Wednesday, November 28, 2012

This is me feeling bad about not posting, and then turning into even more of an emo teenager than I already felt.

Hello, today I feel atrocious. I have a headache that has only gotten worse, and no amount of free chocolate left at my office door or videos of Adam Savage recreating movie props or interviews with new DW cast members have cut back on the general funk an all-day headache causes.

Happy things:
* I love reading the books I'm going to give away as family Christmas presents, as it makes me pick up things I wouldn't normally and then I don't have to make room for them on my shelf.

* New 30 Rock tomorrow!

* Christmas crafting

* Discovering there's a large variety of blueprints online to create a TARDIS out of LEGO. I like when geekery combines.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Things I probably don't need to keep in my wallet:

* The Continental Airlines wings I gained in 2006 [post 2006 London trip]

* a book of one cent stamps (when all the other stamps are own are forever stamps)

* an address that I later found out was incorrect

* a one-day Missouri fishing license

* a small rubber snake

* that Staples gift card I've magically *not* spent in the past two years

* A receipt from two months ago that has a midly funny quote on it.

* All those pennies. I mean, really.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Costumes that didn't work out:

Because I'm such a visual person, I have a whole file on my computer of inspiration pictures of Halloween costume ideas. One or two have actually happened (I finally deleted my Mary Poppins folder a few months ago), but most are possibilities from the past or for the future that haven't managed to happen yet. [And some that didn't even make it to the picture stage, they were dropped so quickly.]

Kaylee - Oh, Firefly's Kaylee. I've been thinking about putting together this costume for, oh, five years? I'm probably one decent-priced jumpsuit away from going crazy on this one. Really, that's the only big hang up, seeing as I probably have everything else already in my closet.

Zombie Jane Austen - I ended up being Mary Poppins instead.
This was probably a good swap.

River Song as Cleopatra - This was my plan for last year, but then nobody had a party. I liked that it meant I got to be a Doctor Who character ... who is disguised as a real historical figure that I wouldn't have to explain to anyone. (Those in the know would've appreciate the exploding TARDIS Van Gogh print, I bet.)

Lady Sif - The same time I wasn't Cleo/River Song, I also wasn't part of a four person team of Thor's friends, Lady Sif and the Warriors Three. The best part was the boots with wings - I wish I could have those for real life. (I also wish they were acceptable for wear in real life.)

Liz Lemon - How did this not happen this year? Surely all I needed to do was print a ID badge and buy a bag of Spanish language cheese twists. I blame work schedule for preventing even that small effort.

River Song from 'Angels Take Manhattan' - I have pearl earrings and the hat. That's as far as I got. [I really just want to be River Song. Who doesn't want to rock heels, shoot bad guys, and banter with the Doctor.]

Miss Congeniality - Would it surprise you to know that I have a sparkily full-length gown in my closet? Any year that I actually put together a costume, this has been my backup if the Plan A doesn't work out. I mean, why not - all I'd need is to borrow a gun from the theater's prop shop and make a sash, and I'm ready to be Sandra Bullock.