Thursday, December 29, 2005

short stuff

Back in KC (from Iowa from KC from JC), now 23% more technologically advanced due to cell phone ownership (-13% for not activating yet), and not allowed to buy anything more due to shortage of room in car...ignore the fact that we're probably going out shopping today.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

"So, how long do you think we can disappear?"

Break in JC is basically all I pictured it would be thus far, what with the sleeping in and watching of way too many DVDs and all the origami making (slightly unexpected, but I'm happily catching up to my page-a-day calendar with only about a week of the actual year left) and that beautiful lunch of oreos I consumed yesterday.

We're aiming to head out of town either tomorrow or Thursday, depending on how dam crisis control works out (my Dad had actually been talking to the Ameren people for quite awhile before the recent disaster/flooding/what have you). I'm looking forward to the extra space and the hot showers (have I mentioned that the hot water heater doesn't hold out long here? No one really mentioned it to me though, smart girl that I am, I figured it out.), as well as all the family-ness before January hits again and someone (ooh! pick me!) needs to take Caleb's stuff to Wyomming so he doesn't live in an empty apartment with just what he can load on the plan or ship by box.

Anyway, posting/emailing/interneting will be hit and miss for break, as it's a little cold to justify the walk to the least until I finish all the origimi folding.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

plus - finished with biology!

The only real and true perk of the 7:30 a.m. final is sitting around, waiting for everyone else to wake up and enjoying the jolt of their alarms, phones, etc.

Monday, December 12, 2005

half a bag of popcorn, etc. later

Things that have vastly improved life since the previous...

* Trisha Yearwood - Sleep While I Drive on constant repeat

* the remembrance of ice cream in the fridge

* laundry, once I got it started

* that phone call about spider solitaire, rides home, and the general state of the week

* plus, there's something oddly satisfying about having my own words quoted back at me, even from an unlikely source
Though, sadly, that's about what I expected. Thanks, dress rehearsal.

Things I could really go for, right at this moment:

* ice cream

* a puppy

* someone I despise to kick in the face

* the rest of that roll of film

* food more substantial than popcorn

* Sunken Garden time

* snow, because naturally it melted just in time for me to be in a foul mood

* someone else to do my laundry for me, as I actually don't want to this time

* time, like always

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Lesson Never Learned

I should stop putting in movies to do homework by, because I certainly can't even file one-act directing paperwork while watching "Almost Famous."

Not-quite-an-hour-later: I'll never see my broom again, will I alleged "just down the hall" girl?
have we figured out yet that I'm probably not doing anything today except be in my pajamas, scroll the 'net, and listen to music?

I've previously made the claim that if the IMDB was a person, I would definitely try to snag a date and probably propose since I love it so mightily. My love is deeply rooted in items like this, where I especially recommend the letter "Noah from NY."
The hair knew! Starting a day in advance!

I'm sure some individuals are awaiting a report on the one-act festival, the monkeys, and my general state of mind re: all, but I'm going to stick with the above statement for the meantime as I have so much other stuff to pull together at the moment prior to spewing forth How Things Went in better detail than all caused me to "cry twice in one night (but in a good way)."
clearing out the old links

Mother dear, have you seen and/or heard anything about this?

And something for Melissa dear.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Why, yes, actually I doing quite well. Could we stop asking me like I'm about to go crazy?

Word up, day of show.
Is it an epiphany if you've basically known it all along?

"But I started dancing long before this stupid workshop, and I'm gonna keep on dancing long after it. So tomorrow is one more day I get to dance." -Eva, Center Stage

Last night at the one-acts, I ended up seated next to the professor and feeling waves of frustration that he spent the whole time in professor mode taking notes instead of simply enjoying the work (like the directing class, easily the loudest group in the entire theatre). At that moment, I realized I really didn't care how the others felt about my show anymore. True, some opinions I'm interested in hearing afterward, but I've ceased to believe in any importance of the letter grade. From the beginning of the class, I've joked that my directing style breaks down to "if it makes me laugh, we keep it until I hate it." Happily, I've evolved from there, but the fact remains that there are very few bits/deliveries/character choices/etc I would change, given time and ability.

I may never direct again, yet I've enjoyed myself much more than I ever imagined, a fact greatly proven by the amazing people I've been working and making friends with for the past month-ish span of the project. I fell in and out and back once more in love with this script. There's an odd zen-ish state about me at the moment, tempered by excited (not nervous) anticipation. So many people are rooting for this to go well, and I don't see any possible reason why it shouldn't just fall into place.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Hush little baby...

Currently, I am:

* rocking some Jersey-ish hair, thanks to blow-drying it upside down (the better to get the heat on my neck, where I actually wanted it most)

* totally not freaking out about one-acts starting today, I mean completely not at all I'm fine I swear

* working on about 4.5 hours of sleep, what with the random hyperness, talks of slippers and birthdays and things, and general annoyance of last night

* excited to be finally officially accepted into children's theatre

* pondering my own theme song before Melissa can name it for me

* listening to "Summertime," because I [heart] irony

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

To: soon to be no longer a director

I just received an email from myself, circa the great script study flip-out (close enough link) from this delightful website, reinforming me on the importance of breathing, even as I approach something crazy like my show opening.

I'm actually doing fine at the moment, although I realize I won't feel so flippant about things this time Friday (when I honestly plan to deflect all my nerves onto my presentation as I care way less about business at the moment). I had a fabulous dress rehearsal and--as much as I quoted that "bad dress rehearsal = great performance 4eva"--I'd rather be prepared as possible and have things moves as smooth as possible to glide through the actual for-real show.

I did kinda enjoy the email though. It includes an itemized list, a "Gone With the Wind" reference, and Dvorak. Perhaps I have a higher concentration of wit when I'm attempting to not fall to pieces?
now mentally preparing to be hit by someone, anyone

Hey! I was totally going to go to bed at a decent time tonight! Too bad I forgot about all that junk for the business meeting tomorrow, oh and the inability to do it in the morning because I switched tour times so I could avoid any and all head exploding action Friday. Yay!

Also, anyone who reads this and will see Melissa: feel free to ask her what her new theme song is as of today. Just wait for me to be gone so the title doesn't need to reach fruition.

The phrase "reach fruition" is funny to me right now. I need three more revamped goals and feel a sudden urge to practice hair curling. People who keep me up past two o'clock, thus making my inner clock reset to screwy time, are somewhat less my friends at this moment. Everyone needs to stop coming across so amusing to me.

Monday, December 05, 2005

"...better than a large mammal."

After a delightful time feeling crafty and weird and basically estatic to be a theatre major, I now have almost two hours worth of delay on other items, a right hand that matches my bright red shirt (even after bouts with the soap), and a dull pink 65% polyester/35% cotton blend dress drip-drying in the shower that will hopefully not dye Lacey's skin when she wears it at dress rehearsal later today.

Saturday, December 03, 2005


I suddenly realized that crazy neck/shoulder pain was all the stress piling on top, getting cozy, and tensing everything together. Crazy.

[Excerpt from "Hannah finds a third deck crew member last minute," as performed by phone earlier this evening]

HS: You'll be up on the catwalk--
The Incomparable Michael H.: I like it up there.
HS: I know.
TIMH.: Besides, I am the Phantom of the Courtyard.
HS: ... Right. So all you have to do is be up there and throw cigarettes and I'll bring those.
TIMH.: What? You don't think I'm dangerous?
HS: [?]
TIMH.: I ride motorcycles and smoke! Spread it around!

There wouldn't happen to be a pair of Hannah-sized khaki pants hanging out in Kansas City without me, would there? I seem to have misplaced a set and I definitely had them this weekend.

Friday, December 02, 2005


* I feel like taking up smoking, seeing as there's a spare pack left over from my show sitting in the room right now.

* For a similar reason, I feel like throwing lots and lots of peanuts at those around me.

* I also feel like throwing on the rodeo princess hat and lasso-ing up some cows and such, as the guys next door are singing/guitar-playing Garth Brooks and that doesn't normally occur.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Connected with that, OR Another way to slow down the reading process

This would be several hoods full of snow, falling over laughing moments, and shots to the face later, of course.
Or, why Hannah is so tired today, beyond the one-act

Quotes from snow frolicing last night (from apx 2-3 a.m.):

-Hey! It's everyone gang up on Aaron!
-That's my favorite game!

-This is Max. He's from Illinois.

-Leaf! Leaf! Leaf!
-Thanks, Hannah, for being so helpful. I couldn't build this snowman without you.

-It's a snow hawk!

Yes, there was much exclaimation point-ing. It *was* snow and early morning.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

(P.S. - They spelled "oops" wrong.)

Pointless email is only fun once you turn it against the person who originally sent it to you. Especially when you weren't taking it seriously to begin with.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The hair knew!

After the last few times ended up Less Than Awesome, today featured scarf buddies, new awful roommate stories from the delightful Kevin O'Brien, almost craft projects, 'B' for biology (among other things), feeling like the Ben Tylka(c) of the class day (aka having my one-act scene go over incredibly well), working out tech issues, carting typewriters in the elevator on a rolly chair, cereal, ponies, and Trillian. Not bad for six p.m.
An entire CD of my favorite versions of "Summertime," one of the greatest jazz songs ever - too much?

