Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"...and then she's all, 'Oh, by the way! Here's a scheduling thing that would've been helpful for you to know three weeks ago. See you soon!'"

It just hit me that the cheesy high school movie comes out this week, which means I have to start working on securing my ride (for the midnight show, if possible. I may not have a car to leave after, but neither do the teeny-boppers.)

Tomorrow I'm planning on going hunting for the finishing touches for my halloween costume. What's the idea this year? A drowned Titanic victim. (Thanks, costume sale, for the inspiration and authentic-looking dress.) A life preserver would be nice, but I really need proper shoes and epson salts or shaving cream (whichever proves the better ice effect). It's the details that count in the costume contest.

Is it completely crazy that I'm pondering the pros/cons of going to London for the summer. As in, all of it?


Anonymous said...

Not a bad idea, but unfortunately you're too late, summer just ended.

Anonymous said...

Does there need to be a pro, aside from "I'd be in England for the summer" ?

Hannah said...

In a lovely fantasy world, no, I wouldn't need another pro. In the realistic world, though, I'd probably need more items to help outweigh the con list.

(Currently on con list: need job, need work visa, need place to live, need money, need friends not across a major ocean, need to figure out which tube stop would get me to Trafalgar Square quickest [again])

Anonymous said...

Other pros: double-decker buses, gigantic ferris wheel, you could take up rugby, Olympics (in 2016, if your summer stretches into eight years)

Also, you forgot to list "need job and place to stay if/when return to the States."

If it helps (and it helped Haney at one point), we have a microwave. Two, actually.

Hannah said...

I do love the double-decker buses. The London Eye (or gigantic ferris wheel) is vastly overpriced, as cool as [I hear] the view is, and the London Olympics are in 2012.

On the other hand, my parents have plenty of room, and I bet they wouldn't even charge me rent. Right, Mom?