Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I'm still alive, I'm currently eating mashed potatoes (and will eat bacon when I go home after rehearsal), and I haven't been completely overwhelmed by tech week yet. We'll call that enough for now.

Friday, June 01, 2012

sorry, this is just longer than twitter
This isn't the sort of show you can get away with wearing heels while stage managing, as there are sizeable set pieces to move at intermission and I'm fond of both my ankles in non-snapped form. However, I don't have socks stashed under my desk anymore as I've done laundry since the last time I ran a show. Actors, I see your point: I don't want to chance the questionable box of unclaimed, possible unwashed spare socks gathering dust in the corner of the dressing room, either.
I'm going to need to backdate some things.
I keep drafting posts on my laptop at home, but that doesn't help me much as the internet does not live in my apartment (and I haven't been able to pick up the hotel's wifi in ages). Oh well.

We're already blocking the summer show, which means I'm already rewriting blocking. It's tedious, but I like that I can turn on music or (if the blocking isn't very involved) a movie for background noise. I'm also covering the mainstage performances this weekend, so I'm essentially jumping from completely free to completely booked. (I don't think I know how to live any other way.) Please think kind thoughts and prayers for me this evening around 10:35, as that should be approximately when I'm conducting the cast through the ending musical tableau from the booth. I think of high school drum major try-outs every single time I rehearse.

Unrelated to anything: someone is going to need to stage an intervention between me and the song "Run Daddy Run" on the Hunger Games soundtrack. Because I mean really. [and hit repeat]