In other news, I can make things appear on Facebook, just by thinking too hard about "what was his name again?" during biology.
Never again, Mr. Medium Soda!

Actually, that's about all I need to say, especially as the bathroom just opened up.
Mi Mancherai

The "Lady in the Water" teaser trailer is this year's "Garden State" trailer.

Monday, November 28, 2005

high school was (one) overrated and (two) less sparkily (see one)

Starlight Xpress (notice the train section in the background) Prom, weekend before break. Apparently Annie has to do an obligatory 'Charlie's Angels' pose at every dance she attends. Melissa and I were only too happy to oblige. Whoa--obligatory and oblige in the same sentence. Craziness
Monday, Monday

The "bulletpoints are overrated" version of today:

falling asleep to Clueless, only some sleeping-in, lots of popcorn, package of fez and beanie and cast gifts, way too many business articles from a medical perspective (what's up with that, doctors? nothing better to do?), searching out pirate music, random surveys for extra credit, various warm items making my hands happy between destinations, talking about sneaking food into the movies, "I killed Harry Potter!," and therefore the Harry Potter movie, and therefore gazing at many pretty British boys, walking back in the snow(!) and wind ($#*!), unforseen phone call from displaced friends who may or may not be Darth Vader, "yeah, I'll choke you or knock off your slippers...diabolical!," this
They're here!

And Merv is really stylin' now, seeing as I have no where else to stick a fez and beanie propeller. I should take a pic.
"para tener montar a caballo de la diversiĆ³n," or "in order to have to mount straddling the diversion"

Babelfish is funny when you're tired and only have a tenuous grasp on Spanish anymore.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

I'm sitting next to a piece of paper that says "made especially for you by British Ladies

How's vacation treating you, Hannah, one might ask? That same "one" (must be related to "them" and not to be confused with "the others") would be rightly shocked about the lack of homework I've completed thus far, as well as the number of picture frames I've purchased and episodes of "Lost" I've watched in two days. Defense: they were half off. I realize that only pertains to one of those items.

Elsewhere, I picked up a suit set for about $20, didn't go to Wal-Mart until around 1:30 p.m. on Friday, and wished I packed my books so I could've stalled on homework with something more substantial than the Clue mystery books and Pony Pals my mother packed. I have written my thank yous (first draft of surely many more) for one-acts, which is its own set of bizarre. Bizarre (in a definitely good, I-don't-mean-to-offend way) would be the process that my brother went from returning an interest call [Wednesday] to job interview in Oklahoma [Friday].

Happy Thanksgiving, etc, everyone.

Monday, November 21, 2005

By "just," I actually mean "about three hours ago."

I just bet Jared Latore $1.07 (one bill, two pennies, one sad nickel), what's left of my blue post-it notes, two cough drops, and a "mostly filled-in #155" word search book to eat what was potentially a milk dud left in the napkin holder of the SUB table. It was not actually a milk dud, but apparently not vile enough to apply the mouthwash until about an hour later.


* I wonder what dogs would think of "CATS?" -Michael, after the suggestion to branch into new fields of theatre, such as for animals

* We're laughing with you, even though your laugh is that of sorrow. -Jared to Michael, actually not related to the above

* Because you know what tuna tastes like? Freedom. -Jared, on why you can't live in the dorms after living off-campus
Looking for some opinions, then sleep

So, I basically know that I want Travis - "We Are Monkeys" as either call song or post show (either before or after the actual one-act). I'm leaning toward before at the moment just from the one curse word in the song that I can't gracifully bleep and will be easier to ignore if people are watching the scene change. I've already basically been cornered (happily, though) into playing Raffi - "Banana Phone" in preshow time (the thirty-ish minutes before the first show begins) because it's a not-so-in-joke between myself and my almighty stage manager.

Other options (where I need your opinion!):

* Jungle Book - Just Like You (I think there's a Louie Armstrong version of this song somewhere that I can't find but would totally prefer)

* Weezer - Island in the Sun (might end up being post-show, now that I think about it; seeing as how the ending works out, they just might make it back to the sweet jungles of Africa sooner than they think)

* Harry Nilsson - Lime in the Coconut (I'd prefer the Muppet version, but then it's too Muppets. Or whatever.)

* Ella Fitzgerald - Don't Mean a Thing (the other Ives plays have a swing thing going on that would help this fit with the rest of preshow)

* Amelie - Pas si simple (sure, it's just instrumental, but it's instrumental with typewriters! Other choice for post-show)

* XTC - We're All Light (pop-y science-y like the Travis song, yet not about monkeys. Not high on my list but still there above, oh, the rest of my music collection.)

ACK! Really, I should send this list to my illustrious SM and see what he thinks. Maybe when I'm more lucid?
"I'm chunky, repulsive, and lucrative; I must be Jabba the Hutt."

Things learned from David Ives cast(s) bonding Sunday night:

* I suck at Apples to Apples.

* No, really. Of everyone, I earned absolutely no cards during the apx. two hours we played.

* I can't wait to see the pic of Liz fighting against the popcorn, though, as she remains to be entertaining no matter the location.

* Pop Rocks are always popular.

* So are fortune cookies, even when [incredibly, unbelievably] stale.

* I need to cure my obsessive need to give people nicknames, especially once I start placing limits (two words, first is an adjective that starts with s, second is an animal!)

* McDonald's drive-thru might be open 24 hours, but the inside definitely isn't.

* If it's late enough, I will not be able to stop calling McDonalds "Wal-Mart." Silly capitalists.

* Everyone around me needs to drink way less coffee.

* Standing around eating brie and vanilla ice cream is way better than doing business homework, bar none

Saturday, November 19, 2005


I'm thinking about changing the archives function to a monthly rather than weekly basis. I mean, I love scrolling as much as the next person, but perhaps three years worth are a bit long. Thoughts, complaints, begs for Hannah to be actually productive?
made with real cheese

New catchphrase: "Here, have a combo."
Everything but "Love Shack"

Details are fuzzy because I was massively tired after the long week, but here's some choice words/phrases from the Starlight Xpress Prom held at the Kirksville Armory (!) last night, which coincidentally was a lot like theatre banquet, minus the food:

light-up shoes, "thanks, I bought it three hours ago," Charlie's Angels, Greg's tie, The Cat, The Bus Driver, and dancing like Aaron Baker, confounded swing dancers, Ashley's trunk, Lissa's first trip to Pancake City, "she's like a short tank," dyfunctional and too many straws, dancing in a circle like high school, Charlie Brown dancing, three person slow dance, injuring knees by doing the twist, Christmas lights and streams next to Army recruitment posters
No, no particular reason why.

Sometimes (okay, every single time I hear it), I wish I'd fallen in love with "It Never Entered My Mind" by Miles Davis before seeing "Runaway Bride," where I actually heard it first because I can't seperate it from Julia Roberts, who I kinda despise anymore.

Sometimes you just have to choose the chocolate cupcake over the cheddar goldfish.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Box Office, where else?

Dang, my site looks rather nice in Mozilla. Who knew?

Also, I'm now working on finishing hour five (of 6 1/2) of time spent in OP today, mostly here (see heading). This means I've checked for missing tickets, fixed some reserves, alphabetized tonight's reserves (so I don't have to once I show up), and talked to many, many people about the merits of one seat over another. Hint: there isn't much of one.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

"I’m on fire and now I think I'm ready to bust a move" - Motion City Soundtrack

Last night I think we seriously decided to start our own Truman people children's theatre [traveling?] theatre company. In, like, the real world. With people I love and adore and really didn't want to lose touch with anyway. Huh. Discuss.

Monday, November 14, 2005

The Age-Old Question

*Why* am I not listening to music right now?

Probable answer: because it's easier to go to bed early when you're not rocking out in your [literal] eleven o'clock hour.
And because there's surely some wondering:

"The fire's out anyway." - Rent (because I guess both should have a musical quote)

Sometimes you leap and take the crash landing, but then you instead fall into a soft mattress someone left at the bottom, where there's DVD watching to be had (word up, Bruce Willis and Jessica Alba!), tricycles to ride around the hall, and theatre companies to be potentially founded on the couches of OP's lobby. So, life's good.

Friday, November 11, 2005


I appreciate that my ankle doesn't hurt anymore if for no other reason that I can sit normally again without a sharp hit of pain.
"Is this addictive?"

One-act rehearsal is currently one of my favorite times of day, seeing as it's going incredibly well (in a few spots we routinely have to stop running the show because I laugh so loud) and lots of other people seem to have issues, which makes me feel even better about the small things I have to work on that aren't, like, my actors hating me/the show or being completely unable to block things. Yay!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Excuse me while I go a bit philosophical and mix my metaphors

As someone told me lately/Everyone deserves a chance to fly. -Wicked

Sometimes in life you reach that moment where you come to the edge of the metaphorical cliff and must decide what's next. Stay on the edge and gaze out on all the possibilities while effectively choosing to ignore them all.


Or, you can instead take the leap, make the jump, and land where you land. Sometimes you stick the landing, 10s all around and scoop up your brave victory. But sometimes instead you crash at the bottom of a gorge that was uplimately larger than you gauged and wait for the rescue team to bail you out.

