Thursday, March 29, 2012

check concession cookies

(stashed in my show notebook)

No one has asked, but how do I memorize my called cues? (I seldom know what light cue I'm in at the Mainstage, as the bright monitor decreased my ability to see in blackouts ... and that board doesn't tend to jump cues at random.) Sometimes it's as simple as "on the word 'please,' we're at SQ P" - sometimes a farther spaced association, such as "where the frak is [actor]?!" at SQ F.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

as they are in fact downers

Second graders really don't care about what stage managers do, except when it means they get to play with light and sound buttons. This shouldn't surprise anyone, but boy was the point hammered home by the time we reached the third group during today's workshop.

I wish I had more reasons to make stenciled tshirts, as it's really quite simple (well, pending the pattern), and I love peeling off the paper to reveal the crisp edges. Love, love, love that.

My brother earned major brownies points today not only by sending me a just-because package, but also for the enclosed note talking about how you can never have enough packages...unless they contain human fingers.

I, like the rest of the world, love streaming CDs before choosing to purchase them, and thus have spent the afternoon (such as I've been in the office) with the dulcet folk tones of songs to kill children by. Thanks, internet.

Also thanks: I just entered a contest for a trip to London (as you do) ... for a trip next week. I'm sure I'm not doing anything important like Easter rehearsal and such.

Friday, March 16, 2012

94% at 6:03

There's a song in my head, but I can't remember the artist ... or any of the lyrics ... or much of the music. It's basically the same three bars on loop. (Also, the music video is really depressing - an older guy who always sees the same older woman in a laundromat, but never hast he courage to talk to her - until he finally goes to her apartment and finds out she passed away.) HELP.

I probably did not help the situation last night by coming out to the lobby, bursting into laughter, and yelping "HA! That's awesome!" in front of the crowd stuck on either side of the off-its-hinges glass lobby door. (This is why I quickly took over box office to help the successful who were already inside.)

Golfish Pretzels take nearly everything I love out of Goldfish crackers. I speaking, of course, about cheese.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

We're approaching the one year anniversary of my move. Yikers.

Last night I dreamed not only that I was in a booth, helping call a show (not the SM--just there as actually a rather pushy observer), but also then helped load-out the set into a large truck...which was somehow parked in the church hallway. Jeepers. And some of the staff isn't a fan of us *now,* when we do basic things like park outside.

However, this is part of why I can't motivate myself to do anything productive today. I've clearly already done a full day's work - it just happened to occur in my subconcious. (I imagine I'm not allowed to tally that on my company time sheet.)

Yesterday I checked out a book from the library, one that I'd been looking forward to reading from a Southern chick-lit author I like (no judging!) ... only to start reading it at the bus stop this morning and realize I'd already read it before. How did I forget a whole book in the space of a year? (I mean, beyond all the crazy....)

Friday, March 09, 2012

I refuse to wear the sleeves when snuggled in my slanket. I'd rather see myself in a large, leopard print robe.

(Sometimes it's good that I work in theater rather than a real office job.)

Two days ago I realized I couldn't remember which leg had the scar from minor surgery in high school. (Hey there, non-cancerous mole!) This drove me way crazier than it should've. (Fun fact: right leg)

I've decided to be my mother [hold for gasping] and play the year-long version of the license plate game. You could say this is because my version of the road trip is my daily bus ride. However, it's mostly because I keep seeing a Massachusetts plate in my area and I feel like I should take advantage of that score. Also, it goes along with my natural tendency to create lists ALL THE TIME, so that's a double score.

Related! Bands/Musicians/Pieces I would like to hear live (if, you know, I didn't always have to work)
* Flogging Molly (if this had been it's own post, the title would've lamented not seeing Flogging Molly, Celtic punk band extraordinaire, on St. Patrick's Day. AGAIN.)
* OK Go
* Stravinsky's "Firebird" (though I did sit in my office and listen to it live from Royal Albert Hall)
* The Bangles
* Dvorak's "New World Symphony" (which was scheduled the weekend Ike hit - and then reschedule opening weekend for a show I worked)
* The B-52s (Were at the zoo. I had to work.)
* Billy Joel
* Elton John
* Billy Joel and Elton John together, when they reunite to tour together *again*

Friday, March 02, 2012

he-ey guys!

So let's not talk about yesterday where I was kinda Jerk of the World and spent the last half hour of the regular work day searching for other jobs around town.

Let's instead look at the things which have increased my happiness (which is almost the same as decreasing my stress, no matter what Leroy [and Myrtle, which is what I'm naming the stress knot on the other side - please see Mr. Latore for any explanations] may claim):

* Item 1: This picture, which is from the actual front page of today's "Daily Telegraph."
God bless the Brits.

* The water fight scene in last night's Parks and Rec likely is the funniest thing I've seen this year (I don't care that we're only two months in - the point stands). Go to Hulu while you can, as I have no other link to provide you. (FACT: I laughed so loud and long, I had to pause the video and explain to Sparky what was going on)

* I love these shoes. Sorry, I don't have a picture.

* But I have this picture instead:
And, really, isn't this what the internet needs more of rather than another picture of my shoes?