let's call this post-ADP Plan E.)

Could someone else please be as excited for the new J.K. Rowling book as I am, regardless of the lack of new Harry Potter? Maybe my excitement is because I want to pretend that it *is* new HP, pre-ordering it and finding a place to pick it up at midnight, and then devoting the next few days of my life to finishing. (And then crying because there was no Hermione to be found among the characters.)

Monday, April 02, 2012

the word "volume" never looks like the proper spelling. In fact, I just checked it again.

So I guess it's good that I haven't bought any sort of plane ticket north yet, as the final audition day keeps moving all over the calendar, and especially all over the two weeks I'd originally blocked out for travel. I'd already given up on April as too soon (especially now that it actually is April), and at this point I'm fine giving up my birthday to auditions if that means I can still take the rest of that week for vacation.

Somewhat notice, ADPers: auditions might be May 8. Don't quote me.

The leftover ice cream cup from Saturday's rehearsal is about to become the best part of my lunch, as this Mediterranean chicken tastes neither like chicken or Mediterranean food. Dear leftover chicken casserole sitting in my fridge: I miss you.