Anyone who knows me could (and would) describe me as a terrible good edge-stander. I rarely take the jump unless I know of a safety net underneath, especially in...certain...areas of my life. Even though those moments when I have said "screw it" to the edge and took my chances have mostly proved ultimately positive, it's hard to break tradition (as it were). Last school year I lost out on something I desperately wanted because I felt too afraid to jump at it myself and the ledge turned into a weird, awkward limbo. Any pain that might have resulted from any flying and crashing eventually equalled what I felt simply watching the options disappear. I don't want to go through that again.

I'm currently at another of those junctions, ironically after pursuing it for most of a week. It's less certain overall than the previous example, yet never see that if you've been around me the past week, all excited about lamps and palidromes and banter blah blah. I technically have until 1:00 p.m. Wednesday to decide (how very Empire Records, huh?), but I don't need that long. It's my half-birthday, and I feel like trying to fly.

Monday, November 07, 2005

RE: Memo to Self

Hannah, you may also want to eat something besides cookies for supper.
Memo to Self

(Optional Title #1: It's hard to monkey walk with a limp, Optional Title #2: Yes, I realize I didn't call home tonight. I just got in again.)

We must remember for the future from our past that, just because the hair is naturally doing that spectacular flip thing that is the sign of Things To Come and Greatness Around the Corner, it also sometimes designates Hey, Let's Cheer Up Hannah Because Something Awful Is About To Occur.

CC and collate, please.

I should probably feel concerned about the number of people who, after this weekend, not only have been threatened with "taking this to third curb," but also know what I mean (geographically, pathetically) when I say that.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Where kids come to play along

This past week I've gotten surprising mileage out of my "I met Shari Lewis" story and Johnathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal."

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Yes, I'm sleeping again.

It's hard to read your business chapter in the biology textbook, though you do get more interesting pictures.
Not such a newsflash.

I am such a girl.

P.S. - Anyone know any Bens? (That aren't that one. Or that one. Or him, down the corner, that one.)

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Maybe it's the lettuce

Also, there's only so much swiss cheese I can handle at a time and yes, sandwich, we just reached that point.
Because this blog isn't bizarre enough as it is...

Official announcement: today is a bad day for lettuce.
Doing Laundry, Not All Related

* Clothes will be done in the washer in about thirty-five minutes.

* My head is absolutely pounding. Probably taking that extra strength [unknown] with the swig of Sprite won't solve things. Neither will the fact that my washer load will finish around 12:45 and then I get to wait for the dryer.

* Completely registered for next semester, check.

* Avoiding classwork on somewhat (but not completely) senior sem assignment, check.

* My foot itches.

* Actually, it's more my ankle, but that's the general foot area.

* Was anyone else annoyed that the supposedly new Gilmore Girls tonight was actually a repeat of the season premiere? I made certain I got taped everything I'd missed before (kinda that whole proposal and aftermath), and then I fell asleep on Meredith's futon for the second time this semester.

* I'm not completely certain what to do with my one-act people, and I'm pretty sure they all know.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

"Listen to that awesome feedback solo!"

The concert was a pretty fantabulous time, despite the two person mosh pit on the right and the seven foot tall guys on the left (first - shut up, second - if you're that tall, you'll be okay standing a little farther back from the stage and not, say, in front of me).

Anyway, fantastic stuff. The opening act was way better than expected and I'm now sorry SAB is screwing them over. Double points for the keyboard/guitarist who looked and acted like Charlie from Lost.

(I must interrupt this post to quote David, upon exiting my room: "I could've been a character on Seinfeld, you know that?")

The actual CAKE portion of the precedings was above my expectations, what with the 90 minutes of showtime advertised actually being 90 minutes of showtime. There were sing-a-longs, toy musical instruments, and much bantering. Apparently, for every song downloaded for free, CAKE deserves a free sandwich. You'll be eating for awhile.

The best part was the *four* song encore, which hit the song everyone knows ("Short Skirt, Long Jacket") that I thought would be the closer because everyone knows it, and if I hadn't been so sad that they hadn't played my fav song yet I would've noticed they were jabbering too much to be actually through. They popped into "Reluctantly crouched at the starting line..." before I could even notice and finally hit "The Distance." Fine way to end a concert.

Though that elevator ride with ten of my "closest" friends was pretty spectacular...

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


I'm suddenly completely and utterly exhausted, most likely because I told myself all day long that I couldn't collapse until after 11, when I finished scene rehearsal (after I finished one-act read-through, after the ambassador update session, after two classes, after a meeting, after two other classes, after finally pulling myself out of bed this morning and not stopping). Of course, instead of falling into bed, like I should, I'm on blogger and Facebook, debating playing some YahooGames, and itching at a freckle that was never all that itchy before and certainly wasn't quite that color and wow should I be concerned nevermind sleepy.

Y'all come here for my excellent English ability, don't you? Promise to be at least productive, if not asleep.
Christmas time is near/Happiness and cheer

It's always hard to put together a Christmas list, as there are plenty of things that I want, but--by putting them on a list that gets sent out to everyone else who will then pick and choose off or on that as they may--it prevents me from snagging, say, the boxset of Cinderella that I drool over every time I pop to Wal-Mart. With the extra drawings. And original piece of film. Ugh.

Monday, October 24, 2005

In other news, I'm probably too calm about the impending callbacks.

I apparently can't go to bed without playing Dynomite now. Meh.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

In other news, what other gums exist that Big Red needs to make a claim of "America's #1 Cinnamon Gum? Can anyone even name another brand of cinnamon gum, because if not, I don't think they should feel so threatened.

I'm down to my last pack of gum. Confound you, script study!

Friday, October 21, 2005

It's due on Sunday now, by the by

For a moment there, I thought my entire script study had disappeared into, I don't know, wherever Mr. Paperclip goes when I shoo him away, and I would have to start from a much shorter length because I never remember to save until something like this happens.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Excuse me?

Apparently there's buzz on my show. With people who want to be specifically in it and stuff. What are these people thinking?
Two random comments that prove that college life is worth living

* "...and then they cut off three toes from her left foot so she'd never be able to figure skate again. You don't mess with the ISU." -Devin, on Tonya Harding's punishments after the Nancy Kerrigan debacle

* "Thank you for flying Amtrak! ... That's what they said. Well, I guess it might've been 'calling Amtrak,' but I don't think so." -David, dealing with the Amtrak ticket office

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I'm literally holding it as I type, which is actually kinda difficult

I have word in-hand that I'm approved to graduate in May 2006. With both majors and the minor. With only 13 hours next semester. And with Truman probably totally happy to stop paying for my college experience.

I have to hand it to application checker guy, he/she (I can't read the signature) sure knows how to make a girl fret about her future.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Please skip if you don't feel like hearing about how sucky I feel, in slight detail

I've been feeling a little ill lately, which started as a general feeling of blah and has evolved into often feeling like I'm about to throw up the food I just ate. Not the most pleasant, obviously, but there you have it. This actually feels quite like freshman year, spring semester when I spent most of the March-April-May months starting my day in the bathroom after a bright morning breakfast and triggered an approximate reverse freshman fifteen.

I'm not certain what's causing this current bout (despite all my stress, lack of sleep, and questionable food choices, etc etc etc). I'm certainly helping at the moment, what with all the sugar and late night paper writing I've done. I just know the low point of anyone's week is reading the EW Star Wars article while sitting in the shower stall, close enough to the "just in case" point.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Check one, please.

I can't quite bring myself to fill out the housing intent form yet, seeing as a large portion focuses on School Year from 2006-2007, and I just don't feel like signing away my options yet.

Registar, tell me if I'm graduating or not!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Writing a paper, need something to chew

I've gone through three packs of gum today (three!) and old Reese peanut butter cups taste like soap.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Road trippin'

From yesterday's I-guess-it-was-brief-but-it-really-was-longer-than-expected road trip to Columbia, I now have:

* a road trip mix, after the fact

* the unicorn song is the new "just keep swimming"

* velcro pants, angel wings, and Mr. Owl, oh my!

* a guide point for the thought "too much cheese" (made up for by way great breadsticks)

* new prostatot fodder

* the sad ability to do my business paper, what with my own copy of Crimson Tide and all

* had too much sing along time to Spice Girls

* a lessened urge to purchase white go-go boots

* possible plans to hit England AND Ireland next year

Hope knows, even after all these years, the way to this girl's heart is through Post-It Notes.

(This is officialy post #1111 (a way cooler pride point than 1000, though that's some because I missed it) and the week of The Toast's third year anniversary, so I should totally do some memorializing and stuff, but I'm busy consuming my lunch of hot pocket and minute maid and apparently advertising for all sorts of people who don't need my aid.)

Friday, October 14, 2005


I am shocked and saddened about how accurate some of these are.

1. Hannah needs your support!!!!!!!!!!!

2. Do your bit! Hannah needs your help

3. Hannah needs a hug

4. Hannah needs a home and a good daily walk

5. Hannah needs help are YOU in New Jersey?

6. Piedros - the specially adapted boots that Hannah needs in order to use the David Hart walker.

7. Hannah needs to apply lots of make-up so she can perform in her latest dramatic role.

8. Hannah needs puppets

9. Hannah needs to grow the hell up, she's whining over a man who does not want her.

10. Hannah needs long term prayer.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I attend the Harvard of the Midwest!

