Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Having your local team in the American league is hard.
I may or may not have just looked up whether the Cardinals were playing a New York team while I would be in New York.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

tech week, day two: all my fingernails are chomped
It's after ten p.m., I'm singing along to 'Moulin Rouge' while working on an Excel spreadsheet - is this junior year all over again?

(Um, please join me using this somewhat illegal method.)

My first real injury of tech week* occurred today when I banged my knee sliding down a fireman pole. Fortunately this was not the swinging vine from "The Jungle Book" all over again, as I'm pretty sure my knee will heal and not creak when the weather changes from now on, as compared to my left pinky. [In other news, the set has a fireman pole.]

*strike/load-in doesn't count ... unless it's a wickedly good injury

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Last night I dreamed that someone was taking away all my favorite parts of my job so I could purely focus on all the things that turn me into a Tiny Rage Monster. Now I'm at the theater for a two-show day. Should go well.

I'm glad that I'm not in charge today, as I'm basically going to spend all time when I'm not doing something for this show working on my next show, as I'm about to be in tech. This includes, but is not limited to:

- currently working on blocking paperwork while I can spread out in my office
- working on props tracking during the show, as I figured out yesterday how to balance everything on the part of the soundboard that I'm not using
- taking home glow tape to cut while watching TV
- holding an animation marathon in my apartment tomorrow to serve as background to whatever of the above doesn't get completed today

I'm so proud that I still have [most] of my fingernails currently, though I imagine I will not be able to say the same thing this time next week. So much for adulthood.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

(sorry, this is an incredibly long single sentence)
Tonight I called the show by running both the light and sound boards (normally, for those not in the know, you only cover one, as it's best to not over-task your brain), and while it was one of the more terrifying things I've ever done (you can run all the cues all you want, but it's completely different to do so with the actors - and even more so when the first time with the actors is also in front of an audience), it was also more reaffirming to my stage management career than anything else I've tackled in the past season.

Monday, April 07, 2014

everybody's life has got static
I'm full of the allergies, there's a sizeable splinter still in my finger from Saturday's strike (which I'm fairly sure is either going to stay there together or cause me to pass out when I pull it), and I start with two separate shows this week. Bring it, spring!