Saturday, June 29, 2013

I'm currently on track to fall asleep *before* midnight, and we won't talk about how long it's been since that happened.
During rehearsal today I listened to the ASM and a cast member talk about how weird it'll be when they turn twenty-three because Taylor Swift's "22" won't be the same to them anymore. I remained quiet and focused on not sprouting gray hairs.

This has not been the greatest of weeks, though at least the second half was not sucky, especially in comparison to the first half, where my whole system felt like it was going to simultaneously implode and explode at the same time. (I'm sure that's a thing that happens, right?) All my tech week stress hit a week early, along with some professional and personal upheaval, plus we all know how much I love sharing with others that I'm not feeling/dealing well.


Really, though, life took an upturn after Wednesday's not-at-all-awful run-for-tech, and I'd like to think I worked through enough tech week things this week to tackle tech much calmer next week. (I'm also enough of a realist to know the last part isn't true--some bizarre thing I haven't even dreamed of yet is probably going to drop mid-week, as it always does--but I've done enough other things that I'll hopefully have time to deal.)

Before then, though, I'm sticking with tonight's bedtime schedule. G'night.

Friday, June 07, 2013

Things that consistently make me laugh like it could kill me:
[purely in good ways, of course]

- the post-post credits scene at the end of "The Avengers"

- the inmates' reaction to '...and cherries jubilee' in the Nathan Lane version of "The Man Who Came to Dinner"

- the indoor water balloon fight from "Parks and Rec"

- whenever Brian Williams appears anywhere making fun of his on-air persona


Saturday, June 01, 2013

[this post has a somewhat abrupt ending because my bacon was burning, and the thought was gone when I returned]
It occurred to me recently that I've stopped taking down quotes like I used to do. My quote habit's been running since ... middle school? high school? (Definitely strong and well-known by college.) It certainly isn't that people around me stopped being quotable - I imagine it's related to not running a show at the moment. When I'm stage managing, I'm never too far from a piece of paper (or, in a pinch, pen on the palm of my hand) to take down a note or reminder or whatever. Why not write down everything else amusing at the same time?

Maybe I'm growing more comfortable taking part in life in other ways than my previous introvert-approved method provided. (When you're the person documenting life, how much do you actually need to be involved?) Maybe I'm just tired of walking around with ink on my hands, which reads far more metaphorical to me than the reality - oh man! you write down something funny, but forget to transcribe it somewhere more permament before washing your hands ... this happens in my life way too often. Probably something in the middle - behind chewing my nails, this should be my longest-held habit.