I should not find it impossible to break into my Lunchables packaging!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Please direct all your responses from Caleb's post right here.
Ranting, Please Ignore

I'm mostly sick of those short, one-liner posts I keep, um, posting, and am fully planning to drop some crazy long thing with multiple paragraphs and crap, but at the moment all I can really think about is how frustrating trying to get actors for your scene is, especially when people who put their name on the list are now too busy to actually live up to the obligation it kinda says you'll fulfill AND some people would if they were not already in a scene that I know is taking up about five to six people. I just want my three people for my squirrely little Saki scene that goes up in exactly three weeks from today (counting all this weekend when I can't count on being able to rehearse seeing as people want to flee Kirksville while they have the extra day to travel).

And there's a paragraph anyway.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

It's hilarical!

Melissa's such a sweet spirited girl.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Just listed


Thursday, October 06, 2005

It's great to stay up late

You know the computer's mocking you as you work on your homework when it plays "Good Morning" from Singin' in the Rain at 3:43 a.m.

Shut it, Merv.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

State Report

I feel slightly vomitous at the moment, which is always a great way to approach your business class and terribly pointless senior seminar. I should possibly stop eating those c-store rice bowls for awhile.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


The green sprinkles on the (otherwise) delicious strawberry frosted Pop-Tarts always kinda freak me out. The other colors blend well together, even with the redish filling, but the green always seems to pop out like neon-painted mold. Why I'm quibbling over the coloring of such an already artifical product is beyond me. That's like being upset about the radioactive orange of Easy Cheese because I like my aerosal foods classy, thanks.
Oh, what a beautiful mornin'

I'm in the box office, we opened late because the manager was running behind to get to her class, and I just now noticed I have no cash box. It's a good thing tonight's show is free and will be the majority of my business, because otherwise we'd have to reserve a lot more tickets than we hopefully will.

Should I also mention that I fell asleep before 2 a.m. (maybe even 1:00), haven't had breakfast yet, and will probably feel the need to punch something by the end of the day? (No real reason on that last one, just because.)

Monday, October 03, 2005

Coincidence? Definitely.

The house goes on the market tomorrow! Cinderella finally comes to DVD tomorrow!

Soon we'll hopefully have a new place and I can see all my stuff again! Soon I'll have a new DVD and can clear that space off my computer again!

Oh, the new rooms to explore! Oh, the special features to explore!

I'm stopping this craziness, mostly because it's pointless, but also because I forgot that I downloaded the newest HP4 spot last night and haven't watched it yet.
MELISSA: So, Hannah, when did you finally go to bed?

To quote: If we put in Dr. Zhivago now, it'll be finished just in time for me to grab breakfast before my 8:30 class.
Seriously, Hannah, go to bed.

I hope this is just as funny in the morning. Wait, I mean the real people morning.

(It's already funnier than when I mis-typed everything in my right hand up above, so I'm hoping for the future.)
Maybe you shouldn't actually check the time.

Things I have done lately because I couldn't fall asleep:

* Just now? Been attacked by a giant bug.

* fought the urge to go all Donna Reed and bake cookies

* watched several movies, including Sister Act 2, When Harry Met Sally, and Strictly Ballroom

* did my lab write-up four days before it's due

* updated [in a major rehaul fashion] my resume

* Dynomite. Lots of Dynomite.

* finally cleaned out and organized my desk drawers

* re-ordered the top shelves of my closet

* did laundry

* caught up on Gilmore Girls and Lost

* deleted a bunch of computer files I haven't used in forever

* updated Facebook, of course

* walked the halls in an effort to find the elusive sleep

* made fun of the Ambien (perscription sleep aid) commercial

* Seriously, Mr. Bug, go away.

(ETA - Not just tonight, people, I totally did laundry at 2:15 a.m. last week.)
Note the time.

Is it bad that I feel like making cookies?

Saturday, October 01, 2005

1 tb. flour, 1/2 tissue, 5 in. string

Sometimes what helps someone else feel better inevitably turns into what I needed myself. Case in point: about twenty minutes ago when Colin needed to get rid of agression and it ended with his roommate, Cale, plastering me with one of the flour bombs that missed him and led to a massive vaccumming of the hallway. Next time, however, I'm making someone feel better outside.

Friday, September 30, 2005

Secrets, Secrets

If anyone wants to see a fake Truman recruitment video that has been hidden on the admissions website for a few years (featuring the ending line "Yeah, we've got squirrels!") that I recently learned about today while hanging out in the admissions office, email me. I'd post the link all obvious-like, but what kind of anonymity is that?

Thursday, September 29, 2005

the hunger note should've gone right here

Did anyone else realize those obnoxious LowerMyBills ads with the babies (featuring collect them all state abreviation diapers) make the babies jump up and down with joy that you're about to click them when the mouse hovers over a specific state? I've been playing with this for a bit too long.
Further email epiphanies

Apparently we're truly hoping for this to be the last weekend in the Sullivan house (in a "this year we're going all the way to state!" manner that may ultimately prove to be true or not), and performing lots of actions--turning off water, stealing the phone--that will help the truth along.

I must give snaps to my Mom for having an ideal buyer in mind. I too shall hope for that "nice little old lady with cash" to purchase our house and enjoy all the things we worked so hard to improve. This is a nice way of saying I hope she (I'm picturing someone 90ish) doesn't repaint the entire house pink with bunnies or something.

In other news, I'm stuck in the box office for another hour, I missed breakfast before my 9:00 class, and there are two giant bags of chips staring at me because they know I won't eat someone else's food, even if that someone is the person who will probably show up late again when I'm waiting to leave for lunch. This information only pertains to the above when you try to picture what incredibly bad taste joke I made (I blame it on the hunger, though maybe I wuz cursed!!!) and then edited back out.
If u break this chain u will b cursed!!!

The thought that all those silly email chain letters (send this to 15 friends and at midnight your true love will call or message you!!!) I've deleted over the years could conceivably be the cause of any misfortune in my life makes my day that much better.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Kinda like that weekends thing I used to do

Life has been a little funky lately, what with all the weird sleeping hours, papers and things to work on, and too much time wasted on Yahoo!Games. Since that leads to--among other things--a lack of communication between myself and you all out there, here I present my

*Mid-Week Update*

* first Easy Mac of the school year (+3) ... eaten cold because I didn't have enough time to eat it at lunch and ate the smallest bag of Sunchips ever instead (-1.5)

* open scene rehearsal is progressing despite the fact that I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING (in all caps because it's extra true) and will soon need to make some ugly vegetable paintings and a safe (+5/-5)

* swords falling apart in the middle of fight rehearsal to hilarious effect always get a (+9)

* 2:15 a.m. Tuesday/Wednesday is apparently the most perfect time to do laundry because there's plenty of machines open and you'll still get to have a nice conversation with someone. And clean clothes again. (+2 conversation, +7.5 clothes)

* Wednesday day, however, with its potential all day out of the room everything must be strapped to my back in case I don't get pack, can happily remain appearing only once weekly. (-4)

* Anyone else notice I started doing sentences in here somewhere? (+3 for you)
But very little lunch

For thinking I was going to be gone from the room from 10:30 straight to 4:30 today, I sure have seen a lot of my room and its inhabitants.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Someone's gonna come a' calling

It's perfectly logical given the circumstances, but it does kinda creep me out that the only phone list in the box office has my name (and my name alone) marked.
Maybe it's the time of night talking, but I suddenly really want to work in the Avery Schreiber "banana in his ear" bit

When you start thinking about odd little extras to add to your one-act to personalize it a little, it truly has become *your* one-act.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

This bag's for you.

Hope Slaby - I'm currently eating a bag of beef flavored Ramen noodles, just for you.
Garfield, Displaced

I hate Wednesdays.

And I might have a fever. (By which I mean, I really do, but I'm not sure if I'm sick or not.)

Monday, September 19, 2005

Things I Love (the "4:22 remaining" version)

* monkeys that are actually mokeys

* annexing rooms

* visit days

* DDR with everyone

* Sudoku

* meowing from the hallway

* flip-flops

* rain

* the new pink eraser

* posts with absolutely no meaning

* Minute Maid

* Christmas tree lights

* random room decorations

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Greeting us upon return, OR I love the message board medium

I've just had an epiphany to which I feel you two must be made aware. I consider you one entity, "Hannah-Melissa" and while wondering which of you was a mere projection of a person, my mind stumbled upon the awful truth: you are both mere projections and the real mastermind behind your room and its ecosystem is the palm tree. -Colin

Friday, September 16, 2005

"Everything's going to change now, isn't it?"


Tuesday, September 13, 2005

(Did I mention the VH computer lab is merely northern forest cool and not totally arctic wasteland cool?)

Something must be off with Merv again because all my font is the proper size on this computer AND the screen resolution actually likes me.

And skirts. Totally add skirts to that list, seeing as this was the year/summer I found all those cute skirts I'd apparently hid from myself in the back of the old denim drawer and didn't find until I was packing. Those things are great but they make both my legs freeze all the way. At least capris have some covering.
Layers: not just for winter anymore

I think today, sitting in biology class I finally reached the breaking point. I just can't dress for my classes and my dorm room in the same fashion. All my classes seem to be those A/C heavy beauties that feel wonderful during the summer months...until you remember that you dressed for the hotter than blazes dorm room and therefore don't have adequate protection from the air circulation. I want to enjoy my summer months with the capris and sleeve-less shirts and flip-flops, but I also don't want to receive frostbite during early September.

Friday, September 09, 2005

need a gold star or two

Accomplishments from the last few days:

* turned in the graduation application and will possibly not have to fix the form after 4-6 weeks of processing (thus saving me a second 4-6 weeks of processing and the mental anguish of having to do the form over)

* finally had the brilliant idea to bring snacks to the fire drill, providing sustanance while waiting outside to go back in and see the end of Lost

* picked my directing class play the same day class discussion told me it might be impossible seeing as it takes three strong *male* actors and, total combined, we'll need at least 25-30 castable guys for the shows (and may not even have that many show up to audition)

* organized my CD collection (Has anyone seen my Bangles greatest hits CD?)

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Not only have I been way too ADD this entire weekend, but it's especially true right now, when I should be going to bed (for my nine o'clock class) and I'm instead looking up movie trivia and eBay's typewriter offerings.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Observation, or How Fast is Your Connection?

I need to post more often again--if nothing else--because if it drives me crazy to scroll through pictures while looking for a link, then it probably does the same for others. Maybe not. Maybe I'm the only one using my site to get faster facebook access.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Please download and install the required software before accessing the network.

So that whole "updating the blog" thing has hit a minor roadblock with the fact that the network only lets me on for half an hour at a time due to an apparent Windows update I'm missing (though I've downloaded *everything* off the website that it tells me I need and I still can't work it). Supposedly I'd use that time to fix the issue but instead I check my email and get back off to work on homework (yes, really) or play games.

Or, of course, be sociable. "All work...blah blah blah."

However, the Good, the Bad, and the Other:

* GOOD: I've almost completely unpacked, I have a leadership project lined up for senior year with the Student Ambassadors advisor (possibly putting together the new update newsletter), and I'm not the only one freaked about directing class.

* BAD: Unpacked doesn't equal organized nor does it mean I've found everything (popular new saying - "I think it's in a storage...somewhere."), I still haven't finished my leadership project from last year and I don't know if I ever will anymore, and why on earth should I have so much homework the first two days of class?

* OTHER: I know what band is coming this fall through SAB and I'm completely excited already...especially since it hasn't been announced through Truman anywhere yet.

Friday, August 26, 2005

New Posts Coming Soon!

How do I know? I'll be back at college and, no matter how interesting classes become, I always need distraction of some form. Go, procrastination, go!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Because this is all I seem to post anymore

The wardrobe ladies for "Hello, Dolly!" are amazing and possibly feed me too many jelly beans.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Everything's up-to-date in Kansas City

The sentences that have made me burst into laughter this past week, with no further explanation.

* "Pretty well for a high school production."

* "Oh, Theresa, don't be downhearted."

* "Let's go see the big cat."

* "Even Jesus needed help in one of the shows out here."

* "You have neck issues."

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

P.S. - Did your package arrive safely?

Happy birthday to my big brother, who continues to pave the way into the twenties for me. I guess you couldn't have gotten better news juice than the Supreme Court nom, huh?

Much love and zombies,


Sunday, July 17, 2005

Meet and Greet

What I've read instead: a bunch of crummy plays and two I liked but couldn't stage for various reasons

You know, for a girl who's semi-obsessed with Harry Potter, it's eating me up slightly that I'm not actually reading the book, even if I promised myself and am working on getting ahead for my directing class in the fall. I should possibly remove that countdown.

In other news, tonight is the closing night of JCS (no threat of rain like Footloose!), which means it's the last night I'll do something substantial for a couple of days. Sure, we'll be ferrying actors/techie to the airport tomorrow, but otherwise I'm basically not doing anything until tech next weekend. God bless co-producing shows.

Further Jesus sentences:

* Wow! Jesus is playing air drums!

* Jesus is taking advantage of last call. And really, if anyone deserves another drink...

* Jesus don't smell so good.

* I had coffee with Christ. It was fun.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Just now...

ERIC: So, it kinda sucks getting crucified...

Thursday, July 07, 2005

For those of you [my Mom] who loved "make sure we save Jesus and the kittens..."

We in the theatre biz don't always refer to actors with their real name, instead choosing to stick with the character name, even during everyday conversations. Sometimes, especially now during "Jesus Christ Superstar," this leads to sentences with a bit more pep than otherwise. Instead of using our title character's real name, Ryan, we have the following statements (all real, all unedited):

* Can you help Jesus find the coffee?

* It's Canada Day. Jesus told me.

* Jesus is looking for a yoga class while he's in Kansas City.

* Could you just hand this off to Jesus, whenever he's on a break or whatever?

* ...He's really cute. Do you think Jesus has a girlfriend? You should go ask him.

Monday, July 04, 2005

The d is apparently silent

My work day just started with one of the random operations guys telling me "You look tire." I assume the day will proceed naturally from there.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Not like I won't make it up eventually

You're right, Hannah, you never did really appreciate sleep and the ability to sit still without wondering if there was another update to the community chorus contact sheet or collecting tax forms from equity actors or taping out the set layout in the spare pavillion or DEAR GOD DID SOMEONE REMEMBER TO FILL THE COOLERS? I'm so glad that you took the time to point that out to me, and I'll very much remember for the future.

Love, Hannah

P.S. - The day actually isn't so bad, especially since I found my checkbook. Of course, whoever was nice enough to put my checkbook in Starlight's lost and found still needs a quick moment as they apparently never looked inside to check the name (where they would've discovered my own) and instead rubberbanded it to a couple of IDs and credit cards. Anyway. Lunch.

Thursday, June 30, 2005

"They may be holding out for a hero, but we're holding out for sunshine! Ha ha ha...what?"

The interns (and various other members of the production staff) have been holding our collective breaths over the possibility of a rainout tonight. As the weather has been verging on the miserable all day (and often dive into wretchedness), the show might get cancelled. The unfortunate part--and no, it's not being canceled; do you think I'd pass up a chance to reach home before midnight?--is the official inclement weather policy only comes into play if (1) the start time gets delayed by a full hour or (2) we can't pull together a full [not necessarily continuous] hour worth of show. Personally, I'd just say screw it to the entire evening, but I'm far from the top of the list. The stagehands for Footloose have an ongoing joke that I have to answer to the gardener, I'm so far down. If we did take a poll of everyone working the show tonight, however, you might find more than a majority ready to take off the night and head back to their respective beds.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

If we could all shove a little extra Melissa happy thoughts/prayer time in, I'm sure it'd be appreciated as she just finished a small stint in the hospital when her system went majorly out of whack. She's home and doing better, but the point still remains. Besides, who doesn't need happy thoughts on a daily basis?

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Lunch break

I can't tell whether the pudding cup I just ate was vanilla or banana. It smelled like banana (and had the putrid yellow of fake banana flavoring), but it tasted more like vanilla than a fruit.

On the plus side, it's payday (and I also got my expense reimbursment check), so I might pop out for a shiny reward like I'd been mulling over earlier. Unless the puddding comes back to haunt me, of course.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Everyday feels the same...and they're all Tuesdays

The [insert time period here] in Bullets:

* The beautiful thing about running errands: even if you end up having to pay for something yourself or keeping track of mileage or something like that, it all pops up in your paycheck.

* Speaking of paychecks, those free sodas (with ID and provided container) really don't make up for the fourteen hour days. Perhaps the rumor of free kettle korn (yet unproven) will stand in [part of] the gap.

* Speaking of freebies, it pays to strike up conversation with other employees you don't know yet.

* New shirts: one Starlight ringer, one glow-in-the-dark Starlight t, one "He's a Tramp" shirt from On the Record

* Crap intern jobs: carrying deck chairs from one pavillion to another, pulling furniture from the asthmatic props barn, taking lunch orders

* Cool intern jobs: shadowing backstage for the national tour show, hotel relations before actors arrive, rental car shuffling (aka Road Trip!)

* I successfully completed my first day without getting lost while driving a single time yesterday. I've been driving for errands nearly every day since, oh, Thursday of the first week.

* Getting lost is officially called "pulling a Hannah" now (the officially comes from it not just being me using the phrase)

* Additionally, all the cell phone talk comes from the night I truly pulled a supreme Hannah. I mean, what's better than getting lost in downtown Kansas City? Why, getting a flat tire on the way home, of course!

* I finally got the full closet space yesterday and the dresser about a day before that. I'm officially moved out of my suitcase now, thanks.

* New skills: fixing copy machine jams, making coffee, smoozing with actors/crew people, making the company manager laugh so she doesn't get upset with me, eating in forty-eight seconds

* Saddest moment: that flat tire was a pretty big bummer, but I think it was worse when I still had to come into work the next day at nine after being out until almost two a.m.

* Most ecstatic moment: being asked for a copy of my resume by the head stage manager of the national tour, based mainly off talking to him before the show about Truman, life in general, and some previous, making him laugh about a jillion times in the two-ish hours I spent with him specifically.

* Actually making it back home when it's still today (as in, not leaving for work on Tuesday morning and not returning to the driveway until early-early Wednesday morning) is the best feeling in the world.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Immense downtime between rehearsal and the show = gadget shopping

If anyone has any thoughts on cell phones, such as plans, things that work well in multiple places (get service all over), anything to look into when purchasing one, etc. They've decided that I'm not allowed to go places without at least borrowing someone's phone, and then I might as well finally invest in one...especially as it'll be helpful in real life later.


Monday, June 13, 2005

And I still haven't officially started my real job

Two hours early to start work on memory box (only going over by ten minutes, but that's probably from actually arriving two hours and twenty minutes early - rain doesn't seem to slow me down anymore) * the standard waiting around for a job to come up while devouring food in the office * sliding table top cards into plastic holders (after pulling holders out of more plastic * playing in giant pile of plastic wrappers on floor * transferring boxes to various locations, leading to mini tour of theatre * switching out now incorrect flier from welcome bags with newly copied correct sheet * cleaning up mess started four hours earlier * making handy-dandy entrance code cards hidden on regular business card (secret agent moment!) * finally taking inventory of first aid kit, job threatened for a week * picking up forms and tax exempt sheet for after-work Wal-mart run on missing supplies * braving parking lot traffic for twenty dollars worth of Ace bandages and Ziploc bags * home

Friday, June 10, 2005

Unrelated: if you can actually see the comments and it's just me, please email me and let me know.

Even though there's part of me that knows I've evolved as a human being bunches since last year, it's still sad to read my email and realize how far I haven't moved from one year ago.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Baby's growing up and getting name badges

A girl and a badge
Originally uploaded by banana_bean.
Aren't I so official?

See the bottom left-ish blob? That's my name, actually on the card, which means I'm that much more "important" than the literally hundreds of other cards the interns got to put together. I'm loving office work-only week.

Monday, June 06, 2005

And I was concerned about not getting home until 10 p.m. or so...

I can't seem to convince myself to do anything productive this evening. I've been off the job since around 2:30, but I've been goofing off in a manner that resembles Friday afternoons at Truman. What, work on actual projects? Don't I deserve this free time? The thought occurred to me that I don't know what to do with myself without the daily battle against the cardboard boxes.

Sadly, I may resort to addicting or MSN games or things of that ilk to entertain myself by the end of the day. Or, you know, go unpack or work on my still-unfinished leadership project.

Testing? Testing!

I don't know what's happened to the comments (again), but it seems to be occurring on more than my computer seeing as Merv is four hours away and I'm typing this from my grandparent's computer....which I shall now dub...I don't know what yet. Anyway, I'll try and weasel out the issue.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Um...hi (fill in the echo for yourself)

I know I haven't been posting since the theatre banquet, as I'm reminded every one of the few times I've popped online the past three-ish weeks. I have considered throwing something up on the internet--and not just because some people have given me a hard time about not posting, Melissa--but what am I going to talk about? "Oh, I packed a few more boxes know, no one should ever allow me to buy a journal again until I fill all the ones I already own...gee, who knew I had so much stuff crammed into my room? almost stuck under my bed again, wow I must've once been completely flat all around to fit under there..."

Okay, I guess we get a little colorful by the end, but I've mostly been in denial about the whole move. I think everyone might be, to some extent, but it caught up with me first since I'm the first of the family to truly move out. Sure, Caleb's mostly not here, but he keeps popping in on weekends to pack, like Dad, so they both can see this as home. Mom's here all the time and will be until the house finally sells and everything left moves out. Me? I'll be back out of KC mid-August, once the fifth show (Hello Dolly) finishes its run and they release me into the real world again.

I happily haven't started crying yet during this post, so I'm going to head off to bed while the pillow will stay dry. I know it's coming (there's a possibility we'll be completely moved out by the time I can come home again and I won't see this house again), but it'll just delay my getting to bed and I still have to sort through food and shoes (the two staples) in the morning.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

My wedding song: Madonna - Like a Prayer

Last song danced to pre-21: Harry Connick, Jr. - Smile and a Wink
Song playing while turning 21: Chumbawumba - Tubthumping
First song heard after 21, not including the theatre department singing "Happy Birthday": En Vogue - Don't Let Go

Friday, May 06, 2005

Suddenly, slightly more pumped for my birthday.

Goblet of Fire teaser trailer on on Sunday!

Thursday, May 05, 2005

I don't get it.

From one-acts last night: "Hey, let's call those examples of stuff we don't do next year!"

I am so not nervous for my one-act anymore.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Seriously though, what WOULD I do with a pony?

People keep asking me what I want for my birthday and, while I appreciate the fact that my friends care enough to try and find me something, I don't really need a present or anything from them. I'm looking forward to hanging out with them whenever they spring a party on me (oh, I've been told there will be a party; I just don't know when it'll happen) and that will really be good enough after all this time I've spent *not* seeing people I know and love.

That said, I guess there are things that I want for my birthday, but only because I have an ongoing list of things I'm looking for (thanks, Amazon Wishlist). Either way, though, I'm not really thinking about my birthday since I still have about eight-eleven things between myself and Sunday. I'll see you when I see you.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Metaphor for something

My milk carton (thoughtfully purchased for me by Melissa this weekend when I felt like crap) has been slowly leaking in the fridge since I opened it and noticed, but all I've really done about the problem is stick half of a plastic swiss roll wrapper on the bottom and drink the milk more than usual.

Do you really need a "what's going on recently" after something like that?

Saturday, April 30, 2005

Later the next day

Updates are good, especially when they'll stop my family from worrying and make Melissa jealous of my bounce-back time. Obviously, I'm feeling loads better (though I did take a little something for a slight headache this morning, just to stop it at the pass) and ready to hit the world again. Probably the best feeling in the world is waking up just fine after falling asleep to wretched. Perhaps it was the divine intervention of both "Sister Act" movies? Well, perhaps not.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Well, THAT explains things, or I shouldn't tell this to my mother

Melissa says I have the flu. I imagine that could explain the sore throat, achy body, stuffed head, lack of appetite, huh?

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Mustn't dwell

Guess who's dramaturgy project could've been double spaced after all? How special.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Why am I even still bothering?

The word "patient" just fell completely out of my head while I was trying to think of the best word to use for a paper. And I'm whipping out the tootsie rolls again. I'll just be no good to the world in about fifteen minutes.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

That and the dancing to the music because I can't work in complete silence

I have the hardest time writing papers since I work best if I'm chewing while typing (I don't know why either) but there's only so long I can chew gum before my jaw aches. That's when I break out regular food, but this slows me down because I have to continually refill and have been known to lose my train of thought while digging out the next handful of chips.

Anyway, not much of that is important, except to explain why I've started eating all the odds and ends of food from inside of closet because I have about twelve more pages to go on my 15-30 page paper/project for Hist/Lit. It's easier to eat the random small things instead of getting out an entire meal (then I'd have to stop more to eat, say a sandwich), but Funyuns plus marshmellows plus Cheez-Its plus strawberries plus swiss cake rolls plus soda, milk, water may not be meshing well come three hours from now.

I am getting rid of lots of food, though.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Serving Size: Um.....

Someone needs to be around to stage mini-interventions in my life seeing as, while some ideas seem great at the time, treat me wretched the next morning, and then I repeat them some time later, fully knowing the end result of the previous time.

That said: congratuate me! I ate approximately 1/3 of the 325 piece Tootsie Roll bag while watching "Dodgeball" and the good-parts version of "Pirates of Penzance." Feel sorry for me! I feel wretched! But, hey, it's 2 a.m. (virus scan just popped up) and Iron Chef is on now. Good morning everyone, I'll see you in about five hours.

Thursday, April 21, 2005


These past few days I gave the shortest tour I'd ever done previously, beat Big Thunder Mountain on the Disney Magical Racing Tour game, went all Fye on a peer paper, turned a sucker into a whistle, watched the first half of "Monsoon Wedding" and the last three-fifths of "Miss Congeniality," had two great ideas for my leadership final project, and received my envelope for Alpha Psi Omega (so I'll finally get that asterisk in the program, Mom).

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Can it, Merv

It's insulting enough to have a real person sing the Jeopardy theme music at you when you're stuck on something or thinking hard, but to have my baby computer pull that while studying desperately for accounting tomorrow? So beyond unacceptable.
And I'll be there again tonight

Is it bad that I just realized I'd been storing food in the box office for the entire time it's been open these past two weeks?

Monday, April 18, 2005

time for lunch (which is semi-related)

My cast gifts just arrived in the mail and, beyond the joy of receiving a package and not just credit card offers, I'm ecstatic that they turned out even cooler than I imagined. I'd love to tell everyone what they are, but who knows who's listening in...all I'll say is that they came from this website, and that should be good enough for everyone.

Friday, April 15, 2005

June 6-August 14

So, sorry Mom, I wasn't really celebrating (unless you call making copies in the SUB, reading an article about shoes while eating, and falling asleep on the floor before meeting an accounting group), but I haven't especially spread the news around yet.

[In an effort to change that...]

Apparently "mid-next week" actually equals "tomorrow," since I got my phone call from the KC Starlight yesterday afternoon offering me a position as a stage management intern for the summer season. To quote, "Well, then I guess I'll have to accept, huh?" Not only is this some scary first step into the professional world, it also means something much sweeter: no more Wal-Mart!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

I'm rubber and you're glue

Whenever someone tells me I'm being irresponsible, that's one thing. When that same someone does so in an incredibly third grade way (by sending me an email, and sending it to three other people so I look bad), that just makes me want to continue flaking on them even more. Believe me, buddy, I have way more important things to do (my one-act, my accounting group, other classes, sleeping and eating) than help you out after you rag on me to the rest of your group.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

"Just let me pull out your resume..."

So, I just finished a completely unplanned (on my side) phone interview with the KC Starlight for a stage management internship. I feel kinda bouncy about it, which is more than last time, and I talked about both Disney music and debutante balls, so only good can come from this. (Didn't you hear? That's totally a sign.) I unfortunately missed out on lunch for such things, but that just means I get to eat in the box office today.

I'm supposed to hear by mid-next week. Now we wait. Again.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Things Incredibly Funny at One (Plus) A.M.

* marshemllows

* relationship stories

* shoes

* Jeff laughing uncontrollably

* getting locked out of the dorm room

* the head of Leroy

* debates about how late is too late to wake up someone you don't know well

* Melissa running Spanish vocab among the chaos

* Michael v. Mike video game action

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Continuing where we were before...

The lab show is finished (and went amazingly well, thanks - I might post some pictures later), which makes this an odd evening where I could actually stay in and work on homework. So sad for myself.

Anyway, it also means that I have some free time...enough to elaborate on the previous post where I just threw out the Muny lack-of-job-ness and retreated away from the computer. I'll admit that I was bummed when I found out on Friday afternoon, but I personally had suspected that was the cause of the long news delay. I'm proud that I didn't break down on the parents when I called them, though I had to stop Megan from coming over after I did start to cry when she called me. I'm also not ashamed to say that the full-out bawling came when I threw on my techie black for that night's performance and I had to pull myself together in the closet.

(Hey--here comes some happiness!)

Beyond that, though, I'm really doing okay. I've accepted it without beating myself up and life is moving on. The ironic moment of the weekend occurred when I received the Muny season flyer in the mail Saturday, in a "well, we can't hire you but you could still give us some money" moment. I got a really nice e-card from Megan this morning talking about how she was there if I needed to talk and if the Muny couldn't see how awesome I was they didn't deserve me (which is its own type of irony as Megan works for the Muny). Unlike some times in the past where this has caused me to break down into sobs again, my basic reaction was "oh, um, okay" and to finish checking my email.

(Good golly this is getting long.) It's not that I'm not sad about missing out on the internship, because it would've been really convenient, what with the location on my side of the state, in my house that I won't be living in much longer, etc. I just know that, since I am losing one great thing, there must be something ten times better waiting for me on the other side of the road. I have the faith that things will work out, and that's enough for now.

Friday, April 08, 2005

And, no, "I don't have time to talk about it" isn't just a way of ignoring it

I'm not working for the Muny this summer.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

if I'm dreaming/then I'm dreaming of you

I just woke up from this long and drawn out dream, but really all I remember is that I was dead and people were still too broken up about Mitch Hedberg's death to worry about me.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

constant state of flux

I just got a phone call from the KC Starlight, sniffing for an interview. They, however, don't want to bother with it if the Muny's about to snap me up (understandable), so I'm supposed to call them back on Friday if I haven't heard anything by then. It sounds like they're looking at me for Production, which is fine but still not what I want to do with myself. Apparently the universe is pointing me another direction.

Monday, April 04, 2005

On the way out the door, yet this is what I think about

You're probably not supposed to enjoy the taste of pencil lead, huh? I could see where that would lead to some issues down the line...

Friday, April 01, 2005

and the weird keyboard isn't helping matters

I'm just sick of trying to do everything. Remember the high school Hannah, who had to be involved with everything and take care of everybody and didn't need any help. I certainly remember her, and she was just as stressed out and non-fun as the college Hannah has currently become. College Hannah doesn't even care enough to fix the grammar in that last sentence, even though she hates that she ended with "become" (and just did so again).

This is Friday friggin night, and I'm trying to work on a paper as a break from my accounting homework that I couldn't understand anymore before I move on to the JINS labs that I've gotten behind on because they haven't made total sense for weeks. Who's had the time to talk to the professor about what's going on? Certainly not college Hannah, who's too busy working on her two different theatre shows. Maybe if they had office hours after midnight, since college Hannah always seems to be awake then, she could finally take the time to fix why her Islamic lattice work won't turn out properly.

While I had her on the phone, she wanted to say "hey" to all her friends and family who she hasn't seen for awhile, especially as it's still indefinite when she'll see them again. She apologizes if she's missed any phone calls due to her non-existence in her room, but wanted to inform everyone that, if she is at home, she'll certainly get the call, as she's been jumping at the phone every time it rings in the hope that an internship somewhere, anywhere is calling with her name attached to a summer position.

So, think some extra sunshine for college Hannah. While Goonies may never say die, and at least she's not pregnant--her new favorite condolence, btw--she did just pick off a scab on her hand just to watch it bleed. If that's not stressed, I don't know what is. (See above grammar/sentence end comment.)

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

It's always something

Five minutes I was just reminded in a "oh, I didn't remember to....I COMPLETELY FORGOT!" sort of way that I'd forgotten to actually sign my cover letter for the KC Starlight internship application. While it's not as major as forgetting to fill in one of the application blanks (what up, Muny ap?), I recall using the phrase "obsessive attention to detail" somewhere in that letter, and signing things probably falls under that category.

Hey, Muny, you still want to give me a job, right? I'll take a phone call anytime.
This is probably the eggs talking, too

* Good - eating Cadbury cream eggs for breakfast, yum!
* Bad - eating the last of the Cadbury cream eggs, saddness

* Good - blasting Avril Lavigne's "Sk8ter Boi" when it pops up on the playlist, rock out!
* Bad - blasting Avril Lavigne means my neighbors will know I listen to Avril Lavigne, eh

* Good - finishing off the application for the KC Starlight Theatre, finished!
* Bad - actually working there means I'm not at the Muny, bummed
"music makes the people come together"

* It's completely Caleb's fault that I'm still sitting up, listening to "Two-Faced Lothario" over and over again.

* When you organize your playlist so the songs featured follow a pattern, such as (oh, I don't know) the "beginning blooms of a relationship" to "throwing toasters at each others' heads," you know you should be dealing more with certain aspects of your life instead of letting your subconscious pop up again.

* There's little sadder music in the world than the opening theme from "The Notebook."

Saturday, March 26, 2005

(about three days late, but whatever)

Melissa and I are famous!

Just as a side note, Lissa and I didn't microwave the Peeps until sophomore year, especially as we didn't even meet until mid-spring semester freshman year. Also, we had some way better quotes in there about the absolute disguistingness of the "homemade" Peeps, but apparently that doesn't make as good of news.
baby's first light hang

Oh, good gravy(!) my shoulders hurt!
unrelated: I don't know what's up with the comments

I'm actually sitting here thinking about the inaccuracies in the stage lighting of "A Goofy Movie" (the big concert scene in particular) instead of going to bed.

Curse you zombie movie!
"So much for going to bed before one"/"It's still twenty til!"

And other quotes of the night/morning:

* You never get to pick the movie again! -Megan, after the 5 millionth gorey zombie death in "Shawn of the Dead"

* Do you need to share my blanket?
* I'm covered: we're talking about perspective in JINS right now; if I keep my hand this close to my face, it blocks the screen...AH! The mirror! -Megan and myself, trying to not see some of the blood

* No! Don't open the window! ... Oh, too soon? -me, half-mocking Muppet Babies after the room decided to counteract all the zombies and I felt like dragging them back in again

* Ben's my blunt object.
* That's really good. I wish I had a comeback for that.
* Well, you did just wake up. I'll give you a few hours to think of something. -myself and Ben, when asked by Megan if we needed something blunt for the walk back (just in case we ran into anything)

Thursday, March 24, 2005

And one more push from under the pile...

Is it too incredibly evil that I had the idea today to pull up the Sullivan High School alumni listing and post some crazy "update" with all the trailer trash soap opera I can think of?

The answer is yes, and you can tell by the awful state of the previous sentence.
Emerging briefly from the mountain of Kleenex and paperwork

From make-up class yesterday:

* Apparently when you spend most of the class sans-glasses anyway, spending the entire class without them (with the mass debut of the contacts) doesn't make an imprint on people.

* If you bore the professor long enough [and--here's the key--if the professor is Joan, who is everything that is wonderful in the world], you can get her to change the midterm from a written test to a one-page double spaced essay.

* Best compliment perhaps ever (because we all know I'm obsessed with my eyes): "Hannah, somewhere in the Pre-Raphaelites, there's a madonna with your eyes."

* If you tell everyone about your old age make-up, they want to see it. If you mention that the next week is blood, guts, and gore, they completely forget about a few wrinkles.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

This type of weather is around not only to reaffirm how Missouri weather got its reputation of ticking people off, but also so that sweet little groundhog doesn't get kicked out every year.

It's snowing!
I mean, if I'm awake for theatre anyway...

Happy birthday, Sondheim!

Monday, March 21, 2005

Negative against the Pepsi Generation

I don't care about the health questions it puts up about myself personally: as long as the cherry coke keeps my nose from getting stuffed back up, I'm going to continue to glug it down.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Down Memory Lane

Click for more. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

FYI, thirty years in advance

I make for actually a quite nice looking older lady. Thanks to make-up class, as now I can grow up in peace.

Or not.
(as opposed to yesterday's morning)

Not that there's that much more added since yesterday, but there's nothing like adding insult to injury by feeling wretched awful sick first thing in the morning while desperately studying for an accounting test.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Fab way to start the day

I just got off the phone with Shane, and--though I'm filled with information so juicy I think I may have actually salivated for a moment--I'm not at liberty to tell any of you what I know until the lists go up at noon tomorrow/today (depending on your time zone).

People will be happy. Some will have no words. I must be there, camera in hand, flash at the ready.

Monday, March 07, 2005

The end of a long, post-filled day

Bullets-style, because it's just that much easier (and, hey, look at the time!)

* I love playing any form of 6-ish degrees of seperation starting with one name on the IBDB (for broadway, like the IMDB for movies) and seeing all the connections to people I know and love flow.

* I'm currently listening to "8 Polish Foods of Christmas" (Veggie Tales) because (1) I haven't stopped typing long enough to switch it to something more seasonal appropriate and (2) I got scared that I knew all the openning lines to "Clueless," as if I totally didn't already know that.

* I'm waiting for a potential call from Shane, the director of the one-act I'm now stage managing (yes, on top of all the stuff for the lab show), since he doesn't have much of a back-up plan if he doesn't get his first pick for one of his two parts. I'm basically on call until about one-ish in case he needs to call me crying.

* Funyuns just before midnight probably won't work out to be the greatest idea ever.
Campfire not necessary

Five songs I want performed, sing-along style, in my life:

* Stereophonics - Don't Let Me Down (which would function in the same vein as...)

* Percy Sledge - You Really Got a Hold on Me (the grandfather of this category)

* Mary Chapin Carpenter - I Feel Lucky (which actually occurred last week, but I want some more)

* any version - So Happy Together (though the punk cover might be difficult)

* RENT - Seasons of Love (or is that too obvious? Then switch it to the equally obvious Disney showdown.)
You should see the other guy

I was picking out my hair this morning post-shower when I realized my left hand hurt. Even stranger? Curl it up in a fist, and that's exactly where all the ache is located.

So, apparently last night I was punching people out in my sleep. While there's a side of me all "hey, that's kinda cool" part of me also wonders why I'd go and hit people with my non-dominant hand. I mean, really, if I'm going to try and punch people, I should definitely use the hand with more oomph.
utter sadness

I just briefly felt proud that I'd reached five pages worth of people on my Facebook friends list, like that actually meant something.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

UNIVERSE! *shakes fist*

The moment* I declared Cabaret over in my life, one of my favorite songs from the show, "It Couldn't Please Me More" (or "The Pineapple Song," for the fruit inclined), started playing on my mix list. Yes, I'm totally playing it.

*Okay, so not quite that exact moment, but close enough that the irony plopped into my lap.
One last post, and we'll try to move beyond Cabaret

The Weekend in Bullets just keeps giving:

* A marketing test is not the best way to start the weekend.

* Going all student ambassador-like on someone who's visiting a theatre class (Hey, Alex!) and bonding over feather boa collections totally is.

* Also a good option: getting asked to stage manage a show...and asked about feelings toward sushi in the same breath.

* That phone call from the Muny was that much sweeter because the guy kept saying "No worries" like the turtle from Finding Nemo.

* Amanda! String Cheese! I don't think she can hear you.

* Siblings are fun to show off to all your friends.

* Matching Harry Potter band-aids are a fashion statement, yo.

* Last night of Cabaret: an apropo feather boa, chocolate for all the ushers, twenty-six additional people off the waiting list, and six parents and ticket holders showing up after the show started. Friday was not the night to be the house manager.

* On the other hand, I was one foot away from the St. Louis Schweigingle (sp?) man for three minutes and didn't even realize it until later.

* Tour days are just less fun all the time. Ask me questions, dang it!

* A morning spent with applications, accounting, and throwing pillows at people's head balances out more than you'd originally picture.

* Look for Melissa and myself featured in the Index's Peeps article, sometime soon.

* My brother is wonderful because he'll sit through Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights without complaining or even mocking back much.

* I request that we take over a quarter of Bellaccino's more often, even if only to get me better access to pizza grinders and such.

* Falling asleep while everyone else plays Settlers (and one player declares Jihad on those who stood against him): slightly embarrassing...but hey, then I was asleep and didn't care.

* Falling asleep in Satchmo, however, is a wonderful experience as he makes the best squishy mattress you will ever find, and we should almost have that many people in our room slumber-party style again just for that.

* If the stage manager for my show arrived to rehearsal after the last [five minute late] actor did, I'd be beyond ticked at this moment. Although, maybe I'd be used to it by now, since she's done so every rehearsal she's been able to attend so far. (Somewhere in there I stopped simply supposing; you can probably pick it out.)

* I'm apparently a lamp now. Go ahead, clap twice: I get brighter!

* Root beer flavored Dum-Dum suckers: not a real substitute for root beer or any other carbonated beverage.

* I swear, if whoever's thinking about me at this moment and thus making my nose itch doesn't stop it, I'm going to track him/her down and punch them in the nose.

* Is that actually thunder outside? Because, dude nothing spells the true beginning of spring like a spot of electricity and water mixing where I'm walking. (And I totally mean that in the best, non-sarcastic way possible.)
Thinking back on it...

When you weren't the first person I wanted to rush and tell about my Muny interview, just to share the excitement with you and have you proud of me, that's when I realized I was over you.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

"Here, life is beautiful!"

Am I even allowed to complain if I come back from Cabaret and end up listening to the cast album? I mean, then it's my own confounded fault that the songs are in my head.
Caleb, bring homework.

I started off the morning hoping that the dead bird I passed on the quad would throw my dead squirrel = good omen thing branch out to include all mammals, but instead it only seems to be a sign of increasing my workload pre-break. Bleck.

* Edited to say: yes, I know birds aren't mammals. I'm glad that we're focusing on the important things here.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Shall we just refer to this entire section as the "Cabaret Days" and be done with it?

More fun that projecting over all the other crew people inside the theatre to start the usher meeting? Projecting over the entire audience in the incredibly echo-y lobby to find the owner of the lost cellphone. Nothing gains you respect in a theatre department than being five feet tall and louder than everyone else combined.

Monday, February 28, 2005

I want to stop answering the phone

"Yeah, my name's on a waiting list for tonight, and I was just wondering if I'd gotten a ticket yet?"

Some people are annoying. Some people are cup people.

(Yes, I realize it's not a completely accurate comparisson, but still...)

I just got griped at by someone who didn't get to buy a ticket for Cabaret due to totally sold-out-ness, who felt that reserves were unfair because "what's to stop somebody from saying 'I'd like fifteen seats together, and I'll pay for them in two weeks?'" I tried to explain that we don't let people do such things because most reserves are for people we know who only wanted two seats, and we've still be calling people to remind them to pay and whatnot, but he just seemed to think it was completely unfair for people to reserve a seat for their parents two weeks in advance.

He was promptly followed by someone picking up her reserved seats, who made me feel better about life, as she was giddy that she'd had the foresight to do so last Thursday. Ah, balance.
A sure way to snark me for most of the morning: when you tell me "sorry," make sure to say in a tone that implies not only are you not sorry, but you actually think I had it coming and I'm also ugly.


So, after a rough start to the morning from trying to get someone at the Muny and running into the above, I ran into some snow (which is always a perk) and the best perk of all: a completely sold-out week worth of show. Yes, all week. Yes, there's now a waiting list. It's going to be interesting selling tickets tonight, since I'll have all the nice people who have reserved and all the late people who are hoping the reserve people don't show up. It'll be spiffy.

Plus, we gave someone a theme song [not me, sadly] at lunch and proceeded to sing snippets every time someone talked to him, which is always a great way to do anything.
I'll never tell you what I do on Saturday*

But I'll aparently show you what happens on Sunday.

Melissa's new hair, as of this afternoon (thanks, Locks for Love!)...though I could also hit you up with links to pics of my foot, etc, or an amusing little video that takes too long to download for the 13 seconds of fun. Posted by Hello

*also, we all know from the past that this claim is totally not true.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

MSN Name: *Hannah's* life is a cabaret, old chum

I'm in the box office, which is basically normal (I believe my voicemail directs people to call for me here before searching elsewhere), except that an actual run is going on over behind that door to the left. From what I can hear, we're up to the signature/title/most famous song; a plus, as then I leave and then I can finally get that lunch thing I adore so much.

Anyway, the show's been going well (I watched the first half, but I needed to do some email stuff...thus now) and we haven't had any major catastrophes. I did get to give away some reserved seats, but that's not big. I also helped someone find his hat, and that was fun.

My big beef is that I don't know what to do most of the time. I mean, I have a general idea of what's going on, but I don't know if I'm supposed to make ushers stay, count up the house [we're sold out plus two today, for the record], or stalk around and make sure there are no more donut ladies. Everyone seems to think that I'm staying through the entire show, each night, full stop, but I know most of them also know that I'm working ASM on the lab show. I can't be in both places at once, yet there's stuff I get to do after intermission, and I have to stay about two scenes in at the beginning by the time I finish basic duties.

Sigh. Anyway, Sally's about to finish her big number, and I should try to send that email again.